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  1. It might be quite beneficial if done properly/correctly. I watched a documentary- type of video about Qi Gong, where there were monks who apparently didn't eat for months and even years. I couldn't find it, or I would've posted it here. They work themselves up to this point (for a long time) and don't jump right into not eating (something which seemingly many do, and fail, unsurprisingly). I don't know about Ray Maor, if it's a video that was posted here, then I haven't watched it. If you're advanced in meditation, yoga or similar, you might even gain the ability to control your physical flesh suit/body to a certain degree. Such as pulse, heartbeat etc.
  2. Breatharianism might be a real thing. I theorize that you need to be at/beyond a specific stage of spiritual development/being able to manipulate prana/energy to your advantage, to such a degree where you can live off of it (at least for quite a while). If "normal" people go and try this, they'll fail and it can have catastrophic consequences.
  3. Not sure what your core issue(s) might be, that are causing this. I can only speak from my experience here, maybe it's something that can be of use. When I was in a psychiatric clinic, one day I simply got fever-like symptoms (feeling hot, sweating easily, upset stomach, diarrhea and so on, similar to hyperthyroid symptoms.) I thought that they would go away, but they just calmed down a bit once and then, yet overall bloating and diarrhea, sweating easily was still there, even the urge to vomit most of the day (although this might be because of the aftereffects caused by medication). Now, I'm skipping a few parts here of the story... so... eventually, I got tired of this sh*t, and ate only meat for two weeks (the body had to get used to it, and this process wasn't so pleasant). My stool was fine and the stomach wasn't bloated anymore, my urge to vomit went away (I think, it might've been gone before, can't remember this so well). Then, I introduced other foods again into my diet, such as eggs, salad and brown rice (I react to white rice). A low-fodmap/low-carb diet worked well for me. If I eat sweets, certain fruits (fructose might be a trigger) and even honey, I seem to react negatively. Carbs are not so ideal for me, yet I eat them with some care which seems to work fine (usually). In addition, I take probiotics that do help. Stress, anxiety or similar also trigger my colon issues.
  4. Thank you for sharing this one! It's been a long time since I listened to Glitch Mob... and the visuals are neat as representation (spirtual eye/kutastha).
  5. @Smurfinstein That's one expensive lesson... I agree with what you say. My plan on Monday is to stick to my values, but being careful of what comes out of my mouth, not letting them single me out. Afterall, I wasn't the one who piled up the debt.
  6. Hopefully I won't need to take that route, but this all depends on how the tables turn moving forward. This is quite the lesson for me.
  7. Hey all. I'd like to know if any of you experience getting used by others that know that you embody certain values. Especially when it comes to values like... honesty, integrity and similar. How does one balance those values, while not getting sucked into drama that others cause for you, because they know you're embodying them? ------------ Here's a situation I am in currently for a better connection to it all. I share a flat with a two other people, we all have the same flat-contract. Now... one of the two simply moved out, but is still in the contract (we need his signature and he needs ours to leave the contract, which didn't happen). Rent goes on as usual, flat-debt starts to pile up. The other person then also doesn't pay her rent, is quite manipulative too and told me a bunch of BS throughout the whole ordeal. I talked to the owners, but they also play a role of fake sympathy, and nothing could be done at all (we also got debt warning notices, that had a strange amount on them that should be paid back, when I confronted them via mail, they wouldn't repond + more strange happenings). So, the eviction note came in. The flat has to be empty, and I am doing all the work. The other, still here living flat mate, she's pretty much getting things handed to her, she knows I take ownership, so she doesn't have to. I am afraid to not do stuff (not getting the flat cleared and similar), because I am in this mess too even though I did pay my rent. If stuff stays here, the owners might hire people to get it all cleared out, and I'd be charged for it (too). When it comes to the debt, the owners will try to get the money from whoever person they can (the guy that moved out, he most likely won't have anything to worry about here), they know I am responsible and do a lot of stuff, so I am sure they will single me out to pay for sh*t. On Monday, the flat & keys will be given back. I fear, that they're trying to play me, since again, they know I take responsibility, the others don't. They might try to get information out of me that might really blow my finances and more, getting me to sign stuff or whatever else. One part of me says, to own up for it (since it was my choice to get into this contract to begin with), the other part says that I need to draw a line and look out for myself, even though I made that choice of getting into that contract with the others to begin with. ------------ Where does one draw the line, not getting (ab)used by others that know how to play on that value set that one carries within?
  8. Those encounters usually happen without LSD, usually slightly before sleep or right before waking up fully. Overall I am conscious of my surroundings, but part of me is in a state of transition/trance-ish state. On LSD there are fewer clairaudience experiences, maybe just slight sounds or noises but nothing remotely accurate and coherent than that what I've experienced without. But, the last time I took this substance, I also heard church-like bells while doing Kriya-Yoga/Wim-Hof for the first time. First, I thought someone had put music on (I was outside under a tree wearing earplugs, but after listening more carefully, I realized that those sounds came from within). I read, that the chakras also have their own set of general auditory sounds that one can listen to. I think the chakra that I heard was the Anahata/Heart chakra. I'll share more when things get more clear, and when I remember them more. The memory after such experience often quickly fades, that's why many channels write it down when it comes or record it using their voice. What I remember (some things might not be 100% accurate), is that I asked her what/who she was. She told me that I could refer to her/them as angels, creators, or something with the word... "spirit", maybe spirit-guides or so. She told me that they had a gift for me... and soon after this I became more lucid, monkey-mind chimed in (mine likes to try to break the connection when it realizes what's happening, by nasty using unwanted thought and visualisations) and sadly the contact faded. I've got more questions now^^ I am seriously grateful for those experiences, for the contact, love and support that I am getting from their side. Oh, and I've had similar experiences before which I shared here: I hope to share more, when I get better at it
  9. Psychic abilities are starting to blossom, and I am still learning/in the beginning stages, but overall making progress. I seem to be able to channel energy, healing and wisdom (healing/channeling and sensing energies is the most common/clear thing that I currently perceive). I usually talk to spirit guides, angelic beings, higher-self and other beings that hold good intentions. I don't really expect clear answers (yet) and often I feel a bit confused if I am interpreting things right, but more synchronicities are occuring and just today I had a short but good session/experience of clairaudience with an angelic being(s). She spoke to me, quite clearly, but memory retention is often quite limited when coming out of such a state where it usually happens. Those encounters are still rare, but I reckon they will occur more often in the future There was a time where I thought that things like this were New Age BS, and I am glad that I tested it out for myself, proving to me that there is indeed more to reality than what I had imagined.
  10. LSD has been most useful to me. There was a time where I did higher dosages for a while, but I've had more success with dosages ranging from 50ug - 200ug (although, the higher dosages also had some benefits that lower dosages didn't provide much of). I like to use it in combination with "spiritual" practices, and it seems that 50ug - 100ug works best for those purposes (closed-eye visuals and other stuff can be a bit distracting at times when taking higher dosages). One-ness was realized during an LSD trip combined with meditation, self-inquiry/contemplation. Now, I also use it for energy and channeling work.
  11. I am not sure if I understand your question properly, so correct me if something's misinterpreted. Altered states include trance states. Your methods might be good, if you feel/sense as if you're making progress. But also, sometimes it can feel as if not much progress is being made, here it might be good to keep trying for a while longer. Are you trying to achieve anything specific? I've been meditating (mainly concentrative meditation) for two years or so, and it has slowly brought me into deeper layers of reality. Now, I find a mix between Kriya, Wim Hof, gratitude & love, reaching out to guides, angelic, "higher beings" works well for me.
  12. Somewhat, vedic astrology reflects quite a bit about the stuff that's happening in my life and how my personality is wired.