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  1. I second this. Idk where you learned your yoga routine from but if you do yoga incorrectly it can do more harm than good. It’s a powerful practice, which means it can be powerfully good or bad for you. I recommend learning yoga from Isha school of yoga. There’s teachers all across the world.
  2. I visited the Isha center in Tennessee about two weeks ago and I spoke with some people there that have been doing inner Engineering and they said it has completely transformed their life. One fellow said his back pain is gone now because of it and he feels significantly younger. Everyone at the ashram seems so happy with whatever technique they’re using. I learned Yogasanas which was an amazing experience and has me stoked to take more programs like inner engineering and Bhava spandana. As far as Leo calling it “weak sauce” I wouldn’t listen to it. People are clearly getting results with it and Sadhguru is enlightened, not Leo. Lol
  3. Don’t give yourself the option to fail. Commit that no matter what it takes, you will find what you’re looking for. Regardless of who or what tries to stop you, you keep going. “A man is only defeated once he abandons himself”
  4. You don’t have a set life purpose. It’s not some secret that can be revealed to you. You have certain tendencies and directions that’s you’re interested in but at the end of the day you have to make a choice about what you want to spend your time learning about and practicing. However, psychedelics do seem like they can reveal to you some powerful stuff about what direction you want to take your life and much more.
  5. If you were 60 years old would it be too late for you to do something that you love? Isn’t that what you really want is to do something that you love?
  6. Maha Mudra im at the point in the kriya book where it’s time for me to learn maha mudra but I don’t seem to be felixble enough and it’s quite difficult. Has anyone had this issue too and how did you overcome it?
  7. I don’t know if any of you have tried Sadhguru’s yoga namaskar practice but I find some parts of it quite difficult because I’m not flexible enough. Are there any specific excercises I can do to become more flexible or will the daily practice of it eventually lead to me being able to do the postures properly?
  8. Some I use... I am courageous i explore life courageously i am happy I have amazing friendships i radiate warmth and affection I make people laugh and feel joy I am consciousness I am bold life is beautiful I see the beauty of life I travel whenever I want i travel wherever I want I am wealthy I am free
  9. I feel my spine a lot more and sometimes I can actually feel energy moving up my spine and putting pressure on my third eye area. I feel better in my body in general after doing it for 4ish months now. I haven’t had any samadhi states yet but sometimes when I really put effort into the practice and it goes well I feel a deep sense of peace afterward and a slight dissolution of my boundaries. I think the biggest thing I’ve gained from doing it is that it’s really opened up my curiousity about yoga and now I want to study it a lot more and practice.
  10. Is it not kind of serious that such a realized teacher is telling us these things?
  11. Two topics one thread 😏 I watched a video on Sadhguru speaking about marijuana use and he says that marijuana, along with other psychedelics dull the system and over a period of time make one incapable of handling life. He said, it gives a feeling of meditativeness but you’re not actually meditative. It makes me wonder if psychedelics are a trick. I watched a seperate video where he spoke about the harm you can do by learning yoga out of a book or in the wrong environment. It made me wonder about going to an ashram and learning directly from a guru.
  12. Kriya yoga is a powerful practice but it will take time for you to feel results. psychedelics seem like a promising and fast acting tool. Yoga is probably the best long term thing you can do for your health.
  13. @Thetruthseeker check out sv3rige on YouTube...
  14. I drink two cups of raw milk kefir everyday. I ferment it for two days before I make it and it’s pretty yummy. You'll need; raw milk, kefir grains(can buy on amazon), and two jars. You put one tablespoon of grains in one cup of milk, put the lid on the jar lightly and let it sit for one day. Strain the milk into another jar and ferment for one more day then drink. You can reuse the grains to make a batch everyday.
  15. @pluto that’s fascinating. Do they have any follow up videos of him to see how’s he doing months and years after the experience? Ultimately, if I’m going to help my brother with this I want it to help in grow and not just be a cool experience.