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  1. Was watching this weekly talk show with guest Jim Lee. He is actually very neutral when it comes to this topic and done very deep research, He debunks many theories but he brings very interesting and alarming thing that apparently the regular passenger airplanes are responsible for damaging our ozone layer and create the extra clouds that are filled with metals. Very in depth conversation, bit long but worth listening to it. I like that he does not take any position and actually really define what chem trails are, as oppose to conspiracy theories out there. But at the end of the day, it makes you think a lot, would you give up flying and save our planet?
  2. Hi everyone, this is not a political or religious thread, but rather to entertain the mind. I was really contemplating a lot, since so many major religions speak about of coming of the messiah I decided to give it a try. So technically, we have two options. Either Messiah is a total nonsense, and nothing in that manner will ever happen, or maybe something will happen, besides many nations and major religions throughout generations spoke about the coming. So, if whoever Messiah is, will come one day, I really think it would be either an individual or individuals, of stage turquoise of course and not below, and only will appear to a Society of stage turquoise. But for sure, it will not be a stage blue type individual that many scriptures and book describe, because that is a very limited and narrow minded approach. You see those individuals at stage blue have much primitive and extremely skewed Messiah, and whatever does not fit their agenda they rejected the others. You will be surprised that even in the same religious belief, different people from different parts of the world have their own version of Messiah, which believe it, or not, may be a radical different, from the same religious beliefs. but imagine if humanity reached a high stage yellow, or beginning of stage turquoise, where everyone gave up their biases, and we are such an advanced level, then the idea of Messiah is a whole different story whatever they teach us in the Bible. What do you all think, do you think it will be someone that Bible describes or is a total nonsense? Do you really think it’s all bogus where half of the world speaks about the Messiah, can that be such a bologny to say the least?
  3. I personally would support this interview. Everyone if you noticed for the past 10 years, we don’t have real interviews, all news outlets just propagate their agenda. Whatever channel you watch is what you expect to hear, I think the last real journalist was Barbara Walters, who actually interviewed Saddam Hussein, Fidel, Castro, and others. A real journalist should ask questions regardless of political faction. Honestly, this days, whoever is invited on the respect to talk show we already know what you’re gonna say, there’s no debates anymore, real debate everything is just staged,Honestly, this days, whoever is invited on the respect to talk show we already know what you’re gonna say, there’s no debates anymore, real debate everything is just staged
  4. @Girzo No we got Israel fair and square, because 6,000 brave man placed their lives on line in 1948 to gain independence and because so many brave men constantly still offer the country an ultimate sacrifice. Israel existed and will exist only because God said so. You and I and the rest of the world can argue and debate, laugh and cry but the fate will be in God's hands as you see it fit. Again I did not speak of greater Israel, which is from Nile to Euphrates, maybe I should speak, but I will not. At this moment in time I do not have claims to other territories and be it as it may, but whatever we have now, is ours.
  5. I am amazed by your knowledge of Judaism. You definitely did not read the Torah. I would like to point your direction into one of the many verses, specifically to Numbers 33:52-56, what the Torah says, "And you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you ... But if you will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come to pass that those which you let remain of them, shall be thorns in your eyes and thistles in your sides and shall torment you in the land wherein you dwell. And it shall be that I will do to you as I thought to do to them." You can outargue me on the ethical stance and I can give you that, but dont argue with me about Judaism, I can debate anyone on that as I know my facts and I deeply studied my religion. And not sure what you mean by greater Israel, your definition is flawed to say the least. The Greater Israel in the bible is defined in the bible in Genesis, Chapter 15:18, "In that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying: 'Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates", the Greater Israel as defined in the Bible includes all of todays Israel, Jordan, Sinai Peninsula and eastern Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. However, I am not an extremist, I know there are legal states there and until Messiah comes I am satisfied with the Land of Israel I have. And for your info, Israel was never that small in size, it was much larger, but again for peace purposes I will sit quiet and will not lay nay claims to other Lands that by the way, under the League of Nation, 77% of Palestinian Mandate was cut form us and made a fictions State called Jordan. But for peace purposes I am fully recognizing that state. With that said, we will not give up any more land, there will never be a Palestine State inside Israel, it never existed, does not exist and never will. I am being very flattened and honest with you, I am more of a minority type, who thinks, acts and says all the same, I have no intention or interest at deceiving the facts. You mentioned Netrei Karta, its a small fragile movement, that is very insignificant to majority of Jewish opinion, it wont even make a statistical error in numbers, they are extremely insignificant and do not represent the world Jewry opinion nor of religious opinion. And finally, America does not support any country out of love, there are political interests. At this moment in time, America feels more trustworthy with Israel as Arab nations. In return, we have to buy American weapons, we have a U.S. military storage in Negev and a U.S. military base in Haifa.
  6. Wow you still have this thread. Seriously you are really obsessed, move on. @Nivsch & @Vrubel why are you wasting your breath, at this point its just back and forth conversation, you will not convince them, they are determined against Israel no matter what. Just focus your attention to help Israeli soldiers and the country instead of immersing yourself with this pointless debate. Why are we even arguing for Israel's right to exist, we are here to stay, period, even if all the anti-semites of the world will scream otherwise, thats the best what they can do is scream. If they love so called "Palestinians" let them absorb into their country and create Palestine in their region. Spare us the trouble.
  7. Hi everyone I took a break from this chat, became too toxic. Honestly to all of you, you all lost it. I have not been for over a month and did not missed anything, still same talk, everyone you are so obsessed, seriously move on. Close this topic, it’s not healthy to anyone. Move to spiritual development, make something useful of your time. This will make you all angry and look at all of you, no one listens to each other at this point, everyone just speaks to himself/herself. Just reread what all of you wrote. I thought you all high conscious type of people. You just others to be primitive but you are no better. My humble advice, go to different threat, go to spirituality, psychedelics or spiritual development. This will not serve you any good.
  8. I am posting this topic specifically here and not in psychedelics as I really think it’s applicable only here. To administrators, please do not relocate this topic. Leave it here. I took with a sitter 2.5 grams of penis envy and oh boy was it a strong dose. For ceremonial doses I always take minimum if 4 grams of other mushrooms and this small dose got me into such journey that I saw and learned so much. You know we all got sucked so much into this matrix. I mean look at all of us, we lost touch with our human sense, I even admit myself being guilty of it. We keep forwarding different YouTube clips here without communication with one another. Our ego reached such precedented levels that we don’t even communicate with others but posting our only opinion. We don’t even talk to each other. I have been reading the political comments and it’s about only individual opinion, people have been positing the same comments over and over without even understanding the other. We all lost it. Some even said that the globalists are involved here. Well guess what, you fell right into their hands. Some people post such long writings that I am sure they would not even reread themselves. We spent numerous hours watching and posting videos here without understanding the other side. I feel that we are in the matrix. This journey showed me that I got to much sucked in, and that’s true, this whole thing navigated me from self development work. Common people what happened to you and your enlightenment, this is not how enlightened people act, we suppose to act form the value of love. And you expect the world politicians to act differently if you cannot set yourself as an example. Honestly ask yourself why are you even on this political forum and not on the self development or self actualization topics, see how this topic sucked you in that now you started to watch political clips that I am sure most were ignoring in the past. Where is your love? You ask how can anyone help? You can show love to whatever side you support. Wanna show real love! Why don’t you offer food for people or invite them home and offer nice hosting or educate them about your experience of using psychedelics and achieving unity with divine or tell them that every human soul is pure and absolute and that every human can achieve reaching to its divine potential. Do that instead of just forwarding one side bias or even conspiracy videos out there. Honestly, I think the healthy way is to take a break from this political forum for me and I strongly encourage others. Leo actually is very smart that he barely replies and keeps himself out of it. Seriously you all, show love for each other.
  9. @Merkabah Star right and that’s why we should not get surprised when those marches get banned. And for sure many people who protest, may not realize the difference between Hamas and people from Gaza. Most of them especially people on the left, would never wish in their nightmare to be ruled over by Hamas, forget about them hating Israel, the Hamas charter in general is very radicalized extreme religion and very hard core in conservative views without any tolerances or open mindedness.
  10. Yes actually one of the organizers said he stands with Hamas, and that cause the ban. I really think he had no idea what he said but people have to choose their words wisely. In that organization the second org sizer was part of LGBTQ movement and those people have no idea whom they support and what that organization really stands for and against. It’s interesting to note that I was in dance party and a DJ girl had a small sign on her shirt supporting actually Hamas, their green flag. Looking at this girl she was very openly dressed, she does not even recognize that if Hamas would be in power controlling any region, she would have to be fully covered with only eyes expose and not wear shorts where her undies were exposed. Most people join things they have no idea what they support and many if they really know what they were supporting would not really support.
  11. Oh i didnt know that, where did you see that? Did something happened to Leo? Where was it stated, I was not aware of such?
  12. So in that case Leo is right when he speaks of conspiracy theories. Say they are true or they are not true, what are you going to do about it on such a global level. At best it will distract you from actualizing yourself. So sit back and just watch more of Leo's videos. Actually speaking of videos, I want to start petition for Leo to start producing more videos, we haven't had a new video in a long time. I spoke privately to few people and they also miss his videos. I wonder how I can start that. Any ideas?
  13. I agree with that and many years back, learning about the middle east in general, the west definitely fuels things, and fuels a lot. Not saying anything, but seems like the West (USA + Europe) kinda wants to see conflict there.
  14. @Emerald Thank you, i think you hit in on the nail with your three option deal. I choose the third option. Now would you please leave us alone. As far as Ethno state, ok, when you have 21 Arab Nationalist States and when you have 56 Muslim States and you have Christian States as well as democratic states and all types of States, it would be fair to have one Jewish State, i am not asking for 5 or 10, just one. And when you convert all other states into pure democratic non binary states then we can speak of Jewish state, but until then, no thanks. This is a core of our argument, everything else, is very surface secondary. I hope I made it very clear and what we want. I dont think it can be any more clear, but feel free to ask me more questions, i am very honest person and I am not one of those people who say one thing, thinks something else and does third. I am very blunt and straight to the point person.
  15. That’s very deep @Bobby_2021and very true if you think in meta terms. I really think as long as you have humanity you will always have conflicts. Try to contemplate on this idea, imagine a world without conflicts, I don’t honk such can exist in the world of duality. Can we have a movie without any conflict, without any challenges. For protagonist to exist you need to have antagonist. Otherwise it will be a very boring reality to live in, think about that. It’s like we need conflict to even exist. Try to write a novel without a conflict or a scene, on one hand, don’t you want everything perfect, say describing a love couple who have perfect relationship and nothing happens to them, and they have no challenges? Or such scenario cannot even exist, note that.