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  1. @OnceMore you are very young, with a long life ahead of you. This 4 year period is just a small setback, a warning to change direction. If you listen carefully to your heart, you'll change direction and do well in life. Love and hugs.
  2. Creepy is better than evil.
  3. Yes, José is neither here nor there. He is everywhere, but nowhere.
  4. @Nahm are you trolling? Considering a mentally unstable person just got banned from the forum, suggesting repeated use of drugs to a young audience is irresponsible.
  5. This thread belongs in the "Serious Emotional Problems" section. To all who supported this poor guy's delusions with posts and following, shame on you. You made a mentally ill person's life worse.
  6. @Prabhaker You are the one who claims to be an Indian man living in India. The burden of proof is on you! Your devotion to a cult which poisoned 751 people in the attack in Oregon led by a sick man, tells me more about you than your real persona or location. I am talking about your blind following and parroting of a sick man (Osho) obsessed with a monster (Hitler), an old fool of a man who admired and mentioned Adolf Hitler 82 times in his "From Death to Deathlessness" ramblings. This is an example: "In fact, Adolf Hitler’s violence with the Jews was far more peaceful, because he killed people in the most up-to-date gas chambers, where you don’t take much time. Thousands of people can be put in a gas chamber, and just a switch is pressed. Within a second you will not know when you were alive and when you died. Within a second, you evaporate. The chimneys of the factory start taking you, the smoke – you can call it the holy smoke – and this seems to be a direct way towards God. The smoke simply goes upwards." - Osho
  7. "male fallopian tubes", are they above the mangina? Dr José and his unique knowledge of human anatomy...
  8. Q: What's the ultimate rejection? A: When you're masturbating and your hand falls asleep. Dad: Hey son, if you keep masturbating your going to go blind. Son: Dad I'm over here. Q: What did the banana say to the vibrator? A: "What are you shaking about, it's me she's going to eat." Q: What do you call a ninety year old man who can still masturbate? A: Miracle Whip.
  9. José admit it, you have lost your mind already.
  10. What if someone needs castrating? I am talking about a big spiritual egotistic who spends all his time parroting the materialistic guru he worships blindly. But on the very few times that he has anything original to post, its all about his hatred for love and marriage and his hatred for women.
  11. No. Real Buddhist monks don't do that. The problem is that any criminal in Asia can (and do) put on an orange robe, and call themselves a monk. An orange robe is a way for psychopaths to escape justice.