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  1. Thx for replies. @CMacD After I will do successfully at least 4-5 pull-ups in a row, I can consider gym work "complete" for this part of my life. I don't aim for an athletic result, I aim to be more than pathetic with my body. Also, I know that I might not ever fill my "abs skin", however with my current life situation I cannot invest more money/time than I already do. @Knock Thx for the compliment. Ill try to reconsider my whole "gym schedule" to add more pressure to my back muscles and maybe do less variety/more reps for the most problematic areas (chest/arms/shoulders/back). Also, isn't stimulating music like this more beneficial for the workout? I have tried to do work out with binaural beats/classic music/ video games ost/rock and what I found out is that heavy/stimulating music, that I enjoy (aka Hades OST/Dark Souls OST), give me this extra spicy push to move a little further when I feel like failing. Do I miss something, like a mindfulness gap?
  2. Achievement unlocked - Going to the gym consistently for 1 month, hurray! @Knock Now, are you ready to notice me senpai and give some life advice? What I have for now: I go to the gym 4 times a week I usually do 20 minutes of cardio (and idk if this kills or enhance my gains) + 10/20 minutes of stretching + 60 minutes lifting/exercises = 90m I am hungry as hell. I think I doubled down the amount of food I consume, I can eat every 2-3h with no problems. My muscles have grown significantly, but ffs, I still can't do a proper pull up (at least I can pull myself higher by 20-30%, I think I can count that as success) Usually, I do hands on day 1, abs/back on day 2, legs on day 3 and chest/shoulders and some hands on day 4. Now that I have established a routine the question is, what's next? Nutrition/sleep/habit wise it's alright, but how to exercise in the most mindful and efficient way? Also, how much cardio can "kill" my grow? @Michael569 Would you still recommend those exercises to a novice like me or shall I use the gym machines for 1 more month before I "try harder" to improve my gains (I ask this because I still am somewhat afraid of injuries cause of low awareness/experience/muscle strength)?
  3. @AlldayLoop@Michael569 Haha, now my post has transformed into an Athelan X fan page. @WavesI have this feeling that, if I don't get tired af/"killed"/full of pain out of the gym I did something wrong and my muscles/resistance got nothing. I need so much practice before I truly get what my body is telling me. Also, I am not a "really" tiny person, but I can swear that my usual norm was around 1500-2000 and I didn't lost/gain weight for a year or so.
  4. @Waves 3200 kcal... my usual norm was around 1700 before the gym. The app seems nice, is faster to check products with that than to search on the Internet. Mindfulness might be something that I will struggle for a while. I feel anxious as a noobie in the gym, that's why I got stuck in my head when I don't do exercises (yet, doing them is exactly what get me unstuck from the mind). I'll keep an eye over my overall awareness, I am sure that I am not nearly are mindfull as I think. Thx. @SerotoninluvK, yoga is not yet one of my priorities, but ill keep an eye on them. Thx. @Michael569As I said, the first months are just me accommodating to the climate and building a habit. I'll find out later what set of exercises and in wich order better suits me. I eat everything, that's why I have asked about fish, hearts, liver, wall-nut, cottage-cheese and whole grains. I see a lot of guys recommend Athlean X, is he that good in comparison with other channels? Thx.
  5. @AlldayLoop I don't remember any particular insight from this episode besides "relax your body when you feel tension". K, maybe I miss something.
  6. Thx for sharing guys @Michael569 4 times per week seems like overkill, especially for the first month but ill try to keep an open mind about that. Also, is it even possible/healthy to consume 140g of protein per day without supplements? Also ill google later more about "whole-body training", seems like the best place to start my deep research after I accommodate myself with the habit. @Rigel I did that mistake in the past when I thought 100-150 common push-ups are a sign of growing (in a way they were) but only after I started to do more mindful exercises 2 months ago I understood how wrong I was. Fuck, I even remember times when 20 knees push-ups seemed like a lot for me. It took me only 2.5 years to get "serious" about the workout, what a lesson to learn. And yeah, sleep, diet, meditation, and only after workout! Lucky for me I already have the first 3 in place (more or less).
  7. @SerotoninluvThx for advice. 15-25 minutes of cardio + 30-45 minutes of workout seems like the right amount. By Yoga you mean to join classes/find gurus (both is very hard where I live) or just online courses/videos? I am not so sure if I can learn proper Yoga on my own, but if I will feel confident with my gym routine after a while, I might add some home Kriya for "balance". @AlldayLoopThx for the recommendation. The guy seems legit. From my experience, is hard to find quality teaching. Usually, I have to filter 90% of the content I watch. For now, I will stick with Athelan and will see where it goes.
  8. I wish I could understand what "fun" self-improving looks like, I usually prefer and go with the "pain" of growth and achievement, no fun allowed here! @Natasha3 times a week seems like the right number for me too, especially because I know that if I decide to go 6 times a week I will find both energy and stubbornness to continue even if this somehow will hurt me. Stretches -> Cardio -> Compound Push /Compound Pull /Compound Legs exercises days -> Shower seems like the best plan for the first month I have so far. Group exercises sound like a great idea, but I don't know if I can afford them/if the gym I chose have those on the time I go, but at least I will give it a try (especially because socializing is a "subtle" extra reason why I want to join). My diet is healthy as well, but I want to add more "muscle grow" food, that's it. Thx for reply.
  9. @Knock I do get your position. I see 2 "problems" with my general approach: 1)Paralysis by analysis - aka mental masturbation (i have an area in my life where I study "how-to" for more than 1 year, yet I took almost zero action till the recent 1-2 months or so). 2) People suck at building habits. Well, the first one - I already have committed to go to the gym, it's not like "I need to watch 100 videos before I attempt" as I usually do. Second, I am good at building habits/routines. For me it will not be an issue to stick to a schedule, BUT! I need a stable/sustainable schedule. I don't know how many times per week I shall do some sets of exercises and how many other sets. Plus there is a chance that I will get injuries if I do exercises in a wrong way. I will learn from that, no doubt, but I would prefer to minimize unnecessary damage.
  10. Howdy. I have a lot of questions about how to begin a gym routine. I know that the wast majority of them are „internal/body awareness stuff” but I want a solid map before I go into the field. Next week I am going to join the gym and I want some advice. My main goals and flaws: After I lost 30kg (around 65 pounds) I have some extra skin on my body, and this is especially obvious on my belly (the best way to improve this is to grow the abs muscles, I don't want any surgery on my body). My arms and back muscles are quite weak. I cannot do even 1 proper pull up and I am sick of it. My knees from siting the most part of my life have become „soft”. Doing 20 squats seems harder than 20 pushups. Funny enough I don't have problems with my knees while I run. Now, my overwhelming list of questions. I understand, I have to find the proper training for myself but I want some general knowledge (both new one and some reinforcement of old one): I did enough cardio till to this point – shall I focus more on weight lifting and forget about cardio or its better to do both? If I still do cardio, can I do it 5 days a week (mon-fry) and do exercises 3 days (Mon, Wed, Fry)? Also, shall I have 48 hours brakes on the weekend? From what I felt, only after I don't do exercises for 48h I feel fully rested and I see some muscle/strength grow (or maybe I am just delusional). Till now I had enough rest from only 6 hours of sleep, but when I start training will it be enough or I shall extend for at least 7 hours a day? About food. I don't want to take any supplements. Overall I eat clean, but I want to understand what will be the best choice to grow as EFFICIENT as possible. From what I read: white meat, beans, whole grains, nuts and some dairyes (cottage chese, kefir, pure yougurt) are my best friends in gaining mass (also combined with a lot of fruits/veggies/berries). Is the formula 1-2g of protein per 1kg of body weight + clean food enough of a diet? Also, food like fish (we dont have much acces to quality fresh fish, more friged/farm fish), hearth, the liver will be beneficial for muscle/strength grow? Maybe there is some kind of “superfood” I am not aware of (aren’t wall-nut and hearths considered super food?) Hunger is also an “issue”. I have started 5-6 weeks ago to train at home and I have noticed that my appetite grows. It was expected, but eating 60-70% vegies/fruits/beans does not help very much, shall I move on a daily basis to more “whole grains stuff” like rice, buckwheat, and oatmeal? Is it crucial to eat 1-2h before the gym? And is it really necessary to hydrate me during the workout? I have poor logistic related to gym, that’s why I will attend it at the noon (basically 6h after my breakfast). Also, I don’t tend to crave water during a session, only after I finish. On training – This part confuses me the most. I have no idea how a good workout YouTube channel looks like. If you guys are researching for a while this field, maybe you can recommend a “hidden gem” or just a legit dude. Also, I have downloaded the Fitvate app, It haves good reviews and overall seems nice, but are there better apps (or all of them recycle exactly the same content?). To summarize I want to get muscle mass on my abs and muscle strength on the rest of the body. What is the most optimal way to start (exercises, numbers of gym sessions per week, food and sleep routines)? I know it’s a lot of stuff but I want to be prepared. I personally struggle the most with a proper training schedule, everything else I already have some general ideas. Thx in advance for any advice. Have a great day!
  11. @CreamCat We are not judging if SD can be simple or not, we try to find out a better solution how to make self-help work less intellectual and more practical. Maslow Pyramid is simple. You have needs, you fulfill them. SD is new dimension to this puzzle and a new playing field for misunderstanding and unhealthy interpretation. Anyway, it was an opinion, not and universal truth, I don’t want argue about it. Hope you are right in your own experience. Good luck.
  12. @ZenDancer If you want to cut something, the best way is to replace it so you don’t have time to come back. Try to find for yourself a new “distraction”, a healthier one like writing/editing/sport hobby WHILE you meditate daily. If you can manage at least 20 minutes of meditation daily, you are good to go for the next 3-6 months, after that rethink what you can add/cut right now. Repeat. It’s a process of change when you replace things very slowly to not get an strong ego backlash. Habits, habits and more habits. Ofc will be times when you will fall back, but just do not mind them, love yourself and keep moving forwards. After all, you are doing it for your own well being.
  13. @grapeape If I get it correctly, this is what I found for myself. You do not manage other people or “use them”. They either support you and share or values or they do not. It is a bad idea to try to manage other people behaviors. Example. If you want to become a vegetarian and all your friends expect two say “your idea is stupid, eat meat because XYZ” than you cut off slowly these friends and hang out only with two who remained AND try to find out new ones. You are what you surrond yourself with. It all boils down to “work with what you have” until you build yourself a new infrastructure, but for this you will have to give up a lot of things which is scary AF. In addition, yes, overall you will have to be your own best friend because eventually people around or/and you will change radically, and you are the only person around your life from start to the very finish.
  14. @Eric Tarpall Emotional problems can be resolved only with emotional actions, NOT with logical. Try to feel your body fully every time you feel a strong emotion like anxiety. Refocus your attention from your mind. There is no shortcut for this - awareness is the key. However, guess what, awareness is nothing more than pure OBSERVATION without JUDGEMENT. If you say, I SHOULD NOT feel this way, you already are going too far. If you try to cover one emotion with a reactive behavior, you already are going too far. Just as an exercise: When you are home aka “safe”, meditate for at least 15 minutes. After that, trigger yourself intentionally with something that evoke a very strong feeling. For example, look at a rich guy Instagram profile if you are resentful to “rich guys whose life is easy”, for a handsome model because “I think I am ugly and life is unfair”, or w/e provoke you strong feelings. The chances are, you have a lot of these triggers, just pick few. Then observe. What’s next you will find for yourself, spoiling it will make the exercise less precious because you will create an expectation. Try this at least 10-20 times with same trigger (depends how deep the belief is rooted into you), but do no force youself to do this 100 times a day. Consistenty, not volume is the key.
  15. I see LOA as a recontextualization. Same situation can have thousands of meanings. For example, Playing to win =/= Playing to not lose. All affirmations, visualization, habits building exercises, books, videos, people, ideas you surround yourself with is what you see by the end of the day. Your attitude is slowly shifting from “I am not enough” to “I am enough” (in any area of your life) and you start to ACT properly, you give yourself permission. At least this is what I found for myself.