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  1. Thank you for the much needed perspective shift.
  2. I'm a bit confused by what you said.
  3. Hm college I make sure I pass and get my degree but i'm not that intereted in it. So 3/10 Starting a successful company probably 7/10 getting a girlfriend probably 4/10 and making better friends probably 9/10
  4. Hi everyone, I am 19 years old and coming up on 20 in a few months. I am really struggling with my life purpose. I do not know what I really want to do with my life. I started community college and I am finishing up my two year for Network Administration. The only Issue is, I don't know if this is really what I want to do. I struggle to grasp any sense around the topic, and cheat on everything to pass. I tried to start up a t-shirt and hoodie website in hopes of making income, but it is not gaining traction in any way. I struggle with social relationships, I have 2 real friends, but we barely hang out, and neither of them are healthy mentally. I wish I could get a girlfriend but I am not around any girls, I tried tinder with 0 luck even though i'm not ugly or anything. So currently these are my main issues, sorry if it seems like a lot. I appreciate any guidance in any of these domains. Thank you all.
  5. Stuff is definitely real. I took some from Tons of benefits, better sleep, better vision, better psychic abilities, more calm. The only reason I really stopped taking it, is because you really don't know what this stuff is doing to you, and it might not be safe to consume.
  6. I think part of it, was the simple method of the noble eight-fold path. Many of the practices being done in that time involved extreme austerities, and the worship of gods. I think it appealed as a way to realize without doing some of those things.
  7. Nobody is going to mention that Osho was a cult leader?
  8. The facial locks, and such things are common characteristics of the LSD experience. Need not worry about them. Agreed that you should separate yourself from the mundane experiences, such as what is happening to your body, and focus on what really is happening to you. Contemplate anything you might be wondering about, write down anything you find profound. Review any findings you have after the experience, as psychedelics tend to make some things seem more important than they are. Don't worry, you are not schizophrenic.
  9. @Joseph Maynor Yeah, I think they can help with certain energetic issues, but I think reading, and learning is the best way to grow and learn.
  10. @Source_Mystic I can agree to some degree, however I personally think crystals can effect us. Some crystals effect me so strongly that I have a hard time going to sleep after I use them. I've also seen them effect other people, I have used Black Kyanite or Moldavite in public at times, and I have seen some people become confused or disoriented because I have them around me. I think its worth trying the third eye chakra meditations, and attuning to the crystal energies. But if you do not believe me that is ok
  11. Hi everyone, I would like to start an open discussion about crystals. I know many people seem to think they really do not do anything, but I have seen the effects for myself, and they can be very strong. To become more receptive to crystal energies, focus on the third eye chakra in meditation. I have been experimenting with many different crystals. The most profound I have found is Moldavite. I am curious, if anyone else experiments with these, and has been able to use them to achieve altered states of consciousness in meditation. What crystals do you use, or have used, and have created these states?
  12. I don't know how bad your anxiety is, but I have an anxiety disorder, and have used psychedelics in the past. It is not very good if it is something you consistently must deal with, because it will usually end up making it worse, as it did for me. I would stick to meditation, hatha yoga, exercise and diet, until you really think you can handle it fine.
  13. 4/10 There is some decent knowledge in there, but many new age concepts that don't resonate with me.
  14. So I was a somewhat frequent user of cannabis prior to pursuing spiritual growth, however I stopped using cannabis for several months. Yesterday, and the day before I had the sudden urge to try it again. I don't quite know where the urge came from but, I thought why not. I struggle with general anxiety, and social anxiety disorder, and the first time using after prolonged abstinence, I only took about 3 hits and felt very grounded in my body and calm, it was overall a good feeling. However I decided the next day I would try a higher dose, I had racing thoughts, and anxiety but also I had a more philosophical outlook on life, and my intuition seemed greater. I have been meditating for about a year now, and would like to know what the effects of cannabis are on the energetic body, and chakra system. Thank you all.
  15. Greetings all, I found someone on youtube sharing the yoga methods of Paramahansa Yogananda. Normally one has to be initiated to receive these teachings, but here they all are for free