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  1. I don't even believe a good handful of the populous (including patients on SSRI's themselves) even realize the detriment that these serotonin/dopamine re-uptake inhibitors can cause for individuals who really aren't in dire chemical imbalances for most of their lives. Majority of psychiatrists make an educated guess and basically just experiment around with these medications hoping that some combination lands and works, which could be dangerous but makes sense in the field i suppose. I remember going through a major depressive episode in my late teens and being prescribed and trying different SSRI's and experiencing some heavy tremors, and awful sensory experiences while it was messing with my nervous system. Since then I have been moving towards alternative medicine and natural diet which has basically brought me back to a state of equilibrium and well-being; while the effects had astonished me, the fact that only so few know about natural healing and it's abilities floored me. I look back and notice how the situation had been made worse by the pharmaceuticals and how it basically numbed my emotions and nervous system while putting a band-aid over the deeper issue at hand. It really does seem like the fields of psychology and psychiatry are full of a lot of quackery. Even after having an interest in studying in parts of clinical psychology, there methods of analysis and treatment does have some very noticeable flaws.
  2. This is a bit of an odd post but i thought it might be interesting to take a look at. Here are a few gloves i had textured onto the source engine; not the most high conscious form of art (since you can notice the fps style of the game) but its something i guess. The bloom is absolutely absurd but hey, eye candy is a driving force.
  3. A few extra high-conscious vibrations, Nitsua - Lightspace Nujabes - Spiral Haruka Nakamura - Luz Re:Plus - Blue Sky Aphex Twin - Lichen Nomak - Dynamic Meditation {Full Album} Hope you guys stay inspired and fly high!
  4. I have found that some of these new hip hop/jazz producers that are inspired by Nujabes, J-Dilla, and Fat Jon can create some truly exquisite sound samples. Here are a few blissful bits that some of you will hopefully enjoy. Nitsua - Lost in Translation Re:plus - White Avenue Breezewax - Halo Robert De Boron - Rainbow Trees