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  1. @Girzo Respect man, we have an almost identical story. So you're considering just leaving it all and meditating?
  2. @Girzo I'm at the same exact place man. Why do find yourself at this juncture? How are you thinking through it?
  3. I'll be building one in the coming decades. Stay tuned.
  4. @kieranperez Thanks for such a detailed response. Upon analysis, there is a desire to become an extraordinary human being. I don't know about Buddha-level, but extraordinary. My intention was always to integrate art, business, and teaching into my life purpose. For me, I have no intent of living in a cave for the rest of my life. The only reason I would go off and do something like a year-long-retreat is to learn how to properly use the machine that is myself. I would go in with the intention of getting out of my own way, so I can actualize my business and artistic dreams, and thus serve the world with my unique talents. I've also done quite a lot of work on myself over the last 3 years, so I feel like I could breakthrough, especially after an extremely successful Vipassana retreat last year where I activated Kundalini for the first time. In this regard, my desire for enlightenment may be impure. Not a yearning for truth itself, but rather in a utilitarian way. In this sense, maybe the ego is co-opting enlightenment. There also is a magic-pill feel to it which I still haven't eradicated. Discipline must be built separately, I feel. I'm interested if @Leo Gura has any insight to this, for a young chap. Edit: My biggest concern is also brain chemistry and awakening young while the brain is malleable. Is this a valid concern, or is it just blind belief in materialism and the brain?
  5. @Jonson Well let me know if you need any help or advice. I spent probably 200 hours contemplating the decision and considering different outcomes. @Sahil Pandit Could you tell me a bit more? Did you go to an ashram or something? If so, how did you find it? And I know the answer is mine to make alone, and my intuition is alive and well. I'm just trying to get as many perspectives as possible so I can see if I'm missing something or deluding myself.
  6. @Salvijus Thanks for sharing. And yeah, both things are meaningful to me. In The Anatomy Of Story, John Truby writes that all great heroes choose not between a positive and a negative outcome, but between two positive outcomes (or rarely, two negative outcomes). I feel like I'm choosing between two positive things. Both are important and will get done eventually, it's just a matter of order and priority. Becoming financially independent is important to me.
  7. About 6 months ago I decided to leave college. Since then I have been working hard at home to build a solid routine. There has been a lot of growth such as permanently overcoming a pornography addiction and having sex for the first time. I've also made some successful small bets in trying to find out my LP. I've essentially discovered it but still have several positive-shadow issues to resolve around it. I'm now at a critical juncture. I'm 19 years old, almost 20. The question is this: do I start a business and evolve up Maslow's hierarchy of needs (move out, get a relationship, become financially independent), or go straight for enlightenment at an ashram or monastery? I already have a solid business opportunity; I essentially just have to restart a business that was succeeding last year. I had to shut it down to go to college. I've also done a lot of purification work cleaning up my diet, getting rid of a video game addiction several years ago, and now getting rid of this pornography addiction. The last gross addiction is YouTube and the internet which I can spend anywhere from 2-4 hours on per day. I've made massive strides in these last 6 months. Though there's been quite a bit of ego backlash, I've managed to build a really solid routine. But recently it's gotten to the point where I can work 10-14 days at full capacity, and then the ego will relent and take 5-7 days off. This is a recent development as I'm facing bigger and bigger emotional obstacles. Bigger Kriya breakthroughs, overcoming artistic doubts, seeing my full potential. Again I'm sort of at this point where I could go either way. I see the validity of Maslow's hierarchy. But at the same time I can't seem to reconcile this question: why would you do anything in life before becoming unconditionally happy? I've given myself until June 1st to decide. I know that I can do the business but it probably will be a 3-5 year endeavor. My dream business, which might be the second or third business, is a video game company. My LP is this: I use my creativity to elevate human consciousness. And the medium, which I have just discovered, is writing tactile, high consciousness stories, and bringing them to life (in this case, through video games). So I would love your advice. I'm at a point where I've spent the last 6 months doing small bets, building habits, garnering theory, etc.. But the time for building these strategic resources is reaching its end. It's time to move on to bigger and better things. What would you do in my position? I'm not sure if going to a monastery is a self-deception or exactly the thing I must do. There is still some laziness and inconsistency within me. Any feedback would be a huge help, as it's hard to ask layman for advice regarding these critical junctures.
  8. Start looking for business "frameworks". What are the common threads that unite the great businesses of our time? Once you have a few frameworks you can start coming up with new ideas using them. They're like idea machines. They will enable you to come up with literally dozens of ideas in a single sitting. I've identified probably 3 or 4 at this point. I'm then twisting them to come up with a business that is unique and meaningful to me.
  9. @Leo Gura I understand that it's multi-faceted. I just think that they're over-prescribed, as I know many people in my life who think there's no other choice. And reading everyone on this thread saying "go ahead!", I figured I'd offer another perspective. There's no one size fits all, especially with health. And that technology can't solve everything. I also understand your point about money. I was fortunate to be in school at the time, where I was accommodated for my concussion. The knee joke was something some random girl said about you a while back. It nearly turned into a meme. Some guy even made a song about it and posted it on that thread. Nonetheless, I hope others can benefit from the technology I benefited from. It's just meant to be another tool in the tool belt.
  10. @Fountainbleu I overcame a severe TBI which occurred 3 years ago. It lasted for 2 full years. After losing everything, I'm back to 100% and, now, way beyond. Minor recommendations: Meditate like your life depends on it. In complete blackness. Watch how quickly your suffering (not your pain) goes away. Journal every day. Go full out with self-actualization and use this opportunity to rebuild your entire life. That's how I used my concussion. Major recommendations: Immediately switch to a whole foods plant based diet. Nutritionfacts.org is one solid resource. Consider getting photobiomodulation therapy done: https://bioflexlaser.com/ (this may take anywhere from 10-30-50 sessions). My recommendation would be to go in for an initial diagnostic and then rent a unit and take it/ ship it home. It will be much cheaper that way. There are now a bunch of locations in the US and Canada. Personal Note: A long time ago I planned to write an entire post on here about this. Once I found this, I healed by 90% in 2 weeks. There's no guarantee that it will work for you, but it's worth a shot. It's side-effect free. It uses light to stimulate the dead/non-functional cells, especially the mitochondria. It then produces ATP and increases oxygen absorption. The technology is so ridiculously simple but so ridiculously effective that I convinced my dad who's a Neurologist to put it into his practice. As I was working with him last summer (for about a month) I cured 3 people who had chronic migraines for over 50 years. And I've never heard from them again. DO NOT go back to work, school, or anything. Take time completely off to heal. And then use every second to get better. DO NOT go back on anti-depressants or ANY medication except headache medication. Only if you're about to commit suicide would I recommend anti-depressants. People saying to take medication so that you can start a business and make money is the DUMBEST SHIT I've ever heard in my life. If you listen to your body and take care of it, it will take care of you. Manipulating it for good grades, success, achievement, and money (which I tried to do) will leave you more depressed and more anxious and more sick and more miserable than you could ever imagine. You will literally go in the opposite direction of healing. Please PM me if you'd like to talk. Virtually no one has any idea how to cure concussions or TBI. My dad, who's a neurologist, couldn't even help me. You're especially not going to find the answers on this forum. To even find that one resource I shared with you took years of research and was a divine gift from the universe. The great irony is that the concussion itself was also a divine intervention from the universe. It's how I found Actualized.org! I was fortunate enough to meet the guy who invented it and received treatment from him directly. Hopefully you won't squander what I've said here. This information was unbelievably hard won. PS: @Leo Gura I've frequently heard you talking about your thyroid and other various physical ailments. Hopefully your right knee isn't still giving you trouble from that Reiki post I made a while back Maybe we can ask that girl to send you another long-distance transmission. I've been struggling to think of ways to provide value to you. Hopefully you can check out this resource (https://bioflexlaser.com/ ) if things ever get out of hand.
  11. @sarapr No there wouldn't be traditional tests. I was just being cute. There might not even be grade levels.
  12. @kieranperez Unresolved so far. Having overcome a massive concussion during high school, I'm very sensitive and understanding of people with learning disabilities. The way I was treated in school is one of the motivations for this project. @RichardY Anything for views, right?
  13. @Sahil Pandit It's cloud based. Risky business but more power. Actually on windows I believe you can back up all your files. But it's not available on Mac yet. The way I see it, I have documents that are just chillin on google drive from almost 10 years ago. I don't think they're going anywhere.
  14. @Etherial Cat What is your experience with crypto? Do you work in the field or just study it?
  15. @sarapr The original idea was that you could only join from the very inception. You could not join past a certain age, maybe even as young as 5. Although, I can see that becoming utterly ridiculous and unfair. @moon777light It will. But that's why it's a 20 year endeavor. Several projects and businesses must come before this. But the result would be so worth it. Imagine how amazing those kids' lives would be. And then they just rub off on the world by inspiring others. Network effect. @RichardY I'm very interested in video games, especially with their application into this school. AR and VR will 100% be integrated. Think: Lumosity on steroids. So you're saying that you solve the scalability problem by just having everyone teach themselves? @ajasatya No. Most of my 20's will be dedicated towards that pursuit. First I will leave the world and then I will serve the world. I've just left university for this very reason. The next generation of education cannot be solved from within the system. Something radically new is needed. This is perhaps where I disagree with @Leo Gura. @Bluebird These are some juicy ideas. AI is not something I had thought to integrate. But it seems like the perfect storm for something like this. I know some people who work for Google in LA, I had dinner with them a year ago. I'll have to talk to them. This is possible, but even as I think about Actualized.org, there's something missing about it. Imagine being able to talk about these things at lunch with your buddies. Imagine stressing about a metaphysics final with your crush at recess. That's epic. I appreciate all of your ideas, some of them are spot on but will be hard to implement. Do you have experience with AI? @okulele Thank you, I will look into what you've shared. @Shin I did not... @zambize It would be a private school until the formula could be franchised and spread to every state.