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  1. Leo has a video on over 40 ways to get started with self Actualization! Chickity check it out
  2. To make it a habit you have to do it everyday for at least 90 days and then it’ll be solid.
  3. 90% of toxins are released through your skin. If you’re getting acne, it’s because you’re consuming something toxic. Read We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz
  4. I’m gonna have my first lsd trip next week so if you guys could give me some pointers for how to prepare and get the most from it I’d appreciate it! I’m also going to rewatch Leo’s video on how to use psychedelics for personal development.
  5. 1. Integrity 2. Beauty 3. Connection
  6. Do you think psychedelics are only capable of giving you short lived non dual experiences? Or would they be able to give you permanent non duality, even when you’re sober?
  7. I went with my intuition on this and decided to cut things off. It was interesting because I reminded me of the hero’s journey and how there’s traps along the way that you have to be careful of. Watching Leo’s video on bad relationships helped confirm this for me. Thank you guys
  8. Are there certain characteristics of toxic relationships that I can use to see if I’m in one or not?
  9. Right but is there a difference when it comes to someone who is actually enlightened talking about psychedelics opposed to someone who’s trying to get enlightened using them?
  10. I heard him say this awhile back and it makes me wonder if psychedelics are a trap or not. With him and other people like Peter Ralston being opposed to psychedelic use for spirituality it really makes me wonder. I’d like to hear yalls input on this.
  11. I’m still confused as to why someone like Peter Ralston is opposed to psychedelics for spirituality...
  12. @Barbarian Number 8 what’s an “advanced person” to you?
  13. You need to reach a point where you fully realize the importance of eating healthy. The reason you go back to unhealthy foods is because your body doesn’t know what your mind knows. Logically, you know what generally healthy food is. However, it may not be fully implemented into your subconscious and so you get pulled back to your old ways of eating. I suggest doing more research into health and diet. The more you learn, the more you’ll program your body with that new information and it will naturally be easier for you to eat healthy. You have to convince yourself basically.
  14. Place the ring in an auction and get out before it’s too late