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  1. What year did he say that? Were phones mobile then?
  2. Thanks Sister Loreena, May the Lord be with you.
  3. @t3h_L3N1M4L You and me both, my man. @Primeval I'm adding that to my playlist. Love it. @Loreena Thanks Brah @SOUL Couldn't agree more. @pluto Yeah "FLY" is also really powerful. Ah! First time hearing "Nocturnal Rainbows". How did I miss this?! But yeah, rap has gone so bad nowadays. The majority of it is about drugs, money and "bitches". Then the rest is like this... (This still makes me laugh)
  4. Did you forget your inital response to Joses humerous comment earlier in this thread? Let me quote it back to you. So maybe ease up a bit there Laiaiaiai. Try not to forget that we are on a forum and not talking directly to each other, so distinguishing between sarcasm and real talk is difficult.
  5. What's up with the fascination of rabbits btw?
  6. Yes, it's full of nutcases. Don't worry though..you'll get used to it and become a nutcase yourself.
  7. I think I found the song that triggered me to question my existence and find out about enlightenment and spirituality back when it was released. Give it a listen. Here's another of his which kind of woke me up to life.
  8. These dating threads have become a riot recently. They're really dividing us.
  9. Interesting...what does that entail of?
  10. Because you want it. Should I not buy into this excuse or should I go deeper and ask why again? "Why, do you want it?"