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  1. When you're learning a language media is good supplementation but you should really find a friend that speaks German and practice with them. If you're in Indonesia talk to them on Discord or something.
  2. At times like these I gotta rewatch
  3. Leo says that debating other people is not a good method of finding truth. This is clear to me because the Implicity (Truth) of existence cannot be made explicit. But what about arguments and debates with myself? In what ways is arguing with others different from arguing with yourself? Have you had success with "contemplation" method?
  4. “I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re just an asshole.” - Morgan Freeman
  5. "You carry the potential to become a nice whore. Think about that." This AI cracks me up
  6. Here is a small thing I came up with a few years ago. This is a meditation technique that allows me to stop mental chatter on command quickly. It is a kind of imagination meditation. The simple trick is to imagine silence. We've all had times of silence in our lives. Use your faculty for imagining birds singing or reading and instead imagine silence. I call this pseudo-silent mind because it technically still uses the same faculty of imagination that the ego uses for monkey talk. Any feedback is appreciated.
  7. This is such an important thing to remember when doing self-help.
  8. @Leo Gura What alternative is there when you're a poor college student living in a dorm.
  9. Maybe I am blind. But the difference I see is that the person that stays in bed has a habit of staying in bed and the person that runs has a habit of running.
  10. Call me stupid but Destiny pegs me as yellow. It is just strange that he seems to not understand that systems will always have contradictions.
  11. @Preety_India What would you recommend for someone living in a dorm at college?
  12. @Leo Gura You're right. I just wanted an excuse to "spread the word".
  13. @Leo Gura I have a hard time trusting anything 434 says when he posted a video where he was saying covid was plandemic. I wonder if that video is still up.
  14. It sounds like you lack focus and priority. Maybe practice concentration meditation.
  15. @Leo Gura Jesus christ I've been taking ALA (~200-400mg) almost everyday for over a year. How fucked am I? Also, where did you get this info? From where I've looked it doesn't specify to take it every 3 hours.
  16. Some people are born with huge inclinations for focus and study. Most people need to work at it. Slowly. You have to get yourself into it over a period of years. Can you study for an hour everyday for 90 days in a row? If so then simply set a goal of studying for 2 hours a day for 90 days. The trick is to make it a part of your everyday routine. Just don't rush into it. And if you don't have anything in particular you NEED to study then focus your attention studying something you find interesting. The trick is to be a PATIENT MOTHERFUCKER. p.s This same principle can be applied to any change in your life.
  17. I hope this counts.
  18. Sorry if this has already been asked but. Who is the most amazingly advanced person you've ever met? Do you have a story about them?
  19. @Leo Gura I understand that some people have trouble when they eat grains but are you talking about all grains? I thought I could eat oatmeal and be fine. My breakfast is: 1 1/2 Cups of Oatmeal with 2 cups of blueberries, a fist full of walnuts and a handful of pecans. Am I making a mistake?
  20. I don't think you understand what spiral dynamics is
  21. So many reminders of physical mortality this year.
  22. In the sense that my level of consciousness is higher the more that I am aware of. Am I "more conscious" if I am aware of my entire body while typing? This makes me wonder. When I lose awareness of my breath while thinking or talking does this mean I am less conscious? Does consciousness require a wider sense of awareness or am I just confused? I ask this because I'm at a point where I can be aware of these different aspects of consciousness: existence of a thing (consciousness), consciousness as a substance, direct experience as a substance of consciousness. I ask because I'm wondering how to go deeper. My consciousness it rising to a degree where I'm noticing changes in my level of consciousness during my sleep in my dreams. Do I stabilize it or dig deeper? PS sorry if this makes no sense I'm tired, will read any replies tomorrow morning
  23. @VeganAwake You might be in the wrong thread I have no idea what you're saying. It feels like you're replying "at me" hahaha
  24. @Carl-Richard For me zombie mode is when I am acting mostly on auto pilot throughout the day. Then something reminds me to shift my consciousness back to a more self-reflective mode. So in my experience one CAN control the spaciousness by shifting their consciousness. Of course what "control" means isn't exactly a universally agreed upon term. So with that out of the way. I have noticed that my shift in consciousness often times does effect the stream of thoughts that come into my head. And I admit it is a challenge to stay conscious while doing tasks that require thought. The process of thought seems to try and pull me out of conscious awareness which inevitably succeeds to put me back into what I'm calling zombie mode. If I remember correctly, the reason I started this thread was to ask one main question which I will condense. Should I try and reach higher levels of consciousness? (and if so where should I direct my consciousness? I can imagine this being difficult to articulate.) or Should I stabilize my current grasp of "higher" states of consciousness? Also something I want to say but don't know where to put it in this reply is that I have also come to the understanding that at least at first (from what I remember) my experience with spaciousness only came after meditating for a long while (few years) using the noting technique by Shinzen Young that Leo shared in a video a long time ago. One day I thought to myself I should try and simply focus on the "fact" that experiences in general are existing in my awareness. Doing this my focus relaxed. What took practice was holding on to the higher state of consciousness while not meditating. It is funny I've only recently started practicing this. Trying to read while also being aware of the existence of experiences in general, was an interesting experience. Doing this and other mentally demanding tasks I "unlocked" this seemingly trivial thing in my consciousness. It was like a wall that allowed spaciousness to stay separate in my awareness from any object of awareness. Now that this wall was unlocked I could experience objects of me and my ego's awareness (however they should be conflated) as pure existence and consciousness as a kind of substance. It is kind of funny in typing this I kind of answer my own question and now I just want to share my experiences with something that might be able to understand it. Don't come by many people that are interested in talking about higher levels of consciousness. Is lonely.