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  1. I hear what you are saying, but that seems very little nuanced, and without any evidence on your part. At least post a link of what research you have done? That said, I hope you're right though, him not owning almost anything of his assets would be a 100x bigger scandal than not paying taxes.
  2. @Leo Gura and you guys. Not to break the shaming party, I hate everything Trump stands for - BUT I think the story is more complicated. Only people without basic economic understanding look at just yearly income and debts without taking assets into consideration. If you add up all his assets minus all his liabilities, he is still a billionaire. Meaning, if he was forced to sell all his stuff to pay down his debt, he would be having would some Billions in cash. Read this article by Forbes: "In fact, Trump is a multibillionaire, worth $2.5 billion, by our count. His portfolio, which includes commercial buildings, golf properties and branding businesses, is worth an estimated $3.66 billion before debt. The president has a fair amount of leverage—adding up to a roughly $1.13 billion—but not enough to drag his net worth below a billion dollars." "Add up all of Donald Trump’s assets—the ones that throw off big cash, the ones that lose serious money and the ones that don’t really operate as businesses—and the total hits that $3.7 billion figure. Real assets worth real money. But that’s not Trump’s net worth. In order to figure that out, you have to consider liabilities." "Trump has previously proclaimed himself the “king of debt,” a nickname that fit early in his career, as he teetered toward bankruptcy, and more recently as president, as he has accumulated massive federal budget deficits. As a businessman, Trump has played it a bit safer lately. No doubt, his estimated $1.1 billion in debt is a tremendous amount of leverage. But considering Trump’s $3.7 billion in assets, most of his bankers should still be able to sleep at night." "The scandal isn’t that he’s broke and paying those meager sums—it’s that he remains quite rich." What is more incredible is, still with all of these assets and free marketing through the media, his companies would have tremendous advantage of his competitors to be successful - but is probably bad managed (just look at the way he manage the US). He clearly knows nothing about managing infrastructure inside his companies the way he runs the US, and is managing his companies as a gangster, based on fear and populism.
  3. How many girlfriends do you have?
  4. Dear Actualizer's! My wife's family lives in Ukraine, and they have all heart problems. We worry a lot, because they have very bad hospitals there, and almost don't test anybody. I live in a western country, and I'm trying as much to educate myself on medicaments/supplemements which is possible to order and send to them, and I'd be very grateful if any of you have any knowledge about corona and heart diseases, and how we can boos their immunity. Almost no one in Ukraine get's tested, and the infrastructure in my wife's families city is very bad. Is there any medicaments that is generally recommended for COVID-19 you should avoid if you have heart disease, and is there anyone you defiantly need to take? Thank for any answer.
  5. @Inliytened1 I also thought the same. I knew him for the pickup-stuff 10 years ago, but this year I've purchased many of his products for business reasons. He is obviously at stage yellow. But his first business was pickup, second teach people how to make money (which he still does). He is a brilliant mind and a great systems thinker. He found is wife at Burning Man (which Leo mention is the perfect example of green stage in his spiral dynamics series, lol), and shows he has evolved through the stages. Still, his marketing and business models/systems is very orange, about making the sale and optimization. That's probably an issue he has to work through. He has a saying "sell them want they want, then also teach them what they really need". So I find the content in his products to bee very ethic and great.
  6. As a musician I feel a lot of Green/Yellow/turquise is cringy because it's either: -lyrics which represents values on the spiral, not the actual sounding music AND -as a contemporary composer, the musical understanding of many "turquise/yellow"-examples are very low, for example ambient, space sounds which sounds like meditation soundtrack. It's easy to do, and feel as a parody. None of these musical examples I'd have under yellow or turquoise
  7. @Leo Gura
  8. Lol. Sounds like two 13 year old vlogger-girls trying to discussing existential topics.