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  1. Elon is highly manipulative and very rarely speaks with any degree of sincerity, behind his every word there is always a hidden agenda which he calculated some moves ahead in a logical sequential manner.
  2. If you feel great while chelating i don't see any problem.
  3. Cutler believed that lead in the brain would eventually come out on its own after lead body levels were decreased. To mitigate the toxic effects of lead in the brain you can chelate with ALA as well since ALA has helped the symptoms of lead-toxic animals in studies, also, theoretically other anti oxidants will help, like vitamin c or vitamin e (the good one - D Alpha Tocopherol, not the one in racemic DL form). I also personally believe that having a good source of calcium in your diet helps while supplementing with d3 and k2 since lead mimics calcium on some receptors and may affect voltage-gated Ca2+ channels as well. I don't know your copper levels but lead toxicity may increase them through decreased bile flow, so supplementing with milk thistle, taurine, and lecithin would be great to increase overall liver function and decrease copper, also, dont forget molybdenum and zinc in case you use ala since ala increases copper levels through decreasing their excretion in bile as well.
  4. @Preety_India Thanks @Inliytened1 Although there is some truth to that, i would argue that even more dangerous is having no idea of what "an awakened being" is. As long as the idea is aligned with the highest spiritual principles like Love and compassion for instance, it's useful in the discernment of whom to trust/follow or even listen to, this idea like any other is the ladder you have to throw out in the end after climbing, but at that stage it will be obvious. Until then its a useful tool because without any guidelines/ideas the spiritual seeker will believe or even give all their money to random guys on youtube or cult leaders. A "human skill and nothing more" is a dangerous concept, you are dealing with real human beings that trust your moderator authority status, some of which have serious psychological conditions or are even borderline suicidal, you have to be able to relate on a personal level with them, out of love and compassion it is a skill required for the job.
  5. Good decision. Being so disconnected and unable to respond on the same contextual level of the question is the opposite of being conscious or awakened. Being conscious means that you are conscious of the present context and know how to navigate it while perhaps alluding to something greater, being responsible for everything you say, how you say it, and how it will affect or be perceived by whoever asked. In the same way that if you want to help someone climb a mountain you don't always show them your great pictures that you so proudly took of the sky and the horizon seen from the top, you instead give them the gear necessary to climb and survive the weather, a map, and perhaps some words of encouragement.
  6. @Vision It boils down to practice really. Become in contact with the feelings of the body, the heaviness of the physical sensation that comes with the emotion, the visceral feeling of resistance and contraction of the muscles, and then play with it. Its like the difference of having your dog barking against your will or inviting the dog to bark see, the last one doesn't bother you so much because you are hearing the bark on your own volition.
  7. His articulation comes from the way his brain is wired in the sense that he gets an immense emotional payoff by being overly intricate in his speech. It's an art and a form of personal expression analogous Bach's compositions, which are extremely complex and intricate. His father taught him to read very early on and he became very proficient at it, probably because it was a way to get approval from his father. Also as far as i can see he has great working memory, memory in general, and a great ability to interconnect concepts.
  8. @Vision Yes precisely. Subconsciously you are afraid of letting go and being dominated by the emotion which is normal, letting go of an emotion is a pandoras box to the ego since the ego does not know whats going to happen to its identity and it also means its eventual demise. In a way, the you that feels regret will die so it takes a lot of courage. This feeling of courage is sometimes crucial in the process of letting go, if you let go from a place of courage it becomes much easier. Dificulty can arise from the fact of you trying to release an emotion when your "state" is low, like for example, trying to release fear from a place of fear, it just forms a feedback loop from which is dificult to escape, try to get to more powerful emotions like courage and acceptance and release from there, its like jumping from an airplane, you feel the surge of courage and jump. You can try and make the emotion bigger and see if it helps, feel the emotion, isolate the visceral sensation and increase it as much as you can. The sedona method technique by Lester Levenson which inspired the letting go method by David Hawkins is also helpful, especially the 1992 course on youtube, the new ones are not so good. The 90's Office Visit Series by David Hawkins is also great, you can get it for free on audible by using their trials.
  9. @Javfly33 Fear is too broad of a term and a consequence of language. What you feel in fact is a bundle of emotions. Imagine this: You dress as best you can, fix your haircut, and put on a nice cologne, it does not matter what your conscious mind thinks, you are doing this to get something from women and to manipulate them in some kind of way, now because of that there will be unsconscious guilt, now with the guilt comes the subconscious fear that the women will discover you are trying to get something from them and manipulating them, now with the fear and the guilt comes the shame of it all and you just want to hide, and with the shame comes the anger that women are judging you when you are only trying to do something about your life, and so on. This is where the "abundance mindset" theory comes in, if you are abundant you are not trying to get something/manipulate and therefore avoid the whole cascade of emotions, this is also why being in a good mood is the whole game, if you are already complete and in a good mood you avoid the first emotion and therefore the whole cascade. There are several ways to go about this, what i did was to simply dont give a fuck, i would talk to girls the way i talked to a friend, even sometimes being boring as fuck i just didnt care, didnt even dress properly or fix my hair, i then noticed my results were way better this way lol, this is only a temporary fix but can teach you a lot, in the end its all about being fully fulfilled with or without.
  10. Suffering. Eventually the suffering becomes so immeasurable that you rather face the fear and die than not face it at all and keep suffering.
  11. @eTorro Dealing with escorts is way different than dealing with normal women, escorts will pretend they love you, chase you, and approve of you no matter what you do. This happens of course because its their job, this doesnt help you in learning how to deal with women, its like having a girlfriend, you can have a girlfriend for years and still never learn how to deal with women or how to be social. Even sexually it is kinda awkward and does not translate directly into "real world experience". The day after you have an escort you will probably be back to square one mentally so to speak, so as a standalone tool it is not very effective, you can try using escorts as a momentum builder, like lets say, have an escort in the morning and do normal approaches/dates later in the day now that you are "socially warmed up", but even this is kind of messy and requires large amounts of money, because unless you are doing an insane amount of spiritual work you will need dozens or even hundreds of encounters to learn social and sexual skills. You might as well spend that money on couching and workshops I would say.
  12. Transurfing Steps I-V by Vadim Zeland.
  13. @Vision Yes family plays a big role, as well as genetics, friends, and so on, you were programmed to feel that way in that context. The situation itself is of little importance, what matters is the program running in your mind making you feel that way when certain variables align. Attachment to parents is one of the most difficult things to release because of the god image we attribute to them, we put our parents in a pedestal and live subconsciously by their notions and opinions of reality, this is obviously part genetic programming telling us to learn from them because they survived long enough to reproduce, and social programming because we have to fit in our family to survive, depending on how your brain works you can either live by their rules or do the opposite. What we fail to realise then is that our parents are just two people who had sex, no more than that, parents are of no more value than a random person in a street, this does not mean that you have to treat them like some random people, this just means that they know no better than you when it comes to living your life. The effectiveness of letting go or acceptance increases as you increase the resolution of that which you are releasing, the more specific you are the better. If you try to let go of money for instance you get stuck, money is not the problem, money is neutral, the problem are the emotions behind it, see, the ego is like a wall, if you want to tear the wall down you dont start by removing the top blocks, you remove the bottom ones and the wall will crumble, the same with the ego, you have to identify what happened in your life that made you feel that way. Now, beacause memories can be clouded by emotional content, the best way in my opinion to reach them is to experience the emotions out, dont resist the resistance, dont resist the feelings as bad as they seem to be, let go of wanting to let go, the more you want the feeling to leave the more it will stay, stay with the emotions, even if you have to sit in a room alone with no eletronics, just let them take over you, as you experience the emotions the memories will arise and it will become obvious why you feel a certain way, be it by social or genetic programing (Like inheriting an overactive amygdala for instance), and its there when you can release the bottom blocks of the wall and make it crumble.
  14. Maybe its not about the money. You failed and experienced a loss, failure is part of life and loss is guaranteed, we will eventually lose everything, even our lives, so grief over loss is something that has to be trancended. Accept that you are not perfect and that you are subject to error. Accept that life is the experience of change and in a world where everything changes loss is a given, also, look at your past and all the times you didnt deal with loss properly, surrender those losses as well.
  15. Well, I dont deal with emotions by sharing or expressing them anymore, I deal with them at the fundamental level by understanding what they are and why they are present. But first we have to the define emotions and the purpose of expressing and sharing them. I am defining emotions by anger, pride, fear, shame, desire, and all those survival based instincts, i also dont define Love as an emotion because it is a way of being "in" the World and the substract of reality itself. The purpose lets say is to reach emotional maturity. What is an emotion to begin with? Its an experience derived from an error in judgement and a resistance to the physical feeling itself. Why is talking about feelings with other people considered good? What is the purpose of expressing or sharing emotions? To make them go away? To be approved? To be Loved? This is actually the immature way of doing it. Although sharing and expression can be useful at times, they will never solve the underlying lack in consciousness/imaturity, they are only useful if you want to live your life emotionally, all emotions are based on illusions, there is no end to sharing or expressing emotions, on the short term you may feel better because by sharing the feeling, you go into yourself and face/explore part of the emotion, releasing a little bit of resistance to it, but the notion of having to have another person present to do it it's not optimal, pratical, or even considerate towards the other person since we are throwing our emotional garbage at them, this is why so many unhealthy relationships exist, there is the one who likes to throw his/her emotional garbage because he/her cant deal with it, and then there is the other person who feeds of that energy which increases his/her sense of superiority and pride. I actually used to share a lot and express a lot of emotion, i was a musician and expressed my feelings on my instrument hours a day for years, at the end of the day i would feel good, but the next day i would still wake up and feel like shit, needing the expression/sharing to feel good again. So now i just sit with the emotions and feel them without resistance as best as possible, accepting them like i accept my arms and legs, if i need to solve something in the world i do it through logic and wisdom as best as i can instead of lashing out or pushing emotions into another person. If let's say in a relationship i find that my girlfriend is flirting with other men, even though the emotions of anger, pride, jeleously are present, i dont act from them, i accept them as a construct of a body that wants to survive and is creating such feelings in a phisiological manner (Cold hands, high blood pressure, knot in the stomach...), i then act from self love and respect and deal with it logically, i don't need emotions to solve stuff, acting from emotions actually make things way more difficult, i'll just say "Its fine if you want to flirt with other men, but you'll have to find another bf." for example, without any neediness attached. We actually live in an overemotionalyzed society that keeps us trapped in said emotions and makes us believe we need them to live, emotions even move the economy itself (Clickbait, News, Politics ...) Its good to be aware of emotions but they are the tip of the iceberg as far as human life is concerned.