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  1. In your opinion, which are his most profound insights/teachings?
  2. Hey folks, I'm on the hunt for a decent web hosting company and would love to hear your suggestions. I can't really trust influencers or blogs since they often have affiliate deals going on and are biased towards certain hosts. In the past, I used GoDaddy for another project and they were absolute garbage. Their customer service was awful, and my site was down too often. My research so far has brought me to Hostinger. Have any of you used them before? Or do you have a different host that you'd recommend? Here's what I'm looking for in a web host: Solid uptime (unlike GoDaddy, where my site was constantly down) Fast page load speeds Helpful customer support that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out SSL certificate included in the package Easy WordPress installation since I'm not exactly a tech wizard Hit me up with your suggestions and experiences! I really need to find a reliable host that won't give me headaches every other week. Would appreciate your feedback as well @Leo Gura Thanks in advance!
  3. This is a course that I was looking into doing myself, but then I changed my goals and future plans. It seems to be extremely good and it’s from Brian Johnson, a guarantee of great products (he was the first YouTuber to do self improvement book reviews 14 years ago) If you end up joining, let us know how it is.
  4. I feel exactly the same, his writing style is unnecessary convoluted. In order to fully understand what he means I have to spend hours on a chapter and be fully focused. On the other hand, there are some chapters that are amazing, for instance the chapter on Plotinus in “The religion of tomorrow”. The only exception I’ve found is his book “No boundary”, it was extremely easy to read. The irony is that I heard Ken saying in one of his interviews that when he was young he spent weeks transcribing Alan Watts’s books in order to absorb Alan’s clear writing style. I guess that didn’t work out, lol
  5. @Rahul yadav Thanks for sharing the blog post. My routine is: 50 talabya; 10 minutes of frenulum stretching; 5 minutes of milking the tongue; I put my tongue as far as I can multiple times throughout the day for as long as I can. Maybe I haven't been as consistent as I could have, but throughout the years I have practiced plenty. I can try to do more talabya, but I doubt it will help...
  6. I have been trying to reach kechari mudra for years without success and with only small improvements. I did plenty of different practices but nothing seems to work. I can barely touch the uvula, forget about going behind it. The only thing that is stopping me from starting to nip the frenum is that I know that Lahiri Mahasaya was strongly against this procedure. At the same time, I can intuit how much kechari mudra will deepen my practice. Apart from the risk of infection, that was higher when Lahiri Mahasaya was teaching, anyone here is aware of any serious spiritual reason for Lahiri Mahasaya's suggestion to not cut the frenum?
  7. I am pretty sure they are here to shoot intergalactic documentaries or some sort of reality show, they are watching us back home and laughing at us.
  8. Any news on when you will be able to release it?
  9. Hey @Leo Gura are you going to address the questions that you have received in this thread or are you going to explain everything in your course? I still haven't read a concise explanation of why you claim to be the only one awake and I haven't read a definition of what you mean by "awake", in the way that you are using it lately.
  10. I have realized that I need to take care of other areas of my life before I start creating spiritual content.
  11. I am going to leave some deep thought questions and considerations about the topic of Alien Consciousness and this thread, @Leo Gura feel free to answer or use the following as material for your future course. If there is only Consciousness, why call it "Alien"? The concept of "Alien" is based on the difference between self and other, but as you very well know all is Self. You have to explain in detail what you mean by "Awakening" because your definition is constantly changing and is confusing people. If you take "Awakening" to mean dissolution into formless consciousness, you aren't Awake either, because you are here reading this post. Give us a clear and concise definition of what you mean by the term "Awakening". Your bar for "Awakening" is getting insanely high. In my vocabulary, awakening means the direct and constant realization that I Am the medium which creates any possible kind of reality: Consciousness. Everything is Me, everything is myself, everything is my Mind. When you say "Nobody on this forum is awake", you are undervaluing your own work and your own impact. There are people on this forum who have been as far as you went and I am one of them (leaving outside this Alien Consciousness business). It seems that you are falling in the trap of believing that there is someone to save from unconsciousness. Each one of us is choosing to dream the dream of being a human, and again, you know that. There is no-one to save and, in the absolute sense, your work is completely useless because you are teaching to yourself. In the absolute sense, the role of "spiritual teacher" is completely useless. From my POV I am the only one that can awaken and from your POV you are the only one, why constantly affirming that "nobody is awake"? Of course nobody is awake but you from your POV, because you are everyone. You have to accept that the majority of people will never go as far as you went and that other classic teachers are offering a valuable service to "normal people". Can you clarify why one week you state that you and Peter Ralston are the only ones awake and the next week you change your mind? What makes you consider Ralston awake, if you consider him so? Have you been talking with him?
  12. Hey guys, I have recently started publishing videos on YouTube in English. I have recorded a video in which I share some of the most important insights I got from the use of 5-meo-malt and I speak about solipsism as well, here's the link: If you have any questions about the content of the video, I will do my best to reply. English is not my first language, it's kind of hard to get into a state of flow while not speaking your native language, but I am working on it and I know I might have made some grammar mistakes P.S. I've asked Leo permission to post this content.
  13. Actually it's the opposite. Direct experience tells you that you've never met anything outside your own field of Consciousness, it's just through layer of beliefs that the duality between self and other can be protected. Most people don't realize that solipsism is strictly connected with the realization of the holographic and fractal nature of Consciousness, Infinity is present at any point in space. You are like a cell inside an infinite body, God gives you the opportunity to chose to be completely united with the totality of the body or to explore the infinite body of God. But from the absolute standpoint nothing is ever happening precisely because there is no second entity, just the illusion of one. The ultimate mindfuck is the realization that your body is actually the infinite body of God, because there are no differences between infinities, a part contains the totality of the whole, so all that you had been searching for was yourself all along.