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  1. @Nahm they sooner or later will move on. How can you doubt that?
  2. That's not a problem and a danger. Quite the opposite I gets you down to earth quick by realizing "that's not it". Of course there are many people who mistake their personal experiences for enlightenment. That is their problem. But after a few weeks they will be back where they were before, and then they will reailze that that wasn't it. If they don't think it's binary they will just believe that "it wasn't deep enough", which is just wrong. You can't be half enlightened. Either an experience is personal or impersonal. It cannot be both or something in between. @Shanmugam is right.
  3. Lol. That's interesting. 😁
  4. Maybe this promising group of young ladies will take down patriarchy:
  5. In the end Trump does a million times more positive things than Leo. Leo until now did nothing but talking.
  6. Ahhh, Ram Das. Thanks for bringing him up. Because of it I just stumbled upon this video: This should put the case to rest. Quote: "The problem is, that they don't allow you to become the possibility. They only show you the possibility. And then after a few hours you lose the view of the possibility and you have it only as a memory. I made a very genuine effort in five years of drug-taking to use it as my full upaya or way and it didn't work. It just kept going up and coming down." So again, we are at zero cases. Quite the opposite this well experienced psychonaut, who was even a close friend of Timothy Leary, denies the possibility of becoming enlightened by the use of psychedelics. He also says in the video that it's not the "true samadhi". I just want to add, that even this "memory" Ram Dass talks about is somehow distorted or wrong. Psychedelic users cannot even talk about enlightened wisdom clearly to all I have seen. I mean, take Leo's recent alleged "enlightenment" video for example, where he is fantasizing around. *smh* There is zero evidence that the early Indians who drank soma and ancient greeks who drank kykeon were a satang community; under the classical definition "teaching enlightenment wisdom". I don't deny that psychedelics cause some "spiritual wisdom" in a broader sense. The whole shaman culture was about it. There is no evidence of what took place in the higher stages of the Eleusinian Mysteries. No reports have survived (if they were produced in the first place). Regarding mushrooms and early Christianity I still don't think it is a "notable" scientific opinion having one book about it. It is maybe notable in the psychedelics community, yes. But that's it. And even if what the author claims is true to the full extent, it just proves that there were some early Christians also using mushrooms. Which would not be surprising since in early Christianity the upcoming culture was often mixed up with old pagan traditions. Nothing remarkable. Someone came up with the example Edgar Hofer, I responded to it. Hofer denies that psychedelics caused enlightenment in his case, just as your example Ram Dass does. Your objection that Edgar Hofer took them only "a few times" takes what he is saying out of context. He said that he took them until they were "nothing new to him" anymore and the experiences were fully integrated. Then they became kind of boring to him so he moved on. For the rest I agree that taking psychedelics can be ok. Not for everyone though, because there are several downsides. Ram Dass talks about one in the video linked above I didn't mention yet. Yes. And I think that on psychedelics thoughts disappear "more completely" than in a sober state. In a sober state thoughts are more like a "chain" if you know what I mean and on psychedelics more "spontaneous", thus disappearing more completely when tripping. For sure you can learn something from the experiences. Note that Steve Jobs was also a fruitarian (Ehretist) in the early years of his career. The name of his company "Apple" comes from this. And he was a Buddhist. In my opinion psychedelics are good to attain some "maturity", to shatter "naive world views", it can also draw people into spirituality, cause some kind of "wisdom", some form of open mindedness, and interesting experiences. That's it in general. On the other hand there are many downsides. I have already mentioned some throughout this thread. And some more I didn't mention. For reasons I have already explained, I don't think that psychedelics are helpful on the so called "path" to enlightenment. Thanks for your reply, @SgtPepper. Interesting points.
  7. Well, basically everything. Take an Adyashanti talk for example, or a Tony Parsons talk. Do you know psychedelic users who genuinely have that kind of understanding?
  8. @SgtPepper Ok, cool. Here's my response point by point: 1. To be fair, I have said "And I cannot come up with anyone who has. Maybe you can help me out." So as far as I know there is no one. I have asked a few times now, if anyone can come up with a name. Until now I didn't get a satisfying answer. If what you say is true and psychedelics were used for "thousands of years" in cultures all over the world, then coming up with many names of enlightened psychedelic users should be no problem. More than that psychedelics are used nowadays by probably hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of people across the world. I do not see a community of enlightened psychedelic users anywhere giving satsangs. That early Christians used them is just speculation and at best a minority opinion, if it is a notable scientific opinion at all. But even if this was the case, it would not prove anything about enlightenment at all. 2. Edgar Hofer says in the video I have linked above, and I agree with what he is saying, that psychedelics alter your mind in a way that you cannot "think properly". This might be interpreted as "not thinking" anymore, but I think it's not. Psychedelic tripping kind of or to some degree replaces "normal thinking" with hallucinatory perceptions. And it "disturbs the functioning of the thinking-machine". This is probably one reason psychedelic users like tripping. You temporally escape the kind of "torturous" intellectual activity from the sober state. You get a trip instead. This is not what Buddhists for example understand under a silent mind. It's like comparing fireworks to a still lake. 3. What is experienced under the influence of psychedelics is to a large degree hallucinatory. Hallucination is something different than an illusion. Hallucinations lack Wirklichkeit (to use a Schopenhauer term, which is difficult to exactly translate into English). Psychedelic users may experience time as an illusion, but I haven't met one who could explain the true nature of time. The illusion of time to psychedelic users is at least usually a temporary and personal experience. Secondly, I doubt that people can get to a level of insights and transformation Eckhart Tolle has come to by using psychedelics. This would need to be proven. 4. I do not disagree with that. Although I don't find psychedelics necessary at all. But they can be good for "personal growth" and for causing open mindedness. Not in every case of course. I know psychedelic users who are quite closed minded. 5. I agree. 6. Yes, true. But they can also cause the opposite, namely causing tons of more self-deceptions. 7. There is no evidence at all that psychedelics caused the creativity, intelligence and success for the people you name. I don't see any correlation. If there was a correlation, then statistically people who consume psychedelics should be more creative, intelligent and successful than non-psychedelic users. I don't see that.
  9. Lol. I have never seen anybody understanding less about it. Prominent psychedelic users.
  10. This is also a very good one, addressing some points often discussed (and not understood correctly) on this forum:
  11. Here is a simple explanation in less than 10 minutes what the Mahamudra is. Watch from 0:00 to 8:30: I couldn't agree more. That's on point.
  12. @playdoh You cannot have a glimpse of ego death. When "you" are there, then there is a separate self having a personal experience. Or the separate self is not there. Then there is no one there to have a glimpse.
  13. You should watch these videos: What Is God? - Leo Becomes Absolute Infinity (Aka God) - All Of Reality Explained 5-MeO-DMT - The Magic Pill To Enlightenment & God Using 5-MeO-DMT To Become Enlightened - Interview With Martin Ball You're told something else there. Can you elaborate on what you mean by saying "less valid than ordinary states"? I agree pretty much with what Edgar Hofer says in the video I have linked. Unfortunately it's in German. Someone should put English subs in there. I think he describes pretty accurately what psychedelics can do and why throughout the video. What I find is that people who do psychedelics don't understand what enlightened people talk about. This includes people who did "breakthrough doses" of 5-meo-dmt. They don't understand, although some are very convinced that they do. Some even get cheeky when you question them. It is something different when you listen to many Buddhist teachers or advaita vedanta teachers. There you can get real answers. Although some advaita teachers are imprecise in their language, often state "half truths" and are caught in their inability to communicate it. This is all good and well, and I acknowledge the "upsides" of psychedelics, but I think the downsides have to be discussed as well.