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  1. @Arkandeus Yeah, they may be enlightened...for a year even less. Then they get sucked into a world that doesn't exist. (Virtual world) Then advertisements in this virtual world makes them want it in the real world. They are then far from enlightened, and this can be by the age of 2 in some cases.
  2. I came to this conclusion very recently also. But I found that not forcing myself to talk and not being self-conscious about it made me talk more and also easier. There is still times though when I just go silent and people start asking if I'm okay.
  3. "But Leo!!" -Leo Gura
  4. or he's not desperate. Online relationships shouldn't be rushed.
  5. @Shin lmao that's brilliant
  6. Oh..I see. That's cute.
  7. Interesting question right there. Something I'm gonna contemplate about for a while. You'd have to think back when religion became a thing and work from there. Brb
  8. When you are born you don't even know what anything is so I doubt it is given to you on birth. DNA might play some role in what you might want later on, but then again there has been no findings of DNA to make this guy a better mechanic as it's all taught.
  9. You're thinking about this too much...after all it only happened last night so you don't exactly know how he's feeling about you. Confront him about it and ask him if you're just wasting your time with him. There is no point wasting time and getting hurt by someone who just doesn't see you in the same way you see them. If it does turn out that he's not interested then you need to move on and not get caught up about it. The more you get caught up about it the more unnecessary pain you bring upon yourself. Also to remind you..the more you leave this and not ask him what his thoughts are the more you preconceptualize this whole situation and these preconceptions will tear you apart. Best of luck
  10. Eye woodn't rekommend gettng one of them.
  11. Take your time to browse some great books with the help of Frodes reviews. Please leave your reviews of his reviews here too. Damn man the majority of this section is you. Good shit though. Also great way to get your YouTube channel out there. lmao
  12. @Laisa Last three are perfection.
  13. Does anyone wipe the toilet seat with tissue before sitting on it regardless if it's clean or not? I can't trust it until it's been wiped. Another question...do people place toilet roll in the toilet in a way that you won't get back splash?
  14. Useful tip. This always bothered me as I had to hold the space button and line it up.
  15. It was a horrible "pro tip". I knew little. Thanks for correcting me.