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  1. @AdrianBartan I get what you mean. You are right. The main problem is this point that Leo mentioned. People are not serious enough. If you have a problem, and you are serious enough in finding the solution, you will gladly change your mind or opinion if the solution goes against it. What I see everywhere, not only on this forum, is people not being serious. Just doing mental games so that they can protect their beliefs from the world and themselves!
  2. Its been 6 years that I've been following Leo's videos. After listening to someone for hundreds of hours, you create a relationship with that person in your mind, and this relationship would make the teachings of that person more effective for you. He has taught me many things, but I think the most important one, is "how to think". It's hard to explain this. It's not a subject that he talks about directly, but how he views the world and thinks about it, is his best teaching! I think you can also call it open mindedness. He literally helped me to expand my mind, and the rest is on me and my own mind! I disagree with some of his teachings alot, but that does not mean that he is not a good teacher, he is the best teacher ever. Not because of the stuff that he says, but because of his authenticity. He has been growing himself as well, and that gives him credibility.
  3. Totally agree. Even Leo himself pointed out this point many times in his videos. In recent videos, in the quality of consciousness is everything episode, he talked about this in a very honest manner at the end of the vidoe. Although the forum is good, it also has many bullshit content. Leo's videos are much more high quality content. And to you dear friend <3
  4. I agree with some of your points. But everyone should walk their own path. Leo never said the only way for advancing is the way that he describes. Leo's teachings are not corrupt. He is an amazing teacher. We just have to remember that human mind can have infinite forms, so the path is not the same for everyone, every piece of consciousness access higher states in its own way. Leo is just a guide and a teacher. And a good one. We have to walk our own path.
  5. "I’m surprised and disappointed that today’s grass-roots Iranian revolution hasn’t received more support in America and around the world. I think there are a couple of reasons for this. First, Iran has barred most foreign reporters, so we don’t have television crews on the streets to record school kids risking their lives to take on regime thugs. Because we aren’t on the ground, I think we journalists collectively haven’t given this story the importance that it deserves. Second, there’s some American sourness toward Iranians, a misperception that they are fanatics chanting “Death to America.” In fact, at the people-to-people level, Iran may be the most pro-American country in the Middle East."
  6. I was wondering if any of you guys have used Reishi mushroom(in tea form, pill, or any other form) for a long period of time (6 months plus) and whether it was effective or not? I've had its tea for maybe 2 weeks,didnt feel much effect (very bitter tea!) I've read that some people consider it as a deep psychedelic (whatever that means) and if you take it for long periods of time,it will have significant effects on your mind and consciousness. They say it will increase your basic level of awarness in some way. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it, and whether you recommend it or not.
  7. It is extremely hard to model how universe functions, so complex and at the same time so simple. If you became aware of some patterns in your own life, always be skeptical, but if the evidence is big, trust in your own judgment and experience. Law of attraction might be real for some, and not real for others. Synchronicities are so weird. Sometimes it's very hard for your mind to believe something happened just as a coincidence. Universe is weird...
  8. Premarital sex is also forbidden in Iran. But boy o boy, you can pick up basically every night if you want to. You just have to not have sex in public
  9. Interesting. Yeah, I can see how some crisis can lead to development, both personally and collectively. It's human nature I guess. This is why too much comfort in some societies could be seen as a threat in long term. When you care about what some person (celebrity!) wore the night before, or who is dating who, life will probably surprise you.
  10. ?! They are already killing Iranian youth. The government that everybody thinks is "Iranian government" are killing Iranian youth! One of the richest countries in the middle east has become one of the poorest! I have a fucking PHD in neuroscience and I make 400$ a month!! And the sad part is my income is above average!And I have to do 2 jobs for his income! My mom receives chemotherapy, and we should pay 600$ a month! The economy of this very rich country has gone to shit. They execute innocent people, just like me, all the time. They are beating women and children in the streets. They are killing 13,14,15 year olds, and then someone like you thinks we should care about lebanese? Ayatollah should stay in power to protect lebanese?! Fuck lebanese people! They should take care of their own fucking country. they should murder that son of a bitch hasan nasrollah. They are stealing money from Iranian people via bastard ayatollahs. It's our country. Dude, what are you talking about?! We know our history. I am proud. It has nothing to do with this. The funny thing is everyone cares about sunni and shia, but iranian people just want basic rights man. All of this uprising, in a "shai" country as you say, happened because fucking ayatollah murdered a sunni girl! Mahsa Amini! we don't care about that. the majority doesnt care. In Iran, muslim fanatics are the only one who always think about who is sunni and who is shia. Bro, no one is talking about las vegas. Am I saying that western culture is perfect? of course not, No culture is. It's just about development man. You are in actualized forum. So please watch Leo's videos, especially the one about conscious politics. Us is doing nothing to Iranian people man. I get what you mean, I agree with you. Yes, media affects our brain. It's just not about that right now. No I havent seen this video. What we are seeing are the atrocities in our streets, right now, everyday.
  11. Brother, please understand this, this is not about Shia and sunni. Yes, Iran has majority shia, but only in name. Most people are way beyond religion. The religion to us is not like arab countries. Bro, I am sunni! But I don't care about that. I am a human. That's it! and I have Iranian culture, an old beautiful culture. Islam also has good culture. Idiots, both sunnis and shais, use religion to propagate their hate. Please don't see Iran as a Shia country. Iran is an Iranian country, ruled by some idiot shia clerics.
  12. You are right. They are doing this. They cannot be successful, but they are doing this, using Iran's vast riches and resources. They are a threat to Iranian people and outside world.. And we, the Iranian people, are trying to kick those warmongering idiots out of our country. We don't want to fight anyone.
  13. To be honest guys, it's fascinating to me that most of you guys have very distorted perception of Iran and middle east in general. Young Iranians and middle eastern people are much more developed to care about sunnis and shias or Islam or Christianity or... Yes, religious war is still going on in the middle east, but mostly by ignorant people which are mostly older generation( that unfortunately still hold the power) or not advanced young people. The Iranians that are calling for a revolution are far beyond religion. They are intelligent, open minded people who respect peoples beliefs, and at the same time are aware of the trajectory of mankind evolution in 21st century. Many of the middle eastern countries are much more underdeveloped than the Iranian population. I am not taking side guys, I am just trying to explain what is true. And Leo is right. What happens after the revolutions matter most. I hope it will be a successful revolution. If I consider the ideas of current Iranian population, I can see that most likely it will be successful and it will affect the Iranians and of course all of the middle east in a positive way. This is a lie. Officials told this lie to international community so that it might seem they are correcting themselves. It's not. Those fuckers still get you in trouble if you go outside without a scarf. The thing is that now most women don't wear hijab, and they don't have enough power to control them. It has gotten out of their hand. You are right. But it's a good thing. Young Iranians like western culture, but at the same time we hold our culture dear too. The level of consciousness in Iranian society has increased in the past 4 decades very very significantly. You just have to meet and communicate with younger Iranian generation to see this.
  14. I didn't say it's easy One of the hardest jobs in the world, but to most people it seems easy. I've been trading for 4 years, now I feel I am only at the first grade. I just recommended it because if you become good at it after thousands of hours, you can get lots of free time.
  15. Learn about stock market and forex, gather some small capital, and the learn swing trading. You just have to sit and be patient most of your days.
  16. @Oeaohoo Interesting information, thanks man! Indeed more knowledge slowly increases confusion, kind of a paradox, right?
  17. Yeah, I believe it could help, but as you know, autism is a spectrum, and I think low levels of it could help. If someone has severe autism, I'm not sure if it would be easier for that person to be more mindful or meditate better. I know a few people with severe autism, they can be alone for sure, but meditation is not just being alone, many times they are not comfortable with their thoughts and it kinda bothers them.
  18. @Hojo You are looking at this with great pessimism. I don't agree with your conclusion. Some cultures don't have Santa, they have other imaginary characters, and also God. When they grow up they stop believing in imaginary characters, because they know they are not real, and they have been created to teach children some lessons. And that will have nothing to do with their idea of God. Yeah, I think many of the fictional characters are basically mushrooms
  19. If you are interested in history and political situation in Iran, this video gives some good information.
  20. Some people just are not into politics. I get that. I was like this when I was younger. But it also very much depends on were you live. I assume you are living in a first world democracy and have the luxury of not being political. If you live in most other countries like china,middle east,russia, and many more,you kinda"have to" be political. Because political arena affect each and every aspect of your life. So I suggest start with basic worldwide political news. Then understand the politics of the place that you live. If you got interested,study some books about subjects that you find interesting. I think everyone who wish to grow should at least have some basic understanding of current geopolitics of the world.
  21. I get what you mean but I don't think Lex just wants click, I believe he really has genuine desire for constructive and good conversation, and he tries to see different views while holding his own beliefs.
  22. @How to be wise 40 years ago people thought they were doing opposite of that. They believed that they are overthrowing a dictator(Shah of Iran), and replacing it with a republic. But after a while, specially in the aftermath of Iraq war on Iran (which lasted 8 years), some assholes grabbed the power in Iran. People got fooled 40 years ago, and now they have been paying the price since.
  23. I get what you mean. There is indeed sorrow in human world and our lives. But I believe if you get a more comprehensive understanding of "eternity", then sorrow will slowly lose its meaning...
  24. So, you guys from US might find this interesting. Last night was football(soccer) match between Iran and US. Almost everyone in Iran wanted US to win, because football team is heavily pro-government and they are actually controlled by the government. Last night you could literally hear people inside their building chanting for US victory. And then US won, and thousands of people went into street to celebrate! And then these criminals shot and killed this 27 year old man in front of his wife, just because he was honking his car horn! They also smashed people's car glasses and beat many people. This is what we are dealing with!
  25. It depends on your physiology, your level of mindfulness, and your psychological and spiritual development. I have experienced deep experiences even on 100 micro, but I think anything above 200 will create some deep trips for sure.