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  1. I just have an impression that you are terrified of your parents. Yes or no? You don't have to do anything they require from you, just because they want it. Don't wanna go to college, then just don't. They won't drag you there by force. Or kill you. Right? Have you communicated your fears to them? Would they listen? Are you very dependent on your parents? Maybe it's time to individualize yourself, and set a borderline between your life and theirs? You mentioned focusing on your mental health. Maybe it would be okay for you to consult someone, a therapist, who could provide you with a broader perspective on your problem and help you find the way out. Even a session or two could help. Also, do you really believe that your problem is as big as you make it? Or is it just your emotions fucking with your head? I mean what do you want? Do you wanna get a job? What do you wanna do for a living?
  2. It's quite simple. Your thoughts obviously can lead to certain actions. If you concentrate on things you wanna achieve and take a damn action, then chances are higher that you're gonna get what you want or at least you get closer to it. However, if you concentrate on a certain idea and keep doing nothing about it, then it is rather unlikely anything would change. See, making a distinction here between just daydreaming about your ideal life, feeding yourself with sweet illusion, and then doing nothing, AND, on the other spectrum, thinking about the desirable result and working towards it every day. I think rather than just feeding yourself with other people's ideas on the law of attraction, just figure it out what you want and bring about changes yourself. It only makes sense that when you are focused, action oriented and realistic, things will start to shift. The problem is we often highly undervalue ourselves. Then we seek advice on the internet, feeding ourselves with fake hope and optimism generated by other people, people who are NOT YOU. Then you get upset cos Mr. Johnson said "Oh, blah blah, the law of attraction is all bullshit". Of course, there is no golden rule saying you will become successful if you go from point A to B. This is where you start thinking for yourself and enjoy the journey.
  3. Going beyond conceptualisation and starting to create more solid things rather than just triggering more thoughts. As for now, jumping into action, as in providing goods, has been my biggest struggle.
  4. Cultivating patience. Self-forgiving, full acceptance, allowing all the experience, not fighting it. Just being.
  5. Hi, has anyone here tried hypnosis for self-healing? Hypnotic regression? Could you mention any of your experience, effects? Especially in relation to dealing with past traumas, anxiety, depression, emotional problems? I've been thinking about several sessions to unroot and eliminate certain mental blocks. I wonder if anyone tried this and could provide some info here. How helpful can this be? Have a nice day.
  6. @Seed Perhaps, doing it with your eyes open, gives you the opportunity to involve your sight as a means to experiencing additional distraction. Even when you just look at a blank wall, you see some specks of dust, dirt, floaters, light beams. If your eyes are half close, half open, you see your eyelashes, or have the experience of the foggy vision, whatever. You may be willing to include these things into the spectrum of your awareness. Or not.
  7. @alyra I can totally relate. That's why I cannot give you any good advice. Just wondering... Figure out whether you are not under pressure relating to the change of your habits. Pressure coming from other people, friends, family, forums like this one, etc. Consider that whatever you do with your life, there is no good or bad, the two fake concepts, made up by all-controlling minds. You don't have to do anything, nor change anything, unless you want to. And I see that you don't want to make big changes right now (in a practical sense), so set smaller goals, and build up the habit. Small changes can trigger bigger ones later I guess.
  8. Hey guys, I'm gonna play a victim now, but it's been a long while since I've written anything, so I hope you'll forgive me this once. So the story is that I totally fell of the wagon with personal development. I've been struggling a lot with depression and psychosis (hallucinations, delusions) for the last couple of months. I had this episode for the first time since early childhood where I experienced psychosis a lot. I haven't had any symptoms for almost 20 years! So a sudden, totally paralysing outburst was unexpected. So here it comes again. Off the wagon. The only thing which still sticks when it comes to personal development is my meditation habit, even though the experience is now really, really fucked. Last time I had epileptic seizure. I totally lack motivation when it comes to studying the fundamentals. I can't do any progress on my life purpose, even though I finished the course twice with the same results, still having little idea what my purpose is. And I keep beating myself up for not working on this but there is so much going on inside me now. I lay down and sleep a lot. Or if I don't sleep I keep distinguishing reality from fiction, questioning who the hell I am in all this. And then I get up, get dressed and go to work where I act totally normal, as though everything was fine. Nobody sees that anything is wrong with me. I function okay, I even smile, feeling the hell breaking open inside my chest at the same time. I feel like I need a break from all of it. Personal development. I'm stuck and don't know how to move forward. However, despite all this I'm not that pessimistic, my attitude on every day basis is okay, I'm just exhausted and a bit hopeless and lonely right now, it's a state, it should have an expiry date, I guess.
  9. @gj28210 Hey. Leo's course has helped a lot of people get in touch with their values, strengths and purpose, so I guess you could give it a try. Especially now, since you have so much life experience, wisdom and knowledge about yourself and life in general, it might be easier to uncover your hidden treasure. I think the course has potential to facilitate the process and save you some time. Give it a try and see for yourself.
  10. @Wilm I believe that you are already to much extent synchronised with your top values. Just wondering, if curiosity and interest in the world is your top strength, then what it is exactly, or more or less, that really sparks your interest/curiosity? Did you discover it in depth? Have you ever tried coming back with memories to your childhood? Reminiscing on the wonderful times you had? What sparked your curiosity/excitement most? Would there be any theme which could give you even a silly hint? For example, I have one hint about myself, may sound ridiculous. I remember, when I was a kid, the most exciting thing for me was to induce lucid dreams a lot. In these dreams I fighted bad guys and rescued good guys. Actually, in turns, I was a witch or a ninja with psychic powers. I loved the idea of helping people out in distress, though, only in my dreams. I was a withdrawn, anxious and highly imaginative kid, so experiencing being a ninja was also somehow an exhilarating experience. Throughout the course, the main themes I've discovered about myself were oriented toward growth, personal development and wisdom-seeking. My life purpose was about using my top strengths which are critical thinking and open-mindedness to help people understand and overcome whatever mental blockages hinder their growth. Do the right thing to help people out. Combining, perhaps, elements of psychological therapy, coaching, hypnosis, meditation/awareness tools. I really felt like this is the right area to research, to study, to work on. And then, when I tried to imagine the future, implementing these things, the enthusiasm faded away somehow. That's why I'm not sure if I came up with the "correct" "life purpose" or whether I am influenced by something superficial. Or perhaps I should explore this more thoroughly and jump out of comfort zone.
  11. @Wilm and when you get some answers, please, be so kind and share them here, as I believe, there are more people in similar situation to yours. Even if it takes you some time. For example, I thought I figured out my LP. And then started having doubts about it, cos whatever I visualized and dreamed in connection to realizing the purpose in the future, it did not really spark that much passion/emotion. So now I've been procrastinating on the part "How to make it real" of the course, cos I'm not sure if the purpose I came up with is the one I should focus on anymore, whether it's something I really want to make real. Similar to you, my life is pretty much comfortable and smooth now. That's why I thought getting out of the comfort zone and seeking new activities/opportunities related to the values and strengths might be a good option. By the way, what are your signature strengths and top 3 values? For example, I guess that 50% of my life purpose ingredients is in my top strength/skill. The latter 50% is more related to the ways of realizing this skill, bringing it to life, searching for the right field, which can be discovered in the part you most struggle with. And the one I still have doubts about.
  12. @Wilm I wonder, maybe making a step out of your comfort zone and trying new experience could help. Something related to your top values and strengths which you haven't tried before? Perhaps, you can't come with the answers cos you simply haven't discovered the thing yet?
  13. Hey guys, Is creating the vision supposed to be so difficult? Do you guys struggle with your impact statement? I have come up with my values, strengthes, zone of genius, and life purpose. I created a draft of my vision and did my best to keep it detailed and concrete. I used all the worksheets and theory from the LP course to help guide me through the process, about which I was all enthusiastic. When I finished writing and read it to myself, I discovered that I feel very little. It didn't move me at all even though the vision was idealistic, detailed, and concrete in accordance with my values, strengths, desires, etc. So I kept thinking every day and refining the vision for weeks. Contemplating, digging deep what the hell I want to do exactly with my life. I saw that the main problem was impact statement to my life purpose. Let's say that I love personal development and my zone of genius is deep, critical thinking and open mindedness. So the core part of my vision, including the impact statement, was to help people recover from damages to the psyche, self-actualize and raise their awareness level. I thought becoming a psychologist, getting into therapy was a great idea. I did some research on it and was really very enthusiastic, for a week or two, and then... I felt nothing again. It's like, even though, I love personal development, I feel little passion about the impact. I mean, what the hell, this is exactly the area I'm pulled towards and now I don't feel passionate about any impact I could possibly have. Maybe, then, becoming a psychologist is not what I want in the end, right? Or perhaps deep down I don't believe that I could ever become a good one, that I'm not the right fit, which supresses all the passion and enthusiasm. It may be possible. I'm also anxious about working with people. So when I write about the impact in my vision, it actually does make me feel anxious. May it be likely then that it's a completely different field I'm after- I just don't know what it is yet? Is it possible to create a compelling vision not knowing the impact one wants to have? Probably not. That's why I feel stuck here. Maybe, I should completely stop thinking about it for some period of time and the answer will come spontaneously on some occassion? Thinking about it on daily basis has been exhausting me recently. Does anyone have a struggle of a similar nature? Can anyone relate?
  14. Worksheets start in the Values Assessment section. They're under certain videos.