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  1. Well said. I feel the same way. How significant was it for you to nearly die from this major illness ? I have myself a serious illness that is teaching me a lot, but I haven't fully faced my fear of dying yet.
  2. What about other non establishment candidates ? "With nine minor candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire, there was a debate at Saint Anselm College in Goffstown, New Hampshire on December 19, 2011,[4] in which seven candidates participated." I just read this on "2012 Democratic Party presidential primaries" wiki page So we can expect several "minor" candidates to give it a try I suppose.
  3. Should we not expect other candidates for the primary, even if Biden is in ?
  4. I don't resonate with leo's vibe but I wouldn't dismiss the value of very intense psychedelic experiences even for undeveloped mind. For instance look at Mike Tyson, who had his old ego obliterated by his 5 meo dmt trip and became much wiser and conscious after.
  5. It means it can help to unlock no ego or no self states. This is especially true when you meditate listening to it on psychedelic. It's truly an amazing combo for me
  6. +1 Love this one especially :
  7. This is one of the best video I have watched on psychedelics. The topic of critical periods of learning was especially enlightening
  8. Intimate relationships can be very useful to show us our blind spots and attachements. It acts as a mirror. In other words you get emotionally triggered and it's an opportunity to release stuff. I am sure you have read "The way of the superior man". David Deida explains this well in his book
  9. Have you tried lemon tekking ? It seems to be even better.
  10. Also presence is a state of surrender to what is
  11. So you feel like 10 hours of sober meditation is more valuable than 10 hours of meditation on psychedelics at this point ? From my perspective psychedelics are really amazing for healing. In your last dozen trips you did not have some big healing moments ?
  12. No it's possible to feel terrible pain, but if you accept it fully, there is no suffering. At least I have heard many people describe that
  13. Why do you insist that they would suffer in that case ? I cannot understand it. You think the pain would make them suffer ? Obviously pain is not the same as suffering. I remember you mentioning in a old video of a master receiving dentist drillings with no pain medication, with a "smile on his face". You think losing mental faculties would make them suffer ? If there is zero identification and attachement to the body or personality why would they suffer ?
  14. Thank you for explaining. Do you mean chin as far from or as close to your chest as possible ?
  15. Can you share a link explaining this kriya please ? Also doing the Wim Hof method before, with breathing + ice shower/bath, makes me more sensitive to transmissions
  16. No sex or masturbation for many months. That works very well !
  17. Good video on healthy romantic relationships
  18. @GreenWoods Yes I can confirm Gareth's transmissions are mind blowing !
  19. If you are sensitive, be careful about receiving a transmission while on a full dose of LSD. Maybe it could be a bit too intense that way (but if you ever do it please let me know!). If you receive enough transmissions, the energies will come to you during your trips naturally.
  20. @GreenWoods Great job with this thread, thanks ! KAP has been so life changing for me and it is growing so fast. There could easily be thousands of KAP facilitators in 5-10 years. Transmissions are surely going to become more mainstream. I am looking forward to try a zoom meditation with Gareth ! For anyone here who tried a transmission and did not feel much, weed or a micro/small dose of magic mushroom will make you more sensitive. Also transmissions have a great synergy with psychedelics. Now when I take LSD the energy/grace/consciousness comes very strongly and it is shockingly beautiful and blissful/ecstatic. Also for people concerned about safety, it seems to me that the intelligence inherent to the energy will never push you more than you can handle. I have done 100+ sessions, most of them super intenses, and never had a bad experience. Though it can be challenging of course.
  21. Consider the possibility that you are projecting here
  22. Great talk ! I loved when he said : "if I ask someone in 15 years what are psychedelics, I would be disappointed if the answer was antidepressant, or tools for well being. I would much prefer if the answer was something like dance, so the person has to pause and consider before giving an answer" (paraphrasing) For anyone interested by this topic, I recommend this beautiful story :
  23. @Consilience How do you define sober ? What if someone takes a medicinal mushroom daily like reishi/shiitake/maitake ? These mushrooms are great for general health but also have a subtle effect on mood and consciousness. So is that problematic ? This is true for hedonic drugs, but what about substances that have proven long term benefits, but also alter consciousness in a subtle way ? In those cases you have short term benefits while taking them, but also long term benefits even if you stop using them. Medicinal mushrooms enter this category, but also micro doses of psychedelics it seems. So where do you draw the line ? What would be your argument against using such substances ?