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  1. One consiousness to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them!πŸ€”
  2. @Fredrik Andersson I've lived in Sweden as well πŸ˜„ Loved it..! Just a friendly sibling joke. SΓΆta brorπŸ˜‰
  3. Up the irons!πŸ™ŒπŸ”±πŸŒ„πŸŒ…
  4. I'm ART, musician in my mid-twenties located in Scandinavia. I've been doing Holosync for around 10 months, and a meditation habit since april 2016. I've almost gotten it down everyday ever since I started, with a few exceptions.The last weekend I was at Ascension meditation course. I've been struggling with consistency of doing one technique, which I get a clear sense of after doing a lot of meditation the last days, this Ascension technique is highly "effective", easy to do, and I can feel very clearly changes in my body and state. The last 3 days I've meditated for 4 hours, 3 hours Ascension and 1 hour Holosync divided during the day. It's pretty fascinating how much your states changes during one session, you can go from heaven to hell. Feel like my nervous system has been overstimulated somehow, because I'm very exhausted after some of the sessions. My body has a lot of tensions in my chest and stomach, and with this new technique I feel like they are "fighting" it and reprogram the tensions somehow, very hard to explain, but it will be interesting to see the progress of physical changes in my body with the Ascension technique. Yesterday when I was going to bed, I suddenly was afraid of dying, as it was something that could happen in this moment. Fucking scary, I tried to stay awake in fear.. I guess from all that I've read and heard that this is a good sign of progress..πŸ˜„ Also the last days I've felt as my brain has physically changed, as I've felt kind of sore and felt some physical activity in my head. I've tried to add the Mindfulness with labeling technique today, I can see how I'm clearly projecting judgements "from" others "to" myself, which is rooted in some sort of negative belief. Even though I've recognized the beliefs, I find it hard to get rid of them. I've tried questioning them etc.. I know what they are and I know that they are false.. but still.! They FEEL as they are real. Have to do some research in how to get rid of core beliefs from multiple angles, because it annoys me and bring me pain for no god damn reason... I'm not sure how many days I will be doing the 4 hour thing, but with a lot of time to spare these days, I'm hoping to continue further and become conscious of my true self and get the gold medal πŸ₯‡πŸ† and live happily ever afterπŸ₯‚πŸΎ (just kidding........πŸ™ƒ)
  5. @Max_V @phoenix666 Time to quit listening to that Black Metal and aim for new genres like White Metal, Diamond Metal and Gold MetalπŸ˜„πŸ†
  6. He also have like 3 days after etc.. Seems like it made an impact😸
  7. Elon Musk looking for truth 😜 Just give him the right epistemological questions to crack his mind.
  8. 1. Have you tried Ascension meditation technique? Their technique is based on affirmations that "comes from the highest truth". I know several who claims to be enlightened by this technique in under a year. 2. I remember in LP-course, you said take 100% responsibility, even if the economy crashes, and also here on the forum "don't let anything or anyone prevent your growth" Have you considered what do to if WW3 breaks out? Do you have a rescue plan, a bunker with food, water and psychedelics for some years?
  9. I experienced the same two weeks ago. Much love to you my friend, she will be in your heart
  10. Elon Musks list of people to admire (even it's a business-related question he sums similar names in other videos) does not include healthy physiological or highly conscious human beings, from what I know about them. Workaholics and great innovators: More is more, success is success, but truth is none of that, and it's still truth. Tai Lopez, mr. "happiness comes from without, more is more, attention-whore, manipulator, get-rich-quick" spending 50 minutes interviewing someone who wrote a book about Musk, says it all.
  11. What's wrong is that they have multiple Gods in and that is not in line with my belief-system on God Almighty. No, seriously, it's a great show for chimpry-time, but I think they have had issues with the structure and development of the story line, not very fluid and a bit messy. Last season they had like 5 directors or something, and are therefore lacking good dramaturgy. But then again, great characters and acting job. A lot of hotness and beauty appealing to your low consciousness sex drive. I think they are moving to fast in this season, and are either "hiding" the good stuff or it just blows in your face without the nice build-up of tension. It's like a good fuck or kiss without the build-up, which makes it even greater. So I feel a bit less content after an episode. The release comes to fast before the tension to build-up. I know this wasn't the reply you was hoping for...
  12. Doesn't mean a shit if he was God Almighty himself, cause' if he isn't vegan, I am not interested in listening to anything he has to say πŸ™ƒπŸ‘Š
  13. @Afonso If you really want it, start a crowd-funding and get @Leo Gura to outsource it. Old school Tim Ferriss quick-selfhelp-segment-styleπŸ™ƒ.