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  1. I will write a full trip report for the forums a week after the Ayahuasca its DMT component has faded, and I get my concepts, humanity and language back. This is just a copy of something I sent directly to Leo first. I'm still in my "trip" even though its 4 hours since my last shot I'm on my 2nd Ayahuasca day right now ? First time taking any psychedelics or drugs of any kind. One specific thing you can probably relate to is my hands and fingers are naturally circling around each other, like I'm weaving it all like threads. My fingers were doing this naturally early in my trip, and after a few hours I went and found my phone and Spotify, and when I was listening to the music directly through my ear buds, we became one and my fingers are weaving the music itself, because i am the creator of the music, even though the ego we call Hans Zimmer created it directly. And it has always been my favourite thing to do, to create more unique beauty and heaven. My favourite things to do is: Play. Invent. Observe. I get it now. It was all my ego's decision. I created it all, including all the hells and heavens and everything else. Our universe is one of the hells. Language is one of the hells. So writing this down creates hell. But I can create heaven anywhere I am, even in the deepest hells I can plant a seed of heaven, and it will remain forever a pure piece of heaven that can spread and potentially make our universe heaven, in contrast to what it was. But when you as well have had this experience and know you are me, language can communicate heaven, home, together, one. The ego I had, was condensed hell, stale, limited, chaotic, sour, acidic. EVEN with the great amount of positive development my ego had before the trip. I don't want to go back to that, I prefer to create heaven, plant its seed through art and being, plant trees, a tree is part of heaven. You Leo, and your child, is part of heaven. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. I remember stumbling over the "Yo Elliot" series like 10 years ago? And the stumbling again when he was talking about chakras, and then some alpha video, and then stumble again hanging out with Wim Hof when I was researching him. I feel he's all over the place and models like spiral dynamics become less effective with people like him. Like, full blown psychotic people or severe drug addicts are so far outside the norm that all models fall apart right? I'm not categorizing him anywhere near "psychotic", it's just an example how people's world views become so unique, however delusional, that we only cause confusion trying to label them
  4. Something similar happened suddenly with the Special Books by Special Kids channel this year, a big part of their community and communication would go through the comment section, and YouTube disabled the comment function for their whole channel without giving any reason.
  5. Isn't enlightenment more about calming the reckless need for survival? Once you stop identifying with the ego, you will naturally stop this game of survival, security and comfort no matter the cost of others and the environment. The thoughts will still be popping out of nowhere and you can still entertain yourself with saving the world, playing a video game and looking at ducks in the park
  6. Why not find a girlfriend who is into personal development and spiritual growth and have conscious mindful sex together? Chasing girls every weekend in clubs will most likely cause a huge distracting mess yes
  7. What will help you right now is talked about in his previous "personal development" videos 1-3 years back isn't it?
  8. What about trying Kindergarten Teacher instead? Where you don't have national tests and all learning through a chalk board?
  9. I guess this is a good little addition to this thread. Bernie's stance on UBI as of April.2019. Asked by an obvious Yang supporter. Only 2min. The jobs that are dying will be given retraining programs to other fields. Sadly the success of retraining us currently at only 15%
  10. How can you know this state here right now without psychedelics is not delusional? From what position do you judge that "absolutely"?
  11. Just 3 of my songs located on Soundcloud, in no particular order. I create cinematic/short story music out of orchestral, folk and whatever other instrument that sounds somewhat "organic". I love instruments "talking with each other", evolving melodies surrounded by lots of tiny details, like when you're walking through the forest and can hear natural crackling noises from the dry leaves and twigs you step on.
  12. After like 5 hours of his interviews I got the same impression of his thought pattern being Yellow, but he's playing the Green cards, its values and words to communicate effectively with most people. But ofc, he appeals to lots of Orange kids that feel they can band together and use the 1000/month to hustle and grind fourth that revolutionary idea/app that most likely will fall apart once they get into the nitty gritty of building it I'm also seeing something similar. Rather than pouring tons of money into slow systems that indirectly "change" people's lives in a general way, which is not effective when you focus on each individual.. You can instead just give the money to the people themselves, let them be flexible with it the instant they need it to make a decision they need to move forward. This way you can reduce the money given to universities, because you know everyone involved at least got SOME economic foundation. People's lives change every week, and they might need niche solutions within a few days that a system won't understand or have the time to respond to. And I think we kind of have changed since our tribal days, it's not like "if you don't contribute 15 hours a day, we are all going to fucking starve" lol, covering basic needs seem really obvious. And isn't money in circulation one of the most important things for an economy? +I think UBI is not the ultimate solution, but it opens up for a whole new world, and abstract effects that are difficult to put into words, like Yang is mentioning "Giving people a sense of abundance and optimism". We can't really know until it rolls out. But politics have been so stale for so long, it might just need a crazy experiment. Power to the people? Money is power
  13. I guess if aliens visited, they wouldn't be bloodthirsty tentacles looking to blow up the entire planet, because in order to get to that level of technology they would have to transcend all conflict within themselves on their own planet. So either the aliens destroy them self before they can get to us or they wander the universe as highly conscious creatures
  14. Aren't there thousands of groups that seek enlightenment based on culture or some Buddhist upbringing, and then just sit and meditate even before they're teens. Basically they're seeking enlightenment and they don't necessarily have difficult traumatic lives on the side?
  15. It's one of several personality tests I find incredibly accurate to describe the complexity of personality with words, as far as language can go. In the link above you are put in one of 16 types with factors in several degrees. You can take the test yourself in like 15min. 95% of the description is spot on, so I would trust the description of the test more than what I could articulate myself if I met a new friend. Dunno if @Leo Gura is into personality tests, but I have a feeling he would fall into INTP as well, because what was so mind blowing about finding Actualized. Org on YouTube was Leo's thought pattern and my instant recognition of our shared insights, lonely insights I had independent in my late teens was finally mirrored and I know exactly what be was pointing at. Insight after insight exploding in my head when all the vague gooey understandings which I struggled to put into words all fell into place with his articulation skill hundreds of times stronger than my own. And when he articulates the insights 100 times better than you could at that stage of development, you can "complete" the insights faster and go deeper to the insights that require other "lesser" insights quicker. Intellectually beautiful at the time of discovery, my brain was drooling But personality types are more like this foundation of individual psychology and your own brain chemistry, and then on top of one of the 16 all 7,5 billion humans can go in, you have a more superficial personality type of your ego, which are all the tiny details of your interests and language
  16. I've used Intermittent Fasting as a tool many times and I've enjoyed it. But depending on the period before and after fasting, and the length of the fasts each day, you need to aim to get roughly the same amount of food as you would if you had eaten your western traditional 4-5 times a day, you listen to your body and eat what you need within your "eating window". There's some research the fasting mechanism makes each calorie you eat to become more effectively used, so you can drop a few hundred calories of your total. But my own experiments and this research didn't show mind blowing results, so I don't know this part really. As religious fasting tries to imitate poverty as well as many other things, it also prohibits water, which is the one detail that really sets it apart from something like Intermittent Fasting. I've found absolutely no benefit abstaining from just pure simple water during the fast, might even be dangerous to dry out like that every single day so many days in a row. If you're going to experiment with meditation or some other spiritual practice+fasting WITHOUT water, that's another story and something you have to figure out yourself. Intermittent Fasting also has a strict Fast Window of AT LEAST 16 hours, including time in sleep, the research show that this is the time your body needs to get into the fasting mode, for the benefits to even start activating. I have a muslim friend that said he eats with his family very early in the morning before the sun rises, which means he most likely won't make it to 16 hours straight, because he's then going to eat with his family again like 22:00 in the evening? If he had skipped the early breakfast right after waking, he could have included the time sleeping in the fasting window. My personality type is INTP so I just experiment with these kind of lifestyles for fun and the thrill and satisfaction of new perspectives, but what I've learned is that, unless you got some health issues with this and that, you're never going to fucking die trying these lifestyles out for 1-2 months or even 6 months. I just jumped into the ketogenic diet for 4 months experimenting and observing myself, and I'm not one of those with diabetes, epilepsy or morbid obesity which it's often recommended for as a tool. My veins didn't get clogged and my cholesterol balance even improved. It won't kill you, as long as you stay within reason, you can fuck up Intermittent Fasting by fasting withing a window of 16-20 hours with water, but then eat only 1 meal of 500 calories, then in the long run it's no longer Intermittent Fasting, it's Starvation, which has a success rate of 0%.
  17. If you're not OK with plugging, will you really be OK with 5-MeO? ...
  18. Almost a year since I discovered this whole "study of existence" or whatever we should call it and as I've read and listened to various teachers to get a good intellectual overview I've stumbled upon Deepak Chopra. Listening to some of his talks it sounds like he's on to the exact same things but at the same time I see a lot of hate for him, that he is not coming from the same place as a mystic. Since I've just started researching this I struggle to grasp exactly what he is doing wrong and why he is taken less seriously, since he use many of the same explanations and words. Is he too bold in his claims, new agey or mess things up because he tries to explain unexplainable things with language?
  19. So is there like a cult somewhere right now that believe this and try to share the Law of One? Or is it just a book for now?
  20. Well this was interesting. Held my breath for 2 min 47 sec at first try with this technique, the times I've tried holding my breath earlier has been closer to 1min lol. I just heard about this so don't know much about this, but Wim Hof has been running around in Mount Everest in underwear, control his adrenaline and cure himself of bacteria and sickness. Also hold many world records for extreme cold etc
  21. I'm planning some time in the coming years, maybe as early as April.2018 to walk across Norway, live in its beautiful and diverse nature from spring to fall, about 200 days. Is this a good time to bring some psychedelics? Or is this whole idea I have about taking this in beautiful nature, weeks in silence away from people in freedom just some ego fantasy, and taking stuff like 5meo is so heavy that it won't matter where you are? Will weeks in silence, nature and freedom help, worsen or be insignificant?
  22. Existence exist.. It's so absurd that sometimes it hits me like a truck. Craziness inside insanity inside absurdity inside awesomeness inside teletubbies. EXISTENCE EXIST GUYS