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  1. @Leo Gura I love your book list, but could you please add more books in the money and marketing section, there is a massive disproportion with the spirituality section. Not everybody is at the same level of development, I am in the process of starting a business and I would love to read your book suggestions on the topic.
  2. This video goes well with today's episode of Leo about consciousness
  3. I have already read The six pillars of self esteem and Psycho-Cybernetics, both great books. Any suggestions?
  4. Yes, after listening to him I realized the meaning behind the horrific ending of 1984 by George Orwell. If you know you might become a Nazi, you are free to chose not to become one. On the other hand, if you believe you will never become one, then chances are that you could end up adopting an ideology that is even worst.
  5. In his last book there is a chapter about telling the truth and being honest with oneself. He goes on to say that the cause of most problems of nations and people is tendency to tell lies and believe they are the truth. Which is just another way of saying that the root of all problems is ego. What is the ego if not a lie? That chapter reminded me a lot 'The book of not knowing'. He compares the intellect, the tendency to believe that one is always right, to Satan. Yeah he might not know about non-duality, but his approach is definitely quite 'enlightened'.
  6. If you had a son that was doing heroin, you probably would still love him, but sure you would want to help him stop doing it. I know that everything is perfect as it is, but I still want to improve things. This is the paradox of self improvement: should you accept or improve yourself? You can do both! Have you ever thought about ranting from the perspective of Truth? Jesus didn't stop ranting just because he got enlightened.
  7. Why would he have to? You always seem to make the assumption that enlightened people must cease to take action in the world.
  8. Where has he mentioned that video?
  9. How do you manage to make a 2 hour long video without cuts?! I have a small YouTube channel myself and I find it nearly impossible to shoot 10 minutes without cuts. I can shoot longer videos, but only if I free associate. Instead, you have no problem talking on a specific topic for hours, while maintaining your speech structured in a clear and logical way. I can't do that even if I have notes in front of me I thought you could be reading a script, but am pretty sure you are not, since you sound natural and relaxed. My best bet is you just practice A LOT. How long it took you to become so good and how many hours do you usually spend shooting an episode, before getting it the way you want? I would like to have an idea of how much time I should be practicing, thanks in advance!
  10. There is a great book written on this same topic: so good they can't ignore you. The main idea is that passion is a side effect of becoming a master in your field. People that have a fulfilling career, in the beginning, had to go through the same doubts and painful experiences as everybody else.
  11. In the recent blog post that you wrote, you said that you are reconsidering how the law of attraction works; what is your current take on it? What do you think about what Jed Mckenna would call co-creation?
  12. Hey guys, is there any difference in potency between the two? Do they have the same effects?
  13. Yes, of course, quite a lot, especially after reading The Book of Not Knowing I started doubting that reality is real, which is a funny feeling to have. Before I used to take for granted that the universe was real, but then I realized that thinking the world to be real is just a belief and nothing more. If you were to ask me right now: is the world real, or who are you? I would honestly don't know what to reply, everything I can think of is just something I believe and not something I know. Everything is second hand experience. Sometimes, for a split second, I feel like am close to discover what is Truth, but then that feeling just sleeps away, and is quite frustrating...
  14. Or else, how can you know when something is absolutely true? In the movie The Matrix Neo gets out of the fake world, but once he enters the "real" world, he just takes that for granted. How can he be so sure that the "real" world is absolutely real, and not another computer simulation?