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  1. @deci belle I would say that the conversations are mostly valid. At times, I don't really display any authentic interest in certain conversations, yet many of those are important, at least for the "me"/individual (survival etc.). This "noticing"/"becoming present" tends to happen quite often throughout the day. I am trying to be more and more mindful throughout life. This (mostly) happens automatically now, but there are still many instances where the mind starts to ramble and I get lost in thought. So, there's still more to gain. @tsuki True, it seems quite effortless at this point for me. Noticing, letting go and bringing the attention back to the task truly seems to be the only thing that would work longterm. Thanks for your input! @QeenB I also at times feel "stuck" in observer-mode, at least with most of the present attention, when talking to others. Here I try to bring the attention back to the conversation, yet it's often only partially successful. I think the key here is just doing what you usually will hear from people that teach meditation, and/or about other spiritual stuff. Notice, let go & put your attention back on whatever it was (in meditation it's often the breath, but in this case the conversation). @Quanty I am still practising this. Acceptance & Complete surrender to reality.
  2. Hey guys. I've been meditating for a while and it has helped me greatly in many ways, but... I can't help but notice that it may increase the chances of me getting "brain-fog". Honestly I am not sure if "brain-fog" would be the right word. Let's use it as in "becoming present", for now. This doesn't sound too bad, right? With "becoming present" I mean going/shifting your awareness from the thinking mind, to simply whatever else is occuring in the present moment. This I find happens often when I am talking to people. I don't really seem to be focused on/following the conversations, but rather I just stop for a moment. I watch my breathing, I notice the different bodily sensations and so on. That's when I sometimes just lose track of what I wanted to say, and even what the conversation was about. On one hand it's nice to "become present" and just noticing without mindly interpretations and judgments. But then when this happens during conversations, it's rather bothersome since I then often lose track of it all. I switch the attention/focus from the conversation, and towards noticing what is, then back onto the conversation, then towards noticing what is... and so on. Thoughts? Any ideas on how to proceed from here?
  3. Nice! I hope your body & mind adjusts quickly. I think it depends on the medication you take, your psyché etc., regarding the ego. It heavily depends on how dependant/addicted your body & mind is. Currently, I'm going without one medication, out of two different anti-depressants. The withdrawal symptoms are sh*t, and it tears a bit on me/costs me quite a bit of energy. The ego here, wants to resist feeling how I currently feel, so I hear it shrieking at times. But, I gotta go through with it. *inhale* - *exhale* For some, going without certain meds can cause heavy unpleasant symptoms to the point where they would rather keep doing them instead of coming down. Some meds make you feel better than "normally" when you're clean, and some minds are a bit addicted to feeling better than without any substance. So, they often add this to their identification, and even create limiting beliefs such as, "I can't do sh*t without meds.", "Life isn't great anyway... why should I keep bothering going without substances that make it more pleasant? I mean... without them it's hell and it's impossible for me to change my beliefs/views about me & reality anyway, so why bother trying?", "Meds make me feel more confident, why should I go without them?". and so on... The ego at times even likes to "brag" about taking meds/making it into a "competition" of sorts. "Oh dude, I am on this and that. You're just on one medication, LOL. I clearly have it harder than you." I mean meds can be great and I would advice certain people to give them a shot, yet one should be vary when the ego absolutely can't see a world without them (especcially when it comes to mental health meds such as anti-depressants).
  4. @moon777light Ah, thanks for the insight @pluto I agree. I've been going down on my medication, now I have to deal with withdrawal symptoms.
  5. @moon777light Hmm, why is that? Many sites recommend melatonin. @InfinitePotential @Colin I never knew of blue light cancelling eyewear till now. I need to dig deeper into this.
  6. Hey lads! My sleep is overall pretty bad (insomnia). I usually wake up multiple times early in the morning, and struggle to get back to sleep. I am physically and mentally tired when I need to be awake, which then again costs me a lot of energy. I've already done quite a few things besides taking supplements for good sleep, although I am on anti-depressants and one usually helps me get tired at night. So, I am currently looking for supplements or similar that might encourage a good night's rest, and thought that some of you might have some ideas regarding this topic.
  7. What do you mean by "blow flow"? Blood-flow?
  8. Hey guys! So, I've been feeling energy-like sensations (at least that's what I would imagine energy to feel like), for some months now especcially around my hands/palms. I think meditation amplified that sensation over the past weeks. It seems to slowly "spread" over to my arms aswell and other body-parts. Has anyone insight on what this could be?
  9. @moon777light Thanks for the heads-up! I got a combination of Vitamin D & K2 luckily. @Maxi Thanks! I need to bookmark that site.
  10. Sorry for the late reply guys... I now (weeks ago) have bought some supplements, and I am looking into the things mentioned here too. Sadly I can't try out everything suggested currently since it would blow my budget, but later on I'll try out some new things. Some great information shared in this thread. You guys are awesome!
  11. Hey guys! I'd like to shop for some supplements soon, and I'd like your advice on this topic. Currently, I have those on my list... *= Important/Must have (If some aren't that important or the opposite, then please tell me. I'd like to have a list for all the ones needed, and those that are not that important.) *Vitamin C - (1000mg 1x daily) *Omega 3 - (1000mg 1x daily) *Vitamin D3 - (5000IU 1x daily) Green Tea Extract - (725mg once every other day) *Magnesium (200mg 2x daily) Multivitamins (Any recommendations here & dosage?) *Probiotics (10 billion CFUs 1x daily) *Vitamin B12 (1000ug 1x daily) What do you think of this? Anything that you recommend me to change here? Should I add something and/or take away a supplement etc.? I don't have much knowledge about this stuff myself, so it would be great if people could give me some advice. Also, yes I watched Leo's video on this topic.
  12. Hey guys. I wanted to share a somewhat crazy real-feeling „dream” (?) that happened to me a month or two ago. Now I don’t really remember the exact times, those are just pointers. This "report" was inspired by Leo's new video. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Before I go to bed (in my case sofa) I make sure to take antidepressants, those usually make me feel somewhat tired – without them I could just stay up all night long, and I meditate to further calm the mind. I did those things that day too. So, it all started by me trying to get some sleep at probably around 00:15. The mind seemed to be quiet to a certain degree, but I felt only a bit sleepy but not really as much as I usually do. I waited to feel more tired, but it just wouldn’t really hit me. I thought that I would just try to get some sleep anyway and laid down on the sofa. Time went by, nothing changed. I then turned on some music that usually does a good job helping me relax/sleep and I gave it another try. Time went by again, nothing really changed. I then thought that a guided sleeping meditation might do some good, so I tried that. Again… nothing really changed. I turned on a different sleeping meditation, you guessed it. Then I tried another one but… nope. It was probably around 06:00 by then, and I still had not gained a few minutes of sleep. I was frustrated at that point. I just switched back to regular relaxing music, and I started focusing on my breath, bodily sensations etc., with half open eyes, while lying there on the couch. This is where it gets crazy. A few minutes flew by, and suddenly I heard two voices. A male and a female voice. Both sounded like adults, maybe around 30-45-ish. They were first talking amongst themselves, but then the male voice talked to me saying things like, “Relax. Everything is fine, get some sleep.” Music was still playing in the background and my eyes were still half open, so confusion and curiosity kicked in. In my mind I went, “Wha… this is crazy, I can hear you guys. Can you actually hear me if I just use thought?” – on this the answer was, “Yes we can hear you." So I asked them questions like… “How is it where you are?” – the answer was, “When it’s night for you, it’s day for us.” The female voice by then also kept talking to me. I asked, “If you think of a place like… California, can you somehow teleport/travel to this destination?” – “Yeah, we can.” This went back and forth for a while. I started to get more relaxed, and those voices told me again things like… “It’s fine. There’s nothing to worry about, get some sleep.” Now, this is where it gets more “crazy”. While they were talking to me, and I to them, it felt as if I got a shoulder massage (a good one too). I just laid there with my eyes opening half-way now and then, and it literally was/felt as if someone was behind me, giving me a massage. Maybe 15 minutes in, I fell asleep. When I woke up I was just in awe. I mean… holy sh*t, everything felt so damn real. That’s really a point where one begins to question what is “real” in the first place. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is something I won’t forget in a long time. It's crazy how your paradigm of reality can just "melt"/overlap with things that you didn't really think were possible.
  13. I currently feel alright. The day after the trip was meh, it seemed that I wasn't able to stay mindful at all during the day. The mind just did its own thing, yet now it seems that I am able to be as mindful again as I was before.
  14. Haha, this pretty much sums it up. Thanks for sharing
  15. Yea, I am guessing it's fighting for its survival.