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  1. I face that problem too. It's really a shame when such an effortless thing as meditation starts feeling as an obligation. I think the problem is in moralization. We shouldn't say we should meditate
  2. Thanks for the advice. Really helped me not to doze off today
  3. In my meditation practice I faced a pretty annoying problem. I noticed that I can't meditate productively after not getting enough sleep the night before. And the problem is that even if I sleep 7 hours I can't meditate without facing sleepiness/drowsiness problems. To properly meditate I need to sleep at least 8 hours but my life conditions don't always permit me to sleep those 8 hours. It's really annoying when I haven't slept 8 hours one night and my meditation session gets ruined. And the fact that I'm a night owl adds on top of that. Give me some advice on how I can meditate better when I hadn't the opportunity to sleep 8 hours.
  4. Hell yeah! Ego is not bad. It's bad if it controls you. Ego is there for your survival and your job is not to eliminate it entirely but to get complete control over it.
  5. I already did it and had the same thing. But it affected only my good hand. By the way the experience was mad. The spasm was really strong so even if I pushed my hand into normal position it would get twist back up
  6. Same thing happened to me but only to my good hand. My broken hand was ok and this incredible energy peak just affeted my good hand
  7. My cuestion is really that simple. I don't know if I can do it because I can't stretch my arms like Leo does in the video with my hand broken. I can still place them in a comfortable way though. I know it's a stupid cuestion but I just don't want to play around with serious things like shamanic breathing.
  8. I'm very curious about how language is being constructed and what does shape it the most. Thinking about it I came to the conclusion that climate and nature can be a factor. I myself know Spanish and Russian so i notice this. Spanish for example is a very melodic and "light" language same as spanish climate but russian tends to be harder and less melodic very much like russian climate. Do you think it's possible that language is shaped by climate and nature?
  9. I don't think he's entirely turquoise yet. Although he has hit it and it's just a question of time
  10. I want to share with you an insight about what is courage that I had a few days ago. Courage at its root is a result of a desidentification with your ego (body and mind). If you don't associate yourself with body and mind there's nothing to fear. Absolute courage is only attainable by full enlightenment. But in normal life we see people that are not enlightened but still have a lot of courage in them. That's because some people are more capable then other to desidentify with their ego in dangerous/challenging (not necessarily fisically, it can also be psicologically dangerous/challenging) situations. The more actualized and less egocentric is the person, the less this person fears. Give your thoughts on this little insight that I had.
  11. I think it's better to remove reputation and ranks. That really makes me feel like I'm in a society (which it shouldn't feel like in my opinion). And it also adds a hierarchical and social element to it which I think is unnecessary and is making things worse. Good content will always be spotted because it's normally noticeable by the title.
  12. I notice exactly the same thing. You described it very well. The most important thing is not to think that you're not interested in writing or that you're a bad writer.
  13. Today I had a very weird experience that I want to share with you. Today I meditated using Leo's guided meditation and felt extraordinary sleepy during meditation. It felt like I was going to fall asleep if I continued to meditate but I still continued and suprisingly I didn't fall asleep (although sleepiness didn't go away). But when I finished meditating I realized that I'm not sleepy at all and weird shit started happening. My body felt very weak (as if I was ill) and I literally couldn't think. My head was just empty and felt as if there was a hurricane. Also I was in a state in which I never have been before in my life. It's hard to describe but it felt as if everything around me was a movie. I felt no emotions at all. I stared at everything around me because it felt so weird. This state lasted for about 30 min and then I came back to normal. I don't know if it was because of meditation or because of something that happened with the weather that made me feel so, but I have never experienced that. I doubt that it was a mystical experience because I didn't have any realization or a "aha!" moment and because it was rather negative than positive (felt rattled, my head was a mess and my body felt as if I was ill). Did somebody here experience anything similar and can someone explain what was that?
  14. Did you get that from "Blade Runner" 1998?