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  1. The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science for Greater Mindfulness by John Yates This book is new this year and talk exactly about this and other very subtile traps in meditation. And it maps out the meditative evolution great. Probably the best book about meditation ever made. At least that I have come across. Cheers
  2. @Natasha Please source
  3. If you progress, does it matter`? Its not about reaching a certain state
  4. Is Suicide The Fastest Way To Enlightenment? This question demands that you know what enlightenment is. And do you really? I think Suicice would be the ultimate egoic act in many ways.
  5. Ramana said "Kill the mind not the body. The body is innocent."
  6. check it out if you got the spare cash. I wonder whats other peoples experience with it. http://non-duality.rupertspira.com/listen/exploring-the-true-experience-of-the-body
  7. @cetus56 been trying to regroup for a while and making progress but I havent been meditating for almost 1 month and still feel like im beeing pushed deeper. The rapid progress startet when i bought i really powerfull yoga meditation, by rupert spira. Wasnt ready for that.
  8. where does he talk about it?
  9. @cetus56 Yes. But im not sure im ready to go deeper.
  10. @cetus56 yes, having rought times lately. @SkyPanther Not really empowering. heh.
  11. I get the whole point of no-self, no desire thing. But I think it would be nice to have things like this somewhat clear when going throught rough times on this path. And why not get the nessesary skills to retain the body. As sadhguru said we need more liberated beings on this planet now.
  12. @SkyPanther hmm, I dont get it.