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  1. No problem, thank YOU! but you won't read about that in the history books.
  2. They clearly haven't reached the 10th Zen Ox Herding Stage yet : Barefooted and naked of breast, I mingle with the people of the world. My clothes are ragged and dust-laden, and I am ever blissful. I use no magic to extend my life; Now, before me, the dead trees become alive. But yeah, I think there may be something to this ultra longevity stuff.
  3. Yes he did. Mathematicians tried to create a finite, formal set of axioms that was complete (all mathematical statements can be proven true or false), consistent (no contradictions), and decidable (some algorithm should exist which can decide the truth or falsity of any mathematical statement), and that could prove itself to be true. (Hilbert's Program) Godel came and slapped every single Mathematician working on developing such a system hard on the face. But yeah, I agree with everything you're saying.
  4. (I know). Also, taking the physical world as an axiom... Science cannot prove anything. It can only deal with correlations. Maybe A caused B, or maybe some unknown C caused both A and B, or maybe A has just happened to precede B every time we've looked, etc etc. Mathematics on the other hand... now that sure seems to be logically consistent and be able to make definitive statements that cannot be questioned. Until Gödel came around and bitch slapped every mathematician and crashed Hilbert's Program. But yeah, ultimately it's all bullshit.
  5. You can prove stuff! You just have to transcend the logical system containing the proof you're trying to prove. Which brings you to a new logical system which you must transcend to prove is consistent and complete. Which brings you to a new logical system which you must transcend to prove is consistent and complete. Which brings you to.... Mu Q.E.D.
  6. I have thought and said this many times! Not the most rigorous scientific proof but seems reasonable to me. In fact, there is a name for how long it'll take for a "system to return to a state very close to, if not exactly the same, as the initial state".é_recurrence_theorem Time it'll take for the universe to reset itself (and thus for us (or perfect copies of us?) to be posting on this thread talking about the universe resetting itself):
  7. Yes but (correct me if I’m wrong) even with enlightenment there are experiences, sensations, thoughts feelings perceptions etc... Why these particular sensations? This particular human body in the middle of the visual field, this particular life? (Conventionally speaking) it seems like “my” life could have been absolutely any other kind of experience than what it is. Even unimaginable, totally alien experiences we don’t have words for. How is the infinity of possible realities being... “chosen”... or manifested in this present moment. Why this particular flavor of Reality? Why am I making these distinctions of The Absolute rather than other ones?
  8. I absolutely believe they can. Intention, focus, reprogramming the subconscious mind etc etc... all of these things can help you achieve your goals, even if they’re the “non spiritual”, money and fun life kinda goals (which ultimately can be seen to not be as desirable as awakening, liberation, emotional mastery, etc). Even conservatively, reprogramming your subconscious mind will drive results as 95%+ of your daily actions are driven subconsciously. Nothing metaphysical or woo woo about that, but going deep and understanding that you are everything and your reality is a mirror reflection of you.... that can be incredibly powerful. You might come across more synchronicities as you dive deeper into changing your state of being for the better. You might have more instant resolution of karma. Knowing more and more that you are an infinite, eternal being and cannot be harmed, that frees you up more and more to not take things seriously and be able to play more in life. You might really like Reality Transurfing, it’s a lot of reading material but the books are great and there are resources online to learn about it.
  9. This very well may have been asked already, but why do we identify with our particular egos? Why am I (seemingly) me rather than someone or something else? Karma? Infinite free will and this is what was chosen?
  10. The most perfect song to breathe to