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  1. Smoked DMT in a dream, reality became very fractal like and I sorta spiraled into an infinite singularity. Highly recommended
  2. @Matt8800 I’m really interested in this as a possibility. However, I have dealt with negative entities in nightmares in a different way.... by loving and blessing them. For example, I had a pretty sick dream with a demon sitting in the living room of the house I grew up in farting and laughing at me (weird I know). Doesn’t sound it, but it was scary in the dream. I started “blessing it”, saying things like “I love you so much, you deserve to be happy and well, you deserve to be loved and cherished, I bless you” etc. This made the demon get up and run away into a dark room, then it challenged me to come at it in the dark room. I tried to turn on the lights, didn’t work (as is usually the case in dreams). Then walked around the back and turned on the lights, which worked, then continued blessing the demon in the same way and it turned into a beautiful woman. Anyways, this method has worked for me lots of times, and I find myself having fewer and fewer nightmares. Would be curious to hear your thoughts on this method versus the one in the OP. Also, what about dreams where there is no negative entity but simply fear? Like, dreams where you’re dissolving into infinity, or falling to your death etc. Nothing specific to direct anger and rage at in these dreams?
  3. Sleep exists because it’s so exhausting to contract into a separate self that every life form needs to let go of being an ego for a while
  4. Perhaps there are infinite possible futures for humanity and planet earth, and the future you experience is largely up to you. I.e., different versions of “you” experiencing different versions of the future. Just be sure to do your best. And I for one welcome our new robot overlords
  5. @Timothy I’ve had an extremely similar experience, without the being a “villain” part. But, the no one is real and life is a dream feeling... to the point where I realized I couldn’t text or call or go to anyone for help since they were seen to simply be myself and talking to them would just be talking to myself. Like how a dream character in a dream is just your own mind. As well as the resisting and subsequent suffering. So you’re not alone, relatively speaking. Give it some time and the old ego habits and ways of seeing things will kick back in, but to answer your question yes, in my experience this sounds like an awakening experience. Any negative feelings towards it though (which you seem to have had) are themselves driven by ego, attachments, cravings, delusions etc. Keep investigating and when you’re at a similar tipping point be sure to let go and love yourself. Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve been rereading through one of the books on the book list (first one in yoga / meditation techniques... such a badass book), and it sounds like you went through the least pleasant of the “three doors to awakening”. Whether or not you were conscious of it, you may have largely realized the unsatisfactoriness of all experience. And the meaninglessness and aloneness and pointlessness of literally everything. It stings a bit and leaves one with a creepy and uneasy feeling. (As opposed to the impermanence door and the no-self door, which tend to be more pleasant). Anyways, hanging out in some nature, eating good food, physical activity and other worldly activities can help ground you and bring you back down to earth. peace
  6. For getting warm, try sipping on some beet juice before going out on your runs. You can look for a supplement that advertises how it boosts nitric oxide. Beets have a tonnnn of nitrates in them, which bacteria in your mouth convert into nitric oxide. They are excellent for circulation, especially when combined with some physical activity. I definitely notice a warming effect when using them. As for the hypothyroidism, listen to your doctor, but consider getting some iodine and selenium rich foods.
  7. Reminds me of how in a dream at night, nothing seems out of the ordinary and everything is self consistent according to the dream’s rules. And when you realize you’re dreaming, the rules can change. You might be able to fly, or make the scary monster disappear. It has always amazed me how in dreams we almost always take for granted that everything makes sense and there’s nothing to make us question the dream as being real. Everything seems “normal and physical”. Even things that make no sense in waking life. And then we wake up from the dream and are so naive as to say “ohhh wow well all THAT wasn’t real but now THIS experience is really real, NOW I’m experiencing the real objective world”. Just because we feel we’ve experienced this real world for longer and everybody in it is telling us it’s real and it seems consistent and like it makes sense. Even though if we think about it enough and are honest, it makes no sense to us. We feel accustomed to standing upright walking around on a rock zooming through space around a ball of fire, thinking we’re experiencing a real, objective reality that exists independent of ourselves, with all kinds of explanations for why things are the way they happen to be... not questioning if maybe we’re making it all up.
  8. I would highly recommend giving it a shot. Being in ketosis is, in general, a very healing state (if I can speak very loosely). And for sure, it is safe. One hypothesized reason that ketosis helps in epilepsy so much is that it improves the handling of glutamate in the brain, the most important excitatory neurotransmitter, and improves conversion of glutamine into GABA, the most important inhibitory neurotransmitter: As for schizophrenia, Just from quickly searching, it sounds like GABA and glutamate play a role here as well, so improving the functioning of these could help a lot. As for bipolar disorder, I could see rises and crashes in blood sugar being a major culprit, which keto eating gets rid of. So basically, it is safe to try, you'll see some positive benefits, and it might help you with any bipolar symptoms.
  9. Understood, it sounds like you have a job where you can be up and about though! Any movement is better than nothing, including getting up and stretching / shaking it out regularly. Hell, a bunch of bodyweight squats (idk, 50 or so depending on level of fitness) around your meals will go such a long way into helping you digest your food, keeping you insulin sensitive, etc. And to add on the diet stuff, consider a temporary strict ketogenic diet. It’s personally (and according to countless others stories) proven to be the best way to lose body fat quickly and effortlessly (effortless besides resisting the temptation to eat carby foods). Doesn’t have to be forever, but challenging your body to switch to primarily fat metabolism from time to time is extremely beneficial. And can help you feel amazing and focused. In general, the leaner you are and more physical activity you perform, the better your body is at handling carbs. Whatever you do, love yourself. You got this
  10. I’m seeing a lot about diet, but nothing about physical activity and sleep. Be sure to optimize both of these areas, as they are crucial for maintaining an optimal weight and physique, and to just feel good all around, body and mind (and spirit?). For physical activity, the following is a good guideline: Getting PLENTY of movement (walking, stretching, yoga, REBOUNDING, etc), some weight lifting, and occasional super high intensity exercise will go an extremely long way in achieving optimal weight and physique. A good goal is an hour a day (anything from standing up and stretching to all out sprinting counts). For sleep, cool, quiet, dark room, winding down before bed, plenty of time (in my opinion, you can’t sleep too much... you would just wake up. But I’ve seen others disagree with this). Sleep is so crucial. It’s also important to get healthy amounts of sunlight and nature most days, and of course all the other things like stress management, fulfilling life, relationships, consciousness work, etc. As for diet, stick to whole foods (a “paleo” diet), favor meals over snacks, and listen to your body as to when you are hungry and what you need. Occasional extended fasting is very powerful as well but be careful not to obsess over this and deprive yourself. Only engage in a long fast when particularly inspired to. Daily intermittent fasting is excellent. Good luck. You can do it!!
  11. In my experience, exposing your giggleberries to sunlight is hugely beneficial.
  12. Wow, same! Letting Go (the book) was amazing.
  13. The List I’ve yet to listen to most of these but this looks like an amazing collection of high consciousness podcasts.
  14. This is epic.