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  1. Oh, thank you so much. Where did you get this video? And why did Leo take it off? Isn’t Leo the only one who decides which videos to go on his channel? That’s his channel that’s some corporation I don’t understand. Also, why does it matter if other people do not agree that’s Lewis channel so he can post whatever he want or you’re telling me those people were from his team? Besides stage turquoise is so up in the air that there can be number of interpretation
  2. Hi everyone, not sure if this topic belongs in the specific chat but anyways I was watching this cute small video about spiral dynamics, bridles explaining it all. So I noticed there are few other tiers such as beige even below purple and even stage coral above turquoise. I know Leo has at least four part series on spiral dynamics but that one starts only from stage blue. Any idea if Leo maybe has one episode where she goes over all stages of spiral dynamics or some others in order? As far as I remember, and again, I can’t be wrong, I don’t believe we will have about turquoise even though he talks in other episodes a lot and this is my favorite one, but I wonder if he has it. And if someone can do me a favor can someone post or maybe there is a link to all spiral dynamics videos of Leo,As far as I remember, and again, I can’t be wrong, I don’t believe we will have about turquoise even though he talks in other episodes a lot and this is my favorite one, but I wonder if he has it. And if someone can do me a favor can someone post or maybe there is a link to all spiral dynamics videos olio preferably in order.
  3. For me, weed is a child’s play. I can smoke a lot, well actually if I smoke like really a lot I can get buzzed and get some insights, but only if music is playing if I do edibles, then I can get more into experience, but cannot even begin to compare to psychedelics. I also always ask myself a question is weed a psychedelic. So for me, smoking is nothing cannot compare to any psychedelic. And for sure 5 MEO DMT is my top notch? Meaning it’s a heel that I still need to cross. I did fill those ones few microdoses, but it still gives me the creeps, this is something I still need to cover.
  4. That’s very deep Leo and this is such a service to humanity, those who understand that will be grateful to you for the rest of their lives.
  5. Hi Leo, are you doing all those journeys on your own? Have you ever done in ceremonial setting or mostly solo? I know you posted one live trip. Do you at least have a sitter? I personally would be frightened to do it all on my own? A lot of times I feel that I am about to die, psychedelics always give me sense of death, maybe because of my anxiety. But especially with Ibiza I heard you need to have someone watching you.
  6. While there are really good hearted Shammans and I personally know one, so you should know there are a lot who are making it for profit, so they are not much different than those in pharmaceutical business in terms of mind set, of course the pharma does make much more profit. But even in pharma there are different companies and different manufacturers. I personally avoid companies like Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi and SGK, but there are a lot of small ones who are really there to make a buck. Of course people have business mind set and of course when they grow and expand to multi million companies they start to cut corners, but with all fairness to a shamans, some of them prey on desperate people and over charge for ceremonies. Not sure how much a pill would cost but I would say a ceremony would be at least ten times over.
  7. Thanks for sharing very interesting. Quick question, can you get high from it or it’s just aligning your mind. Meaning can you get visuals like from DMT or LSD or it’s different high like Ketomine where you are experiencing total relaxing. Also can I take it while working the microdosing? And for macro dosing, what would be a trip like?
  8. With all due respect to you, have you ever tried mdma? I never ever achieved natural state even one billionth of what mdma can do? Again I am not being addictive to it, but to admit, it’s such an amazing feeling, when you get a chance to dive into heaven. I know this is not the answer and every spiritual teacher will tell you to get into bliss naturally. But let’s be all honest, can you naturally achieve such states? I personally cannot and nothing helps me even meditating. Again I have full time job and I do not spend so much time on it anyways. But once in a blue moon you can treat yourself. Hence that’s why I started this thread to see natural alternatives because mdma is not a healthy med.
  9. Thanks, you are the second person who mentions they got high from cacao. Can you verify that you can actually get high from cacao, what dosage you need to take?
  10. Hi everyone, I stumbled upon an article claiming that there are natural alternatives to MDMA. Of course it’s not a secret that ecstasy can be abused and it does pose a health risk. See article pasted below for natural alternatives. Though not so sure how natural they are but they are legal. They claim natural alternatives such as Katy, Phenylethylamine, Elhedrine, Quercetin and many others can have similar affects without the dangerous chemical compounds. My question is, is it really true, can you get high from those or it’s just a nice commercial trick and they don’t do jack. Does anyone ever tried what is called the “herbal ecstasy”, if yes would like to know your opinion and if they can do what real ecstasy does. And to conclude, the real ecstasy is amazing, it truly gets you to heaven without any exaggeration, especially with deep house music, there is nothing more you need in life. But speaking soberly, ecstasy is and can be very dangerous.
  11. Wow very interesting, I really think your body reacts different to it. But do you have visions, insights, profound experience? To be honest for me weed is very similar to alcohol, if I smoke decently I can start laughing and etc. though one time, I smoked a very sting bond, and it was at the music event, and that time I was getting insides and even small visions. I may think it depends on the weed, and has to be really strong one, not the one they started selling in stores.
  12. When you say THC you mean from weed or some other derivative. Because from my experience TEC is the weakest compared to other psychedelics. Of course those blades are different but compared to others I feel you can’t even compare. For instance with other psychedelics it’s a journey, I have to prepare there has to be a good setting and etc. But for THC, I can smoke or eat an edible and perfectly be fine in a group of people, of course I can see visions for hallucinations but I can totally manage as opposed to psychedelics where I actually have to lay down.
  13. No I am not. I honestly took it once at a drum party but didn’t feel anything as I know the time prior someone ended up in a k hole and I was kinda nervous to take a lot. I sniffed it so also not sure if everything went inside, I think it’s always better to digest. also what I saw especially in big cities the therapy is not expensive and insurance does cover it. Thanks for advice here so I would probably try it and see.
  14. Thanks, so the one they legally administer, would I assume it’s a high dose since they mention it as a psychedelic therapy? And there is no natural form of ketamine? Right, in all their forms they do forbid this therapy with anyone having any bladder issues, so I assume it’s not that good. I guess it’s better stick to traditional psychedelics then.
  15. Hey everyone, last weekend I was at a gathering and someone else mentioned that there are clinics which administer ketamine. I argued back claiming that as far as I know it’s illegal and that’s a drug but coming home I googled and I was surprised that there’s so many clinics out there run by doctors who administer ketamine intravenously. See link below of the tutorial video of what to expect. My question to you guys, is it worth to go as it’s totally legal and done under medical supervision? My prime concern is how healthy it is to the body? Or should I ask is it detrimental to the body, can there be side effects from it. I did watch Leo’s video about Ketamine, but the video did not impress me to take it. Also it is an animal tranquilizer and correct me if I’m wrong there is no natural form it’s all man-made? So the question remains can you do damage to the body especially if I try to keep a healthy lifestyle.