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  1. @remember Well technically I can stop at any age. The only thing that would cause me to have to keep using steroids would be hypogonadism from the steroid use itself. Basically when you take superphysiological amounts of androgens your natural testosterone production gets suppressed or shut off depending on the amount you use. But long term use of steroids could cause your natural production of testosterone to be less than it would if you never took them. For example: lets say your normal testosterone production is 700ng/dl and then you use steroids for a long time, your natural testosterone levels (after stopping steroid use and enough time has passed for hpta axis function to return) could be somewhere in the 300-600ng/dl range. And that would cause you to need trt dosages of testosterone to have a sufficient amount of testosterone. If I took steroids and just sat around then I wouldn't get bigger or stronger at all. But if I was lifting weights on steroids then I would have a significant size/strength and intensity advantage over someone who is natural. In a fight someone that is trained in self defence would obviously have the advantage over a steroid user. In contrast, assuming the martial arts guy and the steroid user trained in their individual skill set to the best of their ability, the steroid user would very likely be able to lift much more the martial arts guy. I measure both in how much muscle I can build and how much weight I can lift with a much bigger emphasis on how much muscle I build because I'm a bodybuilder. If I was a powerlifter/strongman then I would have the emphasis on weight I can lift. Everyone has a limit to how much weight they can lift and how much muscle they can build based on their genetics, with or without steroids. You cannot just keep building muscle because we all have myostatin which inhibits muscle growth. If humans could create a way to get rid of or suppress myostatin you could likely not even use steroids or go to the gym and get extremely huge. Science just isn't there yet and if something like that was created then there is a whole new set of side effects that come with that. I've seen that guy in the article you posted before. He is a joke to the entire bodybuilding community. Synthol is what he likely used and it was originally used in small amounts by bodybuilders before a competition to bring up muscle imbalances. That isn't real muscle, it is just filled with oil and is extremely unhealthy as you have to constantly inject more and more because your body reabsorbs it. I'm pretty sure one of his arms bursted and almost died but got life saving surgery.
  2. @remember Well I do seem to question everything. I don't like to accept things that sound nice to be because, why kid myself? I am definitely curious as to why steroids would keep me at stage orange because my goal is to get to stage yellow but my ego is very afraid of turquoise lol. I think steroids could keep me at stage orange because of the lack of self acceptance and self-esteem you would need to use them. To be honest I am not someone who likes challenges, which is something I think I need to work on and feel it is keeping me stuck in my own self-esteem issues and low level personal development, I don't go out much at all and I practically only leave my house to workout. As for competing with others I am not very competitive, I do strive to compete against myself every day though. Steroid use in bodybuilding is a "higher level" so to speak and if I was to stop anabolics I would definitely be uncomfortable, so I think you have merit there. Thanks for taking time and writing me on here!
  3. @Consilience I will definitely look into 3DMJ. I looked up Alberto Nunez and he has a pretty solid physique for a natural, but I see it and ask myself if that is something I would be okay with and the answer is sadly no. Thank you I like to believe I have decent genetics for bodybuilding, my profile pic is of me natural at 15. I would agree using steroids comes from a lack of self acceptance, there seems to be certain lapses in my own judgement that is allowing me to skim over that issue and resort to steroids. I think I want to use steroids because in the career that I want achieving a certain look is more accepted and praised. Hence why I probably want to achieve a certain look. I think the main thing is how I want other people to see me. But I will admit it all just sounds like an ego circle jerk lol. I mean, bodybuilding is a breeding ground for narcissism which is something I was never too fond of. I am extremely self conscious and there is times where I will wear a jacket if I have to see people because I hate being looked at. I mean what is that a sign of... yikes. Thank you for taking the time to write this by the way it means a lot!
  4. @Espaim No worries! Lol
  5. Thank you for your thought @Espaim I am in no rush, I am just trying to understand my place in the spiral.
  6. @nistake Thank you. And yes my underlying self-esteem issues need to be addressed. I have to constantly ask myself, "What do you need to understand to be happy with or without your appearance?" I'm working on it haha, seems a lot of it is ingrained in my childhood. I'll likely post about that in the future. Anyways, thank you very much for your perspective!
  7. @AudibleLocket Can't say you're wrong there, pal
  8. @nistake In reference to 1. I'm not necessarily worried about being stage orange, but am more concerned with if steroid abuse will stunt my spiritual growth as I try to move up the spiral. I am okay with accepting myself wherever I'm at, but I'd at the least like to know where that is haha. In reference to 2. Yes it can be quite harmful given your body's ability to tolerate certain compounds, your overall lifestyle, and of course is dose dependent. Why ruin such a great system? Well in my case I like to believe that I am trying to reduce the amount of harm done to my body by using as little as possible and getting frequent blood tests and other tests to assess my health. But that still does not take away from the fact that I am abusing these things. My reasoning and justification behind it? Probably because it is for my career/to achieve a certain look and underlying self esteem issues.
  9. @Preety_India Thank you for your perspective
  10. Intro: Hey everyone! This is my first post and I am excited to join this forum as Leo has helped me tremendously and it is very hard to find people interested in the topics discussed here where I live. Just to open up I'll give a little bit of info about myself. I'm a 17 year old bodybuilder living in California. I've been bodybuilding for 3 and a half years at the time of this post and began using performance enhancing drugs (PED)'s for about the past 6 months. Yes... I know. I'm still a kid and to even think about using drugs at this age is absolutely absurd. I've heard it all from conversations with close friends in and out of the bodybuilding sphere all the way to hour+ long conversations with strangers over the internet to gain perspective so please don't try to talk me out of abusing these substances although I respect your concern. Bodybuilding is quite literally my life. I am working on branching out to other things but I see bodybuilding as always being a major part of my life. Also, big thank you to anyone that is willing to read this as it is kind of long. Topic: Is Anabolic Steroid Use Guaranteeing I Will Stay Stuck At Stage Orange? For a while now I've considered myself to be stage green merging to yellow. My perspective changed the other day when I read through a post Leo made in 2018 titled "Spiral Dynamics Stage Orange Examples Mega-Thread" and I came across a few examples of orange that stood out to me; most notably "bodybuilding...steroids." My concern. Does being immersed in this kind of environment guarantee I will be stuck at stage orange? Or is it not necessarily indicative of being stage orange; but more so the fact of me using steroids and such intrinsically means I have not transcended stage orange as if I did this stuff would no longer be of my interest? The Conflict I Have With Accepting Myself As Stage Orange. I believed I had already transcended stage orange for a while and thought that I was a mix of green and yellow, despite some of my main focuses in life being listed in stage orange and Leo stating that people typically place themselves two stages higher when talking about spiral dynamics. The reason that I doubt I am stage orange is that my values just don't really align with a lot of orange values and seem to match up more with stage green and yellow. I'll show you what I mean by using a quote of Leo's examples of orange, green, and yellow values and I will cross out values I don't align with and edit my thoughts in red. Any values left uncrossed are ones I consider myself to align with. Also I apologize in advance if when describing some of the values I come off as ignorant as I had to look up the meaning of a lot of them. In Conclusion: I seem to agree with more stage green and yellow values than orange. This is very confusing for me. I am willing to accept myself at stage orange but the issue is that I don't necessarily think I am stage orange. Perhaps I am in denial and/or my ego is holding onto attachments that aren't letting me see the truth. Hopefully you guys can maybe decipher any gaps in my judgement and help me out with understanding this. Again, thank you very much if you took the time to read through this I really appreciate it and you are welcome to message me about anything.