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  1. I have read the series, really inspiring. The impact these books had on my life is immense. I have read a lot of books on leo´s booklist but nothing can compare. in fact I am considering burning most of my books. Too much information, need to get back down to basics.... nature. I am now building my "little corner of paradise" on a plot of land with fruit trees, gardens. Somewhere to raise a child with a pure heart and a mind to wander.
  2. Basically, "they" want to prepare us for a "transhumanist" future. Here is an excerpt from an interview of Dr Neruda who had recently quit the ACIO in 1998 - you can replace "Triad of Power" with "Globalists". “The Triad of Power believes their One World concept is the right concept. They want to unify humanity through a money system that they control, utilizing technology as another means to unify. Unity, in their minds, is more like shepherding the human herd into easy-to-manage corrals and monitoring them for any rebellion. Their form of unity is a chimera. It is theater for display purposes, and nothing more. Their form of ‘we’re all in this together, let us protect you’ is simply more illusion and deception. Their plan for human 3.0 remains fused to the same functional implants that constitute human 2.0, and that is separation. “As I said earlier, they are here to prepare for Anu’s return, whether they are conscious of it or not. All aspects of the power system, including major religions, are here to prepare. That is their watchword: prepare. The Anunnaki have one dominant belief in humanity: we are weak because we live in fear and separation. We do not stand up to the drip-drip-drip of indoctrination or the slow, but persistent evaporation of our personal liberties."
  3. I'm sure you have now heard of "The great reset". But this is some next level minority report insanity. Very interesting watch. Take a look.
  4. It has been so long since I last fapped that (used to fap 1-2 times a day), now when I get horny as fuck, I don´t even think about masturbating, something in my mind has clicked. I have so much sexual energy built up because of this that I sometimes find it difficult to release without a steady flow of available females or focusing that vital energy into something useful like my life purpose but that is easier said then done in my case. There was this one day tho, I was so extremely horny that I was like fuck this, So I started studying pick up hard. I just could not take it any longer, this was only about a month ago, still haven't approached yet so I am usually balling my eyes out while driving home. Dropping fapping is easy, at least for me, like it is literally just not touching your dick. What I found is that it is not useful to fill the gaping hole (fapping) with more bullshit like TV, computer games or more addictions but actually trying to go deep and find the root cause whether it be depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear of death or whatever you have, this is key. What I also noticed is that when I go out now I am wearing clothes that are tighter, show more skin, trying to grow my hair out, almost trying to look gay, becoming more of a woman in a sense and it´s continuing to develop into strange territory, I am not gay but I want to like as gay as you can get before people really start to take your gayness seriously. I never dressed like this before nofap. I think I was suppressing something inside of me that was dying to get out.
  5. I can sympathize with you on the stuttering issue, although it is becoming more and more less of an issue the more I delve into this work. Something I fetched over from the folks at the stuttering forum. Maybe it will help. C) STUTTERING 1. An ancestor or ourselves were traumatized. 2. Hemispheric dominance problem arises, thus – in our case – stuttering. 3. Our Mother (or someone important) sees our stutter a problem, ourselves a problem. 4. Thus we learn, that if we can’t speak properly, we lose our Mother. In that time (2-4) our identity is based upon Hers. So if we lose Her, then we lose ourselves. Total annihilation. 5. The fear of total annihilation renews the traumatic experience: it strenghtens the traumatization even more. (For example: a simple barking dog triggered our first trauma, that we could have easily leave behind.) 6. Thus every stuttering situation is a trauma, or in my view: in every case when we suspect that we could stutter, we strenghten our traumatization: our uncontrollable will to control our speak. 7. That will is uncontrollable, because we are that will. A will can’t want not willing itself. At that age, we totally became the-one-who-tries-to-gain-control-over-his-speech. Mother is Me, so I want to defeat that awful stutter that stands between us. 8. Later, Mother is out of the picture, hence the situation becomes: I want to defeat that awful stutter that stands between me and Me (what I identify myself with). 9. That will continues and strenghtens the traumatization, hence the hemispheric dominance problem. 10. Hence stuttering. D) THE CONCLUSION The stutterers are literally insane. E) THE CURE 1. There can’t be a cure, because insane people can’t want their very will to be dismissed. Psychiatrists, speech therapists just strengthens it in long terms, treating just the symptoms of the insanity. 2. Stutterers can’t cure themselves, because wanting to cure themselves (wanting to be fluent) is their very insanity. 3. Do not listen to what a stutterer says, tells about himself. If you’re a stutterer, start to misgive about every little movement, thought, feeling of your insane self. Hope strenghtens your insanity. Self-pity strenghtens your insanity. You can do nothing else but strenghtening your insanity: yourself. 4. If you finally believe that you are insane: you aren’t insane anymore. 5. But dare not believe that you can believe it. It’s a cheat, again. 6. So the only way you can be free, if you finally stop wanting to be free, entirely, for the first time in your life, letting in the ultimate truth. 7 or THE ULTIMATE TRUTH. You can’t be free. You are free.
  6. 29 years.... not even... i mean... tea? milk? juice? please teach me your ways.
  7. I have no done enough research on this yet, but If you have space to grow your own vegetables, especially perennials for continued harvest, I would imagine cost would almost half, I am currently testing this out. Also sometimes farmers markets have cheap organic produce, depends whats in season.
  8. Sometimes I just go to the club by myself with some ear plugs and dance for a couple of hours. Just not one care in the world, I may be shit but I love to dance.
  9. Ever considered sleeping on the floor? It can be a little rough at first, but you will get used to it. I have found that it is far easier to get out of bed in the morning, sometimes I literally kick off the covers when my alarm goes off . I usually watch TV for about 10-15 minutes before bed in spite of boredom, although I might add, It does not effect how I sleep. Sometimes when I go too sleep I think about how this could be the last time I close my eyes forever. It helps to calm me down after a hard days work.