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  1. I don't think this is always true. Well meaning friends don't care about hurting feelings. They care about saving a friend. You have a projection against friends, Vulnerability and love.
  2. There's more to Life. Sex is just a drive instilled by the need to reproduce and thrive. That's not a purpose, just a need.
  3. All I can say....my words of wisdom I cling to lately : Life is pointless. Everything is nothing.
  4. Leo hows life going. Are you enjoying your life? And how is your health ?
  5. So how is this sandbox up until now ??
  6. @The Monk Your parents are hampering your growth severely. Not a good place to be in. If you're in London its best if you find some counsellor to get in touch with and get their support to make your parents to understand the situation. If they don't, then apply anywhere nearby for a sales job, or other local low level jobs and use the money to live in shared rented apartments. That's your only chance brother. Or get help from some school /college friend who's ready to let you stay with him till you get financially independent. Until you don't have your own money, nothing can be practically possible at this moment
  7. @Haumea What example would you give to show his lack of self awareness.
  8. Because I'm wanna show I'm great........ really great great person I wanna be fucking Jesus Christ.
  9. @Siim Land This is great. I will implement this. Waiting for more. Whats the name of your channel ?
  10. Very simple and straight advice Do what is simple, result-yielding and plausible. Rest all is bs. Just traps.
  11. Its tough for me. What i do is not a particular practice. I just tell myself to hang on and stay strong. And I remind myself that If i have come so Far, I could still make it.
  12. You don't have to choose between the two. You can have both. If you allow one to hinder the other, that's upto you. Frankly I view both sides as unhealthy - when a guy is too interested in women but not work or when a guy is too interested in work but not in women. Just shows a lack of balance imo. Life is a juggling act.
  13. Because you're trying to identify with something that may or may not be the absolute truth. You identify with it because you're told or conditioned to do so. Its only identification.
  14. I honestly don't like hero worshipping and fanaticism.
  15. For them, slates were sacred. So when did something they did it with a religious fervor and seriousness. Our way of life is lazy. They were strong energetic people. And because they got their dose of entertainment every evening, they'd feel radiant and energetic every morning. However we live a 24 7 life with little break. In fact entertainment is considered unhealthy and a waste of time and indeed it is a waste of time as we sit in front of TV. That actually makes us more tired. But if you went with friends to a small gathering where you dance and laugh and have fun you'd actually come out feeling refreshed ready to start the new day with energy, that would save a lot of time. However the present generation is just not aware of such a lifestyle that people lived back then. Standing in sun is a huge source of Vit D and energy which is underrated. They would travel on foot and horses, that would make their muscles naturally strong. We are far behind. We can't even imagine their level of tolerance and strength and how the present lifestyle has pretty much left us lazy and useless. Their stones were sacred. So they had to follow whatever they wrote. If they lived today, they'd actually achieve 100 times more than us. We're nowhere near as capable.
  16. In my honest opinion, I don't think it's possible in one night or even several nights. It's puzzling to me. But then again....To each his own.
  17. Then it could be something they're already born with. Something they have naturally in them. But I personally don't believe that it comes without effort. Leo even mentioned that in his latest video - --don't believe if someone says enlightenment is easy. It takes thousands of hours of practice to reach there. At least that's what he said and that's what I believe. I am not quite sure of these instant enlightenments you talk about. To me that's a mystery. I'd rather invest my time in learning about enlightenment the harder way.
  18. They did it on slates and stones that magically sprang to life whenever they were called and they still do in museums. And sometimes they stood in the hot sun. That gave them energy. But it was mostly drinking and partying in groups that gave a boost to work next morning. It was a way of life. Slates are more powerful than smartphones.
  19. @Alex K Could you make a list of your deepest desires and post them here. It's rare, probably impossible for one to have no desire at all ? There must be something you wish ? What is it ? Ask and give feedback here.
  20. What if you just stopped labelling it as a room ? Would it still be there ? Think