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  1. @Emne thank you!! although everyone in general is more than good enough. but they are the ones that wouldnt be for me.
  2. @David Turcot hey thats actually a problem, the affirmation you do. our mind skips over it when we include a not in an affirmation. you have to make it "I am completely independent of the positive or negative opinions of others" that might have actually been adding to your problem.
  3. HEY watch Leos video how to stop caring what others think of you, and do the affirmation for a long time each day. What a woman thinks of you does not matter. You are worthy and worth it awesome no matter what. Get in touch with that fact. And the only way to get rid of the fear of rejection is to bite the bullet. but do it after you stop caring what others think of you to a decent degree. My advice. wait like 3 months. YOUVE GOT THIS. Think about what a woman gives you, that you dont have and that is creating this fear. Then give yourself it (through affirmations probably). IF its like sex , its not a NEED. remember that.
  4. @Truth what do you mean its there to help me, not hinder me? Are you talking about the peoples intentions, or saying that I can see this as an opportunity? Are you saying you think im good enough or not?
  5. Hi. i cannot get it out of my head that some of MY friends were telling me(basically, not like saying the actual words) that I wasnt good enough for a guy because he looks really good. I know I am, I dont do anything I consider morally wrong and i live out my values. I did have a lot of anxierty that made me really bad at conversations and wasnt caring about how i looked that much. but those are better and I am good now. I am eating well, exercising, dressing as I know best to my style, my conversation anxiety has gone way and I am not bad anymore. BUT I havent been able to get those voices out. I already do the "I am completely independent of the positive or negative opinions of other people" 60 mins a day... Things didnt work out with him but i know i am more than GOOD ENOUGH. I always have self doubt about good enough in the back of my mind, and its always like a hard struggle to be honest. Ive been worrying about how i look a lot lately especially. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. @nour-cha93 THANK YOU its good to know im not almost alone in thinking that
  7. @SFRL tallish, black hair, indian, a little backfat but not fat, big eyes, straight nose. lol idk, what other features do you want to know
  8. @Spiral also these friends for most part arent close and they dont know me. my crush's good qualities were expressed while mine werent much.
  9. @Spiral they dont think i can date him if i wanted to . but in reality he likes me and wants to now. and this stuff is hurting me.
  10. @Spiral no its not that they think hes not my type, they think hes BETTTEER than me, too good for me. they are telling me that i am not goid enough, not that we aret similar ppl
  11. My friends are telling me that I am not good enough for a guy. Nonverbally. I cut them out. But like, are people like this? Or am I supposed to learn to be more confident in how I am always more than good enough and the people around me will respect me right?? He is really physically attractive so externally he seems better and cooler too but like this is not ok. Are people like this???
  12. ^^^ by not caring what people think of us, are we giving up being understood? how to cope...
  13. how do i become an AMAZING conversationalist tips? also i want to not judge others for worse conversational skills when i have these, so any advice on that would be appreciated!! thank you!
  14. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. its just so much. im so different from what others think i am. i know i shouldnt care, but its everyone that doesnt know me. desnt understand, doesnt see me properly. what can i do about this? how can i give myself this/ fix this emotional problem by being self dependent? if i cant, is anyone here able and willing to just understand me and not judge me?? over messages on this website..