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  1. Hi. So I need to build skills around a purpose for a couple of years until I'm good enough to make a living of my life purpose. But how do I make money until that point? If I had to work a normal 9-5 job to make money and than do the skill building thing after coming home from work I just wouldn't do the skill building because I'd be too tired. How do I focus on building skills when I'm not yet good enough to be paid while building those skills?
  2. @alyra https://www.amazon.com/Sedona-Method-Happiness-Emotional-Well-Being/dp/0971933413 Or the YouTube channel
  3. - It's not as big a deal or as complicated as you think. - It's just an emotion blocking happiness. - So don't think or fix anything in reality just remove the emotion and you'll be in a natural happiness or high state. This video will work for every situation listed.
  4. @alyra yes I can solve this entirely! Seriously I have an exact way to solve this for you perfectly I just took a course on this. Here's how: If if you don't do an action there's a subconscious attachment or aversion to it. Do this process it will make you take the right action automatically and it will be fun. I did this on excercise I was like uhhh I don't want to do it but after this process I did it easily as easy as it was to sit and do nothing. 1: ask what is an attachment I have to doing ____ 2: Ask does that attachment come from wanting approval control or security? 3: Ask Since I don't have the approval control or security I want anyway could I let go of wanting it just for a second? ( note: if your mind tricks you into saying if I don't want it I can't have it don't believe it. if you let go of wanting it you'll have it, you can't want something and have it at the same time and you can only have and not want or want and not have, let go of wanting the deeper want and you can have it, you'll start to take action towards it) 4: Ask what is an aversion I have to doing ____ 5: Ask does that aversion come from wanting approval control or security? 6: ask since I don't have the think want that is fueling my aversion anyway could I let go just for a second if wanting it so I can have it? Repeat 1-6 until you are completely fine whether or not you take the action and the action will automatically be done. Heres an example dialogue I did on myself. My problem was not doing visualisation to make myself funnier. 1: my attachment to visualisation is if I visualise humor it will make me funnier. 2: that attachment comes from wanting approval because I want to be funny to get approval. 3: I could let go of wanting approval because I don't have it now anyway, so why not let go of wanting approval 4: An aversion I have to visualisation is I don't want to do it it feels like work I'd rather watch YouTube or listen to music instead I feel lazy. 5: this aversion comes from wanting control, because I want to change that I'm not visualising so my humor can change and I can benefit from visualisation. 6: I could let go of wanting control because I don't have it anyway, right now I'm just sitting there not don't what I want so there's no point wanting control I already don't have it. Once I let go of just these two aversions since I didn't want to control that I visualised there was no resistance and I stopped YouTube and started doing it automatically, also letting go of wanting approval for being funny meant I no lover cared whether people don't laugh at my jokes so I now tell jokes more and thus am funnier since I don't hold back my humor. See how it works? Let go of all atachments and aversions to what you want and the best possible outcome will come out. Do this process on the action you have and it will automatically be easy for you to do what you want. SERIOUSLY I HIGHLY RECCOMED DOING THIS, if you ignore this excercise you've maybe just given up maybe your only opportunity to make this effortless, and will have to brute force it. If you feel like after reading this 'that's nice but I don't want to do this excercise' it means there's an aversion to it, maybe you expect the excercise will be boring which comes from wanting to control how you feel by doing something fun. This can be fun, seriously give it a try You can ask me any questions about it also :)?
  5. Does anyone know if a book that can improve my happiness right now. I'm not interested in theory of happiness, would love s book with practical tools to feel better, so far I've read the Sedona method which I found to e extremely helpful. Any one have any other books with techniques or something I can use?
  6. @The White Belt you can read the big leap by gay Hendricks to completely solve this problem If you want to.
  7. @kieranperez I had the same problem! it sounds like you are nervous. This normally comes from expecting something to happen, what images do you have? Maybe you see yourself stumbling no over words or saying a joke and having laughter or having the girl dissaprove of you, maybe you're just scared of the feeling of fear or of being uncomfortable. Maybe you're worried about being scared and losing your thoughts or running out of things to say. Try this to release fears, this video can completely release your fears so you feel as comfortable talking to girls as you would be talking to your mother or a close friend. I know because I used it on myself. If the video doesn't work just do the fear video again but do it on the memeory of this not working and it will solve itself. If you don't think it's fear that's stopping you reply and We can try help you find the reason why you are stuck.
  8. @ZX_man yes! If you're feeling depressed anyway right now why not surrender to it. If you've been resisting it already you'll notice it hasn't changed so just ask could I let it be here? Notice how no matter how much you resist it and want it gone it still stays, so if it's gonna be here anyway you can at least give yourself permission to feel t right? Even if you just allow it for 30 seconds that can go a very long way in disolving the emotion. Also when surrending make sure to surrender to everything. If you surrender and I feeling disappears normally there will r another feeling that come so up, if you surrender and think it isn't gone yet justness surrender to that, surrender to the wanting it fixed, just let yourself want to fix it think 'it's ok to wanting to change it I'll let myself want to change it a day much as I do' if you than think maybe this isn't working just surrender to that as well, just keep surrendering to the feelings and you can't lose. If your mind outsmarts you and makes you resist your feelings which is what's keepi you stuck, just surrender to your mind tricking you its impossible for you to do this wrong
  9. @Mondsee just wiggle your fingers or try squeeze your face this wakes me up from sleep paralysis 95% of times. If it's not at least you're awareness you're in sleep paralysis so you can just allow it. Try see what fun stuff hallucinations nightmarish visions your mind comes up with!
  10. I've read the majority of books in Leo's book list and am looking for more methods on dealing with emotions if anyone knows any.
  11. Can someone share with me books resources on shadow work or nlp they have found?
  12. @Annetta I know this wasn't directed at me but thanks for posting this song I love it I've been playing it all day since I heard it! I just added the full album this is from (evil friends) to my Spotify