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  1. All of them if they are all important to your purpose. Also I don't know what your purpose is so how would I know? You find where is best to start just from looking over the books. Where do you want to go first?
  2. Still confused on this saying. I feel like in a way after growth like changing a limiting beleif you are closer to consciousness and totally just letting go but idk. Or maybe like if I got good with girls eventually I would just let that go completely and that's where the real growth would be internally. Not with me getting girls externally. And then there is enlightenment which I feel would grow you and cure a lot of neurosis but then people say that neurosis will remain. How does personal development=raising consciousness? Isn't consciousness different from self development in a lot of ways and how do they fully relate?
  3. Can't you just grow and come to all these conclusions yourself? I mean how necessary is the theory? I mean a lot of this stuff seems like common sense and isn't everybody already doing all this stuff besides maybe meditation and enlightenment work? I feel like I stress out over personal development and maybe would it be better to just drop the whole thing and go with the flow? Or would that result in me being stuck? I look around and it seems like everybody is so happy and positive all the time and maybe I'm just the only one who isn't truly happy. I'm not relaxed like I want to be and personal development is backfiring on me. Any advice? Like I thought about maybe teaching this stuff but is it actually necessary and can you live a good life without personal development? I feel the community likes to say that people are living terrible life's but I don't think that is actually true. Or am I mistaken? Couldn't you just be happy and live a good life without theory and personal development etc. Just growing from common sense?
  4. @Leo Gurahow much has Personal development helped you in your life? And contrasting that to spirituality how much has that helped you? By personal development I mean things like self help and such.
  5. Found something very interesting, especially the first article. Do you guys think this means sex is a no go? Unless it's commuted to one partner? Or is sex a no go only when you are attatched to it shown in the second article?
  6. You just get hyper tuned into what you are concentrating on and it is much more focused on. The first time it hit me it was kind of scary. You'll probably know when it does happen. I would also try to find what is best for you to focus on. I'm not sure why some things are easier then others. I prefer to concentrate by looking at something nice and plain like a little box.
  7. What does it mean to raise the quality of your consciousness? To raise your consciousness level? Or to raise or increase or improve your consciousness? What does spiral dynamics mean when it says stages of consciousness and how does this play into our development? What is consciousness development? I am really confused on this whole consciousness word. When Leo says all Personal development is really increasing the quality of your consciousness what does that mean? What is increasing the quality of your consciousness? How does this play into growth? And enlightenment?
  8. I want to be able to learn and master all this shit. But I don't think I want to just be a standard teacher. I think it would be cool to bring these ideas into me being a creative making things like comics. I want to be able to go full Buddha and master this stuff on the side while I master my LP in this niche. I'm just wondering if this is just a limiting beleif of me saying I can't do both. All this stuff together is hard this sage stuff seems tough.
  9. How much work is it really gonna take? To get all this super deep understanding of everything? For high level or full enlightenment? For all this wisdom and growth mastering this stuff? Mastering nonduality, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom, growth, etc. To becoming a sage? Is it really possible without a life purpose dedicated to doing this stuff? If your life purpose isn't centered around mastering this stuff will you really have the time to do this in life with another life purpose happening? If your a writer do you have the time to do this? Wouldn't you need to be a nonduality teacher or something like that to reach these levels? A life focused completely on it? It doesn't seem possible to me to be honest. What do you guys think?
  10. @Leo Gura Why do you want to unhook people from fun? Isn't fun a good thing? I get not letting fun distract you from what you need to do but isn't it still something we should partake in? Shouldn't our life purpose be fun? Everything in our life? Isn't life about having fun? You say it is a chimp thing to be chasing fun but is it really? Is having fun a chimp thing? Isn't that what life is about? I feel like it should be a part of our life. We should be enjoying our life's. How about all these questions but for excitement and entertainment?
  11. These are all good points. Some people are probably more aware with themselves and contemplate more then others. I think adding theory is a must though for the highest results. You don't know what you don't know. @TJ Reeves Your girl sounds like a badass
  12. How often do you guys people grow on their own with no theory? The people that live without studying PD or enlightenment or science or epistomolgy or anything besides maybe their field or job. Do people contemplate often you think? And if you only contemplate no theory how far will you get? From what I observe in people it depends on the idea. Nobody is gonna be understanding enlightenment unless they've heard about it or taken a psychadelic. But maybe something like perfectionism could be understood by a person not studying theory. They could understand that perfectionism is just overly high standards that you make up in your head that you need to be happy just by thinking about it. But honestly how much deeper could it go on the understanding especially if you threw in theory? Personally, without theory I feel I would have been trapped and not able to grow. But that's just me. Anybody else's thoughts and insights?
  13. @Leo Gura what is the actual definition of higher consciousness and raising your consciousness? Is it like the feeling of lucidity you get when your aware or being aware of things like the Truth? Or high quality being or all the above or...?
  14. @Leo Gura Are all your insights of your own mind or are they found by you learning from other teachers? Or do you learn things and make your own insights about everything you learn? And how often do you cross reference on the insights? What is the process for your insights that you share?
  15. So I have conflicting info(maybe?). In Leo's newest episode about success he says happiness comes from being without needing anything. But he has also said it comes from your top 10 values. Do you need both values and being together for happiness? Or can you reach a point of being so advanced where you don't even need to be aligned with your values anymore to be happy because you are absolutely unconditionally happy? How does chimp mind play into this all as well? If you value fun even if it is chimp mind does it still make you authentically happy and at peace? And what actually creates fulfillment for a person? What is the actual mechanism behind creating this fulfillment? Is it just having a life purpose itself or contribution or...? And how will enlightenment and being effect fulfillment?