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  1. Did it ever happened for psychedelic-free spiritual masters to reach perception of self-design (I am god)? Any documented cases?
  2. If you smoke it a bit, realize you haven't took enough, wait 5 minutes, is it too late because of the tolerance?
  3. Very useful, thanks for sharing!
  4. Yeah I guess it's about time I get into this. Does it replace meditation though? Thanks for the suggestion
  5. Can I do something to replace meditation while laying down, standing or even walking? I sit all day due to my hobby/wannabe job and sometimes I feel like taking a break. I wish I could use this same break to do meditation (cause it's actually what's most relaxing) but I would prefer not to be sitting. What other practice should I get into? I know there's many others I just don't know about but I hear the name getting thrown around on the forum. Anything as strong as meditation?
  6. The content of your post is gold and your intent is pure. But if you want to try to help someone, you kind of need to ask yourself how the help will be received. I would never had understood your advice without having done acid (and I would also still have the same problem OP had). Explaining in a way that makes the blind understand is very tricky, but that's the challenge of helping others isn't it?
  7. The only thing that is screwing up your day right now is you beating yourself up with it. It's not just bad for you in some indirect way, this bullshit is the bullshit that makes you unproductive in the first place. You don't need positive momentum, don't act like it's all over if you drop the ball. You can stop your bullshit and enjoy right now. You can close your eyes, lay down and let go of all your problems and just enjoy. But will you? Many people don't know this so they use TV to distract themselves but its still the same benefit. They still forget all of their problems and enjoy. Distractions happen because something inside of you wants to enjoy and have a good mood. It's emotionally beneficial. It's not required though, if you can afford to work in an emotionally beneficial way. Instead of forcing yourself not to be distracted (which is incredibly emotionally taxing), enjoy yourself when working to the point where you don't even feel like doing anything else. Get to a point where you work is so fucking fun that you are excited by it like a little kid and everything else becomes secondary. To get there you need to see how much fun you can have doing nothing (and subsequently how much fun you can have doing your work). You can't change the results, you can't change the momentum either. All you can change is the acceleration and that is how you feel. By having such a mentality you are giving yourself negative acceleration. If you want to be productive then make your good mood your top priority. PS: Worked 10 hours today and procrastinated for about 3 hours. Far away from my best but I don't care, I'll do better tomorrow.
  8. Positive thinking isn't gonna magically fix all your problems, but it's gonna stop destroying your life and creating more problems like negative thinking does. Life's wonderful, if only you can enjoy it.
  9. You can delude others too hahaha My dad was telling me how in the 90s he made fun of someone on LSD by making him believe he is getting a demon out of his arm. All he did is tap on the nerve of his arm to generate an automatic response. The dude on LSD remembered it for a long time and fully believed it. Wasn't trying to be mean though, just funny. Not sure if that happened because the LSD makes you more naive or someone naive stays as much naive on LSD. In videos, Leo uses the word universe to denote all there is. I assumed that here to be consistent. But I can follow your explanation anyway, don't worry. The expansion of the (physical) universe doesn't really matter here. The question was mostly about how do we know everything exists and so god exists. Sure the observable universe is a subset of the universe (which is all, by our definition) but how do we know that this entirety of the universe exists? Perhaps it doesn't need to exist. It's supposed to be beyond the physical though, we are not supposed to assume that the physical exists, that yesterday existed and that tomorrow will exist. There's just the Now. But the question of wondering why is there a Now is of the same nature as wondering why was there a big bang. The only difference is that the latter assumes stuff that might not be true, that is, all of science.
  10. If you want to do this, make sure you are enjoying what you do. I've always believed that what burns you out is not the amount of hours put in but the stress and anxiety that comes from the neurotism of forcing yourself to work. Work should feel the same as playing when you were a child. It takes time and efforts to get to a point where you are able to see work like that. It's not really about what you do but how you look at what you do and how you let yourself feel. Personal opinion, I am not qualified in anything for this advice.
  11. They don't come to you using logic, but once you find them, they still are right? Logic is useful when you have the definitions in front of you. But we don't really get stuck computing the statements from those definitions, we get stuck by failing to notice those very subtle "definitions" that were there all of the time. When the brain enters "logic mode" it shuts out the rest and starts computing. But the "rest" is exactly what's missing for this field, I presume.
  12. Sure, but wouldn't you say it was delusional for me to think I saw all the clouds in the world? There's a lot to see with those substances, but are they really bullshit-proof? I feel like I will always make some mistakes and be wrong sometimes. With math it's great because you can verify your answers. With understanding reality there's no perfect way to verify the answers. At least there's this community I assume. Did it ever happened to you to find out something you thought you understood was false? I mean, yes I know that I'm under self-deception. But you are too as of explaining concepts in that video. I'm not saying that you are wrong but that's a possibility. The only thing I can do is verify by myself. I can't now, for reasons I mentioned. I guess I'm just teasing myself by asking about it. To be fair, I really haven't thought about those questions under LSD because these weren't the ones that emotionally affected me at the time. I learned lots of stuff but I don't feel like it was too radical, quite reasonable in fact, compared to my neurotically radical "normal" that wants to work all the time. But I'm still falling back asleep. I have a hard time picturing that what makes me go back asleep is the radicalness of the ideas I discovered rather than my own laziness or stupidity. Thanks for your answer by the way
  13. Right now I wouldn't assume one or the other and be fine with not knowing but maybe on acid I'll go the the created itself thing. I like how we took my question and reformulated it into simpler terms though, that's cool.
  14. Hmm interesting. Did it have to come from something?
  15. Why would there have to be something outside of it? I cannot see god without seeing infinity first. Justifying one with the other is not gonna work hahaha But will I "understand" this because the drug will make me want to understand anything so bad or will I understand it because its true? I've understood stuff on LSD that are true and for each of them, a good explanation is available. I truly believe there's a good explanation for this too and given that I can't take more LSD for a good 2 weeks due to tolerance and smoking 5 MeO is a complicated business, I'd like to get that explanation. Thanks for the answer though