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  1. I just got this YouTube ad and I couldn't help but laughing, due to the evident irony of the situation: it seems like Neil deGrasse Tyson is talking about all the blind spots of the human mind, while, at the same time, not being aware of the blind spots of his own scientific mind. I am sure the course might be useful to a lot of people, especially blue and pre-rational. I just found it funny. You might like this, as an example of scientific self bias @Leo Gura
  2. The best book I have read on the subject and it answers all the questions that you have. if you want to go even deeper, read "Yoga and Kriya" too. I have read dozens of books on chakras and kundalini and these two are, by far, the best.
  3. "Let my love open the door It's all I'm livin' for Release yourself from misery There's only one thing gonna set you free That's my love That's my love"
  4. @Leo Gura In The Book Of Not Knowing, Peter Ralston gives praises to Kant, it doesn't make sense to me how someone like Ralston can't see the obvious limits of Kant's thought. The philosophy of Kant is utterly dualistic, with his division between the phenomena and the noumenon, which is the division between matter and spirit (consciousness).
  5. @perrywinkle I suggest you get her a copy of Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing by Jed McKenna. It does a wonderful job showing your own spiritual bullshit and the nonsense of the new age spiritual beliefs, while at the same time clarifying what real spirituality is all about, she needs to be ready to read it and understand what it says, and that's a whole other matter. You could read it first, if you haven't done already, and then decide if it could help her.
  6. The producers of this new psychedelic, as soon as you are going to disclose the name.
  7. Do you have any idea the possible legal repercussions that he might suffer from being the first one to reveal a brand new psychedelic and announce it publicly on YouTube? He could get massive unwanted attention, I feel like he's just taking the necessary legal precautions. Not everything is about ego.
  8. How do you know that there is any difference between everyday experience and what it feels to be dead? Death is just a belief/word. Being has no opposite and doesn't need anything to be, it is because it is Being. In order to understand it, you have to deconstruct your mind. "I ask you only to stop imagining that you were born, have parents, are a body, will die and so on. Just try, make a beginning. It is not as hard as you think." - Nisargadatta Maharaj
  9. What is your experience in finding a partner with your same values? It has been nearly impossible for me to find a person or a friend with my same values, let alone a partner with a similar understanding of reality. I can only imagine that for you is even worst. If I would be completely open about all my experiences and insights, people would think I am insane. The thing is that people that follow your work (or any other serious spiritual practice) and really understand it are the 0,0001% of the population, being optimistic. We should start a new app "Tinderized" LOL. I am completely ok being alone or not "taking off the mask", but I sure would like to meet someone with whom I could spend hours talking about the deepest topics possible.
  10. “You want to see God in all, but not in yourself? If all are God, are you not included in that all? Yourself being God, is it a wonder that all are God?” – Ramana Maharshi
  11. @Leo Gura Thanks for your feedback. For the moment, I will keep tripping at low doses and work on letting go the fear of insanity, when it does come up.
  12. @Nahm I practice kriya yoga daily, my diet is good and I have other positive habits in place. I am happy overall, but, to be honest, sometimes my inner dialogue goes hundreds miles per hour. I am consistently thinking about the nature of reality and introspecting, it's just something that seems I can't turn off. More concentrative meditation could certainly help to calm my mind, thanks for the tip.
  13. @OBEler Yes, the dosage was too high. It was 250μg of pure LSD. It was my first serious psychedelic trip and I didn't have enough experience for such a high dose, it felt like being sent to hyperspace into a spaceship and having no clue on how to use the control panel. Probably, the best description of insanity is having the Infinite power of God's imagination and not being able to control it. At the peak of the experience, I could see the infinite faces of consciousness everywhere, but what freaked me out the most was understanding that there is no difference between reality and imagination and between self and other. I simply wasn't ready for such insights and I ended up into a psychosis that I can only describe as an infinite and eternal "Scream", as in Munch's painting, that was my ego's reaction to the truth of non-duality. I made the mistake of dosing too high because I didn't research well enough. At that point, I had been studying non-duality for years and I wanted to see what it was all about, I was too reckless and paid a big price. Moreover, after plenty of other trips with mushrooms, I have discovered that my brain is hyper sensitive to psychedelics, 1mg of mushroom is more than enough to consistently send me into deep non-dual states of consciousness. Those 250μg were more like 500/750μg for my brain.
  14. These are my insights from a trip with 5-MeO-DMT. The dose was 17mg, plugged. Reality is an infinite holon and God is the final holon, the holon which contains every other holon. God is a circle drawn without a line. Reality is a Single Infinite painting that has no frame. It's impossible to imagine such a painting, but if you carefully look around, you will realize that's what you are always experiencing/being. In your eternal experience of the present moment where can you locate the frame that contains your reality? At the moment of physical death, your finite holon will be reabsorbed by the infinite holon. Your inner dialogue is God listening to his own voice. At this very moment, probably, God is not so conscious because he can't access the infinite consciousness of the entire holon. It's as if a neuron inside your brain would be disconnected from the entirety of your neuronal system: obviously the capacity of understanding of the single neuron will be greatly reduced, compared with the capacity of understanding of a neuron infinitely connected with Universal Mind. A neuron which is able to open a connection with Infinite Mind becomes Infinite Mind. In the neuron analogy there is a fallacy: a neuron inside the brain can actually die, but what you are is the Life that animates the neuron itself and that flows boundless, inside Infinite Mind. Death is impossible because there is nothing else outside the infinite single holon, life has no opposite. God can behave like an idiot through you because, right now, you don't have access to the wisdom of the whole. God, as the infinite holon, is constantly aware of each one of your thoughts, your thoughts are his thoughts, which might be very well dumb thoughts. Talking telepathically with the infinite holon is bizarre, to say the least. The voice that asks the question is the same voice that answers the question. Every distinction in the single holon is purely imaginary. Truth is one, but God can imagine distinctions through his own imagination. If God is all there is, the only chance to interact with itself is by imagining differences inside itself. The reality that you perceive every day is entirely made up of differences that are only inside your mind. If you could stop imagining these differences, reality would be revealed as God. (I still need to understand way more about imagination) I have done around 15 trips with 5-MeO-DMT at low doses 10/17 mg. I can have amazing insights with this substance and great experiences, but I still don't feel comfortable about increasing the dose and accessing Infinity because, in the past, I have had a terrible LSD trip in which I actually experienced insanity. I have learned my lesson the hard way. Now, with 5-MeO-DMT the insanity sometimes seems coming up again: I can remember parts ot the LSD trip which I had completely forgotten and that is quite scary, this doesn't happen with mushrooms. I have much more experience and I can kind of surf the wave of insanity, but this is kind of bugging me. My theory is that in order to access higher states of consciousness I need to work on, let go of, that super intense LSD trip which I was not ready at all to have 3 years ago. With the word "insanity" I mean experiencing aspects of non-duality but these aspects don't seem "positive" at all, like sometimes while tripping the universe/reality seems like a fucking stupid joke made up by a crazy mind, my own mind. This kind of experience is scary as fuck. Should I keep working with low doses until I finally let go of the fear/experience of insanity and clean my consciousness? Any input about this issue would be appreciated.
  15. I want to share my experience with kriya yoga so far. I have been practicing for almost three years now. The firs couple of years, I was practicing a simple pranayama, while concentrating on the third eye. I didn't see crazy results, other than experiencing the reality of the chakras. The effects of this meditation are: While meditating, feeling a lot of energy concentrating on the third eye area. My inner vision light up: experiencing mild inner visuals. Night dreams turned to high definition, almost life like. Ability to ear the voice of the characters of my dreams, which it never happened to me before. Kind of freaky. Experiencing premonitions or warnings, while dreaming, about day to day life. (not that common, but it happened more than once) Ability to recognize deep spiritual truths, through the spontaneous activation (feeling of energy) of the third eye. Once I saw that this chakra business wasn't all bullshit, I was hooked and I started to do serious research about kriya yoga. I read all the books that Leo suggests and many more. In the past six months, I have been practicing diligently a complete kriya yoga routine and have seen some serious results: I end my routine with kriya supreme fire and almost invariably I get into a sort of mini samadhi, I lose all point of reference and can't locate myself anymore. It lasts for 10 seconds or so but it's still valuable. While practicing Yoni mudra my brain feels like it's exploding of pleasure. The pleasure per se it's not important, what I think is going on is that the practice is actually rewiring my brain. Sometimes, while practicing, I have really intense visuals, they seem like the beginning of a psychedelic trip, but fade off quickly. In my everyday life, I am way happier overall and I appreciate deeply the beauty of life. Sometimes I get moved by "mundane" and simple things. The main effect that I have noticed is that kriya makes your consciousness cleaner or more "symmetric", it's a slow process but definitely worth the investment because it's an effective way to permanently change your baseline state of consciousness. After a while, you can literally start to feel your brain rewiring itself, I randomly sense a small pleasurable pression in various areas of the brain. I haven't achieved kechari mudra yet, I think that's going to be a game changer and is literally going to light up my brain. I use psychedelics too (LSD, mushrooms and 5-meo-dmt - not a break through dose yet) and I can sense that kriya is going to take me to the same place that the psychedelics take me to, it's just going to take 30 or 40 years of practice to achieve the sort of awakening available through the use of psychedelics. Moreover, I have found that the use of psychedelics and the practice of kriya complement each other in different ways. So as the title says, I hope you don't underestimate the value of kriya yoga. I will keep you posted about my progress.