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  1. Excited af to have all these up on Apple Music and the like soon!! <3
  2. For some breathing exercises (e.g. the “full yogic breath”), you want to expand and then empty your lungs as fully as possible, which requires you to move your chest (to expand your upper lungs). This can also be the case when exercising heavily. However, for breathing throughout the day (unconsciously, for most of us), it’s best to breathe as softly and gently, with as little movement as possible. So, probably just the belly. This can’t be forced, but can be trained through physical exercise (especially aerobic) and breathing exercises, healthy diet / lifestyle, consciousness work, meditation, relaxation, etc.
  3. What do y’all think about Marriane Williamson’s candidacy for president. Does she stand any chance? Is a president like this right for America / the world now? Can we catapult this high up the spiral?
  4. 31 days is extremely hardcore, good luck and stay safe. And consider doing such things under medical supervision. As for maximizing the fast, I would think that immersing yourself in nature (and not in the internet, electronics etc) would be helpful. I would opt for books over internet forums if you need something to do to fill your time.
  5. You gotta take nihilism all the way, and it goes full circle. Everything is completely and utterly meaningless, including the fact that everything is completely and utterly meaningless. If there are any negative connotations to existence being meaningless, that itself is meaning and therefore isn’t true nihilism. (Not that that’s what you do, I’m just saying a lot of people seem to think of nihilism as a negative and bleak perspective on life).
  6. So hold your breath roughly as long as you can each time? Maybe just do a certain number of reps of Kriya Supreme Fire, as opposed to timing it?
  7. So break your posture to start the timer? I would have thought remaining as still as possible is important.
  8. When doing Kriya Supreme Fire, how do you all keep track of how much time you are holding your breath? Mentally count in your head? Does this take away from your concentration?
  9. No problem, thank YOU! but you won't read about that in the history books.
  10. They clearly haven't reached the 10th Zen Ox Herding Stage yet : Barefooted and naked of breast, I mingle with the people of the world. My clothes are ragged and dust-laden, and I am ever blissful. I use no magic to extend my life; Now, before me, the dead trees become alive. But yeah, I think there may be something to this ultra longevity stuff.
  11. Yes he did. Mathematicians tried to create a finite, formal set of axioms that was complete (all mathematical statements can be proven true or false), consistent (no contradictions), and decidable (some algorithm should exist which can decide the truth or falsity of any mathematical statement), and that could prove itself to be true. (Hilbert's Program) Godel came and slapped every single Mathematician working on developing such a system hard on the face. But yeah, I agree with everything you're saying.
  12. (I know). Also, taking the physical world as an axiom... Science cannot prove anything. It can only deal with correlations. Maybe A caused B, or maybe some unknown C caused both A and B, or maybe A has just happened to precede B every time we've looked, etc etc. Mathematics on the other hand... now that sure seems to be logically consistent and be able to make definitive statements that cannot be questioned. Until Gödel came around and bitch slapped every mathematician and crashed Hilbert's Program. But yeah, ultimately it's all bullshit.