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  1. @supremeyingyang Solid perspectives. @ivankiss perfect emotional spike lmao
  2. Keep it interesting and let her experience you in different ways. Good idea
  3. God sometimes I wish I liked men. It would be so much simpler. No website you guys use to calibrate your text game though?
  4. Yeah this is someone who's 20. They dont pick up the phone lol
  5. I generally run into this issue where I'm texting a girl and she reply's with something that stops me in my tracks and I feel like i need another person's insight to help provide me with different perspectives when looking at a situation. Does anyone know of websites or apps where people can help you with your text game?
  6. @flowboy Yes reliability and accountability makes sense. How are you preventing ejaculation during sex; are you shifting your focus every so often?
  7. @flowboy You guys are crazy, i don't know how you do it. I couldn't help but edge a little before the eight day and caved in so hard from the sheer idea of nudity; I felt like I did a big line of coke.
  8. @mmKay Great insight, thankyou. Would you recommend just solely working on building character first and leave consciousness/spirituality work for later? Also any books you would recommend for building ones character and grounding oneself?
  9. @BipolarGrowth That's extremely helpful information, thankyou. @mmKay I feel as though if I don't practice being centered frequently my state of well being becomes weaker and more influenced by the people and environments around me. For example if I am in this weakened state of self-image I feel more easily influenced and tolerant of things that I should probably have more boundaries with i.e. uncalibrated people, bad habits ect.
  10. I've had a very odd experience of a fluctuating self-image that I've become more conscious of over the past couple years. Essentially I've become aware that my self-image fluctuates on a weekly bases and is influenced by the people I'm around, how much meditation i do, and what information and habits I've been forming. I also notice when i become tired the experience of my fluctuating self-image becomes more uncontrollable; if I've been having long conversations with people I feel like I absorb and take on their identity if that makes sense. I am curious if anyone else experiences this phenomenon or if I'm just being hypersensitive to this and that its normal; i don't believe this is to the level of personality disorder stuff but I don't know for sure. Basically I want to know if anyone has any pointers on this and any meditation practices they can think of that reinforce a consistent/stable self-image.
  11. @NoSelfSelf and unfortunately with the rising in awareness it feels like the responsibility of being a human being just seems to increase more and more
  12. Very interesting, I'll have to contemplate on that. God could you image if societies functioned in this way how different everything would be.
  13. How would productivity and motivation be consistent with a lack of need though. You would be operating from a place of neutral energy while being detached. Where is the excitement?
  14. Its all good man I appreciate the info you provided here. There's enough stuff in this thread for me to practice with for a while.
  15. Alright I'm just curious on that. Maybe ill try to shoot for three weeks, but dam...