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  1. <3 wow. thats almost what happeneded to me too. I moved out early as well. My Russian opinionated entitled family and my neurotic stressed out victim Israeli family. Had ENOUGH of it. But you know, it took us two whole years to gain our trust, respect, compassion, love and forgiveness back. Don't think about the time though. True families stick around because they truly love each other. <3 Good luck.
  2. Wow thank you for Jeff Buckley. I really love that man.
  3. Thank you. Going to listen to every single one fully. Thank you for Sharing your music and love.
  4. That was an incredible song. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessed.
  5. Thank you for the support. I appreciate it. It was done yes.
  6. Oh sweet im 65% male and 35% female. Coolio hoolio
  7. thanks everyone. Been a while since I've been on the forum. But, your support really helps. Thank you.
  8. Me singing this (Eden Fren)
  9. Oh it's so painful. I agree. Together we can do this. We can shed all the BS ego off.❤❤❤