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  1. As someone that has never left the US, this blew my mind.
  2. @BlackMaze Oh come on, she my favorite character in the series!
  3. 2.1 (50.45 percentile) Primary Psychopathy and 2.8 (63.38%) Secondary Psychopathy. I think tests like this are dumb because I don't know how to differentiate "agree" with "strongly agree" or "disagree" and "strongly disagree". I struggle with personality tests too because I just want to put neutral for half of the things.
  4. I get red-blue vibes from Jimmy here but honestly, I'm not sure what to think. Of course, no person is that simple. The "interview" here was pretty interesting and entertaining. He is an interesting person.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I think it will aid my pursuit very much.
  6. I've been trying to improve my language fluency but I struggle sometimes to come up with the right words at the level of specificity or connotation that I would like. I think this holds me back in various parts of my life but I'm sure how to interpret it. There are two ways I can think about this 1) I should stop thinking so much about what I'm going to say and just go with the flow. 2) I should keep thinking about what I want to say and in time the language will become more fluent. Do you have any thoughts?
  7. When you're learning a language media is good supplementation but you should really find a friend that speaks German and practice with them. If you're in Indonesia talk to them on Discord or something.
  8. At times like these I gotta rewatch
  9. Leo says that debating other people is not a good method of finding truth. This is clear to me because the Implicity (Truth) of existence cannot be made explicit. But what about arguments and debates with myself? In what ways is arguing with others different from arguing with yourself? Have you had success with "contemplation" method?
  10. “I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re just an asshole.” - Morgan Freeman
  11. "You carry the potential to become a nice whore. Think about that." This AI cracks me up
  12. Here is a small thing I came up with a few years ago. This is a meditation technique that allows me to stop mental chatter on command quickly. It is a kind of imagination meditation. The simple trick is to imagine silence. We've all had times of silence in our lives. Use your faculty for imagining birds singing or reading and instead imagine silence. I call this pseudo-silent mind because it technically still uses the same faculty of imagination that the ego uses for monkey talk. Any feedback is appreciated.
  13. This is such an important thing to remember when doing self-help.