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  1. To bad porn and non-duality isn't a big thing. A demonstration of this rectal 5-meo-dmt thing would be a good video for YouP**n.
  2. Has the vision boards helped you guys?
  3. @Leo Gura Lots of sex for me are VERY satisfying. Multiple partners and enlightenment I see no difference
  4. I think it's probably painful for Julien to realize he doesn't exist.. It's a process, reacting by mocking people is his usual way, and also jealousy maybe, since Leo has loads of more subscribers.. I'm just projecting and speculating, but he thinks enlightenment is self-love and acceptance and being present.. Clearly he has no idea
  5. Watching his old content makes me speculate about psycophatic traits...
  6. "Enlightenment is a state of non-resistance, non-duality when you embrace and welcome anything"... Haha! He has literally no idea...
  7. Haha @Leo Gura You've made it: RSDJulien is stealing your titles
  8. @Leo Gura Hmm.. Peter Ralston talks about gravity as a PRINCIPLE in this video, not as an invention.. That Newton grasped the principle of gravity, not invented it.. Or are you both right? Please explain
  9. Like music is something bad... Music therapy helps dementia, depression, help people learn etc. If you listen to top 100 crap I would rather start listening to high consciousness music like Bach, Stravinsky, Stockhausen (real challenge there!), Berio etc..
  10. @Shin Hurry up buddy, I've already taken a "loan" from him, 80.000 USD. Leo transferred through PayPal and gave me 30% ownership of in stocks
  11. When Logan Paul release a video of a dead man he gets shamed by the audience, when Leo releases a video of a dead man, he is praised
  12. @brovakhiin @DocHoliday Just so you got an idea of what Julien thinks is enlightenment...
  13. RSDTyler and RSDJulien must be super jealous, since @Leo Gura has cleansed all his chakras and reached the highest form of enlightenment and are now able to pick up hot girls from the inside, have wild cosmic orgies and being a spiritual pimp