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  1. Does self help really give you all that much? Would it be better to just shoot for enlightenment instead of even messing with self help? How would self help couple well with spirituality and enlightenment? And personal development in general with enlightenment?
  2. How do things like bad food, masterbation, drugs, alcohol, and TV or video games affect your consciousness? How about your meditation, self inquiry, concentration practice, etc? Does it actually help with consciousness work to unhook from these besides the fact that they can be distracting?
  3. Listen to I decided by Big Sean. It's basically an album about living to your full potential and a life of no regrets. Inspiring and motivating music. Also here is a good song off of one of his earlier albums
  4. What do you guys think of this? How does mediums and passion play into LP? He is spot on with contribution and his idea of mastery but what about passion?
  5. How about say on video games...when you play you aren't as present or aware. You get kind of sucked into the game. Is that lowering consciousness or is low consciousness?
  6. @Dingus Definitely the chimp mind things like jealousy and vanity. AND how all of society is pretty much using all of these constantly making the so called amusement park for the ego.
  7. @Leo Gura Happy birthday! We love you!!! Thanks for everything. You definitely shifted the course of my life and have helped me a lot. Any insights from the woods?
  8. @Dingus I think mostly with the ideas of life purpose and enlightenment. I'm taking the LP course right now. Also a lot of his more advanced videos. I'm also drawing a lot from his 30 ways society fucks you in the ass video. How could I help raise consciousness through something like story?
  9. What does it really mean to have high consciousness? What does it really mean to have low consciousness? From what I gather it seems to be consciousness of Truth. That will permeate your whole being. But how about in the sense of just personal development? Leo has stated that all personal development ultimately breaks down to this. What really makes your consciousness high or low? Why are video games low consciousness? Is it because you aren't as aware and mindful while you play? Or is it because of the subject matter like violence in Call of Duty? I have life purpose ideas of art. Maybe animated movies or comics or games. But I would want it to be about meaningful things like maybe Truth or some other amazing value. I would want it to be amazing and have amazing things in it. To have amazing meaningful impact. Does the fact that you aren't as aware during these activites like games or movies make it low conscious or does it make you low conscious? Does it put you in a low conscious state? How about if there was fighting or violence in my art? Would that make it low consciousness art? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the responses. Haha I'm becoming aware of the fact that nothing will ever fulfill me. Even something like life purpose. Looks like I've got some work to do!
  11. Aren't you always going to want more? Will the most authentic Life Purpose ever even do it? Is enlightenment the only way to true fullfillment?
  12. I always feel like I need to express my opinion and side of things when I see something I feel isn't right in a person's opinion. But something about that seems fundamentally flawed to me. I can't accept others opinions when they are wrong. I can totally be open to new good opinions an example being Leo. I tend to be pretty open with that. But I tend to have to argue with opinions that are wrong because of ignorance or when I can see a flaw in them. Any ideas to get me to stop this ideological battle? Thanks
  13. I keep hearing all these words and I get confused. Could somebody define all these for me? And link them all up together and how they relate to each other, growth, the world, life, and everything else? Is consciousness the same as awareness? Is consciousness actually nothingness? The Truth is you are nothing and everything they say. Some teachers say you are empty awareness, some say you are nothing, are they the same? They call it God and absolute infinity and all kinds of shit. Can somebody just explain all these words and the concepts and ideas behind them? I would like a big picture understanding of how these all link up together. Thanks
  14. To really make this work how far do I need to go? Like say if I wanted to make it mainstream in music? I couldn't imagine it being lower then like 60 hours a week to be honest. And I don't want to be a workaholic. I need time for all the other things in life. And for self development and learning. How will I become a sage working that much? Any good tactics for actualizating my life purpose and life in regards to time put in? And also any good tactics for keeping my creativity high and for being creative? Especially with that many hours of work? That will be draining. Thanks
  15. I would say find what is most meaningful to you. The money and easy work week will feel empty. Find your true calling.