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  1. In leo's top ten things you don't know you want video he talks about this. Here's how you can actually do it though, read and follow the excercise in this video, I tried this in a class and blissed out for a little bit, and you can keep doing it whenever you want https://www.trinfinityacademy.com/courses/enlightenment-1-part-1-introduction-course/lesson-3-everything-has-presence/
  2. https://www.trinfinityacademy.com/courses/ This website is run by Benitho massaro, it is completely free! It basically focuses on the two main areas of actualized.org spirituality and self actualization. I highly recommend trying it out. It's also good for someone like me who still cares about outward things like success before he transitions into more spirituality later. Highly recommend trying it out, this course was as useful to me as leo's life purpose course in terms of guiding my life. Even just this page (pasted below) alone can remove your fears whenever you want. Imagine never having to be bothered by fear again? https://www.trinfinityacademy.com/courses/empowerment-1-the-fundamentals-of-empowered-living/lesson-19-transforming-negative-beliefs/
  3. @blacksapp https://tinybuddha.com/blog/surprising-way-let-go-painful-feelings-the-past/
  4. It's completely free you can find it all here. http://thework.com/en/do-work#questions Here are one of the most powerful examples of it happening, resolved a woman's grief amazing!
  5. @mp22 how do you know that this is true? His girlfriend who was so unwell she killed herself only speaks the truth? Can you know that Jim really did this?
  6. Given the new north Korea incident where trump vows to nuke an entire country, and the already mass slaughter of civilians, is the US currently the most evil country. It seems like if the world had a villain the US seems likely to be it.
  7. @Joseph Maynor how can you know its true? Other beings don't exist, can you absolutely know that its true?
  8. I can help valach Remember there is only self sabotage because a subconscious part of you wants it. We don't just sabotage for fun or no reason, there is a reason that benefits you. A good way to clear it up is to ask this squeezing a lemon question. imagine never being able to date a girl again, what's the advantage that comes up? Just make something up even if it's stupid for example maybe it's something like "I would never have to worry about embarrassing myself in front of them". Keep going until nothing comes up. You can also ask "Imagine if you had to date girls all the time whats the disadvantage". Keep going. This is something you can do whenever you have a spare minute driving in the car or something and eventually the subconscious disadvantage comes up, than you can ask if you want to let go of it or keep it if maybe you like having it there. Here's an example of what was happening with me. One advantage to not being able to date again that came up if I imagined it happening was "I can't get in trouble". It seemed kind of strange but then I traced it back to this. When I was five years old in primary school I was talking to a girl, this was the stage where all the boys are like "eww girls" and 'Girls have cooties" you know that whole thing when you are a kid. So my brother saw me doing this and said "I'm going to tell our parents you were talking to a girl", this created the subconscious belief that talking to girls is bad from a young age, and that I'd be breaking the rule doing it. From than on whenever I liked a girl i'd act distant and kind of ignore her try extra hard to make her think I don't like her. Just an example of how this exercise can work. But remember only do it if you want to, sometimes we actually prefer self sabotage.
  9. Hi, what can I do if I still have negative values after doing the value release exercise. One value I have is being loved I want fame approval and others to think i'm good looking or sexy or confident and charismatic. The problem is this is interfering in a negative way i'm only pursuing it neurotically. But after the values release I still have it, I couldn't find the event in my past that triggered it and an event I did pick when asked could you release I said no, and it stayed. What can I do to release this because at the moment from the list fame value and approval being liked would be high on my list and I know they would hurt me if pursued because it's not even up to me if people like me or not it's their choice.
  10. @Leo Gurado you meditate with a meditation audio like holosync? Do you think it's better to meditate with no audio or with an audio?
  11. @Growf you can try byron katies the work. To uncover your subconcious thoughts ask what am I most ashamed of. Than use the work on it. http://thework.com/en/do-work
  12. I would read ask and it is given by esther and jerry hicks instead.
  13. Yes nothings changed its just you making yourself happy by holding in mind all the things you could buy. That's why you can just hold them in mind anyway. A good book is ask and it is given by esther and jerry hicks to make you happier.
  14. This videos one of my favorites from way back around three years ago.
  15. @Anakin read I need your love is that true by byron katie read the way of the superior man easy solutions.