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  1. I read lots of self help books to change my mindsets, since as a teenager your mind is still malleable.
  2. Is it the peter ralston one under pysiology I can't tell which book's the right one.
  3. But we ain't even had breakfast yet CAN I GET A HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE!
  4. Manfred runs a service where he works with you to let go of limiting beliefs energy. Similar to a life coach but more for one of things like specific beliefs. My experience with him has been amazing. Over the course of an hour he was able to completely dissolve an emotion I had so that it no longer affected me in one area. Highly reccomend if you feel stuck in an area of life, or if you have an emotional issue like social anxiety. http://www.radicaltruth.com.au/
  5. It won't let me in says access is currently disabled.
  6. @Ilya put music on and dance. Seriously in a room by yourself just move however you want.
  7. @Leo Gura You could try the rsd model. One free meeting. You than offer a premium meeting the next day.
  8. @Leo Gura you said in a blog post once something along the lines of some ideas if shared would make you lose credibility because they're so extreme. Could you give an example of one
  9. The marketing episode really changed my perspective forever. One of those moments were I realize how lucky I am to have found leo's content, there could so easily be a reality where I don't have access to this.
  10. @K VIL haha love it I reccomend going niche whatever interests you, you could research relationships or emotional mastery. Really anything that's most fun to you.
  11. @heisenburger https://mega.nz/#!j5YERT6B!NikNo1QLKKvoJShUFI_-iUeCJRSuYB53XqSc6tA2M4o
  12. @BobbyLowell bobby try this. https://mega.nz/#!ntBVCQIa!QBDmqgmWKzD6MC77p8p9L5csWNo4V5c4tolRMfpcyr4
  13. @Leo Gura have you ever thought of reshooting law of attraction video?
  14. Why need to be successful anyone though :)? What makes you not ok now?