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  1. I think it is not a conspiracy. Just the creators of vaccine don't have a high consciousness. Human health is mystery, they are clueless and yet use vaccine. Take the Moderna example. Innitialy it was good, now they claim it is bad for young people. I am actually baffled how ignorant they are. This game me a lesson to never trust low consciousness people and inventions again.
  2. Thanks for the support all of you! Thanks for information! I am actually sorry for @Leo Gura... If it wasn't for Leo, I would be in much worse place. Maybe I just needed to create this negative post... It was deviled act, I know it. Regarding my condition, I got the conventional treatment from the doctors - strong antiflamantory, no colchicine, because they did not administer it in Lithuania for some reason. Right now my condition is indeed much better, I have done echo and stress test past month - I am healed, but still feel some presssure, but no pain. I will have MRI scan soon to check final condition and whether scaring exists. After I have full information I will create a new post. Ironically this whole painful experience lead me to the most spiritual development and multiple awakenings. I also did natural healing, reiki and etc. Will share full information. I wanted to make this post much earlier, but I was hesitant. Today I feel much better, but still wake up and had some chest pressure so emotions triggered my ego backlash. I think we can lock this thread, until I will have full info and can share it with all of you Much love and sorry for my angry message, I am actually in tears right now ?
  3. Ok, so I was very hesitant of taking Covid vaccine since I am very young and athletic and have very strong immune system. I did not want to take it, but after reading @Leo Gura encouragement in the blog I still stook it... I took the first shot and it made my heartbeat go up. It all returned back to the normal. Then I was in doubt for a month and still took the second shot, out of fear. And then was diagnosed with pericarditis... This is very serious disease. 5 months passed I still feel symptoms, can't workout. Moral of the story don't listen to anybody, Leo or someone else. Listen to your body. I would also advise Leo stop spreading false and unproven info about covid or vaccines. You are not biochemist, you don't understand how different our bodies are. Many athletes got issues from this vaccine. I know this sounds very emotional, but please Leo think about how your advices can inpact people and etc. Covid vaccines especially mRNA are very dangerous for young male people, because of the spike protein. Swedish banned them, other countries will follow. Also all my life I never took drugs, eat very clean food and had good energy levels. One vaccine made permanent damage. How can you call this vaccine safe, when such damages occur? If you are so smart, then please suggest some advices on how to treat it, because guess what - the conventional medicine I took did not heal me fully. However, I feel you rather ban this thead than actually providing a response...
  4. wow thanks! Have you found your teacher online, or is it a live practice?
  5. Thank you! Yes heart inflammation was very challenging for me I am not against vaccines per say, but after Sweden has banned moderna for young people, it is very clear that it is not suitable for young people. Or maybe it was just all part of the greater plan, which in return taught me about all energy work, which I might have not found otherwise.
  6. So, roughly a month has passed since the previous update... Guess what, just 20 minutes ago I had this experience once more time. So as you know I was diagnosed with pericarditis after 2 Moderna covid vaccine shot ( I am 22 years old male, was very athletic before). During that time I learned about energy healing, bought a 500 dollars course, and did energy healing on myself ( as well as prescribed medicine + anti-inflammatory diet). Went to a doctor on Monday, we did a heart performance test, where I needed to cycle for a given time to see how my heart adapts to stress. The doctor concluded that I am healed and can continue exercising. I don't feel pain at all, so it seems that my acute pericarditis has been healed. I am still waiting for the MRI on December 11, which will conclude it finally. I am confident I am fully treated. Ok enough about that. So today is the 4 days since I did not jerk off. As I mentioned in the first post the semen is very very important to me. So I watched porn, masturbated without ejaculations, and had an internal orgasm (basically an orgasm without ejaculation). After that about 2 hours later I started meditating. Basically, it took me 5-10 minutes to again experience direct consciousness. My physical ego presence disappeared, the fear returned, my heart started pounding to the point I thought I will definitely die this time. I was infinite consciousness for about a minute. During that time, the time stopped for sure. However, I could return, like willingly holding onto my body. After the experience passed, my apple watch showed 130 beats ( during that time, it was definitely 160-180 beats). Still, the feeling that I am everything persists. The energy in my head, also when I close my eyes it is very difficult to stay in the body. During this month, I read the Sadhguru book: "Enlightenment an inside story". He explicitly mentions in the book. This is the excerpt from the book: " “Sadhguru: If you are not aware of this, I would say for 90% of the people, their moment of Enlightenment and the moment of leaving the body are the same. You will never see them again. Only a few people have the possibility of keeping the body even after Enlightenment, for a certain period of time. Otherwise, there may be only some time, maybe one or two hours, maybe four hours of extra time, that is all. Beyond that, they cannot keep it. “Very few people retain their body because they know the tricks of the body, they know the mechanics of the body to hold on to it. Otherwise, the moment of realization and the moment of leaving the body is same. Generally it is only people who are on the path of Kriya Yoga who can hold on to the body because they understand the mechanics of the body. They know all the tricks of the body so they hold on to the body.” ” Excerpt From Enlightenment an inside story Sadhguru This material may be protected by copyright. I never heard @Leo Gura address it. Why is that? Do you know about this? So what did I decide? Since I am 22 years old, have my financials set, I don't want my physical body to stop functioning due to full enlightenment. I will do the kriya yoga for now fully and stop meditating or even coming close to that. I would definitely welcome any guidance from people who are fully enlightened or who experienced this. I may sound angry, I am not. Actually, I just understood how grateful should I be to come this far... Even writing this it is very difficult to not merge with infinite consciousness again. It seems if I wanted I could.
  7. You can read my story. I got very profound awakening/close to permanent enlightenment through raw meditation and contemplation. Though I am not meditating for 3 weeks now, since I need to learn Kriya yoga, otherwise my physical body might stop functioning.
  8. Creativity. In my case it is in programming, spiritual experiences and also in science it acts as discovery.
  9. I did. I am not sure why @Leo Gura ignores it, I would like to get his opinion. can someone tag him?
  10. I know, still, it is not practical for the physical body to die. I can be "useful" for society.
  11. @Leo Gura I read the Sadhguru book about enlightenment. He clearly stated that people who reach full enlightenment will die before age of 32 (their physical body stops functioning). The only way is to practice kriya yoga and get full control of the body. Did you know about that?
  12. Yes, I already experienced that detachment and I even feel it after 5 days. I referred to my in a relative sense :). Ok I decided to keep meditating then @Leo Gura Any help?
  13. Thanks! Will my physical body stop functioning by then?