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  1. I would argue it has worked. He got rid of his addictions, lost his self-destructive behaviour and started to live on purpose again.
  2. I can't even fathom what 10 grams would do to me, no wonder your trip was that long. I always set clear intentions before I trip, in this one my intentions were to understand what healing is. I think that if you set the intention to do energy work, that's what your going to get from the trip. I did LSD three times but is too taxing to my body, I prefer mushrooms.
  3. I did one gram of dehydrated mushroom. I am really sensitive to psychedelics, one gram for me is enough to enter a non-dual state. Every one has a different brain chemistry. Yes, for me a mushroom trip lasts about 4 hours. The breakthrough usually happens at the third hour mark. The first two hours are preparatory for the break through and it usually consists of me facing my own fears, then "I" enter the "kingdom of God". In the last hour, when it starts to wear off, I am able to make sense of the experience and collect insights. Of course, for the rest of the day I am in an "afterglow" state.
  4. What follows is a list of the most important insights that I have gathered from my last mushroom trip. 1. Healing means healing the idea of separation. The idea of separation is what gives birth to every fear that a human being can possibly experience. 2. Physical and mental problems are caused by fear, which creates an energy block, tenses up the body/mind and gives birth to the particular illness. 2. To heal yourself both physically and mentally you need to learn to love the thing that you hate, become one with it. Through the power of love anything can be done. That's how a mystic is able to perform a miracle. It's just a matter of how much you are able to love. 3. Learn to make love with your problems (become one with them) and they will cease to be problems. While tripping, when you make love with the "negative" the "negative" will dissolve into oneness and you will experience a cosmic orgasm. In every day life, if you love your struggles they will cease to be perceived as struggles, or disappear altogether. That's the whole idea of manifestation and the law of attraction. 4. The only thing that dies at the moment of "death" is the idea of separation, the idea of "you". 5. "You" don't really want to become enlightened, because that would mean "you" as a separate entity will cease to exist. 6. To experience love, stop telling yourself that love is not present. Give up all your imagined stories that create a boundary between you and love/reality. 7. All the struggles that you experience in life are caused by your inability to love. 8. All fears are imaginary. You construct fear so that you will be able to keep existing as the ego. There is fundamentally nothing to be scared of. When you trip, the hardest fear to give up is the fear of death. If you don't give it up, you are going to be in for a rough ride. 9. In my experience, mushrooms are amazing to do energy work. When I was tripping I only had to focus on a particular energy block that I was feeling in my body, love it, breath into it, and feel the energy start to flow again. 10. I became aware of how tensed up and fearful I am in every day life. Even in the way that I breath, walk or stand up there is fear. Fear manifest itself in your body/mind in different ways. After the trip, you have to consciously work on the ways that fear manifest itself in you, to change permanently. Psychedelics are just incredible. This trip felt like 10 years of spiritual/personal growth condensed in 4 hours. I hope this is food for thought.
  5. With all that is going on in the world right now, always more people are starting to believe in conspiracy theories. Just have a look at the comments that people are leaving on the Facebook page of Bill Gates, scary and hilarious at the same time. I have been trying to understand the psychological motivation that leads people to believe in some far fetched story. I think the main reason is ego. All these theories create more separation between self and other, and therefore give a false sense of importance and identity. I think it would be a great topic for a video @Leo Gura Please don't share any conspiracy theory on this post, or it might get locked. I wanted to create this post to start a conversation to try to understand why people believe in conspiracy theories.
  6. @Leo Gura What are your speculations about what happens after that? I guess that by ONENESS you mean being one with the infinite "body" of God, becoming one with the infinite ocean of consciousness, instead of dreaming of being one drop inside the ocean. By the way, while you were describing telepathy, downloading knowledge and Mahasamadhi, it came to my mind the movie "Lucy".
  7. This guy analyses, in detail, Bob Lazar's body language on the Joe Rogan interview he did a while back, for over an hour. I found it well done and interesting. After watching it, I am sure he's telling the truth.
  8. He's a smart guy. I just don't understand how he can't smell his own shit. In my opinion, he's judging "slut" girls because he's been married with the same woman since he was very young. He has never experienced sexual promiscuity, and deep down that's what he wants. It's the same story of the experiment that has been done with homophobic people getting aroused watching gay porn. Classic example of projection.
  9. One of the best strange loop videos I have found so far, hope you guys enjoy. This video sums up one of my LSD trips, that lasted 8 hours, in less than 3 minutes.
  10. How do you know that this exact moment that you are experiencing right now is not what it feels to be dead? There are a lot of assumptions implied in your question.
  11. I don't know what techniques you are using, but for me this was helpful: Instead of meditating all the times on the third eye chakra, try to alternate with the lower chakras too. Pay particular attention to the root chakra, that's where the Kundalini is resting. I have been focusing on the root chakra for a couple of weeks, and now when I meditate on my higher chakras I can clearly feel the energy moving up the spine. I am starting to feel the energy moving even when I am not meditating and just going on about my day.
  12. @GrowthPilgrim I get your point, thanks for the tip. I already did an in depth google search and it didn't help.
  13. In this strange time, I would like to take a break from the news and social media and focus on the good aspects of life. I am looking for books, documentaries, videos, or any other resource, to help me realize how good, marvelous and special life is. Thank you.
  14. Being and not-being is obviously a duality. The most important epiphany that I had on my first insane LSD trip is that "I am" and therefore cannot not be. After this realization I became every "pixel" on my visual field, I became the whole of the present moment. I realized that life and death are just concepts and that everyday life is what it feels like to be "dead". That I, as Reality, exist is a fact, in other words, that Truth/God exists is a fact, but it sounds logically wrong because it is a duality. Does God consciousness transcends all dualities, even being and not-being? This question reminds me of the zen story in which monks were asked to express the Truth and the monk that won the contest just remained silent. I would appreciate your take on this @Leo Gura
  15. Your question implies that there is an opposite to life, but life has no opposite. The bedrock is beingness, beingness can't do anything else but be. God cannot become not God, there is only life. That which is cannot become nonisness. Everything that you perceive is beingness, you are beingness and since beingness is all that there is, you are actually inside yourself. You are always perceiving just another part of beingness, of you. When you will realize it, you will understand that God/Beingness was right in front of you the whole time you were searching for it. The reason it's so hard to realize it is that you are what you are searching for, the ultimate strange loop. Perceiver, perception and the process of perception are ONE.