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  1. I keep hearing all these words and I get confused. Could somebody define all these for me? And link them all up together and how they relate to each other, growth, the world, life, and everything else? Is consciousness the same as awareness? Is consciousness actually nothingness? The Truth is you are nothing and everything they say. Some teachers say you are empty awareness, some say you are nothing, are they the same? They call it God and absolute infinity and all kinds of shit. Can somebody just explain all these words and the concepts and ideas behind them? I would like a big picture understanding of how these all link up together. Thanks
  2. To really make this work how far do I need to go? Like say if I wanted to make it mainstream in music? I couldn't imagine it being lower then like 60 hours a week to be honest. And I don't want to be a workaholic. I need time for all the other things in life. And for self development and learning. How will I become a sage working that much? Any good tactics for actualizating my life purpose and life in regards to time put in? And also any good tactics for keeping my creativity high and for being creative? Especially with that many hours of work? That will be draining. Thanks
  3. I would say find what is most meaningful to you. The money and easy work week will feel empty. Find your true calling.
  4. @SLICKHAWK Can you explain the whole 432hz idea and how about the effects of other frequencys? Are they really that effective? And the science behind them?
  5. @Evilwave Heddy That's dope. I got FL Studio too and it is hell of fun to play with.
  6. And how about the change in any artistic pursuit in life? Like stories, art, comics, games, movies, it all? I feel like it would be cool to create in life but have the impact of somebody huge like Gandhi or Sadhguru.
  7. Heyyy everyone. I've been considering music for LP. I've been looking into producing, rap, singing, kinda my own thing and style including what I like. Nothing to serious yet though. I want to finish the LP course and do some deep thinking. Music that is actually heartfelt and has good things that I want to give. Not about bitches and money. ANYWAY... Do you think is a good vehicle for change and influence? How could music really make a change? Do you think it really can? Anything else? Thanks
  8. @Leo Gura one time on this forum you said going to the extreme for enlightenment would probably be the best life possible. I get you would probably live an amazing life but do you think a life purpose and personal development coupled with enlightnemnt would make for a better life? Or would a life based solely on pursuing enlightenment like in a cave with nothing and no communication would be better? And how much do you think life purpose, personal development, family, material things, friends, and anything else would make life better if you chose to keep these instead of just pursuing enlightnement solely?
  9. @JustinS I wonder if all his stories are true or just tall tale...
  10. How deep would our understanding of human psychology be if we fully self actualized? If we reached full enlightenment? If we studied psychology in the academic setting, studied philosophy, history, it all? How much would still be up to debate and unknown? I have limiting ideas of how far our knowing can go and it makes me hesitate learning all this stuff for my growth. How far does this all go? Edit: Also an idea of how far my growth will take me. A vision!!!
  11. @Jcent I'm in the same exact position as you haha. It was getting toxic for me as well with my parents because I was thinking of not going but in the end I feel it is for the best. From a strategic standpoint if I didn't go I would waste more time. I'd have to work a full time job just to survive. In college I'll just have 3-5 classes and if I save now I won't need a part time job. Worst case scenario in college I'll be spending the same amount of time or maybe a little more as I would out in the real world with a full time job but learning things at least through the college education. I should have much more time though to be doing my personal development and finding my life purpose. Much more time to follow my passions. As long as I keep myself focused and don't go partying too much. I'll have my food and room paid for. If I save now the expenses should be minimal and I'll have lots of time. I also won't be stressed on money if that type of thing freaks you out. In college you might be able to network well with lots of people so maybe that would help with the whole business and brand and music idea? Also for me it gives me an opportunity to grow socially being around all these people and to really figure out relationships. Plus it will be really fun and enjoyable to go. I'll have lots of good experiences. Who knows. You might learn more about yourself being around all these people and taking classes you are interested in. You might find more passions or hobbies or find new ideas. Maybe you could join or start a club. Meet like minded people. Overall for me it is the better option but that is just me. The way you go may help determine what you learn, discover in life and in yourself, and experience. They both have pros and cons. What about your intuition and what do you honestly feel is best? Only you can decide but I would give it some deep thought. Hope this helps.
  12. @Leo Gura Should mindfulness meditation be added along with my normal meditation (do nothing or SDS) and self-inquiry habit (1 hr. each) or will I still get results if i just switch on and off with my mindfulness meditation with other meditations for mindfulness gains?
  13. I've had a problem my whole life. Low confidence. Caring what people think. All that jazz. I've become much more confident and loving toward myself but I think it is time to put a permanent stop and grow towards becoming confident. Purely confident. I know what I'm gonna do. Talk to people, read books, watch videos, apply all this info, date and get good with girls, find my life purpose, becoming positive, keep growing and figuring shit out, meditation and consciousness work, all that good shit. I'm gonna get authentic and love me. Get comfortable as me and stop basing my whole life off of others opinions. It's gonna take a lot of work but it has got to happen. It's just so deep rooted from my whole life of people pleasing, low confidence, shyness, and anxiety. Could i get anymore advice? What to do, suggestions, etc. And how to get a deep love of my self? One where I don't care what people think at all no matter what. A part of me is scared to open up because I've always had some bad anxiety(gotten rid of a lot with my personal development) and I judge myself about it and think about how people would judge me and it's just a bad loop. Anything helps. Thanks I love you all. You all give amazing insights and improve my life.
  14. I definitely noticed benefits after I quit coffee. It took about a month for me to notice but I wasn't tired 24/7 like I used to be. I'm more awake not relying on coffee to "wake up" for a couple hours to only feel tired again when it disappears. The first two weeks were tiring and I wanted to drink but after some good nights sleep you won't feel tired anymore (though I still take an afternoon nap.) Don't fall back into the trap of drinking it because you don't see results! After a while it will pan out and be worth it.
  15. @PureExp Is everything actually this consciousness/nothingness? Are consciousness and nothingness one and the same?