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  1. Set your long term goals, then set short term goals that you think will help you advance to your long term goal...you can even set shorter term goals to reach your short term goals. Completing these short term goals gives you that sense of accomplishment which keeps the motivation going for reaching your long term goal.
  2. "Chemtrails" are a joke.
  3. @Leo Gura I was beginning to question actualized.org after watching some documentary on Scientology, but hey, seems your aware of it at least....right?....please don't black mail me with my private intimate conversations! Please master!!
  4. You could die.
  5. Getting back into self-inquiry/mindfulness/self help. I got into it heavily about a year ago and got burnt out and took a break, but now I just need something to spark my curiosity again or some shit. Altough saying that, Leos newest video about Kriya yoga has gotten my interest and I plan on buying the book and implementing the techniques. Perhaps that's the spark I need. Maybe I just need to read more books....who knows.
  6. I found that visiting this website (as much as I used to) wasn't doing me any favours, so I took a break from it.
  7. Sounds to me that you miss your old self and not the old Leo. We all miss parts of ourselves from years ago.
  8. lulz
  9. I wonder if it was a psychadelic induced enlightenment.
  10. Yeah, the ranks are undeeded. At least remove those first..
  11. Ditch him..move out already. If he's not willing to accept any kind of help, then he's a lost cause.
  12. Saying "you look very pretty today" is weird and can come across as stalkerish...especially when you don't know them. You need to get rid of this line ASAP. Even a simple "What's up?" will do because this gives them something to reply with other than an awkward "thanks?".
  13. @Moreira How do you know that laziness and depression were products of your fapping?