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  1. Music is the accumulation of your feelings. Observe your worries and they transform into a melody.
  2. Yeah you are right, about the same as me and I'm pretty sensitive. I saw posts online of people saying it affects the length of trips though, lighter people having longer trips (something I feel I can relate to with LSD).
  3. Thanks for sharing your story. If it doesn't bother you, what is your height and weight?
  4. Hair is basically keratin so that would make sense, but I failed to find any study that links psychedelics and keratin. There's one study that tries to find traces of LSD and shrooms in hair but I would assume it is just normal to have traces of chemical you ingested in your hair
  5. I have noticed when tripping on LSD my face gets very oily. I am a few days after a pretty big trip and I just noticed I have keratosis pilaris on my inner forearms. (I am 21) Does anybody else experience something similar? Any evidence for this phenomenon?
  6. Basically it shows a colored map of your brain on a screen telling you which area are active and that allows you to notice (faster) if you are lost in a thought story or not? Or is there something more to it?
  7. Are you really looking for help or do you just want to defend your narrative? We give advices because we love you and we hope you feel better about life. If you don't want to listen to them, then too bad.
  8. You are trying really hard to convince yourself (and by the same way others) that someone has to practice sex before a relationship because a) you did it and you wouldn't want to realize it was useless and b) you are insecure about your lack of sex skills in a relationship as @Preety_India mentionned. All of this is fine, don't worry about it. Just go get experience if that's what you think you need. (if that's what reasonate with your personally) But trying to justify yourself is useless and neurotic. It just feeds your insecurity.
  9. Wonderful advice
  10. Indeed, but meanwhile you won't find peace in neurotic explanations of how you think reality works but rather in calm observations. All this arguing will lead you nowhere. In the end you are arguing out of fear of being wrong, fear of having fucked up. Just let go, everything is fine. This is all just a story you are making. There's no need to worry about it or try to convince other people (or more like yourself) that what you did was right.
  11. This is so ironic because the future doesn't exist. Enlightment is right now and right here.
  12. Are you able to vape large doses? Personally I'm getting better at smoking it with a meth pipe but it's hard to smoke it all. When the first breath hit I need to hold it then quickly breathe one time again to smoke the rest over and over again. At some point the drug starts to take effect and it's even harder to continue the process of wiggling the meth pipe and holding the lighter. It's not that bad though, the taste is fine when the lighter isn't held too high. I just struggle to smoke a decent fraction of it when I smoke it. No idea what kind of doses I take because of that.
  13. Feelings are created by the mind, see Leo's video on emotions. Associating emotions to external things is a common trap. But sure, you can say that statistically humans will feel frustration if they lack sex. But nothing forces you to follow that mass of people. You can create any life you want, and if your choice is to give love, awesome!
  14. Personally I like using my taste, especially when its amplified on LSD. All fast food/greasy food tastes like trash, dairy products too. Fruits are the real deal in term of taste. But it's hard to notice, most of the time I'm not aware enough to notice that I'm attracted to sugar only by dopamine/addiction and that fruits tastes 1000x better than anything else. I never made myself a steak on LSD, it's not an easy thing to cook, requires a lot of attention. I guess I will try at some point though. I do my best to taste my steak sober and I just think it's delicious, so I'm not yet ready to let go of steaks. I'm all about reducing the use of meat in the rest of my recipes, but I like pure non processed meat.
  15. I haven't suggested anything, I'm just breaking an unverified assumption. I wouldn't base my life off of greek mythology though.