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  1. I agree with what Dumuzzi wrote & would like to highlight this below. If you're trying to forcefully induce a kundalini awakening and/or just generally force things within that realm of "spirituality", this might backfire quite a bit to the point where one might wish to never have had this type of awakening. Being grounded, having a great supportive circle, etc. makes this process easier.
  2. I'm typed INFJ Enneagram results usually also provide an interesting touch.
  3. Things have gotten better since I tend to listen more to the divine. This is still often a trial and error kind of thing, figuring out what exactly my intuition/the guidance is trying to tell me. I'm still experiencing difficulty because I purge & integrate a lot currently & things are moving fast. Currently one of my "goals" is to find an ideal balance in life, within "me" and "outside". Balancing the different energetic bodies, needs, wants & so on. I often tend to focus on a couple of particular things (usually things in relation to "spiritual practice") which after some time can cause an imbalance since I am neglecting focus into other areas, and mother Shakti lets me know... and that's also where the trial and error thing arises frequently as of now. So, I am still learning to really "flow with it". It's a wild ride.
  4. Depending on your healing mechanism and tools, I'd say that you can affect the mind permanently since this usually brings about a change of consciousness when doing proper healing work. For example, I can release trauma, emotions, and thoughts that are stuck in the body & mind complex. The more I "free up space", the more I feel inclined to go onto a more positive route. There are energies that support this change and there are energies that directly support anything related to enlightenment and "higher states of being". Healing requires time and persistence too from my own experience. So one healing session usually isn't enough to "fix" a person and the person might relapse over time. I find it best to learn how to heal for oneself, since paying for healing services can be costly, and as I've stated; people usually have to work at it over time so that they don't relapse. "Raising ones consciousness" is directly connected to a change in how one perceives oneself, and this change can be done through energy-healing methods. The "higher" one gets in the realms of consciousness, the more efficient healing seems to be and the more receptive the person is who would like healing, the better. Reiki, for example, is not merely a tool for healing but also rather for enlightenment. I can't say that I've healed myself "permanently" yet (I am working on it), but I was multiple times in a mental facility over the years, severe depression & suicidal ideation, and even an attempted suicide included. Kundalini also started to make her presence known and I did resist a lot, thus the symptoms got much darker at times... wanting to die, cursing God and life, every second was torture. Now, things have changed quite a bit, thanks to energy-work & the help of Kundalini (which also is energy). Consciousness is elevated, prana/Shakti is flowing through my being, a lot of baggage released, and there's still more to go that I am working on. The more things get released and healed, the deeper I am seated within "higher-consciousness" and look with gratitude onto my earthly existence.
  5. This is still a flawed way to look at "energy-healing". You literally CAN heal the mind, the mental & physical body, and pretty much anything else using "energy-work" depending on certain factors. It DOES address the root(s) of the problem if used properly. Thoughts are energy, emotions are energy, patterns are energy. Those and more can be addressed, "cleansed", healed through proper energy-work. I am talking out of my own experience, as someone who works with energy to heal "my mind", the subconscious & conscious, the body & more.
  6. @Dumuzzi Energy work literally can go & work at the root of the problems within the mind depending on what you do.
  7. @AwakenedSoul444 There are attunements out there that don't seem to require that you "do reiki". Moreso you activate them with intention/talking to your Higher-Self and its running without you needing to pay much conscious effort into it. Flush attunements, for example, might "require" you to just be in a more relaxed position for it to do the work properly. Here's a flush attunement that my Higher-Self recommended to me a while back (Spam link removed by moderator) I didn't expect much to happen, but whenever it's active I automatically start breathing heavily, releasing energy that doesn't serve me. It has helped me personally, and there are a lot of other attunements similar to this one out there. The price of attunements also tends to differ from site to site. I recommend specifically looking into the healing stuff if you decide to go that route of using attunements since grounding etc. is quite important. Learning about energy-protection/cleansing will also be of benefit. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well!
  8. Have you tried my suggestion w. automatic kriyas (if you indeed have Kundalini going on and experience spontaneous kriyas)? You could take a look into Reiki & energetic healing attunements. There are also videos on YouTube with Reiki transmissions that might help. A personalized session by/with someone who is good in "healing" might also do good. On Fiverr for example, there are people that you can find that might resonate. Besides that, I think it can also be useful to reach out to other sources such as professional health workers, communities, etc. for a more holistic approach.
  9. @AwakenedSoul444 I've read here that you've had a "kundalini awakening". Kundalini is basically your Higher-Self. If you've been experiencing kriyas, and even if you don't, I suggest you talk & ask your Kundalini/Higher-Self about this (be somewhat direct in your questions that you have. I experience Kriyas and am able to communicate with my Higher-Self and receive answers. We (my Higher-Self & "I") occasionally use my head (yes or no motion) to communicate. I ask a yes or no question and ask my Higher-Self to give me an answer by using my head. This or similar even if it's not directly expressed through Kriyas, might give you some insight.
  10. It might be quite beneficial if done properly/correctly. I watched a documentary- type of video about Qi Gong, where there were monks who apparently didn't eat for months and even years. I couldn't find it, or I would've posted it here. They work themselves up to this point (for a long time) and don't jump right into not eating (something which seemingly many do, and fail, unsurprisingly). I don't know about Ray Maor, if it's a video that was posted here, then I haven't watched it. If you're advanced in meditation, yoga or similar, you might even gain the ability to control your physical flesh suit/body to a certain degree. Such as pulse, heartbeat etc.
  11. Breatharianism might be a real thing. I theorize that you need to be at/beyond a specific stage of spiritual development/being able to manipulate prana/energy to your advantage, to such a degree where you can live off of it (at least for quite a while). If "normal" people go and try this, they'll fail and it can have catastrophic consequences.
  12. Not sure what your core issue(s) might be, that are causing this. I can only speak from my experience here, maybe it's something that can be of use. When I was in a psychiatric clinic, one day I simply got fever-like symptoms (feeling hot, sweating easily, upset stomach, diarrhea and so on, similar to hyperthyroid symptoms.) I thought that they would go away, but they just calmed down a bit once and then, yet overall bloating and diarrhea, sweating easily was still there, even the urge to vomit most of the day (although this might be because of the aftereffects caused by medication). Now, I'm skipping a few parts here of the story... so... eventually, I got tired of this sh*t, and ate only meat for two weeks (the body had to get used to it, and this process wasn't so pleasant). My stool was fine and the stomach wasn't bloated anymore, my urge to vomit went away (I think, it might've been gone before, can't remember this so well). Then, I introduced other foods again into my diet, such as eggs, salad and brown rice (I react to white rice). A low-fodmap/low-carb diet worked well for me. If I eat sweets, certain fruits (fructose might be a trigger) and even honey, I seem to react negatively. Carbs are not so ideal for me, yet I eat them with some care which seems to work fine (usually). In addition, I take probiotics that do help. Stress, anxiety or similar also trigger my colon issues.
  13. Thank you for sharing this one! It's been a long time since I listened to Glitch Mob... and the visuals are neat as representation (spirtual eye/kutastha).