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  1. Hi I know one person though not so well when I spoke to him a year ago he and his friend were planning to take a very high dose of LSD. Though he personally chickened out and took relatively normal dose his friend did take a very high dose, I don’t remember the number and prefer not to guess and again it’s based from the story of a person I know but the guy who took the high dose (of course during the nightclub time) it did severely hit him, he actually sort of lost his mind, the trip was so extensive that when the other one who took low dose went back to normal, the other individual was screaming of seeing demons and deities for the next day. So my friend believed that the trip for the other guy did end and the rest was his mind playing ticks on him. For three consecutive days the guy was experiencing out of the world phenomena that he did require psychological help. He was not the same again after. Again we don’t know what kind of mode he was to begin with, just paraphrasing the story to you but he did mention it was a heroic dose. My humble advice and it’s only from my perspective I personally would stay away from high doses of LSD. If you really want to take higher doses take mushrooms or if you really want to go high high dose drink Ayahuasca that can really go deep and it’s pretty safe as DMT is natural occurring substance.
  2. Thanks so much all of you, I feel now more comfortable keep promoting to people and of course a word of warning would not hurt anyone.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Again I am totally for psychedelics because they truly can open up a person’s spiritual path. So as far health wise, it won’t have huge side effects that perhaps I should not recommend to people. I am excluding all other exterior issues, just the medicine itself? Because I hear most of positive outcomes. Meaning can they do a damage to a complete healthy person? That’s what I was asked by someone and I prefer to give them an honest answer.
  4. Hi everyone, I am a big promoter of psychedelics as I truly think they are divine gift to humanity to open our spiritual path and I have been promoting different retreats such as ayahuasca retreats though I am doing that on voluntarily basis. When people ask me about ayahuasca medicine itself, I tell them that it’s totally safe (of course when taking they should be off all medications and only do in circles that are trusted). But then someone forwarded me this video, I am pasting above, and wanted to get all your opinions on it. I don’t want to brush this video as a a fake news video, I am not trying to be bias, though I fully support psychedelics, but when listening to Leo’s videos, he teaches us to have open mind and listen to both sides of the stories. So excluding dangers that can happen during ceremonies such as rape, fights and other violence, the psychedelics themselves, can they be dangerous to peoples’ health such as stated in the video? The person in the video claims that they happen more often than not. I personally don’t. Want to believe but I want to get your opinions and especially what can Leo say on it.
  5. I am only speaking military, of course when it comes to economy, Russia is doing pretty bad, they spent most of the GDP on military and the other half gets stolen.
  6. I am not, totally not, I never liked Russia and it was never my favorite country at all. You are way off the radar. But you have to give credit where credit is due, they do have serious military weapons and back in Cold War era they were on same level as US. Of course now US is the super country but you cannot undermine Russia.
  7. Hi Leo, I read your comments and I see your point. I don’t want to go into conspiracy theory but the whole thing does not add up so well and I wonder if you also feel that something more is happening. Let’s be honest, Russia is the second powerful nation in the world and I am sure it could have captured entire small Ukraine in a day or two, prolonging the war only makes it worse and also, I have never seen the media speak about conflict so much, all the time, have it liberal or conservative talk, it’s being projected on Americans all day long and notice while US screams to stop they don’t really help Ukraine by supplying military weapons. In my opinion something stinks, what do you think?
  8. First of all Joe Rogan is a journalist and I give him a lot of reports for asking questions. What I admire a lot in him is that he invites people from different spectrum of views, it’s horrible to have only one view available as most mainstream media dies such as cnn, msnbc and even fox. Joe is neutral and I like how he challenges both sides because that is a real journalism and not to stick to part lines who ever sponsor your show.
  9. If you really decided, definitely get a sitter, and a sitter who done psychedelics. It will only benefit and will not hurt.
  10. When you say dream, I would assume you are speaking the "psychedelic dream" and not our life dream? Or you mean any dream is absolute truth even the waking dream we are having now.
  11. Want to share this video I found, she explains what it is The latest psychedelics experience I go through, the more I get to the notion that its only me here and everything else was created by me to make my experience rich. The past was created for me, the entire history, my family, friends, even as well as Leo was created by me to teach me and for me to realize that there is only me. Before I always look either down or ironically at Solipsism, but as time goes on I come to realization that this is the absolute truth. It scares me though, but the question is, how do we know others exist, my guess is as good as your guess.
  12. So then you are saying that everything is a dream/hallucination, even being on 5 MEO DMT is still part of hallucinating. Then the question is, what state it is not a dream? Is there any state that we can reach with anything?
  13. I was on the intent that God realization is the only state not of a dream but of absolute truth but everything else is a dream, just on different levels.
  14. But my main question is, mediation, psychedelics and etc, do they really wake you up to absolute reality or perhaps to yet another dream? Like a dream within a dream.
  15. So the answer is yes, psychedelics kinda was a wake up call to be awaken and realize that our life is just a dream. But the question is, was I awoken maybe to another dream, or that was a reality? And if that was a reality, were psychedelics a specific mechanism that was designed by me when i designed this universe. On one hand,, maybe I did design this complex universe and ahead of time I thought if I would go astray, this would be a tool, because the end goal is to realize precisely that I am the creator.