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  1. It really depends how you define an "Alpha Male". And no, wholeness perspective does not make you into a "pussy". You can be a dominant leader, while having compassion and understanding for others. It's just a role that you are playing, nothing more.
  2. Exactly this. If you have social anxiety and socializing with people in general, you should get that handled first (shadow work), before you go into meditation or anything else. Otherwise you are just using spiritual practice as an escape. If you remember, LEO actually did PUA stuff for sometime, where he went out, socialized with people, approached women, went on dates, etc. His isolation advice should not be taken by people who have social anxiety (and there is a bunch of them on here), and he should make it clear in the future.
  3. If you watched the 2 videos entirely carefully, you would see that what he is saying contradicts LEO. As he says, the longing for it, is not the same as having a goal in your mind to become enlightened. Yes the longing is part of the awakening, but if you have a goal in your mind of becoming enlightened, it is a trap. LEO has a goal in his mind to become enlightened. In the videos with effort and no effort - he says the answer is in the middle. The intensity of which you are present becomes more intense, but that doesn't mean more effort!
  4. Again, you are dismissing this as "simple-minded Neo-Adviata logic", without providing any reasons. Just because 99% of the people are not "enlightened", doesn't make it any less true. As you know already, it is not something that you can understand intellectually, so it's no surprise that majority of the people are asleep. Of course if you came to this realization, it would be a very big threat to your EGO. It could very well be the end of actualized.org and your "life purpose". And here - I am only addressing you, not the majority. You have been pursuing "enlightenment" for years now, so at some point, you would have to start questioning your own paradigm. You preach open radical open mindedness, yet you don't seem to be open minded to possibility of what I am saying here is true.
  5. I am glad that you are slowly starting to see that it is a trap. Like I told you before, there are people out there that chase and pursue enlightenment for decades, and some for entire lives, and never becoming "enlightened". Who wants to be enlightened in the first place? The EGO does. Would the person what your ego perceives to be the "enlightened master" consider himself "enlightened master"? Of course not. There is another trap for you. Bottom line, it is not something that you can attain, or get - it is not going from point A to point B. The bigger question is, how long would it take for LEO to fully realize that it is a trap and drop the pursuit of "enlightenment"?
  6. @Joseph Maynor You are GOD, so if you are doing that, you are just talking to yourself.
  7. @Stoica Doru By "egoic" projection, I meant that it was a dualistic experience, where there was "you" interacting with "other entities". They are no "other entities"(which is an egoic projection), but only actually "you". It felt divine (another egoic projection) ? When in actuality, everything is divine, because everything is god. The fact that you mentioned Teal Swan just explains it, won't even go there. It's not about crusading, it's the fact that there is a lot of garbage out there on the internet, and a lot of illusions that come from many "spiritual" teachers and gurus. It's about time that people start discriminating and point out things that are not true. As I said, this is my opinion, and you shouldn't just believe me, but something to think about and investigate for yourself.
  8. @Stoica Doru No we are not talking about the same thing. You saw all of this is in a dream, which was a projection of your ego. Which makes it a fantasy, you playing with yourself(without recognizing it). If you want to get to the absolute, you will have to drop all the concepts and beliefs that ironically keep you from getting there. It's boring for who? Boring for the ego, of course. There is a big difference between understanding intellectually "we are one" and theorizing about it - and actually directly experiencing it.
  9. @Stoica Doru In my opinion, there are no such things as spirit guides, light beings,angels (as separate entities) , past lives and souls. All of this, is a illusory dualistic projection of your EGO. All of those things that you see is actually YOU(angels, light beings). You, and everyone is GOD/Consiousness, that's it.
  10. @Martin123 Fair enough I do think its important to have different perspectives and opinions, not just positive, but criticism as well. People who are viewing this thread can decide for themselves.
  11. I agree and I already know this - but for anyone else reading, you should make it clear like this when posting.
  12. You have totally ignored or misunderstood my question, so I will ask again - Why do you bring this up in the first place (about lies)? To make yourself more superior/advanced than others? You offer no explanation (as you said there are useful, you can't know through logic anyways), so why talk about it at all? I smell that you are full of ego. It's a common knowledge that you shouldn't believe anything and find out for yourself - but you making a claim about the lie devices, brings no value here - other than a boost to your ego.
  13. Then why bring it up in the first place? To make yourself feel superiour/ more advanced than others. You are full of ego.
  14. Why do you care if I believe you or not? And what good is it to tell me there are lies, without pointing them out and explaining your reasoning? Just to stroke your ego? PM if needed, but I see no value in just spewing these things without explaining, as it adds no value to others.
  15. I wouldn't call everything a lie - as a lie is intentional. Sure some have been lies, but a lot of it is just pure illusion, and fantasy. And I agree, we also see a lot of it with modern teachers. I would like to know, which modern teachers or teachings do you consider full of lies?