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  1. Do you plan on writting a book at some point?
  2. I was actually in a quote cold environment, window open and sweater on. I think I did drink water but not sure about the quantity. Will try drinking way more water next time I try this drug.
  3. Any downside with using freebase rectally? I got a bunch of freebase I don't know what to do with it, since smoking it is so disgusting and I can't quite smoke it right. EDIT: I assume no given this was already answered in the mega thread.
  4. Except for me it was not at all. Quite a boring trip in term of emotions compared to my previous LSD trips. It's been so long since the last time I drank alcohol in large doses I can't tell if it felt like a hangover. Never got a headache on LSD too. In fact I didn't have headache for months or years prior to this. I used to have pretty bad headaches when I was younger though. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Sadly I didn't notice any of that. Isn't Rapid Eye Movement a normal thing to happen during sleep? All the 3D geometry happened while having my eyes closed, I got little to no hallucinations with my eyes opened. Peripheral vision was enhanced and I saw all colors when looking at white but that's pretty much it. So yes it could of happened without me noticing. I didn't notice much during the trip but I only took 29mg. The headache pain wasn't behind my eyes but more in the back of my head. Not sure if that information is any useful.
  6. It lasted 24 hours, started when the effects weared off. One of the worse headaches I got in my entire life. Any chance I could take it again and have no headache? Or will I have it everytime? Anyone experiencing the same thing? Did anything help you with those headaches? It's kind of sad cause the trip went well and I like the 7 day tolerance (instead of 14). It's not as useful as LSD in term of introspection but that's a nice drug I'd enjoy doing with friends, only if I didn't get awful pain for 24 hours afterwards. If I had to explain why the headache happened, I would say that the bit of my brain that generates 3d scenes from inputs coming from my senses was highly overloaded. During the trip I was seeing lots of architecture and pretty 3D geometry. After the trip the headache wasn't constant but rather hitting whenever I was looking at objects or places. Basically everytime my brain had to generate a new 3D thing out of what I was looking it hurt. Probably that my brain got better at doing this thanks to this trip (and given that I have a course on OpenGL and 3D computer graphics technologies, I'm not mad). Any chance that my brain gets good enough at doing this that it doesn't get tired afterwards?
  7. Where would I find such edible empty capsules? Is there other ways I can ingest the thing without special capsules? Can't I just put it in water and drink it? (Would chlorine destroy the thing?) Does it taste THAT bad or does it just tastes bad? Worse case scenario I can just get distilled water? EDIT: Yeah ok I can find capsules on amazon but it's an investment. Might as well tag @Girzo, please teach me your tricks!
  8. Interesting. Thanks for the answer
  9. But why wouldn't my coffee table or the Vitamin C plastic bottle also be products of infinite and divine intelligence? What determines what is natural and not? Are humans so bad they can turn good stuff into bad stuff? Who decides that stuff? Who is creating that scenario where this little bit of logic is true?
  10. I'm sorry I didn't want to annoy you.
  11. Good point. Isn't length of the trip good to reflect on what was observed though? I would think the main point of 5 Meo is that you don't have a 2 week period tolerance where you can't take it again. I see 4-Aco-DMT is only 1 week so that sounds better to me.
  12. Have you considered it might be a confirmation bias? The idea of natural vs synthetic is in your mind in the first place. Reality is one