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  1. If you eat relatively healthy (you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily) then you wont need a multivitamin. If you're planning to buy a supplement then vitamin D or vitamin b12 are one of the few ones worth considering.
  2. I would be skeptical about these kinds of claims since he doesn't provide any references for the claims he is making. Use google scholar or ncbi to search for scientific articles about any of these things and sci-hub to access those articles if they aren't publicly available.
  3. I wouldn't be buying that if it was me. You should rather be getting the micronutrients (i.e. vitamins, minerals) from your diet than from a supplement. Unless you have big deficiency in a micronutrient then supplements usually aren't worth it. Vitamin b12 and vitamin D seem to be worthwile supplements to take. Supplementary vitamin C intake has actually been shown to have negative effects, and multivitamin intake shown to be pretty much useless. Omega 3's are compicated, they're generally viewed as being wildly beneficial while studies seem to show inconclusive evidence. My suggestion: focus on your diet, no need to buy the crap from companies just trying to get you to waste your money on micronutrients when you get them from your food anyways. The exceptions are vitamin b12 and vitamin D, which I suggest you do some research on. If you want to learn more about nutrition in depth I recommend checking out Greger's website and yt channel, or read his book. https://nutritionfacts.org/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCddn8dUxYdgJz3Qr5mjADtA
  4. It's safe. The rest gets peed out.
  5. Here's a youtube channel you can also check out. About harm reduction, how to test, etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn8V3KNSgDr1Dai77_y8JrQ