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  1. Any advice on dealing with family and awakening? Mine is deeply unconscious, with a victim mentality paradigm. I want to leave them. Dad is batshit crazy and my mother is so self absorbed and narcissistic. I’m terrified where I came from. The thought of leaving them seems so extreme but I can now see just how misaligned with Truth they are. If I don’t leave it’s like I’m just swimming in my families bullshit that only generates toxic codependent games and outcomes. I’m still a bit fragile in this work, so makes sense I can be easily triggered still. How have some of you navigated awakening and family life?
  2. For the last three years, throughout the day, I‘ll randomly tap into this state of feeling pure awe that any of this, including any of us, are here. Particularly at this point in history. No depression, no negativity towards any of it… just a genuine sense of awe and wonder for everything that’s going on in the world and what’s around me in that moment. Kinda spooky but also kinda beautiful. This dream we’re all in is wild. Happy 2023 peeps ✌️
  3. I was getting paid an unnecessary amount of money by a publishing company in Nashville to write songs for a range of different artists from 2018-2020. It was my dream job. Lasted 2 years. Turns out I was terrified of success 😣 I have a bipolar condition and didn’t become conscious of it until a couple years ago. It got me fired from my dream job in 2021. I live in a large bell tent now in Snohomish, WA and am working on putting my life back together in a healthier, more grounded way. Meditation, micro trips, introspection, concentration and this community has changed my entire experience and I’m grateful to you all 🙏 The Kanye post I made was out of sympathy deep down. I was also at my cruising altitude with a medium dose of fantastic Washington LSD. You can clearly see that this man is in pain. Hurts to see anyone struggle. BUT he does posses an extremely powerful, influential voice that millions listen to. Who am I to say? I just hate to see the guy hurt. Deep down kinda thing.
  4. I could be bonkers. More than likely. But my contemplations have been getting, what I feel to be rather profound lately. Life transformative epiphanies on a now regular basis. This idea fascinates me. Please forgive the rookie material. My question: is my direct experience the continuation of all past lives? I remember Leo mentioning before it’s over, I will have experienced everything. With emphasis on everything. (I) realize this is a deep one, which means I’m probably well beyond this understanding. So keep that in mind. Thanks for the pointers in advance. I’m waking up more and more each day and hold extreme gratitude for Leo and this community. It’s inspired me after years of needless, yet insufferable self suffering. ❤️🤙
  5. I’ve been in deep contemplation lately. This question is for Leo or anyone who’s conscious of Truth. So. This direct experience that I’m having right now. This experience of my two thumbs tapping across the screen of my phone as I type this out. That , now this, now this…….. that is god?
  6. Try to find the colors of their spirals 😆 Fascinating watch, perspective of LSD from both ends and life in the 1960’s
  7. Extremely powerful blueprint for anyone who’s struggled with old, repressed emotions from their childhood. Goes deep in that respect. Felt like finding the circuit breaker to the false self. In my dream anyway