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  2. Bite the bullet, and work 9-5. You'll learn a lot from it, and you can pickup girls on your work as well. Choose a job that will develop a skill on pickup. Like doing sales, or call center. You can also work at home The 9-5 work will give you money to work on pickup. Practice pickup after work. But you have to be serious and disciplined to make that work. If you want freedom, you have to be discipline You'll also learn a lot on 9-5. You'll develop empathy for other people, seeing the grind and how people can really be stuck on that job. Stop being a little bitch and get shit done
  3. Yes, I'm doing alcohol extraction, but curious on how long is the expiration date, do you think it can last for years and still be good?
  4. Can you give us resources on how to distill mushroom that we can have for a life time
  5. That's it, thank you.
  6. Got it, will read it. Thank you brother
  7. Yes, My highest priorities in order are Hypnosis, Calisthenics, Astral Projection. That's an interesting idea,But I'm doing these things for years now, I just fucking love it that there's no end to it. Yes, that's actually a great idea if just testing and just a beginner, but as time goes by, I think you should focus and stop dabbling
  8. So, I have lots of things that I'm passionate, and I mean I'm really passionate about these things, so confused on what to choose to focus on that one thing to master. Here is the list Magic ( sleight of hand) Hypnosis Pickup Calisthenics Urban Climbing Personal Development Astral Projection Public Speaking Cardistry ( juggling of playing cards) Basketball Regurgitation So my Ideal medium is film, so right now I'm currently in the process of combining a lot of these things together. But I really want to narrow it down to one thing, so I can focus and master the shit out of it. Any tips?