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  1. @kieranperez I had the same problem! it sounds like you are nervous. This normally comes from expecting something to happen, what images do you have? Maybe you see yourself stumbling no over words or saying a joke and having laughter or having the girl dissaprove of you, maybe you're just scared of the feeling of fear or of being uncomfortable. Maybe you're worried about being scared and losing your thoughts or running out of things to say. Try this to release fears, this video can completely release your fears so you feel as comfortable talking to girls as you would be talking to your mother or a close friend. I know because I used it on myself. If the video doesn't work just do the fear video again but do it on the memeory of this not working and it will solve itself. If you don't think it's fear that's stopping you reply and We can try help you find the reason why you are stuck.
  2. @ZX_man yes! If you're feeling depressed anyway right now why not surrender to it. If you've been resisting it already you'll notice it hasn't changed so just ask could I let it be here? Notice how no matter how much you resist it and want it gone it still stays, so if it's gonna be here anyway you can at least give yourself permission to feel t right? Even if you just allow it for 30 seconds that can go a very long way in disolving the emotion. Also when surrending make sure to surrender to everything. If you surrender and I feeling disappears normally there will r another feeling that come so up, if you surrender and think it isn't gone yet justness surrender to that, surrender to the wanting it fixed, just let yourself want to fix it think 'it's ok to wanting to change it I'll let myself want to change it a day much as I do' if you than think maybe this isn't working just surrender to that as well, just keep surrendering to the feelings and you can't lose. If your mind outsmarts you and makes you resist your feelings which is what's keepi you stuck, just surrender to your mind tricking you its impossible for you to do this wrong
  3. @Mondsee just wiggle your fingers or try squeeze your face this wakes me up from sleep paralysis 95% of times. If it's not at least you're awareness you're in sleep paralysis so you can just allow it. Try see what fun stuff hallucinations nightmarish visions your mind comes up with!
  4. I've read the majority of books in Leo's book list and am looking for more methods on dealing with emotions if anyone knows any.
  5. Can someone share with me books resources on shadow work or nlp they have found?
  6. @Annetta I know this wasn't directed at me but thanks for posting this song I love it I've been playing it all day since I heard it! I just added the full album this is from (evil friends) to my Spotify
  7. @krazzer ohh I just read a book on this! The big leap by gay Hendricks talks about this you have periods where everything feels amazing but a part of you brings you down. Highly recommend you read this seeing as it's a book written on the exact problem you asked about in this forum.
  8. I'm in high school at the moment so meet most girls through a social circle. The problem I'm having is not knowing when to pursue them romantically. I have no problem asking them out, after doing some emotional work on the fears of this. The problem I have however is judging when to do it, I've made he mistake before of doing this too early after meeting a girl and making things uncomfortable because of it. The advice I'd love if anyone has it is when I should start pursuing a girl romantically. Do I wait for the girl to start showing signs she's interested, or do I have to know her more first. Or do I just ask her out whenever I feel like I want to, whether or not shes showing interest?
  9. @electroBeam why do you need to do work? If you're happy now you only do work because you think work will lead to happiness in the future, but it doesn't it just takes away the happiness you have. When echkart told first became enlightened he kept having thoughts of needing to do work. But if he did this he never would have continued with spiritually and written the power of now. He did more by spending several months in bliss sitting at a park bench which led him to write his book and help thiusands than he would have just working in same teaching job with minimal impact if he gave into his thoughts saying you should work. Also notice how when you feel good you bring yourself down by feeling guilty 'I shouldn't feel this way' or 'I'm worried something will happen'. Next time this happens why not replace t with a mantra like 'I'm becoming more and more ok with happiness every day'.
  10. Yes! I've recently been reading a book called the big leap by gay hendricks. Which talks about how when we're feeling got we try bring ourselves back down because we're uncomfortable feeling good. Helps me be more aware and now my happiness is getting more and more extended in its periods daily. Definitely recommend it.
  11. Just sit in the lotus position. That's it. No more sleepiness.
  12. @JCShannon88 No more mr nice guy Robert glover. Literally a book just about this problem ridiculous if you don't read it after it's been suggested to you. also try the way of the superior man the six pillars of self esteem.