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  1. @unknownworld It's tricky about shrooms Psylocybine is prohibited but cultivating shrooms is not. Look at chapter II Substante psihotropice. The last chapter is about the plants prohibited in Moldova. If you need some translation, i am here to help. Plus 2CE is legal.
  2. Hi guys I just want to tell you that If you are from Europe, especially from eastern Europe and you want to try 5MeO or Al-Lad in my country they are legal. I am from Moldova. The goverment published a list of prohibited psychadelic substances, back in 2006 but didn't bother to uptade it... That's why I love my country)) Also here you can grow any plant that contains 5MEo, N-N DMt, MEscaline and even shrooms. Hope this info helps you!
  3. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj Thank you, beautiful metaphor! annnd @John Flores yes, I have some unpleasant feeling in the chest, I can even feel that negative energy.
  4. @Martin123 Thanks, that video really helped me, Matt is very charismatic))
  5. @Leo Gura Thanks, I will try some holotropic breathing techniques, but now I start to develop that taste for purification Shinzen Young was talking about. Thanks for your answer!
  6. Thanks a lot for your answers!
  7. After 1 month of a minimum 2 hours a day of S.D.S , I think i'm going crazy. Sometimes I happen to have huge amount of resistance, even in casual situations, I have convulsions, that are so strong that I think I am possessed, more than that my ego is going crazy, popping up and saying "Me"! "Me"! "Can't you see it's meeeee! Meeeeee!" And so on. I also cry a lot and then laugh and then cry again. Can anyone help please and tell me what's happening? Every advice is welcomed, thanks a lot!