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  1. @LRyan It can actually be pretty good to deal with past trauma. Just dont get stuck there. I dont se any reason why you cant practice meditation ect and get therapy. You did not deserve in any way what has happend to you earlier. Your familiy is 100% responsible for the trauma that they put you through. This is critical. You can forgive them and keep growing, but you sould not tell yourself that you some how was ment to be abused or that you needed it. Recognize peoples capasity for evil (and good), and keep yourself at a healthy distance. Keep talking to you therapist, and do your own research at the same time. Is my take
  2. @Akeberg I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. This is an exercise from CBT, and helped me a lot. I had some of the similar issues in the past. Try this out: Write the things you are planning to do down, with who, and your assumed satisfaction in percentage. Then after the event write down actual satisfaction. Follow this format: Going to eat lunch with friend expectation: 85% Reality:90%?80%? 30%? Going for a walk alone expectation:70% reality: 70% ect Doing homework alone – E:60% R:60 ect Practicing acting /w colleague ? Be well!
  3. @0ne Life can feel more meaningfull than you ever imagine possible.
  4. @0ne@0ne That life has no meaning is the meaning you give life. Recognize that all everything your mind can produce is made up of meaning. You are exhausted because you dont tell yourself the truth. Do you know with absolut certanty that life has no meaning? You FEEL that life has no meaning.... You dont know Speak the truth. Dont flee
  5. Watch from 51.50. Jordan Peterson talks about the importans of truth. Jordan Peterson is a treasure.
  6. If you are looking for your "true self" when you self inquiry, ask yourself "how can the self see it self"?
  7. It's healthy to have a good relative sense of good and evil. If you take on that good and evil don't exist as a consept, you are in for some trouble. But of course it doesnt exist in an absolute sense.
  8. The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness by John Yates This book is new this year and talk exactly about this and other very subtile traps in meditation. And it maps out the meditative evolution great. Probably the best book about meditation ever made. At least that I have come across. Cheers
  9. @Natasha Please source
  10. If you progress, does it matter`? Its not about reaching a certain state
  11. Is Suicide The Fastest Way To Enlightenment? This question demands that you know what enlightenment is. And do you really? I think Suicice would be the ultimate egoic act in many ways.
  12. Ramana said "Kill the mind not the body. The body is innocent."