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  1. If you pay attention, you will find that the meditation sessions in which you tend to get really into the present are the ones in which you are breathing from both nostrils. Breathing alternates spontaneously between left and right nostril. This is the concept of Ida and Pingala. Ida is the interior aspect of consciousness (thinking, left nostril) and pingala (action, right nostril) is the exterior, if you manage to bring both together, you can experience the unity of consciousness (sushumna). When your left nostril is most active, mental activity is bothering your meditation session; when your right nostril is most active, worrying about action is bothering your meditation session. For me, I tend to breath from both nostrils after about 2 hours I woke up and went to the toilet. It's just a concept, but it can be helpful. Try to meditate when you are breathing from both nostrils, you might notice a clear improvement in the quality of your meditation.
  2. Socrates Giordano Bruno Rosa Parks Nelson Mandela
  3. In my case, mushrooms work wonders for energy healing and getting rid of energy blockages, especially if done outside on a sunny day. You should check out kriya yoga as well, within a few months of practice you can learn how to module energy inside your own system.
  4. You can suffer only if you have a point of view to defend. You suffer because you believe in the existence of a separate "I" that is going to die. From the highest stand point, suffering it's impossible. The experience of suffering is the ego resisting the Present. No ego, no suffering, just Consciousness. Transcend the ego, and suffering becomes ecstasy. In the present moment you are always safe, even if you are experiencing burning at the stake.
  5. These are some of my favourite quotes from the book "Dissolving the Ego, Realizing the Self" by David Hawkins. I know this topic should be in the "high consciousness resources" section, but I feel in this section it might get more exposure and help more people (otherwise, admins feel free to move it). The book is a collection of the best teachings of David Hawkins, by contemplating some of the quotes it's possible to get mini enlightenment experiences. The ego secretly "loves" and clings to the position of victimhood and extracts a distorted pleasure and grim justification from pain and suffering. Out of the fear of becoming nothing, consciousness denies its only reality that it is everything – the infinite, everlasting Allness out of which existence itself arises. Everything fulfils its purpose by merely being what it is. Everything is the fulfilment of its own essence and potentiality. The only "requirement" for anything that exists is to just be. Life is the radiance of God made manifest, as the universe expressed through evolution. We are both the product and the witness of Creation as a continuous, eternal process. Because the essence of God is the catalyst of Creation, all that is created contains that same quality. Therefore, the ultimate context of God is an infinite progression of infinite potentialities and possibilities, each of which then creates a further progression of infinite progressions. The realization and knowingness of God is radically and purely subjective. There is not even the hypothetical possibility that reason could arrive at Truth. Truth is knowable only by virtue of the identity of being it. It is through forgiveness that one is forgiven. On the level of nonduality, there is observing but no observer, as subject and object are one. You-and-I becomes the One Self experiencing all as divine. In the advanced spiritual Reality, duality dissolves because the "this" is the "that". The seeker and the Sought become One with the transcendence of the limitation of duality. That which I am is Allness. To realize that one already is and always has been All That Is leaves nothing to be added. There is no separation in the Allness of Creation, so it is impossible for the created to be separate from the Creator. Enlightenment is the consequence of the surrender of all dualistic illusions to Truth. All suffering ends with dissolution of the ego's positionalities. The infinite, Ultimate Potentiality is the Actuality of Existence. "All That Is" is therefore innately Divine, or it could not exist at all. The absolute expression of Divinity is Subjectivity. If I exist, then God Is. Consciousness does not recognize separation, which is a limitation of perception. The enlightened state is a "Oneness" in which there is no division into parts. Such division is only apparent from a localized perception; it is only an accident of a point of view. To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know the nature of love itself. To truly know love is to know and understand God, and to know God is to understand love.
  6. This quote shows some confusion and a lack of research into non-duality. Spirituality is about realizing for yourself what is True and that's not a matter of opinion. You can phrase it in hundreds different ways, but that is the main teaching of all serious spiritual traditions (Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Zen, Hinduism, etc.) Truth exists and you can realize it directly. If you have that narrow notion of spirituality, it's quite obvious that you will have problems realizing the purest non-dual teachings and you will think that people that talk or discuss those teachings have lost their minds (some might actually have, but that's another matter) or that what they say is "words of meaningless waffle". Plus, if you realize the Truth, you will say that the Truth is false, just because it doesn't align with your ideas and you will get a reaction from your ego, which is exactly what I think you are doing right now on this forum. You are trying to prove to yourself that what you saw wasn't really what you saw. From my point of view, it seems like you miss the conceptual understanding to make sense of your deepest experiences with psychedelics. I honestly wrote this post as a form of feedback, I hope it helps somehow.
  7. I have been there before. My first serious psychedelic experience was with 250ug of LSD, which, for me, was too much, too early. I did see the Truth, but I wasn't ready at all. I ended up descending into madness, when I realized that I was the only being in existence, a truth that my ego distorted and couldn't comprehend at the time. I felt like I created the whole universe in order not to feel alone, not to go insane. The universe was a place where I could hide from the truth of my loneliness. Everything that I regarded as real was only my imagination, I went crazy for eternity. When you cannot comprehend anymore what's "real" and what's "imagination", that's when things get hairy. My suggestion is to take at least 6 months to digest what you have experienced, while practicing meditation and/or kriya yoga, only then go back with a smaller dose, my advice is to try mushrooms. For me LSD is too hard on my system, I have found that mushrooms are way better to work with energetically. After my experience with LSD, I have been working only with small doses of mushrooms which, for me, are more than enough to go deep. Your brain might be extremely sensible to psychedelics, in which case working with high doses could present you truths that you are not ready to comprehend.
  8. Most likely yes, but, at the same time, it was something I had to go through to go even deeper into infinity. I am not aware that I am experiencing infinite deaths right now because I am not in the same state of consciousness that I was while tripping, what has changed is that I know for sure that infinity happens all at the same time, since I have seen it. Yes, I have countless more questions left unanswered about the nature of reality.
  9. It was 1.3 grams of dehydrated Mazatapec mushroom. I know it sounds strange, but my brain is hypersensitive to any kind of psychedelic.
  10. The week before my trip I read "LSD and the mind of the universe", in which Cristopher Bache, the author, describes his work with LSD. Bache says that, before he had the chance of becoming one with God, he had to go through various stages of purification. While I was reading his reports, I thought that I was somehow "better" than him, since in my previous trips I had the chance of experiencing dharmakaya, God, the white light, and becoming one with the ultimate reality, without having to go through the horrors that he describes in his book. As you will soon read, I paid a steep price for my naivete. I started the session relaxing and meditating, I was thrilled for the upcoming trip, but nervous at the same time. The first hour was extremely difficult, I felt cold and restless, even thought the temperature in my room was normal, I had the feeling that entities were working to change my state of consciousness to get me ready for what I was about to experience. The second hour I lost the perception of time and I couldn't make senso of who I was anymore. I tried to work on the intentions that I had set and the questions that I wanted to answer, but the shrooms had other plans for me. The trip took an unexpected turn when I entered into unitary consciousness: I wasn't ready for how infinite it was this time. I have experienced infinity many times in the past before, but it seems that every time I get into it, it gets even more infinite. I was being born and dying ad infinitum, under infinite forms. I have lived through pestilences, famines, rapes and unjustified hate. I have seen shuttered bodies being eaten alive, which were my own bodies. All of this was happening to me, by me, since I am the medium through which everything happens. I saw the face of death and I realized it was my own face. For a short period of time I was able to love hell and it transformed into paradise and ecstasy, but I couldn't hold it for long, doing so requires infinite consciousness. God/Infinity is happening all at once, in the present moment, which means millions of Jews are dying right now in the concentration camps, the atomic bombs are being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Jesus is being crucified, as you are reading this words. The inability of accepting all of my self was prolonging my horrific visions, the more I resisted my self, the worst it got. I am not sure why, but infinity appeared to me through the form of Ishvara. Wherever I saw, I saw its infinite form. I had never heard the name Ishvara before my trip, but when I saw it, its name came instantaneously to my mind. For the short period of time that I managed to accept infinity, I had a peek into the mind of God which was pure infinite intelligence and interconnection, the visions were more vivid than anything I have ever experienced before in my own life. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the present moment is nothing other than the manifestation of the mind of God, God lives through my own body. At one point, I understood that God creates through pure imagination, so I wanted to create in the same way that God creates. I was so conscious that I could have projected a rose out of thin air, but I choose not to do it. I am sure, without a single doubt, that in that state of consciousness I could have done it, but, if I would have done it, I would have gone crazy: after the trip I couldn't have been able any more to distinguish between "reality" and "imagination". It felt like the same temptation that Jesus went through in the desert. The main takeaway from this trip is to never stop being humble, the moment you stop being humble is the moment you get fucked hard. The fears and the problems that I face in my day to day life are nothing compared to what I went through in just 4 hours. If I can implement only one percent of the level of acceptance that I had to apply to survive this trip, I won't have a single "problem" or "fear" anymore in my life. Overall, I can't wait to get back into infinity, to love it all next time, even though I will need some time to process everything that I have seen.
  11. This song is all about mystic union, it reminds me of Rumi's poems.
  12. Can't believe no one has posted this yet
  13. In your opinion, where do you draw the line between conscious criticizing and shadow projection? One has to criticize by understanding that everything is perfect as it is?
  14. I would argue it has worked. He got rid of his addictions, lost his self-destructive behaviour and started to live on purpose again.
  15. I can't even fathom what 10 grams would do to me, no wonder your trip was that long. I always set clear intentions before I trip, in this one my intentions were to understand what healing is. I think that if you set the intention to do energy work, that's what your going to get from the trip. I did LSD three times but is too taxing to my body, I prefer mushrooms.