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  1. @Leo Gura Did you do any Daygame?
  2. Any thoughts on this? I usually hate celebrities coming into politics, but if she decides to go for it she could be maybe the first president to know about enligthenment, and maybe the first president who meditates. I wonder what plans God/mr. nothingness has for us in the next decade
  3. I actually sent you a p.m. in October 2017 with an invitation to come to Norway doing a workshop. Hope you'll consider that journey to the Viking land.
  4. Working directly with people is also really satisfying, seeing their growth in front of you in a matter of a couple of days. I can speak as a teacher myself, how unbelievable satisfying it is to work with a whole group for their own growth. You know yourself when you've attended seminars what an inspiring environment it is to be in (yep, I've been in Ralstons dojo too...) and how teaching will make your insights clearer and working directly with different obstacles than your own arises new questions, new perspectives and deeper understanding.
  5. I would also combine this with you yourself attending seminars in Europe, meeting interesting people which you can't meet in the States. A growth trip, then you could also talk about traveling far all over the world to meet people which can help you grow, and all the practical obstacles/opportunities. Not like Tim Ferriss-style laptop-computer-lifestyle traveling, but actually traveling as a tool for growth and meeting people/teachers you couldn't meet elsewhere.
  6. And you can combine this with filming it and uploading seminar excerpts/talks as a Sunday video, totally RSD-style, haha. Even more RSD-style walking on beautiful locations, the beaches or mountains speaking about Self-Actualization/Enlightenment.
  7. @Leo Gura Come to Norway. Even Peter Ralston is coming this year hosting a weekend course. If you could schedule a week or even a weekend course I can easily organize and a fee will cover expenses and a proper wage.
  8. Just a thought...So you say we should not be able to vote?
  9. Yep, and ban people for "me and my story"-bullshit whining, just anonymous and present.
  10. Supreme leader Leo, I have a suggestion: -In order to make the masses be more like and equal we should give them numbers instead of usernames -their profil pictures should be of the only true sign of freedom; the logo -we should have a system where the Christians, Muslims, Jews and Sam Harrisonism are banned from coming with their nonsense! -in order to make a effective and true communication we should hire a team who can do background check on everyone and modify the posts so it's crystal clear in the regime's int... err... for their own good and interest. Just kidding.. I think it's a good idea, I'm tired of being a lesser chimp!! I want more pow.. more, equality and love.
  11. Sounds like communism to me, I'm in, sign me up!
  12. Hard to see exactly since I can't see your whole body, put looks like your hip on your left side is higher than the other side, so the place to look for an answer could be elsewhere (further down). I would learn to active serratus anterior and sit on your sitting bones. I stumbled upon a fantastic site for learning about body posture and right muscle activation, it's called and are mostly for musicians, but I recommend you check it out even if you don't play an instrument.
  13. @Shin There's a difference between positive, encouraging and inspiring motivation VS "all love and shit". The "you failed, try harder"-way of teaching comes from a macho and prestige paradigm. Belive me, I've had music teachers for 20(!) years. From great Russian masters to tons of other pedagogics and masters. There's other ways to motivate which isn't based on failing, shoulds, and the greatest teacher's I've met who's students gains the top world class results AND are doing well psychologically is teachers who inspire and show support, not kicking you in the ass telling you're not doing a good enough job. Most people this "kick in the ass"-method works for are are people who suffer and trying to make their parents love them or some other pattern they're unconscious of that drives them.