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  1. This is a bit of an odd post but i thought it might be interesting to take a look at. Here are a few gloves i had textured onto the source engine; not the most high conscious form of art (since you can notice the fps style of the game) but its something i guess. The bloom is absolutely absurd but hey, eye candy is a driving force.
  2. I'm supposing your level of detachment to the question above is of necessary response. You seem to be quite a wise member on these forums as I am appreciative of your light-hearted input here, but unfortunately I am finding myself feeling unsatisfied and intrigued altogether as to receive more of an observation from you. If it wouldn't be of to much inconvenience?
  3. I like your owl there, that's quite cute.
  4. I know this question I am about to ask is a bit off topic but is the closest I could find in resonance. So let's say an individual disowned himself/herself and limited there ability to grow at a certain point in there life due to a negative culmination of factors built up by family, friends, and environments around him/her. Following this maladjustment of repressed emotion, neurotically driven fears and lack of culminating people this said person had a breakdown. After a few years of this incident this person is in a neutral state of mind and environment, but this person feels internally dissociated/fragmented from there emotions at this point in time almost as if they had been in a time capsule since the time of there breakdown. This person then does a daily practice of meditation and self inquiry to connect back to themselves and is eventually frightened by what they experience as the neglected/maladjusted/hateful side of themselves that had been swept under the rug by pharmaceuticals, and therapy all those years ago. My question is should this person confront the neglected side of themselves as soon as possible so it can be loved and reintegrated into there whole being and resolved immediately, or should this person just cultivate love for themselves for the time being and come back to this hellish fragmented part of themselves later on when they are more well rounded emotionally and mentally? I am very eager to hear anyone's feedback on this, thank you.
  5. A few extra high-conscious vibrations, Nitsua - Lightspace Nujabes - Spiral Haruka Nakamura - Luz Re:Plus - Blue Sky Aphex Twin - Lichen Nomak - Dynamic Meditation {Full Album} Hope you guys stay inspired and fly high!
  6. I have found that some of these new hip hop/jazz producers that are inspired by Nujabes, J-Dilla, and Fat Jon can create some truly exquisite sound samples. Here are a few blissful bits that some of you will hopefully enjoy. Nitsua - Lost in Translation Re:plus - White Avenue Breezewax - Halo Robert De Boron - Rainbow Trees
  7. Excuse me gentlemen for this random appearance as I am just looking for a resonating topic to ask this quick question under. My question revolves around whether Enlightenment practices should be taken up with personal development at the same time side by side; or if personal development should be laid out as the grounded foundation on full living first and then enlightenment practices soon following afterwards? Any well scope answer would be appreciate. Thank you,