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  1. Infinite intelligence at play Yes its a plant, feel free to share your own findings or wonders of creation! Lets get a topic going
  2. There's a lot more to shungite and its uses especially protection from EMF Radiation and what not, Russian Scientists have done many studies you can find on youtube and studies around the web. Its one of my favorite stones to work with and its one of the very few out there that are backed up by science and have more physical evidence than others although for me even the metaphysical properties are common sense because i understand how things also work on a quantum level although many people today require physical evidence to even glance at these things when in reality most of technology what we use today and its core functionality is because of stones and crystals like quartz for example.
  3. I recently been getting back to meditating more often and i have noticed these days i can access deeper or purer states much more quickly than before. I guess because more activation is taking place on a collective level so due to more light we can enter purer states of consciousness more effortlessly? In the past i have had these sensations, but not as powerful as they are now. I always get that familiar feeling, spinal-energetic pulsations, spinning/rotating sensations as if my physical body is rotating one direction and my being the other, i can even open my eyes and everything is vibrating similar to when one takes LSD yet in a more pure form and i would look at the ground and my body is completely still yet i literally feel my being spinning in both directions simultaneously yet there is no dizziness, the feeling actually feels great like i am floating/spiraling within a stream of energy. (The more still i remain or the less i feel my physical body the more powerful it becomes) I remember i read a while back something about the MERKABA(light body) activating or re-aligning in place could cause this double-spin sensation to occur and others link it to Kundalini symptoms. Others say spinning or rotation in meditation happens at very advanced stage of meditation which is why i stated at the start of this post because it happens within 5 - 10 minutes? @AleksM I feel you may understand or have something for me on this? Others are welcome to chime in as well
  4. I will keep it short and simple, i see so many repetitive questions on the forums and i have a surge of energy to set it right once and for all. Start Behaving as if you already HAVE what you desire or ARE what you seek to be or KNOW what you seek to know or Understand. Behave as if you emit an infinitely strong electromagnetic force that the whole universe hears, sees and feels you, feel it deep in the core of your being, Fully and completely immerse yourself in your Beauty, your Love, your Passion, your Godliness even if you don't see and believe it yet, they key is to trick the mind/subconscious and the overall energetic matrix into believing and doing so. This is how you change yourself thus your reality. Keep doing this and repeating this, eventually you will trick your self into the belief that you are actually there already(which is ultimately true but you are just not aware of if yet) and in return, reality must comply with the vibration you are emitting because reality is absolutely, self-reflective. I always tell people, keep flooding the mind/body with thoughts and feelings that you prefer, at first it won't believe you but if you keep doing it and allow no gaps of your regular routine to take over again, your overall auric and cellular energetic matrix will start to behave and emit a vibration out into the universe that its already there thus the universe MUST and WILL comply because that's all you are feeding it, so to speak. Once you start getting the hang of this and hopefully mastering it, the focus on personal and small scale things naturally becomes obsolete as you will start to realize how powerful you actually are and you will naturally be lead to more global/universal/collective scale things. Don't worry about destroying the universe, creation has fail-safes that are unbreakable. Once you start becoming very powerful, Enlightenment takes over by nature, in turn you cannot destroy self. The Child that pretends and imagines creates and manipulates reality the same way the Master does. Do not be afraid to imagine, do not be afraid to pretend. You are absolutely and infinitely Loved, Blessed and Supported by Creation. Immerse yourself in the power of Love & Light and you will never be lead Astray! The Mirror will never smile first. Infinite Love!
  5. Yeah its amazing, we see with our true sight and feel with our true senses. Nothing is distorted and no illusion can survive
  6. Each substance will create an energetic match or (signature) within the individual. This is a merge between the substance and the individual, and the resulting signature for the cause and effect attraction in that individuals reality (karma) will be unique. For example, alcohol can open a gateway/portal for nefarious and lower density entities/energies/forces to enter and thus 'feed' from the energy system of the person drinking the alcohol. However, the individual needs to be of like-vibration to those negative entities in the first place. Therefore, two people may drink the same alcoholic substance and one opens a portal to a negative entity/energy that feeds from his/her energy and the other does not open a portal and remains immune from energetic siphoning of his/her energy field. When we talk about 'mind-altering substances' what we say here is very similar to that which we said for alcohol. That which is man-made, chemically created or not procured through the natural means holds a dark energetic signature therefore much more karma. There is a difference between alcohol and the man-made unnatural mind-altering substances. The difference is in the weight and breadth of the energy signature. The man-made mind-altering substance holds much darker, heavier energy and therefore a substantial negative karma. In some circumstances, the negative karma is greater than even that of factory farmed animals. This is due to 'suffering' caused in the procurement of said substances. These substances also open portals to lower-astral forces, yet the energetic is much lower than and greater than that of alcohol. For example, if alcohol consumption opens a portal and allows in two or three (we use metaphor here) negative entities, then the man-made unnatural substance opens portals to between fifteen and several hundred negative forces. The reason for this is the deep level the chemical reactions that the man-made unnatural substances stretch to. The alcohol does not touch the deep cellular aspect of the physical body in the same way as the man-made unnatural mind-altering substance. Once the alcohol is consumed then the portal is closed. The alcohol is removed through detoxification pathways within the body. The only way a portal into the negative astral realms may remain open is if the person is continuously consuming alcohol. With man-made unnatural mind-altering substance, the portal remains open for much longer than the individual feels the effects for (allowing in much larger 'group' of negative forces. The detoxification pathways do not work in the same way on these compounds which merge with bloodstream matter. Our conduit does not have the biological understanding within her fields for explanation of the chemical reaction here. Just know that the substance 'becomes at one' with the make-up of the individual's body. The detoxification pathways therefore do not recognize the mind-altering substance as that which needs to be detoxed from the body as they do with alcohol. This is connected to the fact that alcohol is a sugar molecule that triggers an insulin reaction. The mind-altering substance triggers chemical reactions that are not insulin-based. However, it is possible that in rare cases that some people on your planet among your masters, sages and highest shamans and such, who have a very deep understanding of reality can prevent portals from being open. However, when we say 'rare' we mean rare. There are a very few who can do this and even in those cases, these beings tend to only use natural substances for they are aware of these things or have no use for substances at all as they fully activated their Inner-dmt, so to speak. Your guru is nowhere near the level required master this and has been compromised. I grew up drinking and partying in my teenage years. I have seen this directly happen to my friends many times, they would get to a level and completely change in behaviour and do things they would never do in their natural state. I have extensively observed people who do a lot of synthetic substances and psychedelics, they are no longer the same energetic signature frequency they once were, i can feel and sense energies even from across the globe and sense a lot of false energies present even through screens. I am very in-tune with nature, i specialize mastering energy-mechanics and knowing when there is distortions within the field as i have fully activated my 'true sight' i see through all illusion with ease. While your video is some goon speaking on youtube, my source is direct download from a collective consciousness who exist far beyond this physical dimension. Who are you going to think is of a greater intelligence and understanding of how reality works and what is actually happening?
  7. I have a Vitamin C shower filter which neutralizes chlorine/chloramines and i also installed Shungite/Orgonite technology with some Activated Carbon and initially i did notice a difference but after my own tweaks even more now You can install whole house filtration systems and water structuring systems which are much better overall and in the long run but they cost a lot. I will be doing them in future when i move.
  8. 50% Universal Mind 50% Universal Heart = Full Awakened Being Love is in all projections, how you see it is all that matters. If you can see the perfection, the beauty, the love in all, what i or anyone stated would not even bother you because you would see the truth in all things, even in illusion.
  9. I am not man, i am supreme Chill dude we are playing, never stop playing, you miss everything in seriousness.
  10. There is no arrogance in play. You do not innerstand the level spoken through the vessel and your message is flawed. There is no such thing as cut-time. All is now, all else is illusory. If you were fully awakened you would understand the level of consciousness/play i project.
  11. You have to stop misleading people before its too late, we can see that you have been heavily manipulated and distorted by negative dimensional entities through the over-use and abuse of synthetic substances which open countless portals and karmic-bounds and trick you with false and mental awakenings but not true awakenings in which remain permanent. Only a true master understands how to stay protected and immune from these but a true master also does not play with synthetics because he/she understands the laws of nature and creation and that only natural psychedelics provide an almost karmic-free experience void of false-portals and awakenings. Your energetic frequency is heavily distorted by NAA(Negative Alien agenda) and you are misleading a lot of people. I suggest to terminate all your projects and go fast in a cave for a month void of all interactions, chemically-laden food or use of any technology. You have been warned by the galactic council of light. Truth is what you must seek, void of substances if you wish to find your enlightenment. Until then, we highly advise to stop with your false-projections or you will not succeed in your mission. P.S You can fully awaken even without meditation. Shivai
  12. “Don’t be a storehouse of memories. Leave past, future and even present thoughts behind. Be a witness to life unfolding by itself. Be free of all attachments, fears, and concerns by keeping your mind inside your own heart. Rest in being.” -Mooji
  13. The cure is simple. Listen to the wisdom of nature. Creation speaks to those who are still enough to notice. In the stillness, in the silence, all answers are present.
  14. From an energetic perspective, sea food/vegetables is higher/better for you. My Felines always choose the fish over the meat. Felines are Enlightened AF
  16. The quarantine hasn't stopped me from doing anything I've already been doing. Nothing can stop me. I am the supreme, i am beyond shape/form. Reality depends on me. Shivai
  17. @jp73 Oh definitely, we had amazing rain but there's more to it. The whole planet is healing because of our quarantine. If we do this every year for one month and let the planet breathe, it would be so beneficial for the collective consciousness and entire ecosystem.
  18. Mainstream media is manifestation of ego, the collective ego is transcending so it cannot get to those who are in tune with nature, in tune with source so it finds its escape routes through where its still being used and media is the strongest window for ego to scream and shout and try pull you back.
  19. I wash my hands and feet with the dirt, i neutralize all pathogens with the rays of the sun that radiate through the pupils, into my skin. I consume the living food that nature provides in its raw, natural state, i bathe in the natural waters and rivers, i move with the current of ascension, i listen to the wisdom of the trees and rocks by touch, i feel the heartbeat of the earth by being still, i am totally immune to all distortions within the field because i choose to align with source frequency, i choose to align with nature itself. I am light, therefore no darkness can exist in my presence. I am love, therefore no fear can exist in my field. I am truth, therefore no illusion can distort my presence for i am that which remains when all is gone. I am the eternal, the supreme, the divine, that which never changes, that is the true self and as i dissolve into the essence of life itself, it speaks directly through the vessel i have awoken, for i do not live life, i let live life i, In turn, i simply understand the nature and by this level of trust and flow, nature aligns me with source consciousness. This is how you stay immune to distortions within the field. This is how you stay surfing the waves life a breeze! You are not a part of nature, you are nature. Know thyself, Be thyself. The True Self, The Natural Self. You are an Infinite Being! Take your power back! Know your shadow but own your Light! Love is the Ultimate Truth. Oneness
  21. High doses Vitamin C with MSM every 2 - 3 hours will kill any virus. Talking doses 1 - 3 grams 3 or more times per day and high diet in vitamin c or citrus fruit and exercise, vitamin D or better sun exposure and walking barefoot on the earth, all these together, even stage 4 cancers have been seen to recover. Oh and keep diet as raw as possible, the less cooked the healthier the body. Fermented foods and digestive enzymes can help as well