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  1. When considering the notion that the universe is infinite it can scare the fuck out of me, if the universe is absolute infinity than doesn't that mean it can contain infinitely more suffering than we have now? Does that mean there are situations where you experience infinitely more pain than it is possible for a human to feel currently?
  2. This isn't necessarily completely true! I did personal development from when I was 15 stumbled across Leo's videos and was able to overcome significantly the social anxieties I had and gain confidence and humour. But yes the not fully developed part is true, most of my goals are to do with approval and impressing girls at this stage so as I age I guess real motivations ect come in later as I experience more of life
  3. Happy birthday! I love you all very much
  4. For visualisation don't worry about seeing things. FOr example of you were to think of an apple right now you can in your mind picture the stalk the redness of the apple what it looks like without actually necessarily seeing a picture. It doesn't matter whether you see anything what matters is that you are as emotional as if the thing you're visualising was really happening to you. So for visualisation focus on the feelings, go into it with this mindset. For half an hour you get to enjoy your life purpose you get to pretend it's all set up in the future, without having to worrry about anything, enjoy the feelings of freedom having a job you love feel the appreciation as though its happening now. Visualisation is never a chore if it is you're doing it wrong. A good rule of thumb is that your visualisation should be so enjoyable that even if it didn't come true it would still be worth doing because it feels so good in the moment to visualise what you want, if you feel like this you're on the right track.
  5. I have some questions from the heros joirney video. 1: How do I go on this heros journey is it just the enlightenment work that you said, self enquiry etc? 2: What is the holy grail? For inspiriation can someone describe the fulfilment etc that it's possible to attain from this journey?
  6. It's a free ebook they post online. http://www.truthcontest.com/ A lot of the info ties in with spirituality but it's a lot more depressing. The basis is that either you become enlightened or you will be reincarnated as the lowest form of life possible and have to live millions of years of evolution to reach life as a human again. Could be worth reading. But as always there's no point unless it can be proved to yourself.
  7. @Sooraj sunilkumar
  8. The law of attraction states that you attract what you think. The problem is most people have problems they want to get rid of. For example if someone was using the law of attraction to have more money they come into it with the mindset 'I don't have enough money' Now trying to get rid of a problem is holding onto it. Anything we try to get rid of we are holding in mind and thereby sustaining that problem. By wanting more money they are attracting the experience of wanting more money. Another example is someone who perhaps buys a book on the law of attraction, says something like "this isn't going to work" they than get no results from it. Of course it didn't work, they were focusing on how it wouldn't work so would attract into their lives the experience of it not working. Their mind goes out of its way to look for how things aren't working in this situation. For the law of attraction to work you need to think positively about what you want and let go of literally everything in opposition to it. For it to best work you need to not care whether or not you actually get what you want, that way you can attract it because you have no thoughts of lack or not having. Even thinking 'is it working yet' when thinking of whether the law of attraction is getting you what you want is a feeling of lack. This is why excercises like radical self love or acceptance can be so powerful, if you love the problems you have to death you can no longer have the experience of wanting to fix it, and they will disappear. http://www.actualized.org/articles/the-power-of-self-acceptance
  9. @Sharpadox resistance is just an emotion use the Sedona method I found is the best way as it works directly on releasing emotions. There's one where you holistic realease on Resitance. I was as bad as you and after doing the cd I can enter flow whenever I want (although I had resistance to listening to the cd that would get rid of my resistance at first though so may have to force yourself to listen) It's cd 6 in this set. http://www.sedona.com/programs/practical-freedom.asp I can email you the cd file for the resistance for free if you want send me a private message.
  10. This quote struck me in lester levensons book happiness is free. About just how much happiness can be attained from enlightenment. "I would not stop until I could see the end of the line of this happiness I was getting. I would go higher and higher and higher and say "oh my gosh, there can be nothing higher than this!" But I would go higher than I would say "Oh but surely there can't be anything higher than this" and go higher still. I would than say "but surely this is the limit of happiness" and go higher still until I realised there was no limit to happiness!"
  11. @Lorcan Im in high school too, I just do enough to get by in school and spend the majority my education effort into teaching myself from self help books at home. Just enjoy the time at school with little responsibilities as a young adult. Try set our focus to a life purpose rather than good grades.
  12. @NicAndStuff yes had the same problem! I've been focusing on fixing this for around a year and found a technique from the Sedona method course to help. Around close friends I can be hilarious etc but in certain situations it was hard it lock up or be scared of filtering. I've started doing an excercise that's helped a lot, it's called a holistic release. You set a time for ten minutes and cycle between these two polarities. 1: Think of a time you were inauthentic and welcome the feelings 2: Think of a time you were completely authentic eg when unfiltered around friends cycle back and forth, eventually the feelings cancel each other out. I've been doing this for a week and have had huge results but still am doing some more to clear up any more tendency to filter self. you can also try the book radical honesty by brad blanton.
  13. You can't always be immune to all negative emotions but you can achieve a state where as soon as a negative emotion comes up you let it go within around ten seconds of having it. So pretty much yeah you can, you'll just have to consciously release it.
  14. @herghly one thing that helped me was not worrying about what I can do as a job but worrying about what the most enjoyable times of my life where. Eg I traced t back to a time I was in a school playground and was yelling, which meant I loved speaking with emotion which than gave me a clue to jobs eg speaking with passion like public speaking acting making YouTube videos where I speak passionately ect.
  15. There's no shortage of information on how meditation can impact you in the short term eg reduced anxiety better performance. But there seems to be no information on after three or more years how your life may change. Leo says meditation is the most important self improvement habit you can have, and that it radically changes your life. But in what way? Has anyone who has been sticking with it long enough to have amazing results able to share what meditation has done for them?