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Hello, I am so excited to share my first concentration improving game - android app(I believe so). So basically I got this summer a job in app development company and I got a ton of work here( However the work is not really creative, it mainly focuses on solutions for developers). Still I like my job, because I am 18 and after 1 month I am going straight to university, so experience is very important. Despite my work I still found time to develop this game. I feel that one of my most important goals in life is to create new, unique and conscious games and apps. This one is still an easy one, but it is extremely difficult for one person to create a beautiful and exciting game. In order to do that, I created a strategy: start from small apps and then continue with bigger projects. (I hope to find more passionate people, who are interested in similar apps development). The people in my work laughed and said that app is not good, however few colleagues actually were interested in playing this one, saying it is unique one. So if you have time try it :) I would like to get a decent critique and maybe someone would like to create apps with me ! For us IT guys, it is extremely easy to work remotely ;) Here is a link for an app:


P.S. I am proficient in Java(working with Android Studio), improving my C# skills and I have 2+ years of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator experience.


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