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  1. 1)In which European country is it legal? Is it legal in Spain (its important for me because I live in Spain)? 2)Where can I buy it? 3)Which dose to take for a beginner?
  2. Do a video about nostalgia. Explain why it happens, what is it and how to deal with it. It bothers a lot of people and I think it would be an interesting topic.
  3. Извините что отвечаю так поздно. Находился в месте где нет инета. Да я из России.
  4. I always thought that he is on stage red. He looks like a warlord and he does whatever it takes to get what he wants. He's a bit like a dictator. I agree that Russia is moving from stage blue to stage orange. But what really freaks me out is that why we are having one of the worst leaders when we are not the worst people. We are normal people but we have a very bad president. Why? Почему?!
  5. Didn't know about hero's journey. Thanks for telling!
  6. I mean is it a metaphor for enlightenment?
  7. After reading Lord of the Rings I got a sense that it's a metaphor for enlightenment. I am not sure but some things just don't make other sense. J.R.R. Tolkien was an intelligent writer and I wonder if he knew about enlightenment. What are your thoughts on this topic?
  8. Nah it's about being curious about yourself and asking questions so you can better understand yourself.
  9. Give your thoughts here on who was the most remarkable spiritual teacher in the history of humanity.
  10. Can you give examples of those people? Shiva? Jesus? Mohammed?
  11. But do you think It's possible to live without food, water or even air as some claim? Seems completely unrealistic but what is reality but an illusion... Maybe Shiva was this kind of yogi.
  12. Some monks live in a cave to detach themselves from all the distractions of the modern world but I wonder how do they survive there? It's interesting because they don't have shops to buy food or water. Do they hunt??? Well that's just a bit of curiosity. What interests me REALLY is what I will write below. I've heard that some monks are able not to eat or drink at all. Can it be true that when you get FULLY enlightened you don't need food or water anymore?!?! Can that be the answer to how they are able to survive in the cave for so long???
  13. On what stage of Spiral Dynamics is Putin and all Russia in general? As a russian this question bothers and interests me a lot. I already have some guesses but I'm not sure...