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  1. If you don't have a purpose just make your goal 'find my purpose'. Even if you just spend five minutes a day contemplating you'll defiantly find it after a year of that.
  2. There are specific books and courses on this I reccomend reading the book but this is a tldr of the method. 1: Write down your issue. 2: Write down the first thought that comes up. 3: Recognise which of the four wants it is. Approval (or dissaproval): wanting people to like you e.g wanting to be seen as cool or funny or good looking. Security: wanting to be safe e.g when doing something scary like public speaking feel an urge to protect yourself from embarrassment, Control: Wantjng to change how something's is or secure a certain outcome eg. Ferling uncertain about what you want to do for a job, want to be controlled have someone tell you what to do. Separation/oneness: Tricky to feel but it's either wanting to be really special and different (separation) eg wanting to be remembered like Shakespeare or Obama as significant. Or wanting to be one which is wanting to merge with others to not be seperate. 4: Ask the three releasing questions. Could I stop wanting this? Would I? When? IMPORTANT TO ANSWER HONESTLY IF YOU ANSWER HONESTLY EVEN IF YOU SAY NO THE PROBLEM WILL START TO DISSAPEAR AFTER FIVE MINUTES For example i show three lines of releasing around a problem u had which was Social anxiety. The problem. nervousness around people. First thought that comes up I get nervous around people I do t know well. Want behind it Want control Three questions answered HONESTLY. Could I let it go? No it feel like I want control to much. Would I? If I could yes because it would help me release the problem. When? I would let go now. Than the next thought. Scared I'll embarrass myself around people. Want approval. Could I let it go? Yes, I don't have to want approval I'm not gonna die if I don't get it. Would I? Well I'd rather not care what others think so yes. When? I'd want to let go now. And you just continue until you release. If ts not working just have your next thought be 'this isn't working' which normally means you want control. keep practicing this and you can release any negative emotion.
  3. Buddhism teaches in reincarnation if you die before enlightenment, this scares the shit out of me, does this mean I can be reborn in a country with wars going on and be tortured endlessly or be born as an animal that is brutally killed by another. How do you reconcile these negative images.
  4. No
  5. @mathieu an entire book just on that https://www.amazon.com/What-Every-BODY-Saying-Speed-Reading/dp/0061438294 Also these books are amazing I really enjoyed them. https://www.amazon.com/Charisma-Command-Inspire-Energize-Everyone-ebook/dp/B00MX95J48 https://www.amazon.com/Charisma-Myth-Science-Personal-Magnetism/dp/1591845947 Alao so if you're working on helping empathising with people I recommend taking robins madanes training. It's expensive but they have some free videos if you enter your email that you won't have to pay for.
  6. @Wormon Blatburm dude I have the same thing except I was introverted plus anxious. Try using visualisation, and also either the work or the Sedona method to let go of caring what people think.
  7. @Inglorious try this.
  8. @Nahm how did you do this? Was it just meditation or drugs? If just meditation would techniques did you use and how long did it take?
  9. Hi, I have a situation that's causing me a lot of uncertainty I'd love some advice from anyone. Im in my final year of high school. Through the life purpose course what kept coming up is acting, the times in my life I've enjoyed the most I've been doing this. The problem is the advice from nearly everyone around me seems to be do not do this. I know everyone has fears, but it genuinely feels like if I follow my passion and pursue acting I could be in serious trouble. It's one of the hardest careers to finance takes a minimum of 9 years to be successful and that's working minimum wage jobs and long nights to finance it I've never had to be independent before so to have to go straight to hussling etc seems overwhelming. I'm scared I'll chase this than completely fuck up my chance at a solid job by chasing a passion and not being able to support myself financially, than wasting all this time while everyone around me gets university degrees for stable jobs. There seems to be no answer anywhere for this people just say 'follow your passion', how do I do this while not messing things up?
  10. @Jecht Spencer thanks Aaron Paul
  11. Hi! I've had this problem for about six months, I'd start of committed but than visualisation would wane, I found the reason was when First starting I was excited at possibility of something coming true, but as it went on I stopped thinking of it so optimistically and it become a chore. Visualisation should be enjoyable if it's not it's probably not working. To solve this spend a minute before visualising imagining it's here. Eg my visualisation is for humour so I spent some time describing what's I want than imagine it eg "I'm now hilarious around anyone" I than feel grateful for having it like it has just been granted in that moment, than see the visualisation as just a way to practice using the humor which I already have, not something im hoping for in the future. So 1: Describe to yourself what you want eg "I am now rich" 2; Be grateful as though when you described it it just came true. 3: Now see your visualisation as a way for you to enjoy whatever you just described. This worked for me because it forces me to feel like I have it which brings back the excitement from right at the start of visualisation. tldr: Don't use visualise to see what you'll have in the future, see it as a way to already have whatever you're visualising right now in this moment.
  12. I've got some great books about maintaining relations like the way of the superior man but what about how to first spark attraction? Would love to hear some reccomendations if anyone's read any.
  13. It's important to probably not share any crazy stuff like enlightenment with the people around you. I read somewhere that your parents or friends drag you down not because they don't want you to succeed but BECAUSE they care about you and don't want to be left behind. When I bought my first personal development book my parents were interested didn't really care when I had around ten they started saying 'this is bullshit' 'it's brainwashing, waste of money' at one point my dad threatened to ban me from access to computers for doing it.
  14. In all seriousness I thibk Brett's Chanel is worth following he has good information and he responds to any question you send him.
  15. @username it's more the smiling that is difficult my face can feel like it's on fire which just makes me laugh more.