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  1. Yes, a powerful tool to serve your ego.
  2. How can I not fall back into delusion when participating in day-to-day activities?
  3. Thank you for everything! Happy birthday!
  4. @Dodoster No, I meant that I couldn't continue doing self-inquiry after 2.5 hours because it was sooo BORING.
  5. @Shin I tried it once... I lasted 2.5 hours, hehe.
  6. I recommend you first get really serious about Truth in real life and then start working on lucid dreaming. From what I've heard, yes. Here's Shinzen Young talking about Lucid dreaming and "Five Ways" mindfulness meditation.
  7. There's no reason really but you will fall back into ignorance and start identifying with the suffering, again.
  8. You're assuming that happiness is inherent in objects, question that assumption.
  9. You sure about that? What about open mindedness and fear of death?
  10. In my experience questioning and doubting your beliefs about what you are is of great importance and value in self-inquiry. Beliefs are part of what blocks you from true not knowing.
  11. 108 meditation techniques: http://www.meditationsociety.com/108meds.html