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  1. Also presence is a state of surrender to what is
  2. So you feel like 10 hours of sober meditation is more valuable than 10 hours of meditation on psychedelics at this point ? From my perspective psychedelics are really amazing for healing. In your last dozen trips you did not have some big healing moments ?
  3. No it's possible to feel terrible pain, but if you accept it fully, there is no suffering. At least I have heard many people describe that
  4. Why do you insist that they would suffer in that case ? I cannot understand it. You think the pain would make them suffer ? Obviously pain is not the same as suffering. I remember you mentioning in a old video of a master receiving dentist drillings with no pain medication, with a "smile on his face". You think losing mental faculties would make them suffer ? If there is zero identification and attachement to the body or personality why would they suffer ?
  5. Thank you for explaining. Do you mean chin as far from or as close to your chest as possible ?
  6. Can you share a link explaining this kriya please ? Also doing the Wim Hof method before, with breathing + ice shower/bath, makes me more sensitive to transmissions
  7. No sex or masturbation for many months. That works very well !
  8. Good video on healthy romantic relationships
  9. @GreenWoods Yes I can confirm Gareth's transmissions are mind blowing !
  10. If you are sensitive, be careful about receiving a transmission while on a full dose of LSD. Maybe it could be a bit too intense that way (but if you ever do it please let me know!). If you receive enough transmissions, the energies will come to you during your trips naturally.
  11. @GreenWoods Great job with this thread, thanks ! KAP has been so life changing for me and it is growing so fast. There could easily be thousands of KAP facilitators in 5-10 years. Transmissions are surely going to become more mainstream. I am looking forward to try a zoom meditation with Gareth ! For anyone here who tried a transmission and did not feel much, weed or a micro/small dose of magic mushroom will make you more sensitive. Also transmissions have a great synergy with psychedelics. Now when I take LSD the energy/grace/consciousness comes very strongly and it is shockingly beautiful and blissful/ecstatic. Also for people concerned about safety, it seems to me that the intelligence inherent to the energy will never push you more than you can handle. I have done 100+ sessions, most of them super intenses, and never had a bad experience. Though it can be challenging of course.
  12. Consider the possibility that you are projecting here
  13. Great talk ! I loved when he said : "if I ask someone in 15 years what are psychedelics, I would be disappointed if the answer was antidepressant, or tools for well being. I would much prefer if the answer was something like dance, so the person has to pause and consider before giving an answer" (paraphrasing) For anyone interested by this topic, I recommend this beautiful story :
  14. @Consilience How do you define sober ? What if someone takes a medicinal mushroom daily like reishi/shiitake/maitake ? These mushrooms are great for general health but also have a subtle effect on mood and consciousness. So is that problematic ? This is true for hedonic drugs, but what about substances that have proven long term benefits, but also alter consciousness in a subtle way ? In those cases you have short term benefits while taking them, but also long term benefits even if you stop using them. Medicinal mushrooms enter this category, but also micro doses of psychedelics it seems. So where do you draw the line ? What would be your argument against using such substances ?
  15. Before my kundalini awakening, my doses were in the range of 150-200 ug (1p-lsd or All 52). Now it's 75-100 ug. Imo powerful emotional releases and purging (feels like energetic vomiting) is always beneficial. For instance I may have a specific fear come up during a trip and then have intense emotional release. After the trip I can feel that the fear is much lower or gone. So I have no doubt that it was beneficial. Also in my case it took a lot of emotional releases and purging before I felt a big difference in my day to day life. I had a period of 6-12 months were I spent usually 1-2h a day having emotional and energetic releases (shaking, yawning, crying, bawling, purging...). So if you have a trip and spend an 1h bawling, don't expect that to fundamentally change you (though it could!). This process takes time. Also I use different tools to deepen my trips :,129.html (10-15 pills of this supplement) Ice shower/bath Wim hof breathing sometimes acupressure mat fridge magnet on heart chakra (sometimes moving it to other chakras as well) music that deeply resonate with me, like this one : Also at the peak, if I am not completely overwhelmed, I eat something (see image), then focus consciousness on itself or go inside my body. This makes a huge difference for me. I usually feel ecstasy in my third eye or in my body when I do this.
  16. @Swarnim @Khr It is actually an "online ashram" and you have to register and pay a minimum of 1€/month to have access. It is also french with mainly french users.
  17. Actually it doesn't have to be just be "hang Up the phone when you get the message", then back to baseline and working hard. Psychedelics can actually increase your baseline level of consciousness. Regular use of psychedelics in moderate doses can be an amazing tool for healing for instance. Carrying a lot of trauma has a big impact on baseline consciousness. You also have many cases of people who permanently drop part of their ego and have a shift in consciousness after big trips. Take Mike Tyson for instance In my case, low moderate doses of psychedelics put me in perfect conditions to have crazy downloads of consciousness/light/grace that definitely raise my baseline (I am on a path of shaktipat/spiritual transmissions). I have done close to 150 trips and there were all very beneficial. However I can see how an overuse of heroic doses or extremely powerful psychedelics can be a big trap.
  18. I found something pretty cool on another forum focused on spirituality. All users who want to can enter their address to appear as a dot on a world map. So anyone can zoom in the map, and contact users who live near by (you just click on the dot and see the pseudo). I would love to have that same option on this site ! (Obviously users don't need to give their exact address if they don't want to) @Leo Gura You said in 2016 that you would be open to something similar if there was enough people on the forum. Are you open to it now ? ps: I live in Lyon, France by the way
  19. Hello ! I found something pretty cool on another forum focused on spirituality. All users who want to can enter their address to appear as a dot on a world map. So anyone can zoom in the map, and contact users who live near by (you just click on the dot and see the pseudo). I would love to have that same option on this site ! ps: I did not know where to post this. Maybe a mod can move it to somewhere else if necessary
  20. I strongly resonate with her. If you love Anna Brown or Ariana Reflects you should resonate with her as well. One interesting thing I got from the video is that not everyone has a big epiphany moment to realise No-Self. It can be gradual process and some people can not pinpoint the precise moment when the end of separation happened. I know part of me was/is wondering when the big epiphany would/will happen. This should help me drop that expectation.
  21. I hope you will share with us what you learn! Also I recommend you read this if you haven't already. It's a great read to help put aside the pickup lenses :
  22. This guy explains very well the limitations of pick up. Any guy who is totally bought in the pick up paradigm should watch this. But to come from the place he describes, you basically have to spiritually awaken. Have you taken his course ? I wonder how it is different from what a spiritual teacher would teach.
  23. Can you elaborate ? I don't see what you mean. If there is no doing and no seeking energy, then you are just being. At this point can you still call it a "practice" or "meditation" ?
  24. @Consilience Do you sense that the seeking energy reinforces the sense of separation ? From my perspective, these videos are useful to make me more aware of the seeking energy within me in my day to day life, so it can dissipate. I am going through a kundalini awakening, so when I notice the seeking energy, I just start crying, yawning, shaking, dry heaving/purging and then I feel lighter. It is not about trying to do or not do something, but simply being open, doing what feels right in the moment (not necessarily what feels good). For instance you can go for a walk, simply being in the moment, enjoying the views. There is a subtle joy and love in that. Or you can do a walking meditation, focusing on each step you take and trying to reach some kind of state. Same thing with watching Anna brown videos. You can do it because you feel like doing in the moment, feeling peace joy or love while doing it, without feeling that it is more useful than watching Netflix. Or you can watch video after video in a mechanical way, trying to get something out of it. You can be in being or seeking mode not matter what you do. Also I have the impression that the seeking energy can be very subtle. I am sure it is present in me a lot of the time without me realising it (or maybe all the time if I have not realise No-Self ?). "there's nothing to do, nothing to achieve, this is it." If I had this thought it would make me chuckle . Let the mind say whatever it wants. No need to take it seriously.