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  1. @sarapr No there wouldn't be traditional tests. I was just being cute. There might not even be grade levels.
  2. @kieranperez Unresolved so far. Having overcome a massive concussion during high school, I'm very sensitive and understanding of people with learning disabilities. The way I was treated in school is one of the motivations for this project. @RichardY Anything for views, right?
  3. @Sahil Pandit It's cloud based. Risky business but more power. Actually on windows I believe you can back up all your files. But it's not available on Mac yet. The way I see it, I have documents that are just chillin on google drive from almost 10 years ago. I don't think they're going anywhere.
  4. @Etherial Cat What is your experience with crypto? Do you work in the field or just study it?
  5. @sarapr The original idea was that you could only join from the very inception. You could not join past a certain age, maybe even as young as 5. Although, I can see that becoming utterly ridiculous and unfair. @moon777light It will. But that's why it's a 20 year endeavor. Several projects and businesses must come before this. But the result would be so worth it. Imagine how amazing those kids' lives would be. And then they just rub off on the world by inspiring others. Network effect. @RichardY I'm very interested in video games, especially with their application into this school. AR and VR will 100% be integrated. Think: Lumosity on steroids. So you're saying that you solve the scalability problem by just having everyone teach themselves? @ajasatya No. Most of my 20's will be dedicated towards that pursuit. First I will leave the world and then I will serve the world. I've just left university for this very reason. The next generation of education cannot be solved from within the system. Something radically new is needed. This is perhaps where I disagree with @Leo Gura. @Bluebird These are some juicy ideas. AI is not something I had thought to integrate. But it seems like the perfect storm for something like this. I know some people who work for Google in LA, I had dinner with them a year ago. I'll have to talk to them. This is possible, but even as I think about Actualized.org, there's something missing about it. Imagine being able to talk about these things at lunch with your buddies. Imagine stressing about a metaphysics final with your crush at recess. That's epic. I appreciate all of your ideas, some of them are spot on but will be hard to implement. Do you have experience with AI? @okulele Thank you, I will look into what you've shared. @Shin I did not... @zambize It would be a private school until the formula could be franchised and spread to every state.
  6. @universe I make music, so I will sometimes sing melodies into my iPhone. Other than that, I'm frequently hit with ideas and concepts that I find useful. But the problem is I'm usually driving. I don't transcribe them, although I think there is a feature for that built into OneNote. @Rinne OneNote 2016 is free. It syncs between all of your devices. Here: https://www.onenote.com/download Does anyone have any other tips or tricks?
  7. It's a metaphor for self-actualization, consciousness, metaphysics, epistemology, psychedelics, Etc.. And a whole bunch of other stuff; like minor technical training in math, science, english, history, language, etc.. It means: becoming a fully-whole and extraordinary human being.
  8. I use my creativity to elevate human consciousness. This is my purpose in life. I am in the midst of outlining and designing what I would call, for lack of a better term, a Jedi Academy. It's basically a school where you send your kids to master the ways of the force. Imagine a brick and mortar version of Actualized.org that you attend for the first 18 years of your life. Rather than just listing a bunch of my ideas, I want to hear yours. Engineering the community is obviously very difficult, a task which I'm not yet evolved enough to handle. But this is my dream project, I'm 20 years away from making real. The hardest problem I've stumbled across so far is this: how does one scale something that's unscalable? My vision is that each and every kid will have a fully customizable curriculum. This is easy enough to do for a few kids. But it becomes quite a difficult problem to solve at scale (say, a class of 100 kids). Because you're just bringing in so many specialists and teachers for each kid that it becomes financially untenable. The cost of the school is already expected to be quite high. But the plan is to do something similar to what Musk did with Tesla; start high end and then bring it to the masses. I've been looking into the fields of Mass Customization and studying how manufacturers produce customizable things at scale. I hope to take that framework and the insights gained there and apply it to this problem. But it's not meant to be a mechanistic factory. Quite the opposite. There's also so much more that goes into it. The colors of the walls, the campus, the food, the teachers, the curriculum itself. What are your ideas? What was great about your own education? I plan to both transcend and include what's already working now. For instance, I don't think that sports teams should go anywhere. The question is only: are you going to be okay when your kid is psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually more developed than you when she's 12? I'm not playing around here. I'm not interested in political discussions or debates about the education system. This is something completely outside of all that. I don't have time to jump through legislative hoops. I would appreciate any and all feedback, whacky ideas, good examples of what's being done right now, etc.. Thanks! *Applications are open*
  9. Here are three things I started doing that made OneNote ridiculously powerful. Install the OneNote web clipper immediately. This is great for screenshotting powerful forum posts, downloading PDF's, articles, etc.. I send them all to the same location for convenience. https://www.onenote.com/clipper Consider purchasing a digital pen or stylus to draw directly into OneNote. If you're a visual person, terrified of drawing with the mouse, and like to have everything in one place, then this is for you. I got a really solid one on Amazon for $60 bucks. It's been amazing so far. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077P6BQP7/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Start recording your audio logs right into OneNote, particularly on your smartphone when away from your desktop. Ditch the built in recording apps. I save these to the same section as well. OneNote, at this point, is becoming almost-too-powerful. You might start to feel like a mini-god hoarding all of this juicy information. Remember not to take things too far. It can easily become an obsession. Don't turn into a cataloguing slave. Note: All of this stuff is way easier with OneNote 2016. Get over your fear of cloud-based storage. Come to the dark side, it's more powerful here.
  10. I'm reading a book called Memenomics. I found it off the http://spiraldynamicsintegral.nl website. The book is quite fascinating, but it gets me thinking a lot about Bitcoin, Ethereum and these new trust-based currencies. Is Bitcoin and evolution from our current Orange system to Green? Is it a quantum leap to Yellow? Or is it just more Orange? Would love your input.
  11. One word. Ikigai.
  12. Charlie Kaufman's films are great. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Synecdoche, New York Anomalisa
  13. @CreamCat Changing my posture from back-against-the-wall to upright COMPLETELY took everything to the next level. The results from my practice increased by 50% just by making that one move. Granted, it took 3 weeks of excruciating lower back pain for my back to get strong enough. Trust me it's worth it. Buy a meditation cushion/ foam pad for 20 bucks and never look back.
  14. @kieranperez Thank you man I will look into that. @daniel695 Maybe. I have a better technology for curing headaches and brain fog though. I plan to write a post about it soon. I used it to cure 2.5 years of severe headaches after a concussion in 2 weeks. PM me if it's urgent. @Gabriel Antonio I'm not freaking out! I'm completely sane and back to work on my creative pursuits and schoolwork. I'm functioning fine. @Peace and Love Incredible post! Thanks for sharing! Can you describe what Karuna Reiki is? Also, do you use stones? Any good resources for practicing Reiki/stones on myself?
  15. @Gabriel Antonio Yeah it was a really positive experience. Afterwards I was exploding with creativity and intuition. I got genius-level intuitions about how to make my life purpose work and in what direction to go in. This is something I've been trying to resolve for a while. Update: I've still been burping since Sunday. I've also had some regression/ ego backlash. Last night I was running around my house like a monkey for an hour and a half. I was making "ooh" "ooh" and "ee" "ee" sounds. I was on all fours! I was playing with my little sister who's 12 (I'm 19). She was going along with it. I was also dying laughing. At one point I was laughing so hard that the SAME exact feeling in my chest was awoken! I could feel the energy still trapped inside. This time, though, I felt like I was losing was mind. But I also felt like a kid again because I was having so much fun. My parents thought I was fucking insane! At another point I got into a laundry basket and hopped in with the dirty clothes. Just sat there for 30 mins smiling. Lots of whacky stuff going on. To say the least, I'm going to wait a week or two before going to another session. Any thoughts on what is happening? @Leo Gura I've had backlashes after big growth, but never this shit.