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  1. Imagine if you wanted to juggle but instead of using your own hands you tell a robot to do it for you.
  2. Imagine if you wanted to go on a hike but instead of using your own legs you tell a robot to do it for you.
  3. @Thought Art Try this one. It sounds very natural. Voice Actors are in trouble.
  4. @Carl-Richard "make a program distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information for performing a task" This is what transformers do.
  5. Large Language Models like chatGPT are good at intuitive thinking (continuous) and bad at logical thinking (discrete) because of the way they are trained. I think need both to be creative and have truly original ideas.
  6. One of my favorite instances so far is where someone told ChatGPT to imagine a virtual machine.
  7. I personally feel like the quality of this forum has decreased in recent years.
  8. I thought this would be a good share. I believe this is material that Leo has never covered and would be greatly beneficial to people. In the video Dr. K explains how to do something that your mind has you resisting by essentially pausing and staying paused until your mind lets you do what you need to do. I personally have coined it the "Hostage Technique" since you are sort of taking your mind hostage. edit: To be clear I know that Leo has made videos about resistance. This is simply another technique.
  9. Google "Deep Processing"
  10. I am looking for some advice on how to balance creativity and learning. What proportion of my time should be spent on original thinking (creativity) vs learning? I know the more I learn the greater my requisite variety will be and the more creative insight there will be but that also has to be balanced with the time that I spend doing the actual original thinking. Any thoughts?
  11. Please tell me this Raptor guy is trolling
  12. If a computer can do everything you do then are you being creative?
  13. @Danioover9000 That video you linked poisons the rest of your message there buddy. Awful cherry-picked sampling it makes me cringe. 🤮
  14. Here is one of my favorite AIs Simulating a game within a neural network...