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  1. Any good examples of brands? Actually sounds awesome! What is the science behind this? I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to different sources of water. Why is spring/well water so low? I thought that is where bottled water companies sourced their water? This was a great idea for a thread!
  2. I love the idea of this diet! It feels so harmonious. Just eating what plants give you. No killing of plant or animal life. The unfortunate reality is you are missing a lot of essential nutrients if all you eat is fruit. Not a good diet. You'd need like 100 supplements.
  3. LOL I love it! I'd expect nothing less from god himself
  4. What does contemplation look like for you? Journaling? Just thinking through different topics/ideas?
  5. Just to clear things up - DR. Gundry is a grifter. I worked at a supplement company a few years back. The Head of marketing used to work for Gundry. He would always try to get us to make these incredibly unethical VSLs (video sales letters). They were basically hour long scare tactics for old people. Tell them whatever you need to tell them to sell the product. Doesn't matter if it is true or false. "I'd rather get sued for making millions than not make anything." He always kept talking about how many lies were in the Gundry videos and how so much of it was made up. And it just so happens Gundry sells a lectin product...
  6. Also if you want some movies here they are!
  7. Not a movie but even better is Arcane The way each character has a unique and valid perspective and how they all clash is unmatched. It's animation and art style is one of the best to ever be created. It deals with ethics and progress and trauma and war. It is my favorite piece of media I've ever seen.
  8. Javascript is the obvious choice. Used for practically every single web app. I'd learn react too. Easy to reuse common components. Also if you are just prototyping tailwindcss and many others have premade elements to help you prototype faster.
  9. If it feels like there is insecurity, bring your awareness to it and let it come up to the surface. Learn to be mindful of it and understand it. If you give it time, love, and attention it will eventually heal.
  10. Show him Love. Show him that you are able to forgive him. Show him that he is redeemable through the way you love him.
  11. I strongly recommend not getting involved in a romantic relationship with someone who has a boyfriend. It is usually more than you bargained for. Often times the main dish becomes emotional trauma with a side of romantic relationship. I know from experience.
  12. The same logic people used to build the nuke.
  13. This is true. Also, I don't think giving money to the homeless is solely about solving poverty. giving money to the homeless can help them feel seen, loved, and cared for in a world where they are seldom valued. Which is also a worthy thing to do.