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  1. By the avatar of the OP, hes aproaching the topic with anarchist self bias, which are disfunctional by definition in a harmonic society.
  3. Well the evidence is that when people eat food which cointain lectins, oxalic acids, phenols, glucosinolates, saponins and tannins... they get sick. Of course people wont realize or will see a dramatic harmful effect at the moment after eating, but are bad. Often pro vegans argument that by processing (soaking, cooking, boiling) these negative components are reduced. But not eliminated completely The problem is that the symptoms of these antinutrients are accumulative, for example chronyc inflammation, fatigue, arthritis. And the antinutrients interfere with nutriend absortion, so we can eat, a lot, and still be malnouriushed.
  4. you feel weak and tired... youre eating tons of high glycemic fruits and vegetables+wheat thats why you got mental fog, fatigue and probably inflammation. Try the keto diet for a while and evaluate how your brain and body feels
  5. Having a GF or wife is surrendering to nature, to our basic instincts lika animals do. But we are God and we can choose. You can do wahtever you want in your life and dont let people sociaty or your reptilian brain force you to follow the traditional way of life.
  6. The arrogant western scientists say think that the heart is a pump that creats the blood flow lol. While in oriental medicine they say the heart is a battery and they are right. Like Tesla said everything is vibration, frequency and energy.
  7. Unfortunately Leo will say: Stop talking about conspiracy theories in this forum! For the love of God you're a devil!
  8. I dont need friends, but I keep them to have somebody to count on in the future, and for peer pressure. The thing is when its their birthday and I have to call them, I feel lots of resistance, and I cannot fake that I feel happy for them because I'm not. But in the other hand, I dont want to make them feel bad for me. If I call them with apathetic behaviour Ill make them feel bad. Should I practise public speaking or theater lessons to talk emotionally whenever i dont feel it?
  9. I dont believe in frenship because there's always a interest behind, its not like unconditional love. I'm personal trainer and whenever a friend want to get in shape he resume the friendship with me. And me as an introvert, when I feel I have to socialize a bit I contact them to get my social dose. But when I go deeper into self actualization and meta knowledge or interesting wisdom I lose interest in plain people who talk about this videogame or netflix show. And I've tried to have interesting conversations with them but they arent ready to understand what i talk. So I prefer learning in solitude than wasting time in petty stuff.
  10. i know lots of zoomers that took the covid19 as a holydays instead of studying. The day of the exams to access the university a lot of them had anxiety attacks and puked. Thats what happens when you dont take things seriously.
  11. can you explain how yoga and meditation can help somebody to develop a missing part of his personality? To embrace masculinity you have to be in contact to somebody who has this characteristics, a referent, and you wont find that closed in a meditation center.
  12. Sorry for necroing this post. I'm actually depressed due to abuse of videogames and want to make a dopa-detox. But the main problem I have is that I dont know what to do with so much free time. I can meditate 1-2 hours, read some books, go to the gym... but the rest of the day? If I dont do things I get very anxious.
  13. This guy is idiot. N1 Rule: Yo do not talk about the fight club to people who dont know how to fight.
  14. He's like Elliot Hulse on ayahuasca but without his toxic masculinity.
  15. It seems like you're desensitized. Everytime you need newer stimulation, like in dopamine resistance. A monk could have an orgasm without even touching himself. Time to go on a dopamin detox week.
  16. When you are young you have tons of energy and are more brave, corageous but you are like a headless chicken. I'm 36 now, 37 in july, I'm tired very quick, even daily routine activities are harder, but the wisdom i have has no price, an the n1 advantage is I have clear what i want and what i dont want. Youngsters dont know anything.
  17. Feeling deep looks very romantic even virtuous, but the thing is stupid, being run by illusory emotions its one of the lowest stages of awareness.
  18. I've exposed things like this in the past, then Leo says: "these are just conspiracy theories". The media never covers this horrors you talk about, and the masses just live with their head indide their ass. In my country there are politicians involved in murdering/raping childen and they live with total impunity. Nobody does nothing, even if you have proofs.. all the system is so corrupt that's impossible to fix. Im so tired that I decided to ignore everything and just protect myself and my surroundings, otherwise worrying abot what I cant control will produce me only suffering. Let the skeptic zombies die, they deserve it for being so close minded.
  19. Dont look at pro budybuyilders because their testosterone dynamics is totally masked by the steroids. In fact the olds school habit of eating every 2-3 hours lowers testo. In the other hand, it has been proved that what gives a big impact of natural testo production is intemitent fasting, D3 vitaim, cleaning the liver and eating quality fats. Apart from the obvious strenght training and hiit.
  20. My sense of justice is so strong that when I witness a horrible act of abuse or harming innocent and vulnerable being who cannot defend themself I enter in pure rage and anger, my blood boils and I want to kill them. Some examples that trigger me the most: -Nurses beating elder people in nursing homes, for fun... -nanies beating babies that should take care of. -bullies abusing discapacited people like down syndrome No matter how I awaken I am, this triggers to me an automatic, animal, irrational response that I cannot avoid. Sometimes I wounder if would be better not go around the internet to avoid these videos, ignore what happens in the world and let the rot, but then comes into my minds the typical quote that says: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" -For being empathic my mind interpret the harm done to others as a personal attack... how can I avoid that? I'm tried of being trigged by evil things that happen in the other side of the world where I can do nothing about it.
  21. I find your post very useful because when I have this feeling of anger and rage when observing an injustice my muscles feel tense and my breathing is absolutely blocked whick produces me more suffering. I'll try to focus on my body sensationes and be more loose, thanks!
  22. The issue of misguided movements and wrong conspiracy theories is where they come from, how they born. Let me doubt that one day a internet troll invents something and thanks to his godly convincing skills thousand of people follow him. NO. The internet is used by the power to create division and controlled dissidence. This require a big infrastructure of bots and trolls with the collaboration of facebook and google.
  23. You shouldnt feel underdeveloped by not finding everything beatutiful. The fat acceptance and the "beauty is subjetive" is all bullshit. Nature have specific beauty codes, for example the fibonacci sequence, the ancient greek beauty proportions, and all them are objective, they trigger a positive response in the conscious spectator .I've studied image consulting and I know how all the forms colour codes and patterns produce a response in others, and this is unconscious. you cannot choose what you like and what dont. Dont fall in this mistake: -For example emo dark people may find beautiful skulls, corpses, spiders, ravens... but the main cause is they like it because is in their vibrational level and so they are attracted to all the goth paraphernalia. Goin into the main topic, I was very good looking when i was a child, and I also felt guilty when I saw others were ugly. But the deeper issue of this guilt has more to do of a survival mechanism: Good looking people and animals draw more attention. From a survival point, this is beauty-vulnerability. A beautiful deer draws more attention from predators and hunters than a ugly skinny old deer. Remembering this part of my past while writing his post, makes me realize why I as a child and now was always hiding from people. I hated being the center of attention for being good looking! sorry for the bad writing
  24. Weed is the medicine from mother earth, but if you arent sick why should you take it? If you go on a meditation and stimulation-detox journey youll become happy as a default mode and wont need any drug.
  25. He's resentful to the social conditioning that brainwashes us . He proved thru his life that things doesnt work like the mainstream told, he knows he's been lied and is furious about it. Logic reaction.