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  1. I present: Blueberry apple pie heaven - Smoothe Ingredients: 1 big banana 1 apple 1- 2 cups blueberries 1- 2 ts peanut butter some milk to make it liquid (I use 1,2% fat milk) some cinnamon (I use alot) and a tiny bit of salt You can also add some stevia and vanilla if you vant. But Zenrik! what about them greens? I just munch my greens (broccoli or spinach) while i mix the smoothe in the morning.
  2. Enlightenment is just as real as lemons.
  3. @Marks199 You seem like a damn strong guy. Your family is a mess, and you are trying to rais your consciousness with great forces pulling you down. Get at safe distance if possible, and work towards independence. I also recomend writing about you anxiety, get to know the details better, general anxiety is often not so general. Your mother seems alright, no need to abandon her or the rest of your family. Just get at safe distance, and dont expect to be respected. An unsupportive family is tough, and you have the character to speak up. Kudos!
  4. In worst case I use binural beats. Its super easy to become dull and have scatterd attention when listening to music. I would recomend dividing enjoying music and meditation. But hey, im no fun.
  5. @The_spanish_guy Just do what makes you feel good, keep meeting people and work out. Looking in to it just means getting to know your self more intimate. Write about it, talk about it. Also: This is an exercise from CBT, and helped me a lot. I had some of the similar issues in the past. Try this out: Write the things you are planning to do down, with who, and your assumed satisfaction in percentage. Then after the event write down actual satisfaction. Follow this format: Going to eat lunch with friend expectation: 85% Reality:90%?80%? 30%? Going for a walk alone expectation:70% reality: 70% ect going to the gym – E:60% R:60 ect Doing work /w colleague - E: 65% R: ... Hope you get it This may help you manage you expectations and help you se your self worth.
  6. "arbeit macht frei" Actualized edition will acually be pretty presice = "Medtation will sett you free"
  7. @Dodoster Lets shut all other people up and make actualized the supreme state. All must meditate or die
  8. @Snick Who are we to claim truth?
  9. @The_spanish_guy It really sounds like social anxiety... Look in to it brah, you want to show you best side at the gym and make people se you and like you, so you get super self conscious, that makes you produce adrenaline that you dont feel until you are done exercising. I had the exact problem. Sorry for analyzing, i might be terribly wrong. But I encourage you to look in to it.
  10. @Sage_Elias Dont get over your head. Sex once in a while is no biggy, its much easyer to be addicted to porn that real sex. Your energies will only be affected at the later stages if you orgasem to often. Check out this video.
  11. @The_spanish_guy Sounds like you need to some self compassion. Check out some of Matt Kahn's videos. Sounds like social anxiety. People pleasers are often more prone to social anxiety. General anxiety often are more spestific than you think. Try find out what its the cause, its often the more obvious thing. Start writing about what you worry about through the day. The theme of you thoughts become more obious after some weeks of writing, and it gest easyer to se what you can do with it. I would also recomend start making a plan for incremental improvements in your life (Life purpose).
  12. @john5170 Its just life. Stay healthy like the people above points towars, be kind to yourself, and meditate. Check in your progress on a monthly basis.
  13. @beatlemantis The trick is to brute force fore a couple of days, so you see the benefits. Also write down pros and cons for eating healthy/unhealty is a easy thing to do. + each time you eat, tell yourself "this is the most loving thing i can do to my body" regardless what you eat.
  14. I totally agree with this. I often do 34 hr fast. And its really no big deal. I dont prepair, I just dont eat for a whole waking day and only drink water. Just dont go crazy when you eat again, start with something light then wait altleast 1-2 hours and then eat some more. If you dont go carzy with your eating after the fast, you will feel great.