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  1. Nice find, had no idea this existed.
  2. L-theanine has been the best meditation nootropic I have taken. [Warning] At higher doses (I was taking 2grams almost everyday for months) it started making me mildly anhedonic and spaced out. Highly recommended
  3. For months I focused my awareness on objects and I gained an insight that allowed me to see the power of meditating on "existence" itself. So for a few weeks I've been trying to hold my consciousness to a level where I am aware of existence itself 24/7 just letting my being stew in itself. That is it right there, the insight I had a few days ago. Stewing on an insight is how I think one integrates it more fully. I've since then had an insight into the power of holding my awareness on the "impermanence of objects/mortality" for example. [Question]: Am I going about this the right way? It is a strange feeling; I cannot rationalize the power of meditating on the "existence" but I feel it.
  4. @Salvijus What consequences specifically?
  5. Hi I am currently living with my mom until I go to college and I've spent the past few years trying to clean up my diet but then my mom started buying a bunch more shit. And it is hard to ignore shit. Icecream, cookies, chocolate, etc How do I find the willpower to not eat the icecream and pizza in the freezer? I've tried for a long time and I haven't been able to do it consistently. It would be so much easier if I only had to resist the urge once every two weeks (by just not buying it).
  6. You're thinking too black and white.
  7. @SoothedByRain You can get an extension for that. (at least on Firefox)
  8. @ValiantSalvatore All those links are fucked up lol
  9. I was thinking the same thing a few days ago. A search function for the book list and the blog would be useful. Especially the blog.