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  1. @Matt8800 As a young child (like 6th grade) I started to get prophetic dreams. I would dream it then see it happen in real life. It was so shocking the first time it happened. They totally stopped within the year though from what i remember. Anyways... 1.Was this clairvoyance or...? 2.What’s the explanation behind this and why did it happen? 3.How do I get them back and are they even worth getting back? I get deja vü sometimes, but I don’t count it because it isn’t as clear as literally dreaming it then seeing it. 4.Also, what does this say about reality? If I dreamt it then saw it, is it possible that everything is predetermined? @Leo Gura talks about no free will, and that would make sense with prophetic dreams. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. I understand where your coming from. But I have to tell you that your overthinking it. All these spiritual teachings, from Leo to Eckhart Tolle to Osho to Buddha are all just POINTERS! Everything Leo is talking about can only be understood by direct consciousness of it. Your saying everything is meaningless but that is a meaning itself. You are saying there’s nobody to receive your gifts, which is another idea your creating about nonduality, and it’s just that—an idea. You say there is infinite torture, but what about the infinite positive experiences? You need experience to really understand what is being said here. Without the direct consciousness, you don’t have anything. When you experience it, you realize everything that these people are saying is just a map, just an idea, and not true. It can be useful to keep you motivated to go deeper, and entertaining, but it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Nonduality can be very beautiful! My experiences of enlightenment really took away my nihilism I got from these teachings and took away the negative ideas I had about enlightenment. You realize that it’s all good, and that all your ideas about enlightenment from the theory you read is bs. Go and find meaning in your life. It sounds like you need it. Right now there is negative meanings, but you need to go and do things that you find meaningful in a positive way. Find you top values and do those things. Do things you find passion in. Maybe read “mans search for meaning” by Victor E Frankl. Too also keep it real with you, if you did kill yourself, you will absolutely ruin the life’s of some of the people around you. I know if I did, my parents life would be ruined beyond repair. People that lose their kids aren’t ever the same it seems like. Your life can be beautiful my man. I know right now feels so hard, but if you push on through you can create something great with your life. I’ve gone from a miserable life to a much better life, and it was hard. But it was absolutely worth it. You will be so thankful down the road that you stuck it out and made your life good! This life can be amazing. If I did it you can too. You have so much power within yourself. I know that you can do it, no doubt about it. I’d also say for now to avoid Leo’s teachings on nonduality. It’s just not practical and it’s causing you lots of pain it seems like. To be honest, at this point it’s just mental masterbation for me, you, and most of his audience. Fuck the theory, just meditate and do self inquiry. Get real experiences. Also psychedelics are a great and life changing option. But make sure there is no predisposed mental illness like bipolar in your family and really do research on them before you take them. Start with small doses And work your way up. And have a trip sitter you really trust in a good set and setting. Psychedelics are no joke and can really fuck people up so be responsible. But they can be absolutely beautiful and life changing. If you want a teaching maybe do something like “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Maybe do some more basic personal development and self help. Go out and do pick up, work on your subconscious mind, or work on your self esteem. Also I would say go get some help. I think talking things out with a therapist could do you good. It really sounds like you need professional help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s brave to be vulnerable and seek help. And go find a different job. I know how it feels to have an ass job. Shit sucks the life out of you. And last but not least, go out and live life! Go catch a concert! Go hang out with some friends! Date around! Do positive things. Go towards positive things. Think yourself towards posititivity. Go do a hobby or some passion! Go set up a hammock in the forest! Go exercise. Go explore your country. Love life and live life! There’s so much you can do. So many diverse activities to enjoy and explore. It’s all good my man. I promise you that you can change everything and make this life a piece of art.
  3. FMAB talks about enlightenment
  4. @Leo Gura You could do Seattle and Portland back to back since Seattle is a two hour drive to Portland. Plus I’m moving to Portland in a couple weeks so it would be cool to meet self actualizers there early in my stay! Win win efficiency!
  5. Contemplation on every topic has worked well for me, but I’m wondering now if I should just stay present more. One the one hand, contemplation seems necessary for a lot of insights. But on the other hand, maybe just being present will do more for me. I could have insights just from observing what is around me. What is a good balance? Or should I start to just focus more on mindfulness? I’m not sure, since contemplation seems like a really good method. If I could just focus on mindfulness for nonduality maybe I could just do that and reach infinity. Contemplation seems like a good method for that too though(neti neti). Which one would be better? Is just being in the moment the best way to go(mindfulness and also just being present)? If I’m seeing infinity in My everyday experience, should I continue to contemplate? Or just basque in the presence of it? I remember osho said he stopped reading books cuz it wasn’t raising his being. Maybe I could just focus on my being? How important will contemplation be after infinity is seen at all times? How much shadow work and personal development work is really needed at that level of consciousness? Wouldn’t a lot of it just naturally fizz out? And as you raise your being won’t you be able to reach the highest without contemplation? Lemme know what you guys think.
  6. Once you are enlightened though, isn’t it the case that you will always be in that state? Even if you are playing an ego role to interact with the world, you will still see it all as yourself.
  7. Some people claim that you need your ego after enlightenment to function in the world. Is this true? From what it seems to me, enlightenment is the complete loss of ego permanently. There is no more self, only the personality will remain. Yes you can think and conceptualize things, but you still see it as all you when you do this right? Maybe when people say this, maybe they just mean ego as personality and conceptualizatiln though there is no more self? Or maybe this is just one stage on the path towards enlightenment, though I don’t think so? Edit: Another question I have is how attached to your opinions are you when you are enlightened. I think it would be none, but then you have people like Osho who said he was going to war with Sheela in wild wild country. What is up with that? Or gurus who start cults. This just seems like not embodying enlightenment. What do you guys think?
  8. @Leo GuraHow does absolute infinity fit into all this? If all duality collapses you could say it’s nothing as a facet of reality. But then there is absolute infinity. Is absolute infinity saying everything is happening? Or is it saying that everything is happening and it’s all nothing is just the nothingness facet with absolute infinity being it’s own facet? Or is it saying all the something and all the nothing are happening? Or is it beyond all that? And is god absolute infinity? Or nothingness? Or is god just reality and these are all facets of god?
  9. @Leo GuraA little side question:How important is study when it comes to personal development and enlightenment? Say if you became hella enlightened right now(like for example Eckhart Tolle) how important would it be to do personal development? I feel like you would grow hugely from the enlightenment. And then the need for books wouldn’t really be a thing? Is studying personal development literature important?(say standard self help like tony Robbins, or maybe some sort of stage green or yellow self help?) or would you not need that since you are beyond all that? You have outgrown it all after you integrated the enlightenment? Maybe you have gone up to turqoise within a couple years? What is the importance of literature on personal development when you have a radical enlightenment? I’m just trying to get a big picture here. edit: Does it vary from person to person on who needs study or should everyone study?
  10. @Leo GuraWhat about lucidity though? Isn’t it you just like you feel more there?(unlike a dream where you are unconscious). How is seeing through distinctions and lucidity connected?
  11. I feel when I force myself to think a certain way I avoid my true beleifs and feelings. Like I’m lying to myself and just pushing all my negative emotions and thoughts under the rug. I also feel the law of attraction can be a big hindrance due to spiritual bypassing.Wouldn’t it be better to not worry about positive thinking and instead just work on your limiting beleifs or raise your awareness to enlightenment? And always being honest with yourself? And the law of attraction would be: once you change your beleifs or let them go, you automatically attract these things. Also how does enlightenment affect the law of attraction? Can you use your god consciousness for the law of attraction? How would that work? And what are the metaphysical aspects of the law of attraction (how does it fit into the bigger picture?)
  12. Some people say reality is real and not real at the same time. Is that the case? Or maybe that’s how it seems at a certain level of consciousness? Or is it ONLY nothing and infinity or whatever? And also is consciousness just lucidity as in you feel like reality is more lucid(unlike a dream where you feel out of it)?Or is it just awareness of your mental concepts and seeing through those into the emptiness or infinity or whatever facet? That’s what it seems like the most to me from my experience. Self inquiry got me feeling insane. Or is it your level of growth? People say raise you consciousness through personal development. That doesn’t make sense to me. Raising your consciousness(enlightenment work) seems to be a different facet of human development than personal development work though they can both effect each other. Raising your consciousness is about seeing Truth (or maybe lucidity?) while personal development is working on your behaviors, life, etc. Can I get a clear answer on all these please? What is the case, or are these all ways of defining consciousness?
  13. That’s all good stuff to know. Makes me less worried for him. It could be a huge transition from stage orange to green too.