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  1. Explain how government works in general and analyse specific governments of important countries like: USA, China, Russia and some of the european countries. That would be really cool to watch an episode like that because it would be very helpful to understand politics.
  2. I find it really difficult to identify my stage on Spiral Dynamics. Any tips on how to do it?
  3. I'm not a person who wears glasses but I just wonder if its posible somehow for a person who does wear them to improve their vision and not need them anymore without any operation? Modern medicine tells us that its not posible but let's not forget that modern medicine wins millions of dolors from glasses industry and eye operations. So why would they tell people how to improve their vision without glasses if It's benefiting them? Give your thoughts on this.
  4. What do you mean? You mean if my most important need is self-actualization? I try it to be this way and it often is but often my main needs are still belonging and love or esteem.
  5. Often times throughout the day I find myself in my lower self and this makes me unable to do some higher conciousness things like for example contemplation. All the times that I tried doing high conciousness things when I'm in my lower self have turned out into a failure. For example if I watch Leo's video when I'm in my lower self I don't understand what he is saying (because at this moment I don't care about it) and my desire to do something low conciousness increases even more. And then I have to wait till I naturally go into my higher self and only then I can work on myself. Any thoughts on how to transfer from lower self to higher self?
  6. I think what you're saying is true because last week I'm less curious then normal in my daily life. I used to be very curious and eager to watch your videos but now I'm kinda more pragmatic and just get bored while watching them. I understand the importance of watching these videos but I'm just not interested by them and feels like I would rather play some video games. Then I have to moralize to myself which never ends up well. Don't get me wrong I still am very curious and watch your episodes on a weekly bases, I'm just describing my GENERAL mood this week.
  7. I've been meditating 10 min a day for a year now and now I sometimes feel sleepy during meditation. I'm not falling asleep but feels like I'm starting to dream and lose conciousness for about a second. First I thought that that's because I need some sleep/rest but today before meditating I was active and energetic but I still got sleepy during, after meditation. Any tips how to stay more awake?
  8. I'm meditating practising do nothing technique and last week I'm getting saliva problems. While I meditate my mouth salivates like crazy and when there is to much saliva in my mouth I have to either swallow it (and break my focus) or let it just pour out of my mouth which is disgusting and distracts me even more. Someone who had the same problem do you recommend swallowing it or just ignoring it, letting go and letting it pour out of my mouth? The only thing that makes me don't want to swallow is that I'm not doing nothing when I do it and I'm kind of not doing the technique correctly. P.S. Is this a rare or a common problem in meditation practices?
  9. Didn't know that.
  10. 1)In which European country is it legal? Is it legal in Spain (its important for me because I live in Spain)? 2)Where can I buy it? 3)Which dose to take for a beginner?
  11. Do a video about nostalgia. Explain why it happens, what is it and how to deal with it. It bothers a lot of people and I think it would be an interesting topic.
  12. Извините что отвечаю так поздно. Находился в месте где нет инета. Да я из России.
  13. I always thought that he is on stage red. He looks like a warlord and he does whatever it takes to get what he wants. He's a bit like a dictator. I agree that Russia is moving from stage blue to stage orange. But what really freaks me out is that why we are having one of the worst leaders when we are not the worst people. We are normal people but we have a very bad president. Why? Почему?!
  14. Didn't know about hero's journey. Thanks for telling!
  15. I mean is it a metaphor for enlightenment?