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  1. How are you?
    The Most Important Question
    "How do I feel" ?
    "How do I really, truly, actually feel right now"?
    If you go totally honest about it; you will most certainly, and maybe not instantly but quite inevitably, become grounded into the centre of your being. Fully present. Here and Now.
    Do this as often as possible and you will, eventually realize that how you feel is all that matters. It's literally what creates the quality of your experience.
    It is ok to be comfortable in the seat you're sitting in.
    It is ok to feel good about yourself.
    To matter to yourself.
    To empower yourself.
    To uplift yourself and yourself only.
    To Love yourself every moment. To see Love in every moment. To create every moment.
    It is ok to play. To have fun. To be excited!
    It is ok to focus only on things that make you feel good. That fulfill you and energize you. Fuel you. Inspire and motivate you.
    It's ok to centre yourself around yourself.
    You will be showing more love, kindness and compassion to everyone; naturally. With ease. Effortlessly. It's ok to put yourself first.
    Whatever you do, wherever you go... It's all ok.
    At the end of the day what really matters is:
    "Ho do you feel?"

  2. Understanding Chakras and Energy work
    Western Psychology + Eastern Philosophy !!!
    Image source: