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  1. I did inner engineering a few months ago and I can highly recommend it to anyone. Shambhavi has had really positive effect and is quite powerful to alleviate ailments. The course is very high quality overall and you get support after the course. My next plan is to learn isha hatha yoga practices.
  2. My personal experience with kriya from books was quite bad. Side effects was too strong, I had to take breaks because energetic phenomena was way too strong in the body. I also had the worst anxiety attacks in my life during that time when I practiced kriya from leo's book list. Then I got episode when I was totally exhausted during the days, I couldn't do any physical activity. So my experience trying learn kriya from books was quite horrible but it is hard to say that all bad things what I experienced was caused by kriya practice. I'm also battling lots of mental issues(depression, anxiety), so for me it didnt suit and made more harm than good for sure. After that I've learned Sadhguru's shambhavi mahamudra and results have been quite promising, I've practiced it only a little 40 days though. It's much better practice for people who struggles mental problems. What I want to say that these practices are really powerful and it is common sense imo to learn these things from the right source and atmosphere. If you want to practice Lahiris kriyas, get the real initiation, it is worth it long run. You dont want to half ass these practices. Definitely dont recommend learn these things from books anymore.
  3. @Enlightenment yeah my experience supports what you said. It certainly felt that doing those techniques at the beginning of my meditation path was counterproductive. This problem also kind of boils down that teaching meditation and progressing in it is not so simple and one-dimensional. Thats why I really like Culadasa's systemic approach. Also I feel making really progress in these techniques demands a lot of training at retreats. So it is quite time-consuming.
  4. Thank you for the post. I see many people has given credit to Culadasa's system. I practised SDS a year ago and didnt make any progress basically. My experience was that it felt like it strained my nervous system so much that after sitting I felt always exhausted. It felt more like it strained me more than purify. Shinzen says in his sds video that if you sit long enough with the intense pain, it finally starts flowing and suffering suddenly vanishes. He tell that he had this kind of experience in his first zen retreat. Have you ever experienced that kind of thing?
  5. @Anton_Pierre What do you mean by isha psychedelic research? I think isha and Sadhguru have nothing to do with psychedelics.
  6. Cold showers might be helpful for calming down the energy.
  7. Has anyone here had an enlightenment experience through self learned kriya yoga?
  8. I think @Leo Gura will disagree with this text a lot.
  9. How you can be sure that putting some not well known research chemical into your physiological system has not any negative effect on your system long term? Or can you? Or is there some general way how all these psychedelics work in your brain so you can presume that every one of them have pretty similar working mechanisms in the brain?
  10. Does breakthroughs at self-enquiry have any effect on one's "baseline of consciousness"? My practice is currently improving my psychology pretty much because I have issues with depression, anxiety etc. I'm just thinking should I add self-enquiry to my practice to help with psychological issues or should I wait it until my psychology is better handled?
  11. @Hellspeed Can you feel your diaphragm muscle doing work at breathing process?
  12. I'm actually experiencing really bad side effects by myself, probably because of kriya. I think it is not a bad thing to take a little break and focus on grounding work. Also, you may want to add mahamudra to your routine, Santata Gamana says in his book that it lessens the side effects. Good luck!
  13. @Joseph Maynor Great summary! I have personally investigated this theme lately a lot.
  14. What's your view of using psychedelics for enlightenment or psychological work?
  15. @Leo Gura Just curious, Ralston said somewhere in his books that "what is love?" is not an enlightenment question and is relative matter. So this is something you (and many others) seem to disagree with him? Or definitions with words just affecting confusion?