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  1. @CreamCat Changing my posture from back-against-the-wall to upright COMPLETELY took everything to the next level. The results from my practice increased by 50% just by making that one move. Granted, it took 3 weeks of excruciating lower back pain for my back to get strong enough. Trust me it's worth it. Buy a meditation cushion/ foam pad for 20 bucks and never look back.
  2. @kieranperez Thank you man I will look into that. @daniel695 Maybe. I have a better technology for curing headaches and brain fog though. I plan to write a post about it soon. I used it to cure 2.5 years of severe headaches after a concussion in 2 weeks. PM me if it's urgent. @Gabriel Antonio I'm not freaking out! I'm completely sane and back to work on my creative pursuits and schoolwork. I'm functioning fine. @Peace and Love Incredible post! Thanks for sharing! Can you describe what Karuna Reiki is? Also, do you use stones? Any good resources for practicing Reiki/stones on myself?
  3. @Gabriel Antonio Yeah it was a really positive experience. Afterwards I was exploding with creativity and intuition. I got genius-level intuitions about how to make my life purpose work and in what direction to go in. This is something I've been trying to resolve for a while. Update: I've still been burping since Sunday. I've also had some regression/ ego backlash. Last night I was running around my house like a monkey for an hour and a half. I was making "ooh" "ooh" and "ee" "ee" sounds. I was on all fours! I was playing with my little sister who's 12 (I'm 19). She was going along with it. I was also dying laughing. At one point I was laughing so hard that the SAME exact feeling in my chest was awoken! I could feel the energy still trapped inside. This time, though, I felt like I was losing was mind. But I also felt like a kid again because I was having so much fun. My parents thought I was fucking insane! At another point I got into a laundry basket and hopped in with the dirty clothes. Just sat there for 30 mins smiling. Lots of whacky stuff going on. To say the least, I'm going to wait a week or two before going to another session. Any thoughts on what is happening? @Leo Gura I've had backlashes after big growth, but never this shit.
  4. @Leo Gura Have you tried Reiki or other alternative healing modalities?
  5. I don't practice Kundalini meditation at the moment. I do 30 mins of do nothing/ mindfulness with labeling. I felt a ton a subtle energy at Vipassana though, I was getting energy shooting up my spine for hours towards the end. The deepest I went was feeling like there were small microscopic bubbles in my hands vibrating ridiculously fast. When I talked to the teacher he told me to stop moving energy around and focus on the body scans. He told me to sign up for a longer course.
  6. @seeking_brilliance This was my biggest concern going into it. I was more than prepared to try out 3-5 different healers before I judged Reiki. I think I just got incredibly lucky. And yeah, this girl has been doing it for 7 years. You truly have to master the energy and learn to manipulate it. Many people can't get anything out of the stones. Funnily enough I was thinking to myself that this could be used for serious harm if not done ethically. It's powerful stuff. @Nahm Thanks Nahm! I might look into that in the future. She told me I could practice Reiki on myself if I learned how to. I'm assuming you're pretty advanced in this work. You could probably get a lot out of this yourself. I'm still just a beginner. Maybe see if you can find someone experienced in your area! @Strikr I forgot to mention it in the original post, but I entered a state of no-mind for over 2 hours straight. I probably had 3 or 5 thoughts the entire time. I was so completely absorbed in the energy that I didn't have the time or interest to think about anything else. A flawless diet is, in my book, a requirement. I've been eating whole-foods plant based for the last 7 months. I also went there on an empty stomach. I think that helped. I haven't read any books about it. But one interesting thing I did was "prime" myself for this session by getting a bunch of massages done. That kind of loosened everything up. Then I went it there and hammered it with Reiki. If you have the money, that might really help. The massages have given me a lot of body awareness and I've released a lot of stuff just with those. Haven't read any books on this yet but I'm about to buy a book on crystals: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1623159911/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 Also, for anyone else reading this, let me know if you've gotten Reiki done or have any tips for progressing in this work. I'd love to hear some interesting stories.
  7. Ever heard of Reiki? Yesterday I went for my first ever Reiki session. I had absolutely no expectations going into it. I didn't really even know what it was. But I have been getting massages pretty frequently over the last few months and a girl recommended I look into Reiki. So I book an hour session, go to this yoga center, and see this Reiki healer. She has me take off my shoes, leave my clothes on, and lay on the table. She starts putting weights on my shins and a weighted eye mask on. We begin the session. Right off the bat things start to get crazy. She starts moving her hands parallel from the front to the back of my head, never touching me. Immediately I feel this intense heat radiating from her hands shooting through my head and connecting like dozens of thin hot strings. I had to ask her if she was using a heating pad or something, but she said she was just using her hands. We continue working. She starts moving her hands around my head and over my face. She makes her way down to my neck and shoulders and chest. Then she gets down to my stomach. This is probably about 30 minutes in. And this is when things get fucking crazy. I complained about some tension in my stomach, a place where I store some of my emotions. I had been working with massages on my stomach as well. She places her hands on my stomach for a few minutes. Then she starts gently rocking her hands in a sort of wiggling motion. I was starting to breathe quickly, energy was shifting around. She kept going. And shortly thereafter I just EXPLODED energetically. There was this shockwave of energy that moved up to my chest, heart area, and to the base of my throat. It was so intense that I couldn't breathe and we had to take a break. I was gasping like someone who had just run a marathon at full speed. It felt like a nuclear explosion had taken place within my upper body. It also felt like there was a metal rod going through the center of my chest, clean through and through. It was just raw, uncontrollable, power. It was like Iron Man shooting a molten laser beam out of the arc reactor in his chest plate. And for the remainder of the session (she actually spent 2.5 hours with me) she tried to ground the energy and dissolve it. She did this by placing several stones on my chest and stomach and one near my feet. They all had different properties. Some immediately starting absorbing the energy. And what was crazy was that I could palpably feel this happening. It was very very tangible. Other stones amplified the energy and took away my breath again. We were communicating together the whole time. One of the most interesting things that happened was the energy in my chest kept leapfrogging around. It was like a whack-a-mole machine. If she placed her hands on my chest to alchemize the energy, it would bounce to my stomach and my head. It was like she needed three hands to control it. It didn't want to leave. Eventually, it calmed down. And just like after a Vipassana retreat I did earlier this year, I've been burping like crazy for the last 30 hours. A true physiological response. What are the takeaways here? Well, first and foremost, Reiki has the potential to be a super powerful technique in your tool belt. I had a really crazy time at Vipassana (the teacher telling me to slow down) but this was even more potent. And it took me 8 days at Vipassana rather than 2.5 hours with Reiki. Is Reiki a substitute for discipline and serious daily practices? No. But it can synchronize with them. Furthermore, a huge takeaway for me was that reality is definitely not physical. This experience really made that obvious. Ever since a severe concussion I sustained 2.5 years ago I've noticed some new spiritual abilities/ attunement. I might be more sensitive to this stuff than the average person. But who knows? You'll have to see for yourself. This girl just gave her everything during that session. She was just a normal girl in her thirties wearing yoga pants. And, afterwards, she was as exhausted as I was. At the end of the session she put both her hands over my heart and it was the warmest thing I'd ever felt. We also talked after the session for 15 minutes or so. We just have this crazy connection even though I've never met her before. For the remainder of the day I was just exploding with creativity and intuitions. I felt so much lighter. Major decisions I'm about to make in my life are becoming clearer than ever. Check out this technique. Book an appointment and keep an open mind!
  8. @Leo Gura Maybe send out a survey and do some basic market research. With the influence you have on this forum, it'd be a joke. Start a new post and ask people from 1-5 how likely they'd be to attend (for each city). The people who say (4/5) multiply by 0.3. And the people who say (5/5) multiply by 0.8. This will give you a somewhat realistic idea of the turnout. I'd definitely come to New York, and I'd definitely stay for Saturday!
  9. @Faye Completely normal. Feminine energy loves to be dominated.
  10. Javed seems to be stuck in stage orange materialism...
  11. @Leo Gura Have you heard of Michael Greger and his website NutritionFacts.org? He seems to be on the cutting edge of nutrition, hiring 20 full time researchers to sort through all the science, advocating a whole foods plant based diet. What are your thoughts on eating meat?
  12. @Salvijus Yeah apparently half the work to make this stuff goes into "blessing" it. It's probably unlikely that I'll stumble across some modern day wizard of an alchemist. And @Leo Gura thanks.
  13. @Leo Gura Do you take colloidal silver and colloidal gold daily or is it something you take intermittently? Also what's the difference?
  14. @MrDmitriiV Yeah I agree. That's really the only issue here. Exploration versus exploitation (of what we already know to work). Same reason why most research leads nowhere. Does anyone have direct experience with this?
  15. @MrDmitriiV I know there are no magic pills. And I know there is no substitute for putting serious hard work into daily spiritual practices. I was extremely skeptical of it to begin with, but I want to keep an open mind. How can I discount the experiences of hundreds of people saying it worked for them?