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  1. You should look into hosting your audio files on amazon S3, at least your new ones. I have no idea how much data you use, but it's not that expensive or difficult to set up.
  2. Hey guys, I have recently started publishing videos on YouTube in English. I have recorded a video in which I share some of the most important insights I got from the use of 5-meo-malt and I speak about solipsism as well, here's the link: If you have any questions about the content of the video, I will do my best to reply. English is not my first language, it's kind of hard to get into a state of flow while not speaking your native language, but I am working on it and I know I might have made some grammar mistakes P.S. I've asked Leo permission to post this content.
  3. Actually it's the opposite. Direct experience tells you that you've never met anything outside your own field of Consciousness, it's just through layer of beliefs that the duality between self and other can be protected. Most people don't realize that solipsism is strictly connected with the realization of the holographic and fractal nature of Consciousness, Infinity is present at any point in space. You are like a cell inside an infinite body, God gives you the opportunity to chose to be completely united with the totality of the body or to explore the infinite body of God. But from the absolute standpoint nothing is ever happening precisely because there is no second entity, just the illusion of one. The ultimate mindfuck is the realization that your body is actually the infinite body of God, because there are no differences between infinities, a part contains the totality of the whole, so all that you had been searching for was yourself all along.
  4. I've been researching about dhyanalinga, from what I understand is an energy form, with all the the chakras working at maximum capacity, and if you meditate in its proximity you can reap incredible benefits in your spiritual journey. It would be like meditating in front of Shiva or someone completely awakened. Anyone here has visited the ashram and tried to meditate in front of the dhyanalinga? I'm especially curious to hear feedback from experienced practitioner of Kriya Yoga. In the future I'm planning to visit the ashram.
  5. Winning the world cup might be good, but not as much as realizing you are Infinity
  6. This is probably the best psychedelic meme ever created.
  7. He doesn't seem to be a solid green and is miles away from tier 2. His whole channel is about milking people that are prone to conspiracy theories and polarization for personal gains. He lacks ethics, someone with ethic would never use titles such as these for his own videos: This Will Destroy Us They Created “75% of All Chronic Disease” The REAL Reason Why Elites Want Power Billionaire Secret Bunkers Exposed! You've Been Lied To This Is What They Want You To Think These are just a sample, his whole channel has misleading and polarizing titles. His marketing strategy is pretty disgusting.
  8. This. He's grown up in a blue Christian/conservative type of family, his upbringing still has a lot of influence on him.
  9. Yes, exactly. I still follow him now and then, but he's lost a lot of credibility. Especially on his stories on Instagram, he basically shares just conspiracy theories type of content. His lowest point so far is talking about chemtrails.
  10. The sound that guy makes while lying on the ground is the same noise that newbies make, when first trying 5-meo and resisting ego death
  11. In Europe it's highly unlikely that normal people go around with a gun, that's why. In the States the opposite is the case, an american cop working in Europe would probably feel like he was on holiday.
  12. The first time you try it, make sure to have at least one day off from work. The best scenario would be to do it on Friday night and then have the whole weekend to contemplate and integrate your trip. On Monday you're going to be fine to go back to work, if you start with the right dose.
  13. Warning: spoilers about the ending of the Netflix show Midnight Mass and about what happens after death I didn't like the show very much, but this monologue is on point, so I say go ahead and watch it. This monologue from Midnight Mass describes what happens after death and is quite accurate. (I've died many times with the use of psychedelic substances) The monologue is still under the spell of materialism, you aren't energy. You are Consciousness.
  14. The best way to avoid a negative trip is to always start from a low dose, you might already know this, but don't get cocky with LSD. Start low and everything will be fine. With some substances, especially mushrooms, eating food with high sugar content help me to stop the trip, even more if I am already on the come down. Get yourself some dehydrated mangoes or your favourite fruit.