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  1. I'm currently focusing on being a Magician ( like David Blaine). I already have the skill set, probably performed like 1000+ times, doing it for about 4 years now since I was 14 years old. Easiest to get a profit from. Then my long term vision is to have a Film, that will teach people how to live the Good Life ( how to become a sage ) So basically my life purpose is, I perform to people, teaching them how to live the Good LIfe. Then that creates a question again, How can I Teach people by Performing? ( seems impossible )
  2. Yeah exactly what I did. Chose the one that I already have the skillset to produce some money on it. Then did the other things on my spare time, or maybe mix them once in a while with my domain of mastery. Thank you so much brother, much love.
  3. So I have been taking the life purpose course. I have lot of things that I really love to do but I find it hard to choose which to focus on (cant choose which one to make it to my domain of mastery) I love to perform magic ( sleight of hand ), hypnosis. I love pickup, calisthenics. and also I really love to teach. I've been thinking to somehow mix them together, but it's too many, I can maybe mix two of them together then thats it.
  4. You guys have got to read these, they are amazing by far some of the best self help books I've read (I own around 30). If you only read one i'll say read letting go, it's essential! You can change so many things in your life success emotion diet and it can all be busy work without changing how you feel, if you start to apply this book youll gain traction towards feeling better and better, as it deals with letting go of emotions. Letting go - This book deals with how to get rid of emotions and move up the emotional scale. If you start applying this you'll feel better and better and better, although it happens slowly it's not instant. His trilogy on enlightenment is also incredible. The first book is power vs force. The second is the eye of the i. The third is i relativity and subjectivity. Must read books for people looking for new stuff. Most libraries have them too!
  5. Mine has got to be the video on what is the devil. Mind blowing, essential to know as well to understand how your mind rationalises all evil acts. Anyone know any other great videos by leo, as I may not have time to watch them all.
  6. Yes I've tried it twice and i like it! I'm gonna try again now thanks for reminding me
  7. @Gligorije if you want something I think you'll be greateful for social skills can be amazing! You can look back in 3 years and think thank fuck I worked on my confidence or humor. Say what you want about working hard or being enlightened but look back at the happiest moments in your life and they all likely involved having fun with friends. https://youtu.be/85NX4zZKAQE
  8. I read lots of self help books to change my mindsets, since as a teenager your mind is still malleable.
  9. Is it the peter ralston one under pysiology I can't tell which book's the right one.
  10. But we ain't even had breakfast yet CAN I GET A HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THERE!
  11. Manfred runs a service where he works with you to let go of limiting beliefs energy. Similar to a life coach but more for one of things like specific beliefs. My experience with him has been amazing. Over the course of an hour he was able to completely dissolve an emotion I had so that it no longer affected me in one area. Highly reccomend if you feel stuck in an area of life, or if you have an emotional issue like social anxiety. http://www.radicaltruth.com.au/
  12. @Leo Gura You could try the rsd model. One free meeting. You than offer a premium meeting the next day.
  13. @Leo Gura you said in a blog post once something along the lines of some ideas if shared would make you lose credibility because they're so extreme. Could you give an example of one