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  1. @Leo Gura I agree with that and thanks for clarifying. Those relative judgment calls are sadly heavily influenced by the coloring of the media. They know how to influence and tweak their audience... providing them with narrations and pictures of reality that may be incredibly disingenuous, yet that have serious consequences. The lady of this story got a taste of consequences, resulting from such a narration. I doubt that the picture that people have about her will change at all, too - regardless of whether she is really racist or not.
  2. I don't have the whole context of the conversation, so I can only provide a partial/incomplete view, but from what I saw... I view it differently. Providing the color of someone's skin is a great descriptor, especially when talking to authorities so that they know who to look for. From what I saw, she didn't provide sufficient evidence that she genuinely has anything against black people at all. Besides that, she was in a state of panic, adrenaline pumping and she acted accordingly - such a state of being recorded on video, mixed with biased media/video-cutting & editing, can easily surrogate a distorted and dishonest view to the viewers of what actually went down. ..... A bit of ranting... This and similar is something that I've seen numerous times in stories covered/created by the media. Especially when it comes to skin color; people get easily hung up on the racism train, often because the media did/does a good enough job in twisting a story and making it seem as if skin-color (especially in the context of racism) played a big part in it, even when it might not have. They're good at highlighting. People, sadly, tend to get hooked on that. Even the titles that certain media uses, do so often already create a biased/distorted picture of the actual content within the viewer before they watch the video. This is dangerous in my view. The example here: "White woman fired after she calls police on black man who asked her to leash dog" - Those highlighted words are triggers for dozens of people, and many don't "even need" to watch the video after reading the title, because they have already established a believable picture of the story, even when the actual context is inherently different from their distorted picture.
  3. @Mosess @Yog You might want to take in information about Kundalini awakening & the process. I recommend (their blog) as a valuable source of knowledge. ॐ
  4. Hello @Giulio Bevilacqua! I'm undergoing a full-blown Kundalini awakening & will share some of my thoughts. It's important to surrender to Kundalini, but also be aware of pitfalls that might occur during the process. Kundalini brings forth all kinds of deep-seated trauma, issues, blocks, and so on, to be cleared. Yet, if you're ungrounded, and just "acting out", then you might "bite your own tail", if you're not careful. It's good to approach this process organically, not mechanically, since Kundalini can "rip-you-a-new-one" if you try to hold onto your old ways of doing things. She's trying to get "you" into a flow & balancing the energies within you. Letting those Kriyas (automatic movements) unfold and play out is important. She'll help. If you experience urges, such as the want to masturbate, it might actually be in your best interest to masturbate. You're rising your energy if you "keep it in", and this can cause more disruption. Same with foods, kundalini likes to draw one to certain kinds of foods, even when the ego-self doesn't agree with the choices. Fear is so often the culprit, that creates this tension, and kundalini will find ways to free you of those fears; if you dogmatically fight against Kundalini because you hold onto certain ideas of how your life should be and the like, then it can get quite dark. Nevertheless. It's good to have practices, routines, and the like in place, that help your Kundalini to clear and break through blocks. If you feel that you can't do certain things, because it may be too much or for whatever reason, then that's fine. Don't worry too much. Some of those practices include: Grounding: walking barefoot on the soil & interacting with nature, interacting with people, etc. Practicing inner values such as forgiveness, love, gratefulness etc. this grounds your Kundalini energies and is highly recommended, especially if you feel overwhelmed. Do what you love doing: Express yourself through art, music, writing etc. Eat a healthy diet. Practice ways of supporting the energy-flow, such as with Sun-Salutations & the 5-Tibetans. Find times of silence, contemplation & meditation. Do what makes your heart & soul light up. I personally don't do all of that right now, because I feel overwhelmed with the energy, and thus need to tread carefully. If I am drawn to certain things then I might do them, also while trying to be mindful. Worry & attachment leads to feeling disoriented, which is all part of the process. Trust yours. I can recommend people that have been of help to me and many others, on their Kundalini journey. I think links are forbidden on this forum, but check out "KUNDALINI AWAKENING Guidance & Support" on Facebook, and/or google "advaitashram" - they have tons of information, that is worth Gold; they also offer Shaktipat, which supports Kundalini & helps in the clearance of blocks.
  5. Hello @Dunnel , I am a channel(er) & would like to offer/gift you healing & energetic nourishment if you'd like.
  6. @ItsNick What you're describing sounds like Kundalini/Shakti Kriyas (automatic spontaneous movements/happenings). I recommend (if that is the case) that you let it play out; don't try to fight it. The more you do, the more painful & difficult things might get for you. Let Kundalini do her thing through your being; she knows you & the best path(s) for your evolution to undergo because she is You/God. Let go; surrender to Your-Self.
  7. That's just part of it. Memories and mental-emotional patterns arising consciously and/or sub-consciously etc. are one thing, but since the whole system basically gets an upgrade, there will probably be times when that now due to active Kundalini- "system under re-construction/calibration" will not function well anymore for some time (and/or longer periods). One might get more sensitive overall to the point where minuscule things are very bothering, draining and overwhelming. Periods of deep darkness might occur, some refer to it as "the dark night of the soul". The body might feel weak, the mind slow and foggy, rampant thoughts and heavy emotional responses. It might be that good rejuvenation, especially proper sleep is a rare thing. Basically, one might be brought down into pits of despair. I recommend, if you intent to activate the Kundalini, to do more research on this subject from different sources so that you're more prepared for things that might be coming. I don't know, this is a tad tricky to answer IMO. On one hand, this type of Kundalini-Yoga might be dangerous- even an incomplete yogic-system, giving you deep- energetic/mystical experiences which might be pleasant, exciting, maybe even useful. Yet in the long run, I fear it has the potential to backfire and strain/distort the energetic-system of an individual. But, even if it should backfire, maybe new roads will be opened/revealed to you that lead somewhere great due to its backfiring. If Kundalini activation is your main focus, receiving Shaktipat might be another option.
  8. Awakening the Kundalini was an intuitive process, and the process afterward still is. I didn't really have a strict intention to awaken the Kundalini energy, although I used some guided meditations aimed at Kundalini awakening a few times. I used to do concentrative meditation for around 2 years or so and in-between other tools now & then such as breathwork, different guided meditations, psychedelics, contemplation/Self-Inquiry, and so on. Eventually, the awakening occurred. I recall during a half-asleep/awake state, energy making its way through my system. But, even before that, there were some energetic/mystical experiences that had occurred. Others report more vividly- intense Kundalini awakening experiences, this varies again from person to person. After this... Kundalini is keen on purging patterns, traumas, etc.- energies that aren't aligned with samadhi/liberation- the highest good/potential of a being. This means that the ego-structure will burn and a lot of deep-rooted issues, heavy thoughts and hefty emotions (amongst other things) might come to the surface to be transmuted/healed, integrated and let go. This can cause pain on several levels, even physical symptoms such as stinging back-pain that might feel like a pressing- energetic blockage. It can be really hard to concentrate, to function overall since the (nervous)-system gets re-calibrated. Fatigue, mind-fog, racing thoughts and emotions, impulsive/addicting behavior, digestion issues, feverish symptoms, anxiety/depression/insomnia, fear, and so on aren't a seldom thing on such a journey. Old energies must go, and "more divine" energies will be integrated which will result in a deepening of consciousness. A typical "spiritual practice session" would often contain Kriyas (automatic spontaneous movements) to do the work. Certain Kriyas are taught in different Kundalini Yoga classes and in other types of Yoga, but with active Kundalini Kriyas are something that you don't do with conscious effort; Kundalini- Kriyas do you. Kundalini is basically the "Higher-Self" which will lead itself back home. This can take shape in some tough love. Surrendering to what occurs is much advised since Kundalini ultimately is in control. This though can be really tough for many in some way or another. ---- I don't want to paint the picture that Kundalini awakening and/or the process afterward MUST be really tough or even horrifying. For some, it's not harsh. Kundalini is a gift by & from God to God. I just find it important to not just have eyes fixated on the treasure, but also shine light onto the path that leads one to it.
  9. Yes. I speak from personal & direct experience. Kundalini/Shakti is doing her thing "within me" and it can be quite the ride... once she's active there's no going back.
  10. If you're trying to awaken the Kundalini I'd like to point out that the process afterward can get quite challenging for many. It's advisable to do research and look at both sides & the middle of this process when it comes to Kundalini stuff. There are many unpleasantries that can occur when Kundalini/Shakti is doing her thing (often categorized as "Kundalini Syndrome"). Ultimately, it's for your personal growth and samadhi/liberation, but nevertheless it can get hairy. I haven't looked into the video so I can't say much about that, but below is something that I wrote/posted before that might apply here too. ---- Some warn that the most commonly/popular practiced Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan isn't ideal because it is an incomplete yogic system which, besides experiencing "deeper states/energetic stuff", can backfire and cause harm to the practitioner. This isn't to say that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Bhajan isn't useful or beneficial, yet it's said to have its pitfalls & blindspots. When doing energy-work, proper integration & grounding is highly recommended & being mindful of not rigidly forcing & overstimulating the energetic/bodily-system. Apparently, the original practice of Kundalini Yoga is summed up in this picture:
  11. Some warn that the most commonly/popular practiced Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan isn't ideal because it is an incomplete yogic system which, besides experiencing "deeper states/energetic stuff", can backfire and cause harm to the practitioner. This isn't to say that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Bhajan isn't useful or beneficial, yet it's said to have its pitfalls & blindspots. When doing energy-work, proper integration & grounding is highly recommended & being mindful of not rigidly forcing & overstimulating the energetic/bodily-system. Apparently, the original practice of Kundalini Yoga is summed up in this picture:
  12. I agree with what Dumuzzi wrote & would like to highlight this below. If you're trying to forcefully induce a kundalini awakening and/or just generally force things within that realm of "spirituality", this might backfire quite a bit to the point where one might wish to never have had this type of awakening. Being grounded, having a great supportive circle, etc. makes this process easier.
  13. It might be quite beneficial if done properly/correctly. I watched a documentary- type of video about Qi Gong, where there were monks who apparently didn't eat for months and even years. I couldn't find it, or I would've posted it here. They work themselves up to this point (for a long time) and don't jump right into not eating (something which seemingly many do, and fail, unsurprisingly). I don't know about Ray Maor, if it's a video that was posted here, then I haven't watched it. If you're advanced in meditation, yoga or similar, you might even gain the ability to control your physical flesh suit/body to a certain degree. Such as pulse, heartbeat etc.
  14. Breatharianism might be a real thing. I theorize that you need to be at/beyond a specific stage of spiritual development/being able to manipulate prana/energy to your advantage, to such a degree where you can live off of it (at least for quite a while). If "normal" people go and try this, they'll fail and it can have catastrophic consequences.