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  1. There's no shortage of information on how meditation can impact you in the short term eg reduced anxiety better performance. But there seems to be no information on after three or more years how your life may change. Leo says meditation is the most important self improvement habit you can have, and that it radically changes your life. But in what way? Has anyone who has been sticking with it long enough to have amazing results able to share what meditation has done for them?
  2. @Loreena sure, when I was very young I had a prominent forehead. In class someone called me mega mind which obviously being a child made me feel bad. This caused a few self esteem issues, I released on wanting to feel safe and wanting approval and found the issue still persisted. It turned out there was a hidden reason it bothered me which was wanting to be one, I felt like since I looked different at least back then I wanted to fit in to merge, and I had convinced myself that having this facial feature made me distant from others. So I let go of my need to be one which took a few releases. You need to find the want behind bullying and release it. Normaly it will be wanting approval or security or wanting to change something, but in my case the reason it persisted after releasing these wants is because of the hidden want for oneness.
  3. @Loreena I use something they teach called the goals process. So 1: Id we're down my goal. Eg one was "I allow myself to effortlessly find and embody my life purpose" 2: id think of the first thought that came up. Eg 'I'm too lazy to follow through. 3: I'd recognise the want which was in this case wanting to be controlled. 4: I'd ask the three releasing questions could I let this want go? Would I want to let it go? And when would I let it go? 5: I'd either keep going on that thought until the want is gone than I'd read the goal again and move onto the next thought. And repeat until I feel like ill be happy no matter what happens as all thoughts about the goal have been released. I do this process in the mornings and switch up the goal depending on what I want to create.
  4. @Loreena what do you mean? How I applied it or what parts of the course I used?
  5. I've been using the Sedona method which has been just ridiculous. It's a simple method where all you do is sit and ask yourself questions about an issue to release the emotions. Here are the results I've gotten from it. 1: used to have severe anxiety at talking to girls, now I have literally none and I did this without having to actually talk to them, I overcame my fear just using the method. 2: I was procrastinating on my life purpose and now find myself effortlessly moving towards it. 3: Activities that I once used to hate can now be fun, eg I'm in high school so things like maths assignments or essays beig due used to be painful and something I'd procrastinate. I'm gonna state that again because it's huge. Activities that were once painful after using the method can now be effortless. Imagine what this could be for your life, maybe you want to start a business but hate drawing up a business plan, just release on drawing up the plan and it can be effortless. 4: I can overcome any addiction (although I've just started focusing on releasing on it) so far I've overcome my addiction to the internet and playing video games. 5: I am way less detached from needing approval. I used to be shy and now using this I found I talk louder, make jokes more and am embarrassed way less easily. Sometimes it surprises me how I act as I'll spontaneously do something confident. 6: Huge increase in self esteem. Although I did read Nathaniel Brandon's book so that may be contributing to this as well. 7: Huge increase in my general happiness. Whenever I am in a bad state I can release on the emotions and either feel happy or be detached from how I feel so that I feel peace as it no longer maters how I feel. A fun little benefit is now whenever I start laughing I have the option of whether or not to enter uncontrollable laughter, if something makes me laugh I feel as though I could keep laughing for as long as I want, it's like a ccoice of whether I'll stop or not depending on what's appropriate. It's ridiculous that more people haven't heard of this, if you just use the method and no other personal development your life could be amazing. All these benefits came just from focusing on releasing my fear of talking to girls, I haven't even stared releasing around things like money or success. A couple points though. 1; It takes a while to really start seeing results from it, the 80/15/5 tile still applies, 80% of people won't get results from this because they are too lazy to actually apply it. I did the audio course twice over four months and only really started seeing huge results after two months. 2: You may have to deal with traumas from your past coming up as you do the method. Eg I had an incident of being bullied come up which I had forgotten about, if it does come up though you can just use the Sedona method on it. 3: You won't be able to start releasing and see results today, if still takes a while to get benefit from it. The reason is because st first you'll want to suppress emotions because it's what we're trained to do as we grow up. You can get all you need to do the method from this book. https://www.amazon.com/Sedona-Method-Happiness-Emotional-Well-Being/dp/0971933413 You can find a free PDF of it online if you don't want to pay. They also have audio courses but they are not essential all though they are awesome. You can also get free coaching on the method by asking questions on their forum regardless of whether or not you paid money for any of their products. http://community.sedona.com/forum.php
  6. I'm wondering how much personal development can create for you. In Leo's newest video he said its become ridiculous how good his life is and its snowballing. What does this mean? How much happiness can be possible after decades of this?
  7. I recognise a little bit how enlightenment can end suffering. No matter what I achieve in life there's still always a desire for more. But when I think of meditating for thousands of hours it's like 'fuck me why would I do this?' What should I do if my motivation for enlightenment isn't strong enough to make me do all the practice. Should I just keep meditating and hope something hits me?
  8. @Wilm the not implementing thing worked for me by simply noticing it firstly. Since you're already noticing it, it will probably autocorrect over time. Even if you just read self help books and still never applied anything directly the mindset shifts over one would still be life changing so that it was beneficial. But your changes can be huge if you commit to sapping all the info you can and actually applying it. Although I'm still not 100% applying everything the majority of products I get amazing results from. For me solving the issue of nlt applying came down to finding whatever issue I cared most about. Eg I used to read think and grow rich and never got around to applying the ideas because I was in high school and a bigger issue was my nervousness around girls. So I used books on emotions. The point being I read whatever was most relevant to me at the time, which made it easy to apply because j wanted the result more. Whereas with think and grow rich money wasn't a high priority at that point in my life. Also the Sedona method has great techniques on how to stop procrastination. so 1: Notice that you're doing it (which you already are!) as long as you keep noticing that you're nt applying eventually something will crack, every time you find yourself not applying results have the intention of fixing this. 2: Try applying stuff that's most relevant to your life right now. That you're most excited about. When you have information staring you in the face on how to solve your current greatest problem in your life it's so easy to apply it!
  9. I had the same problem. The reason is (at least for me) i was stuck was. 1: I realised once you discover your life purpose you have to actually follow through. 2: I was scared of discovering my purpose because it came tied to images of what I must face on my way to it. 3: In general resistance to finding my purpose. the good news is you can completely solve this. You need to find the reason and let go of the emotion. Don't worry about letting go of the problem let go of the emotion, the problem eill solve itself. to let go of the emotion you have a couple of options. 1: the Sedona method. 2: the work by Byron Katie. bth have books for about ten bucks on them that can completely change your life:
  10. @Venus it changed my relationship to myself. I just love myself more. I also did some work using the Sedona method to release blocks which I reccomend doing. I now believe I can achieve nearly anything I want to, and I've noticed I now think I'm way more awesome. Seeing this written down about someone else may sound underwhelming but when you actually feel this shift it's life changing. Feeling better about yourself literally changes your whole life. Probably the the most useful practice in the book is living consciously, when I first started doing it it scared me, because I realised that all the things I wanted to achieve weren't happening in my current path, and I was hiding things from myself. But very quickly it stops being scary and quickly you become used to applying the teachings in the book. The best thing about this book is it's like an upward spiral. Eg if you apply the teachings of being responsible you feel good about your life, which leads you to be more responsibls which leads you to feel good and so on. The problem is most people are caught in a similar loop but to the negative, hiding/avoiding things from themselves and feeling worse so hiding more things etc.
  11. Hot shit yes! I literally feel like a different person after doing it. Just bear on mind it will be difficult so use the only changing in 5% eg 5% more authenticity is better than a giant leap and scaring yourself.
  12. If you don't have a purpose just make your goal 'find my purpose'. Even if you just spend five minutes a day contemplating you'll defiantly find it after a year of that.
  13. There are specific books and courses on this I reccomend reading the book but this is a tldr of the method. 1: Write down your issue. 2: Write down the first thought that comes up. 3: Recognise which of the four wants it is. Approval (or dissaproval): wanting people to like you e.g wanting to be seen as cool or funny or good looking. Security: wanting to be safe e.g when doing something scary like public speaking feel an urge to protect yourself from embarrassment, Control: Wantjng to change how something's is or secure a certain outcome eg. Ferling uncertain about what you want to do for a job, want to be controlled have someone tell you what to do. Separation/oneness: Tricky to feel but it's either wanting to be really special and different (separation) eg wanting to be remembered like Shakespeare or Obama as significant. Or wanting to be one which is wanting to merge with others to not be seperate. 4: Ask the three releasing questions. Could I stop wanting this? Would I? When? IMPORTANT TO ANSWER HONESTLY IF YOU ANSWER HONESTLY EVEN IF YOU SAY NO THE PROBLEM WILL START TO DISSAPEAR AFTER FIVE MINUTES For example i show three lines of releasing around a problem u had which was Social anxiety. The problem. nervousness around people. First thought that comes up I get nervous around people I do t know well. Want behind it Want control Three questions answered HONESTLY. Could I let it go? No it feel like I want control to much. Would I? If I could yes because it would help me release the problem. When? I would let go now. Than the next thought. Scared I'll embarrass myself around people. Want approval. Could I let it go? Yes, I don't have to want approval I'm not gonna die if I don't get it. Would I? Well I'd rather not care what others think so yes. When? I'd want to let go now. And you just continue until you release. If ts not working just have your next thought be 'this isn't working' which normally means you want control. keep practicing this and you can release any negative emotion.
  14. Buddhism teaches in reincarnation if you die before enlightenment, this scares the shit out of me, does this mean I can be reborn in a country with wars going on and be tortured endlessly or be born as an animal that is brutally killed by another. How do you reconcile these negative images.