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  1. So there are many opinions on it and I will share one. So believe it or not our dreams are a path to another universe or should we say parallel universes. So there are many infinite universes with similar outcomes. I will use Leo as an example and hope he won’t get upset at me. So say one universe can be all similar to ours but where Leo is a staunch republican and a supporter of Trump and there maybe another similar universe where Leo is a libertarian and another similar universe where Leo is a Hillary supporter and so on. So all those inverses act independently but when a person dreams, for that moment he access that particular universe and that’s why in our dreams we may do things differently. Or it can be a nightmare where our reality is opposite what we live by. So there is that theory that during your dream you access different dimension. As far as laws of physics, they exist in 3 dimension space and time. Other dimensions may not necessary have them such an example of a dream where say all characters may just fly. And there are more other universes such as DMT universe which is a totally different story.
  2. You are asking all the right questions, indeed people of stage blue and green should question everything, indeed it’s those that question are in a higher state. The issue is why are those questions get silenced.
  3. That’s what all delusional people say. anyways the VAERS is not some mumbo jumbo but is part of CDC, just saying. And it does get verified and the input is done by medical professionals, just saying. I was watching a show about cults and everyone who was in the cult blindly followed their leader without asking or even thinking to ask questions. I am not picking on you in any way, I am more picking of a concept of a person. So you assume something is correct (I am sure you were not in labs analyzing but at best take media word for it), and you are taking “truth” from someone else not your own, and then you blindly trust it at any cost. Remember even Leo said that absolute truth can only be known through yourself. And I personally, question everything at this point, even this reality because of my awakenings. I question the government, the people, the life itself. And then you tell me I cannot question a pharmaceutical company that by the way had so much lawsuit in the recent past, just giving you an example of painkiller pandemic.
  4. If you would be humble person at best you can say we are both delusional. How do you know you are so right and of course it can be said about anyone.
  5. I think it’s waste of time to have debates here, those who have mind set are totally determined and nothing can convince them. What I am surprised and amazed, is that we have people who hypothetically can open their mind and deeply think but at the same time when it comes to specific topics their mind is totally shut and cannot move beyond their border thinking. I guess it teaches me that no matter how people reach enlightenment, they are still stuck at some place, and their ego is so powerful that it does not let them go further. I am not here to offend anyone but it’s interesting how some just start cursing With aggravation without going into serious debates. Indeed if I would just take this excerpt from this forum and show to others who are not familiar with it, people would say that it’s a forum with low conscious individuals. You don’t need to reply to my post but I want all of you just to think deep on what I said before either meditation or while taking psychedelics. You will be amazed what your mind will tell you.
  6. Wow such a great defense to my reply. You must be genius, I can’t even argue with you.
  7. I don’t mind questioning everything and anything. Again I have a science background and I like to do research and actually read science articles. if you are interested see yourself, that’s National Center for Biotechnology Information which is part of National Institute for health, by the way. They look how Ivermectin worked on people and it’s results. Why blindly defame just because CNN said so? I can sent you more info if are you going to read and not going just to refute whatever I will sent. Also Leo, why are you stuck on few topics and let your ego guide you as where you will not even debate or question. I will be honest with you, your view on infinity and reality is deeper than many or would say most people I know, but when questioning vaccinations and even conservatives, you have one mind no matter what. Ask yourself that question?
  8. By the way I was also at that meeting in NYC and there were few people interviewing and I also volunteered to be interviewed as I do have science background. But interesting my interview never made it live. Not sure why, maybe because I was giving science facts and explaining things very clear. I guess they were cherry picking specific people and made their report as they did. I am not surprised why they did it, I am surprised why many here fall for it.
  9. I am amazed at most of you arrogance and ignorance. And by the way Joe Rogan is a very smart and science oriented person and he really dives very deep into psychedelics. I have nothing but respect about him. And everyone, why are you looked at vaccines as if it is godly send, did media brainwashed all of you. Oh gosh, we all have the right to question things, we can question everything. You all remind me of former Soviet Union where the dictator was like god and no one allowed to question him. He was always perfect. People grow up and get matured. This forum and is questioning the fabric of reality and you tell me we cannot question a product that is way off from being perfect. You don’t need to answer but contemplate on that.
  10. As once a very wise Rabbi said, “those who cannot intellectually challenge attempt to destroy”, “those who cannot debate, only defame” and “calling names is the last refugee of non thinkers”.
  11. @Preety_IndiaAgain children are your choice but keep in mind you are only one and everyone else will have kids. It’s similar example I gave with a lady who decided to starve and died but nothing was achieved. Also your target would be third world countries as in first world it’s pretty much stabilized and it would be impossible to even reach that audience. On the other hand, I would disagree with you when you call this world shitty. I had revelation with God once and He told me that this world was created in its perfection. Remember it’s the people who are shitty and not this world. I really think that your concern is much deeper than that. Have you tried psychedelics to speak with your highest self and figure out exactly what bothering you. Again you can do whatever you want, but I personally do not see any solutions or logistics from it.
  12. Remember those who truly seek will find. Why don’t you google ayahuasca retreats, I am sure they have in USA. Keep in mind under tribal law they are allowed. Once you will get your foot there, you will get deep, trust me. But for sure, if you have not tried them, you are missing a lot, I would say as of now you probably know 5% of this universe, once tried it will open door to many dimensions, and I am not speaking in figurative sense here.
  13. So to start off I would not recommend MDMA because it can lead to trouble but that does not mean it’s not a powerful substance. Actually according to Wikipedia it is psychedelic. There is also interesting science on it that can treat depression and anxiety. Of course because it’s not legal and it’s on different schedule as oppose to ayahuasca which you can get via religious exemption, you can only get it on the street and most likely it will be either fake or mix with other substances. I heard stories that some even mix with rat poison and etc. But with pure MDMA you can reach a state of nirvana where a person will realize that a highest level of pleasure can be achieved and that’s actually heals a lot of depression. On the other side, it activates endomorphines and hence has a coming down effect, people may feel extremely depressed the following days. Though, from pure mdma believe it or not you will not have a coming down, indeed you will be feeling pretty good. I would say for a week. However your body quickly builds tolerance to to it and every time you would need bigger dose. @Gabith if you are looking to do it often, then for sure mdma is not right for you. But I personally think the entire approach to do anything often is a bad idea in general. Remember all those substances are just a tool to get you to the higher level, level of nirvana or Samadhi or whatever you name it. In my experience, at first I thought that those levels of highest pleasure were not even realistic and were fairy tales, but once reached, you become a believer. All those substances activate some neurotransmitters or in spiritual sense opening up your third eye. A food for thought, what if there are other ways to do same except taking those substances? Hah?
  14. In my opinion even LSD can be dangerous and run people in paranoia. If you truly want to play it safe, drink Ayahuasca. It’s mild, safe and defiantly effective. Especially done in spiritual circles, you can only get benefit to it. The issue with LSD, it’s done in nightclub settings and can backfire.
  15. MDMA is interesting substance but you defiantly need to know the proper dose and have very careful control over it. It is not like psychedelics, and your body does develop tolerance to it, therefore it is not something to advice. However pure MDMA can have very powerful and significant outcomes and can also enlighten individuals with pretty powerful insights. Getting pure MDMA is almost impossible and can lead to dangerous zones if not taking extreme precautions. However you can never go wrong with DMT, it’s natural to your body and especially mind.