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  1. You can't completely resonate with core concepts If you do not take value assessment and life purpose exercise. my suggestion is just watch these videos simply or watch few which one you seem interesting. don't stuck there. When you take value assessment and lp exercise, then If you watch these videos you will find more meaning and motivation. For now just skip any video you wish. sorry for my poor grammar.
  2. In which email adress will I get access of my purchase? In contact page leo said ‘‘the email was sent to your Paypal email address!’’ But when I log in with my actualized.org account and click on ‘‘Buy now” , it shows ‘‘Your purchase will be accessible via this email: md***@gmail.com.” This email is not associated with paypal. will I be still able to access my purchase via this email? @Leo Gura
  3. Which password? will I find it with my email or his paypal associated email?
  4. Because of PayPal problems in Bangladesh I am Having LP course bought for me by someone. I want some tips from you so that he won’t be able to access LP content. What should I do? How can I be sure that he won’t get LP videos? Help please! Thanks.
  5. I'm from bangladesh. Will I be able to buy LP course with payoneer master card?
  6. Thanks. What is kriya yoga actually? Is it physical movement or make some kind of sound or both ? I am practising Yoga namsaker, nada yoga, yoga for wellbeing, neck practise ect. which are free. Is kriya yoga different from them?
  7. Has anyone taken Inner engeneering course by sadhguru? Is it worthwhile? and is it offer some practical Yoga or meditation session or just a theory?
  8. @Leo Gura I'm from Bangladesh.A 20 years old student.I don't have enough money to buy laptop right now.It has taken lots of struggle to manage money to buy LP course.Can I be able to complete LP course with my Android phone ( 5.1.1 version ) or I have to buy laptop?