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  1. Because you're worth it... hehehehe Anyways, what good would sticking a knife through your arm be? You'd only put yourself in pain for quite a few hours...
  2. There is no harm in contemplating death. Everyone does it...and some people take action on it because they are weak human beings.
  3. He has the black t-shirt in it too and a full head of hair.
  4. Eat less calories...simple really.
  5. Same position two years ago. Now I have a full time job and found living at home is better for saving money than moving out. I don't mind this job I have. I currently have plans to move out when I turn 30 and have enough money to move out for a year and live without living paycheck to paycheck. In that year i hope to find what I really want and really to plan for the future. Hopefully I can really grow and become waaay more independent than I already am. It get's me excited thinking about moving out and it gives me the motivation to grind my ass off for the remaining few years (until I turn 30). I'm also in a verh similar situation with my mother and father. My mother tries to constantly recommend shit to eat when i get home from work and I'm just like "yeah i dont need your help". They only care about you at the end of the day and I'm pretty sure they don't want to get news from the police that they found you hanging in some place. Anyway, I think the first step for you is that job. You need to honestly sit down for hours and get yourself a good job. From the sounds of it that job is a shit show. Leave it immediately and find another. Take a lot of time finding a job you like and you will eventually find one. (My current job isn't the greatest either, but it's something I think i can bear for another few year)
  6. It's because you are thinking about what to talk about. You need to break out of this thought process when in conversation. I found myself a lot like this until i just started to ignore my thought process. Yes, i remained quiet as usual but the thought of "having" to say something dissapeared which made everything easier. I don't think i've improved in anyway in convo but i feel happier not worrying what to talk about.
  7. No dude...this is part of enlightenment. You are almost there, don't give up. This will get worse over the next few weeks but it's best just to ignore it and continue your path to enlightenment. ps. Go see a doctor
  8. @Aeris Yeah, I think "nature" is a wrong word for it.
  9. @hikmatshiraliyev You have some explaining to do then. Good luck
  10. You cucked yourself. She's not gonna contact him again because he told her he doesnt want to meet anymore. No, it means she's undecided about you. It takes time to develop feelings for people. Overall I think you just fucked yourself over on this one. You also called her your "ex"...but you only kissed once and you were never officially bf/gf. You have some insecurities you need to work through my friend.
  11. Keep jerking off, it doesn't cost you anything.
  12. "Heyyyyyyyyy, this is Leo..back from my holiday away from you sluts. I'm a crack addict now. I used all the money from selling the life purpose course to fuel my addictions. What can i say?"
  13. You'll become a soyboy. Nobody likes a soyboy.