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  1. Does breakthroughs at self-enquiry have any effect on one's "baseline of consciousness"? My practice is currently improving my psychology pretty much because I have issues with depression, anxiety etc. I'm just thinking should I add self-enquiry to my practice to help with psychological issues or should I wait it until my psychology is better handled?
  2. @Hellspeed Can you feel your diaphragm muscle doing work at breathing process?
  3. I'm actually experiencing really bad side effects by myself, probably because of kriya. I think it is not a bad thing to take a little break and focus on grounding work. Also, you may want to add mahamudra to your routine, Santata Gamana says in his book that it lessens the side effects. Good luck!
  4. @Joseph Maynor Great summary! I have personally investigated this theme lately a lot.
  5. What's your view of using psychedelics for enlightenment or psychological work?
  6. @Leo Gura Just curious, Ralston said somewhere in his books that "what is love?" is not an enlightenment question and is relative matter. So this is something you (and many others) seem to disagree with him? Or definitions with words just affecting confusion?
  7. @Eric Tarpall That's genius! @Sahil Pandit True (zen)masters tend to be cryptic
  8. If I have understood what injaculation means, I wonder what benefits you could possibly get since you lose that semen when you urinate next time? @Hellspeed We need your guidance!
  9. Of course you should experiment by yourself. For me it doesn't make any difference.
  10. What advice you can give to someone who goes psychodynamic therapy? What does make therapy efficient? Any principles and insights you can share according your experience about going therapy?
  11. Hi! I highly appreciate you making this kind of thread, How enlightenment work has helped you at working your psychology and vice versa? How you see these things linked each other? Do you see clearly that every emotion is you "doing it"? Is there any unconsciousness left in your psyche what you feel you need to work on? Is there any existential things where you want to delve deeper yet or is any seeking and will to personal development gone?
  12. @Jol356 This is what I meant that distinguishing spiritual purification from mental illness is pretty hard or even impossible. If you had strong experiences like kundalini awakening and such, it is really possible that meditation had triggered your insomnia and manic episodes, it could be that your reactions are just part of the process and will fade over time. It could be that you have bipolar and you really need meds. It is really hard/impossible to say. You just have to be careful in the process and keep open mind. But if the question is just, can meditation trigger crazy things like manic episodes, psychosis? Hell yeah. These things are quite rare though, I guess. check this thread out: There's also other good threads about kundalini psychosis and such but you have to do your own research.
  13. How would you describe your manic episodes? I can sympathize your situation, it is not easy combine spiritual practises with serious mental illness. Symptoms can kinda overlap so you cant know what is illness which needs serious medical help or what is just overcoming "dark sides" of spiritual practises. Especially, when doctors know nothing about these things at mental hospital. I would do tons of own research, get better understanding about maniac, what is it, how ur symptoms fit into picture. Try to find good therapist, if he/she knows about spiritual stuff, even better. If you have bipolar in you family and you have sensitivity have such episodes, meditation can probably trigger it. Have you had any depressive episodes? What comes to practises, I would proceed really carefully and try to avoid things which can worsen your symptoms radically. Good luck!
  14. You seem to have interesting output, keep it going! Maybe you could be more specific and use more layman terms, would be helpful for the "dormant minds".
  15. Would be great if somebody experienced yoga practitioner could clarify these things, anyway thanks for helping me, I'll keep practicing.