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  1. Reality is the mind you made you dont create it only an illusion.. You can find your true thoughts not those that supplant in your mind just cast out fear..
  2. You are loved you are special. Genesis 1 in creation all things made good nothing bad all God created was good. Was loved.. Eternal love.
  3. Trolls are Nephilim perhaps evil entity born to die free to live outside our 3rd dimensional laws.. If giants had existed and dinosaurs how hard would it be to believe in troll. If earth is maybe 6,000 or 8,000 years old. Is sasquatch or bigfoot yeti consider as a troll?
  4. Prioritize.. Tomorrow is not given to you only now. This is your heart/ intuition that leads your path. Only you wrere given choice to choose how your path leads what road.if that roadis wide and full of choice or narrow which leads in one direction of true.
  5. Desire an emotion are of the ego. Only let go do not fear that lonly temptation for lust or that is the lower self. Find in you your higher self you are more with greater purpose and a path only one will walk in.. This is special. Not a fantasy you have been lead to acquire and belive in.
  6. It does hint towards many God's and a wall to keep out or keep in a confusion of existing man fighting over throne. Fighting for who will rule without looking or belief that there is more out side our small box of comfort. Not that the books or t.v. will answer any questions only the signs of our duality in this 3rd dimension.
  7. Life is your dream. Live life. Tomorrow is not given to you. You can do this dream and still follow the path.. You are only a vessel yet it is your vessel so its yours to dream in.. Just make mindfull choices and follow the one path into the light of pur savior.
  8. I find it best to let go.. Let the text read first as an inner child reads first and your reality reads as follow. Understand i say that the child or voice is only to outsmart as the ego fills the mind to believe its smarter than the reader.. Now as we read along you hear the voice now you read in your dialogue of understanding. Out smart the voice. ( inner child). Truth is always in our heart. Those who have eyes to see and the ears to hear... Hmmm sounds familiar Yeshua.
  9. Duality is the matrix of our 3 dimension world.. Our ego is only as big as our desire. If you enter the higher self you pull from that energy and out shine the lower self. The lower self of fight or flight mode and all natural desire leads to the sins of man. Enlightenment is only a comfort word found in absolute solitude. Be aware in highest conscious above and the ego will shrink.
  10. I do not see how we evolve. Seems we were created not as Darwin would explain.. If we were to evolve imagine there would be other evolution of man supior and evolved to the lower evolve. We would walk with cavemen now and evolution would have grown over thousand years enough to see in other animal species as well.. The sun is hot the earth is cold somthing is off in the vibration. Our world is not that old perhaps only 6 to 7 thousand years not millions or billions.
  11. Interesting. Never easy choices choices... Myself i say push 100% forward. I spend more time in study with reading or getting into talk groups i find in my community or online. Why only go half way when our goal if any is to be aware in Christ conscious. I think about being the warrior showing my self as the example of change. I recommend saying go full on if others need help i offer guidance or books to read.
  12. Experienced once. Found repetitive maditation is rather not active. If you find you can breathe exercise use your mental focus to meditate almost multitasking. Ground yourself as you have now move foward find balance. Do you pray or only meditate?
  13. To travel unprotected in our skin. Take only what needs without worry. Find the path of unashamed be forgave to find only knock to open or ask to receive. It seems out of place only we have no 0place.
  14. I find YeHoVaH hard topic in this forum yet ill pass along a few text of the word. ??? most help me along my path no fear. I only see truth Forgivness in our creator our Father.