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  1. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj Thank you, beautiful metaphor! annnd @John Flores yes, I have some unpleasant feeling in the chest, I can even feel that negative energy.
  2. @Martin123 Thanks, that video really helped me, Matt is very charismatic))
  3. @Leo Gura Thanks, I will try some holotropic breathing techniques, but now I start to develop that taste for purification Shinzen Young was talking about. Thanks for your answer!
  4. Thanks a lot for your answers!
  5. After 1 month of a minimum 2 hours a day of S.D.S , I think i'm going crazy. Sometimes I happen to have huge amount of resistance, even in casual situations, I have convulsions, that are so strong that I think I am possessed, more than that my ego is going crazy, popping up and saying "Me"! "Me"! "Can't you see it's meeeee! Meeeeee!" And so on. I also cry a lot and then laugh and then cry again. Can anyone help please and tell me what's happening? Every advice is welcomed, thanks a lot!