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  1. Rebounding is an excellent workout for your health, while being extremely low impact.
  2. Be patient. I would recommend cleaning your diet up for a while before fasting, unless you’re feeling really inspired to fast. The Whole30 challenge is amazing for this. Diet is crucial but be sure to live an otherwise healthy lifestyle as well. Good sleep is arguably the most important thing, get plenty of it and research how to make it high quality. Stay physically active. Humans are animals, we function best on being up and about for several hours a day. Try to get at least an hour of physical activity in a day. Walking, lifting weights, sprinting, etc. Get outside in nature some. Do things to experience positive emotions. Practice relaxation, etc. And a bit random but an amazing tool for “cleaning your body”... look into “rebounding” (jumping on a trampoline). The movement is amazing for digestion and elimination, getting lymph moving, and overall health and well being. Arguably the single best exercise out there, for health. If interested, be sure to invest in a high quality trampoline, there’s a huge difference between that and a low quality one. Just 10 minutes a day yields profound benefits.
  3. I take full responsibility for this... my fault!
  4. Truth is larger than provability, but that everything is one / connected is reasonably proven.
  5. This. I have generally had the craziest middle of the night experiences while sleeping on my back. Also taping the mouth in general is just a healthy practice. Here's a really comfortable and healthy way to lay down on your back:
  6. @peanutspathtotruth thanks peanut! This is very helpful and I agree 100%. I’m sure looking back in 10 or so years when I’ve mastered music production a lot more there’ll be plenty to cringe over on these earlier tracks. So excited to keep going. I’ve already started the next project / have made more songs since. The first roughly complete track is probably the most busy of all so far 😂. I might try to incorporate your advice and get rid of some of the percussion elements, see if it sounds a little better and less crowded. And sick War of Art passage. So true. Back at it tomorrow 🤘🏻
  7. Check out my complete, newly released debut album “In Search of the Ox”!! It has been SUCH a blast to make, and I have to thank Leo, the life purpose course, and this community a lot for the inspiration and wisdom to pursue my passion. Now to promote it a lil bit, and then more importantly continue to work on my craft and become so good they can’t ignore me by Cal Newport. Also on bandcamp :-D
  8. Excited af to have all these up on Apple Music and the like soon!! <3
  9. For some breathing exercises (e.g. the “full yogic breath”), you want to expand and then empty your lungs as fully as possible, which requires you to move your chest (to expand your upper lungs). This can also be the case when exercising heavily. However, for breathing throughout the day (unconsciously, for most of us), it’s best to breathe as softly and gently, with as little movement as possible. So, probably just the belly. This can’t be forced, but can be trained through physical exercise (especially aerobic) and breathing exercises, healthy diet / lifestyle, consciousness work, meditation, relaxation, etc.
  10. What do y’all think about Marriane Williamson’s candidacy for president. Does she stand any chance? Is a president like this right for America / the world now? Can we catapult this high up the spiral?
  11. 31 days is extremely hardcore, good luck and stay safe. And consider doing such things under medical supervision. As for maximizing the fast, I would think that immersing yourself in nature (and not in the internet, electronics etc) would be helpful. I would opt for books over internet forums if you need something to do to fill your time.
  12. You gotta take nihilism all the way, and it goes full circle. Everything is completely and utterly meaningless, including the fact that everything is completely and utterly meaningless. If there are any negative connotations to existence being meaningless, that itself is meaning and therefore isn’t true nihilism. (Not that that’s what you do, I’m just saying a lot of people seem to think of nihilism as a negative and bleak perspective on life).
  13. So hold your breath roughly as long as you can each time? Maybe just do a certain number of reps of Kriya Supreme Fire, as opposed to timing it?
  14. So break your posture to start the timer? I would have thought remaining as still as possible is important.
  15. When doing Kriya Supreme Fire, how do you all keep track of how much time you are holding your breath? Mentally count in your head? Does this take away from your concentration?