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  1. Common knowledge. Drink a cup of water, taste it, feel it, observe. Then fill another cup with the same water and do some chanting/praying loving thoughts/intentions within the water for about 5 minutes. Feel what you say, love the water for being water, for being part of you, part of life, part of all that is, know that you are one and the same. You can also stir with a wooden spoon while doing this to enliven the water further. Then follow the same procedure as the first cup, drink slowly, taste, feel and observe. You should notice quite a difference.
  2. @zeroISinfinity You can hate me all you want, in the end you will love me. Humour is also Infinite Love Infinite Love!
  3. These substances we do for consciousness work, expanding ourselves and reconnecting with our true self and dissolving delusions/illusions we have picked up from the world so we can be more of ourselves and live our lives to our fullest potential and pursue our soul mission/calling. Doing them with the intention of having fun with friends is not wise and little will be gained from the plant medicine/teacher substance/tool. If you do them with the right intentions in a more spiritual set/setting, you will notice you will gain far more from the experience, especially when you do it alone than with people in a friend/fun/party setting. 100 years ago these substances were only used under guidance of a master shaman because they can leave you energetically out of alignment and can take a lifetime to balance if you aren't properly educated and understanding of what occurs when you take these substances on a energetic level. Just because others do them online and advise you to do them is not wise because these people are not true shamans, they are still babies when playing with other dimensionalities of existence. You will find eventually, that Less = More. Hope this clears somethings up.
  4. 20 times in 6 months? Jesus lol It seems you aren't "getting the message". I haven't done it in years, few experiences are more than enough. Lay off Psychedelics for a while and start properly integrating the experiences.
  5. Research the bates method. Many people have had success. It just takes a lot of time and effort and you have to stay away from using screens or anything that keeps your vision in a fixed state paired with a raw food diet high in alkalizing fruits to detox the body. If you had few months you could go live somewhere in the mountains or jungle, eyesight can be repaired if you don't then find a laser surgeon with high success rate and go for it. Half of my family did laser and many of them even after 10 - 15 years still have near-perfect vision since the laser but their surgeon had 95% success rate with over 20,000 patients. Too much masturbation and screen use and poor diet/lifestyle choices are the main causes of today's poor vision. Yes those old tales have always been true, unconsciously wasting your vital fluids wastes your life force away. Glasses also keeps eyes in (fixed-state) so there is no exercise happening for the eyes thus they become weak and dormant. Looking close/far exercises the eyes and strengthens them. Screens, glasses ect.. prevent this because they keep us in weak state. Looking at greenery also helps heal the eyes so spend time in nature as much as you can. Same thing when you don't exercise regularly, the body/joints become weak. Common sense.
  6. I use this as a basic guideline then add my own herbs/spices and magic touch to suit the mood/need
  7. You can indulge yet be detached simultaneously.
  8. To find the true self one must disconnect from the illusion as much as possible. Spend a week or two in silence, in darkness, in stillness, no food, no books, no phone, no computer, no music, no physical or human contact. Just sit there and meditate and sleep and maybe some silent yoga or breath/movement work. Its the fastest and most powerful way but also the most challenging of all methods for the psyche but once you get past a certain threshold, it only becomes easier and easier and then you may struggle to come back to reality cause its so divine, so pure, so blissful. Eventually all the illusions of self dissolve and you are only left with the self.
  9. You will naturally gravitate towards the source of nourishment that is most aligned with your vibrational frequency. There is no need to complicate it further.
  10. When you are sober, you are integrating the psychedelic, when you are psychedelic, you are integrating the sober.
  11. Learn to detach from "thinking" and follow the "feeling" Intuition/Feelings is how the Higher self/Soul sends you Signals. What "feels" right is most important. Thinking creates complications and distorts truth.
  12. The episode where he is wearing the (ziafilms) shirt is among one of the most powerful transmissions i have encountered with Bashar. Its quite old but he is full of energy there and covers most of the things you need to get back on track and rebuild your life. If you want to purchase a full episode i highly recommend that one its called: Riding the Wave I like his website because they mention all the questions asked so you have a general idea of what you are purchasing beforehand so if most of the questions resonate with you then it most likely will be a great choice. Here is the questions asked in the video above. Q&A Includes: Who is God and who/what do you pray to? What is the purpose of life? Are you Physical? Pain and Suffering and Karma: how does it all relate? What role does music and entertainment play on Essassani? Am I the only person in this room? What is the highest density before the one? Government and the Illuminati. What is my next step? Is the feeling of Lucid Dreaming similar to what we will feel going to 4th density? Is Jesus Still alive? Solar Gazing and Solar Flares. How can we tap into our photographic memory? Why do I let my vibration lower? Are there immortals on Earth? How much planning for the future does one actually need to do? All about the DMT Experience. How many civilizations exist? What are the 4 Laws ?
  13. I am neither, i am in between, all off them and none. #Brownbear9000
  14. You have found the gold mine