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  1. Hi guys! A new documentary in Netflix about Tyler Henry’s life. Apparently he is a Hollywood star that has the ability to communicate with the dead. Leo said before to be skeptic but also open minded and also mentioned that some paranormal abilities are real. I’m really trying to keep an open mind to it but it seems so fake and sold to me that it almost annoys me. Also we don’t know 100% what happens after death but I’m almost certain that the ego/persona fades away. So who the hell is he communicating with? Anybody saw it? Any opinions?
  2. I heard a rumor that he is planning to replace Putin’s place and make Russia and Ukraine join the NATO..But it’s just a rumor so don’t jump to conclusions.
  3. Guys bottom line the US and NATO are much more developed and morally right than Russia. Yes I understand where Putin is coming from but the shaming and false news is important to weaken Russia. Which is what 95% of us want. Long love America(I’m living 12 hours flight away, so don’t call me biased please)
  4. It’s more than just attack or defend. War can be in various of domains. It’s simple. Putin felt that Russia is left behind so he decided to gain more power for the sake of his country. Like any other country does.
  5. @Thought Art Can u please share what kind of yoga you have been doing?
  6. Silence is the root of submission. In war world 2 many countries decided to just let it be and ignored the situation. The last thing you want is to give the power to the devil. This guy has to suffer, otherwise he will never grow.
  7. I agree with you. Unfortunately they didn’t prepare although they knew the threat. The are not going to win but at least don’t make it easy.
  8. I am really sad for what is happening there. There are many babies and innocent people who are suffering now. My critic is to the old and healthy citizens over there. Historically in war world 2 Ukraine gave full control to the nazis and gave away one million Jewish people to die under the Nazis government. I understand that confrontation isn’t easy but your laziness is why you aren’t prepared or now not willing to fight. If Putin will see how easy it is to accomplish his goals he will keep going and always see you as weak. Now is your time to fight. Because yesterday is gone. I apologize in advance if it’s not easy to hear the hard truth.
  9. I think the same way Leo. I got really confused by his answer. There is no doubt he wants to help but they way he communicates definitely wasn’t in place.
  10. I live for the experience.
  11. Wow such a shocking news.. This guy was super interesting and shared here some great gems. Stay strong?
  12. Survival isn’t easy. We must know how to take a break from it once in a while. If you feel burned out so it means you need to chill for some time and go back to the game even stronger.
  13. I stopped brushing my teeth when I was 5 and now I have nothing to brush. Lol jokes aside, I love to feel my mouth clean
  14. great thread? work/study: I’ve been working on my own business and it’s going better than I thought. It’s not easy but being your own boss is priceless. emotional intelligence: I feel like I became more detached which is something I strive for. Learned a lot about what makes me feel good(Loving as much as possible). social life: I’m much more social. Going out twice a week and spend most of my time with people. It makes my life more interesting. relationships/sex life: I have made some mistakes this year with dating the wrong person which backfired and made a mess.(I don’t like drama). I want to date more women. family: There was ups and downs but I got closer to my family. For next year I should learn to put more boundaries. self-development/spirituality: Stopped meditating. I find it hard to be a saint in this current society. Striving for Orange&green(SD) finances: best year so far. physical activity/eating: started great and dropped to shit at the end. Will improve it significantly next year. hobbies/habits: Nothing stick. Will workout and start to swim.
  15. Great movie. I laughed a lot.. Highly recommended.