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  1. José, get with the times, no need to shout with this:
  2. @Prabhaker a genuine question: do you go out much, do you have friends?
  3. @Prabhaker is a great comedian an a genius, but we just don't see it.
  4. José, you better polish your sarcastic humor delivery before you lose all your fans.
  5. Bondage using law and police? I think this works better:
  6. José, get ready for some re-education when we meet.
  7. Like flies to honey, this thread has attracted all the forum trolls. It's a great time-saver to find all my about-to-be-ignored trolls in one place.
  8. Miguel, maybe you are stuck with the same old crowd. Find new places and new friends, and give yourself a chance to get past this barrier.
  9. Never mind... there is plenty of porn to make up for that.
  10. You are asking the wrong audience. Most of the guys here have only ever experienced porn.
  11. It's funny how nudity is considered offensive by this forum's prudes, but this low-consciousness language? That's Ok. It must be an American male teenager thing, because I don't see this ugly behavior anywhere else.
  12. It's nothing of importance to you. Try to tell that to the thousands of girls who are abducted each year through human trafficking into the porn "industry", of which you are a willing consumer. Try to tell their heartbroken families that their daughter's lives are of no importance. You only appear to show any emotion when you perceive personal attacks on your sensitive ego. You are driven by egocentricity, the only apparent thing of importance to you. My wish is that you and others like you grow up and find a girlfriend soon, and stop contributing to the suffering this ugly and not-so-innocent pastime causes.
  13. @Evilwave Heddy you are weaving a whole story inside your head. Get some rest. Tomorrow is a bright new day and you'll feel much better then.
  14. Is that supposed to be funny?
  15. So, no need for any more of the reputation points you want so much?