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  1. To be honest, I am a real fan of Michael. A complete artist.
  2. @Someone here Big man, are you by any chance Romanian? Asking because INNA is mainly popular in Romania and maybe in Moldova.
  3. The only thing I can hear is "HEEEE-HEEEE”.
  4. @hello1234 Homeboy also predicted that the U.S would catastrophically lose the war in Iraq, that the Ukraine lost 1200+ tanks in the first 10 days (although it had only 900 in operation) at the moment and Bucha being a false flag (despite undeniable evidence that proves the opposite). True expert I would say. P.S He was convicted of unlawful contacts with minors, not once, but TWICE.
  5. This man is a top-notch conspiracy theorist, anti-vaxer and russian propaganda disseminator. Some of his takes (that of course spread the truth, cause NATO bad): - The russian are very quallified they are going to win this war shortly (February 2022) - The russians do not want to harm civilians. Bucha is a false flag. Kramatorsk is a false flag, both perpetuated by the evil Zelensky regime. - There is an american NATO general trapped in Mariupol, a fact that is hidden by the mainstream media. - Spreading tweets about fake CNN articles in which the Ukranians recruted 12 y.o child soldiers. - The world is run by Jeffrey Epstein pedophile type elites. - Left leaning people are mentally depraved. And at this point I am not mentioning a Telegram channel created by his followers. After reading it for 10 minutes I think I need a therapist: Zelensky is a satanist as are the global elites, everyday the brave russian liberators uncover more and more satanic altars in Ukraine, Ukrainians are a nation of satan-worshiping Nazis. no wonder why some people on this forum (who posted wild-ass conspiracy theories about the Jins, the Antichrist and other horseshite believe he is "spreading the truth").
  6. Some of his very balanced, stage yellow - turquoise takes: Zhirinovsky is known for his controversial statements. For example, he said there was a need to open brothels in Russia for young people to distract young Russians from protest activities. Zhirinovsky also said Russia should attack Ukraine without declaring war and slaughter everyone who serves in Ukraine's armed forces.[ Zhirinovsky also called for a nuclear strike against Iceland to intimidate the Western world, and against Istanbul in revenge for 2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown.
  7. Just fresh! So, russia does not have Tochka U? Here's a video from 9th of May 2021 in Russia, of a Tochka U complex, proudly announced and proudly exhibited. Have fun) tochka U 9.05.mp4
  8. Maan, sometimes I really question if you do this on purpose to attract attention. 1. The site of the MOD of the R.F. published a press release saying that it was using Tochka U rockets during a military exercise. 2. There were multiple spotting of Russian Tochka U in Belarus and Ukraine in March and April. Like here: Or here: Pay attention to the 11th second . You can clearly see them transport cases for Tochka U. In case you want to say those are radar vehicles. 3. The vast majority of the pro-russian telegram channels were promoting the news that the russian/"dpr"/"lpr" procedeed with an artillery strike on th train station. 4. Never mind the fact that RIA Novosti published the news of the attack on Kramatorsk, blaming the Ukrainians, before the news even broke out, ffs, even using an app for scheduling future tweeter posts. 5. Just remember MH 17. Man, I really try to understand your perspective, but so far I can only see russian propaganda. Again, you spew propaganda without even researching basic facts.
  9. Wanted just to clarify. One's nationality doesn't mean shit for me. For me,It does not matter where are you from: Burundi, Seychelles or Russia. what does matter though is , calling an entire nation "Nazis", making fun of a country that was a the victim of an agressive invasion, as well as spreading misinformation while the nation you poked fun of is being genocided. My parting gift, was a reminder of what russian "liberating" presence means, given the fact that this person defends it. I recommend you watch both videos. The first is reading of the memoirs of a decorated soviet soldier. Start at 9.00 minute. The second video is a video from Checynea. What happened to a muslin family. Watch it, it is informative.
  10. My parting gift.May the pride for the brave deeds of russian liberators, as mentioned here, follow you everywhere... Russian in Checynea.mp4