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  1. Are you putting the books you read into daily practice? Knowledge is useless unless you put into practice. Also if you read a book, allow time to integrate into your subconscious-mind and focusing one book at a time is best. You must be passionate about what you are reading and excited to try all the methods and techniques for an effective result in your life. If you are just reading and its not resonating with you as much and you don't feel as passionate or excited to practice or follow what the book is teaching then you are wasting your time. If you haven't felt like you've been gaining anything then you may be forcing yourself to read stuff you do not resonate with or other reasons i stated above. Never do this, even if its a fantasy book, you will learn much more about life by following your highest, most passionate book/calling. The Celestine Prophecy for example is classed as Fiction' but i learned more about life from that book than most other books based on facts, based on my own personal journey and understanding. Just some suggestions, hope this helps
  2. Here is a glimpse of a new book that was created to explain the emerald tablets in more detail The emerald tablets changed my life, its one of the oldest text known to man and very powerful and potential to awaken you on levels beyond your imagination. This is one small part of the book of infinite wisdom!
  3. They are said to target the pineal and block its activation. They are flooded with fluoride, prozac is a good example. Stick to natural herbs/flowers like CBD, Adaptogens, Medicinal Mushrooms, Passionflower, St-Johns wort ect.., they work much better and don't mess your brain up in long term. Sure anything is possible, but in my personal experience i only experienced true sight and optimal function when i cleaned my body completely of all chemicals and UN-natural substances. Do a long detox on fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and those i mentioned above for 1 - 3 months paired with a healthy lifestyle then do a 1 - 2 week fast on pure water only and maybe some raw honey if you cannot tolerate the hunger urges. This will rewire/reset you better than any other method i have found, you will forget all about weed or psychedelics and other methods. Also meditation and spiritual practice when the body/mind is pure is 100x more effective so use all that you can, fully immerse yourself in spiritual playfulness. Eventually you wind up realizing and realigning with the natural, purified self.
  4. The Enlightened one only sees the Enlightened you/reality.
  5. Evol ution Evol - Backwards = Love Love is indeed your Evolution!
  6. Healing is when you realign with the natural self, the true self, the spirit. This is when true healing takes places. All damage/pain/illusion stems from resistance to the natural self. When you realign with the true self, the whole universe is healed simultaneously because you are IT. So to speak.. Ho'oponopono!
  7. I hope you all find happiness and freedom <3 Well... I know you will but hey! Enlightenment is Inevitable. Let it go! Just Be, play, dance, enjoy! Live is to be lived. That's why are chose to be dual in the first place. <3
  8. Its an experience to be had that's for sure, at least once in everyone's life Yeah i don't resonate much with deserts either when it comes to these, i prefer mountain, or beachy vibes with lots of greenery, fresh air, forests, waterfalls, lakes ect.. not really because for the smell or swim, it doesn't really bother me but because i enjoy going for long walks in solitude and the silence is wonderful experience to transition from sound to silence and sometimes you just wanna explore the diversity of nature in her virgin state. The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.
  9. That is okay, they're just reminders i use to help people lighten up a bit and play more with life because all life asks for is to be played, and those who play it most creatively, enjoy it most and live it best! The universe is a dance, a play, its a musical and its beautiful! By genuinely playing with life, loving your life, you are being your most natural self, so to speak. No one is perfect, but anyone who plays and truly lives, is a great example and reminder for all others to see and receive. Bless!
  10. Perfect age is when you are at peace with yourself and living in loving harmony with your partner and feel most wise as a creative force thus "when it feels right". You will know, this will come naturally. Too old is an illusion. If anything, the older you have kids, the wiser they usually are. You will be doing humanity a great favour! Never rush creating life, first you must live, know, understand what life is, you must first find, be and fall in love with life and yourself before you decide to give yourself permission to create a new life. That's how i see it
  11. Its one of my favourite prayers! <3 Beautiful Reminder! Hooponopono! 💜🙏
  12. Because Christ "knew/understood" he could, if you had his knowledge and understanding, you could too. Once you master how creation works on a fundamental level, from that perspective you can do/create anything you desire because you now have the keys to infinite wisdom