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  1. The ego is the bubble, it's afraid of bursting out. But in reality the Bubble is the air inside the bubble.
  2. Hi, I,ve been practicing meditation for 5 years now non-stop and one of my most effective ways to calm the mind is using the Tatraka method. Recently I discovered that I can achieve the same result by gazing at Stereogram Images. Its mesmerizing visual 3D illusion catchs the attention of the mind stoping the "Inner commentary ". Also it's a good analogy for the awakening. Realizing the hidden truth by changing the perspective of the viewer. Stereogram images:
  3. You (the father) created an avatar (the son) that experiences reality (the Holy Spirit) this division makes experience possible. Other way there’s only nothingness . here are some analogies The father is having a dream , he dreams he is the son living in the world (the Holy Spirit) Or... The father is the game developer the son is the player and the Holy Spirit is the game itself
  4. Enlightenment is not an experience. An awakening experience can lead to enlightenment. Enlightenment is permanent. Experiences don’t go forever. Enlightenment can lead to awakening experiences easily. Awakenings happen when the mind stops. Meditation stops the mind over time. Death stops the mind instantly. Psychedelics stop the mind in minutes. if 5 meo were not as scary as death itself ...
  5. I was thinking exactly the same. This is not punishment, its an opportunity to evolve.
  6. If you start experiencing something similar to this you are on the correct way to enlightenment.
  7. @CroMagna ive been working at home since 2010 and never looked back. I started working as a web designer at a design studio to learn the basics once i felt comfortable and got some experience i worked freelanc with some clients i got from internet. Then i quited my job and made some wordpress themes at themeforest then i found my true pasion was to make videogames so i started making my own videogame as an indie and now i only follow my passion which is anything related to videogames . Tip: you habe to be always learning and loving doing it. best of lucks
  8. This video sumarizes my first 5 meo dmt trip
  9. @1liamo78 i found this video that im pretty sure will help you.
  10. You resisted with fear. Tahts what happened tell you by experience. Next time You need to let the fear embrace you and just let go. Dont analize it just renounce life and youll reach heaven.
  11. 5-MEO-DMT should be enough. You can let the Ego go without it, but your body/ mind doesn't know how. Thats why 5-MEO-DMT its so helpful it takes you by the hand and show you how to do it. So next time you won't need the substance to reproduce it the efffect. And its not really enlightment what you get with the substance, its just an awakening an experience that will allow you to integrate what is really the reality by destroying the glasses you are wearing (ego/mind). And then after a while enlightment happens naturally.